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Over the last 54 years, the story of the first and only cat to go to space has been largely forgotten. She deserves a proper memorial.
Over the last 54 years, the story of the first and only cat to go to space has been largely forgotten. She deserves a proper memorial.
1,141 backers pledged £43,323 to help bring this project to life.

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      Grant Voakes

      I'm not tied to Paris as a location. Ideally, wherever it is would have some relevance to Felicite's story. As mentioned, a location with tourists would also be a good thing!

      As a follow up - great job with the posters/ tote bags. Felicite's picture has a place of honour in my space related artifact collection.

    2. Missing avatar

      Emile on

      I'd be happy with another location if Paris is out.

    3. Missing avatar

      森 育代 on


    4. Missing avatar

      susan doepp on

      I'd be fine with another French location as long as it's still a fairly well-known city and not some little village with no tourists whatsoever.

    5. Missing avatar

      森 育代 on

      I apologise for writing in Japanese.



      (ФωФ) ← 日本の絵文字で『猫』です。

    6. Wanda Aasen

      Thanks for sending the postcard, now I’m very happy.

    7. Wanda Aasen

      I got everything but the postcard, but I will look again later, I’m very impressed with my framed poster now to find a spot to hang it.

    8. Tommy Pagano on

      I just received my package only to find that it was torn open, the pin set was missing, and the postcard is destroyed. This is of course extremely disappointing. Is there any way to get my rewards resent?

    9. Missing avatar

      Deborah Schouten on

      I just received the post card/pins/tote bag/poster. Thank you so much! They are very neat and the post card is sitting on my desk. I know you are looking for land for the statue to be placed at. Please let me know when it is to be dedicated. I would love to plan to travel from the US (Denver/Aurora Colorado)and be there and be part of the crowd during the dedication. Please give me as much time as possible to I can plan to take time off. My contact information is in my pledge information. Again, thank you for all your hard work, Deborah Schouten

    10. Toni "O" on

      Hi Matthew,
      i just wantet to tell you, that the Card arrived last week and that im so happy that the campagne is a full success. Thank you and all the helpers for all your Work!

      Well the fate of Felicette makes me very sad and to honor her sacrefice is the least we can do for her! But I also think we should do something for the cats who suffer these days! So i wantet to ask you that when there are some merchendise left, you could sell them seperatly and donate this Money to a „cat shelter“ for homeless cats. Of course you first have to cover all the extra costs you have but if there is at the end some money left it would be very nice.

      Another idea i have is to make a little „making of“ Movie about Gill Parker when she makes the statue. Showing her maken the different drafts, sculptering it in clay and of course pour it in bronze . I would love to see this and would definitely buy it on DVD :3

      Thanks again and greetings from Switzerland

    11. Tommy Pagano on

      I haven't received my rewards in the mail yet...

    12. Missing avatar

      Irene on

      Hello! Thank you SO MUCH for brightening our week with the Feclicette postcard. We are so moved by her story. Am going to frame the photo! Thank you for taking your precious time to move the project forward. We love the updates! Best wishes!

    13. Missing avatar

      Blonigen on

      My postcard and pins also arrived. And like others, the postcard was pretty dinged up from the pins. Not the best packaging approach to put the pins on top of the postcard.

    14. Garret on

      Recieved the postcard and my mum (a cat lover) was very moved when I told her the background to it. Thanks and hope the statue goes well!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kenji Kawai on

      I received a postcard, a pins and a tote bag yesterday. I may not be able to go to Paris, but I support that a proper monument is to be built. I would like to provide further assistance if extra items remain.

    16. Sue Heim on

      I received my pins and postcard yesterday, here in Sunny San Diego. I'll proudly be wearing Felicette on my lapel in the future! (I'm glad to learn more about her story, and cannot wait to visit her statue in the future!)

      If you have any extra tote bags, I'd love to purchase one! I realized I was a bit "stingy" with my pledge!

      Thanks so much for keeping this lovely kitty "alive"! She was very special!

    17. Missing avatar

      森 育代 on

      Sorry for writing in Japanese.

      そちらから一週間で届くのだね( ´∀`)


    18. Kat Phariss on

      Love the pins but my postcard is badly damaged. I had hopes of framing it. Any chance I may get another?

    19. Joost

      Hi Matthew,

      Beautiful tote bag and pins. Unfortunately the card is very badly damaged. I wanted to frame it and hang it next to Laika. I hope you have a few left to replace it.
      Thanks for all the hard work.


      Joost Karelse

    20. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Halbert

      I got my card and pins yesterday in the US. They're wonderful! I have a set of Laila and Sputnik that now have the lovely Felicitte as company. Thank you for this project - I didn't know her story before. I look forward to visiting her statue in Paris!

    21. Stefan Gorwa on

      Moin, card and pins have arrived thank you, a slightly better packaging would have been desirable ... unfortunately, the card has unsightly dents :-( probably as they ran through machines in the packaging ... or something.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sweet1709 on

      Postcard received ! Thanks for the protection against the rain. It was raining and I found the letter on the street... But the card was totally dry !

    23. Matthew Serge Guy Creator on

      @Daniel I hear ya.

      It was more a case of wanting to capture an authentic headline from that moment in history. It's precisely traced from The Sydney Morning Herald's headline on Félicette's story, printed on Oct 20, 1963. The same headline seen in the campaign video and the on the Kickstarter page.

      But completely understand where you're coming from.

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      My postcard and pins arrived today (UK). Thank you very much :D

      I don’t like being a sourpuss but I wasn’t keen on the newspaper pin using the text ‘space cat back alive’. I think this is a bit tone deaf given she was euthanised after the flight. Perhaps ‘first cat in space’ would have been a better choice of text.

      Good luck with the statue creation and location. Can’t wait to see it!

    25. Missing avatar

      Sammy Wilsmore on

      My postcard and pins arrived today! They're wonderful, thank you so much! And I hope the search for the statues location is going well.

    26. Missing avatar

      Malene Schultz Vandborg Jensen on

      Just got my postcard in Denmark. Thank you for your effort <3

    27. Gaploon on

      Did just get my postcard here in Finland. It looks fantastic!
      Now we wait for that statue of Felicette to find its place and be made.

    28. Louise Mc

      @Heather Muise
      That is a beautiful art print <3

    29. Heather Muise on

      I saw your lovely message about the the children who made art about Felicette. I too was inspired by Felicette's story to make art. It was doing research for the print that I ran across your kickstarter campaign with only 48 hours left and was able to donate. Here is a link to the image I created:

      I hope you enjoy it!

      Best wishes,

      Heather Muise

    30. Scott Hala on


      The e-mail will come from I already received mine.


    31. Missing avatar

      Joanne Rhodes on

      When we receive an email about a shipping address, what will the email address be? I want to be watching for it so that I don't miss it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Joanne Rhodes on

      Wonderful news! We should know, and never forget, what Felicette and other animals have given us, nor should we forget that they had no choice in participation. They deserve to be remembered with respect.

    33. Missing avatar

      Roger Steinberg on

      Cats, France, Space--what's not to like?

      Congratulations to everyone who helped to make this campaign a reality and a success.

    34. Daunell Jean Barton

      I am so excited! Just yesterday I was looking at the campaign and feeling so sad that Felicette's story may remain obscure. It's awesome that we came together and pulled this off, now I've got an even better reason to brush up on my French and visit Paris :)

    35. Scott Hala on

      I do believe attending the dedication of the statue is next up on the things I want to do. Sounds like we might have a bit of a party.

    36. Missing avatar

      Howard Wong on

      Congratulations Matt and everyone who believed in this project! The world will finally know and remember Felicette's contribution to all of humankind.
      Thank you backers and superbackers and cat people!

    37. Michael Rodrigues on

      I am very happy that the project is successful, it was not won a week ago.
      Félicette will have the recognition she deserves.
      It would be nice if a maximum of contributors could go to the inauguration.
      Her story is still sad, she came back in good health and they slept her instead of ensuring her a comfortable cat life as a reward for her forced participation in this experiment whose usefulness was questionable, Yuri Gagarin had been in the space before, and we knew we could physically go there.

    38. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Zepeda on

      so happy the project was fully funded and that Felicette will finally be forever remembered.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brad Lisak on

      Three days ago, I knew nothing of Félicette’s story, but I’m thrilled that you were successful in sharing it and will soon to be commemorating it

    40. Missing avatar

      Christian De Wille on

      I'm so happy!

      Ask ESA if you can put the statue up there, tell them it's allready paid for.:)

    41. Missing avatar

      tim goodsell on

      Brilliant! I could not be happier for this outcome. Congratulations and thanks to all for making it happen.

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas Webber on

      Brilliant!!! So excited about this! I visited the Paris Science Museum Park @ Cite des Sciences a few years ago, perhaps that could be a good location to scout out? There are quite a lot of grounds around it and they might be up for it given the history.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michele Renee Willett on

      Thanks for honoring her!!! Now to make it to Paris!!!

    44. FatCat Anna on

      Matthew .. even before CBC here in Canada broadcast your story about Madam Felicette I knew in my mind she would get the recognition she fully deserves. Now I'm saving up to come to Paris and see her statue. Meow meow \\^,,^//

    45. Missing avatar

      Graham Everingham on

      As a happy cat owner I am happy to be a part of something positive in contributing to a project like this considering her inhumane treatment at the end.

    46. Missing avatar

      naomi on

      This makes me so happy..... finally! Félicette get the acknowledgement she well deserves. Here’s to you, Félicette, wherever you may be.

    47. Missing avatar

      Hergonson on

      Our cats Harry and Halloween are "over the moon"! The Russian dog was a pioneer, but Felicette the cat lived to tell the "tail". So...who's smarter...?

    48. Missing avatar

      Sammy Wilsmore on

      Congratulations! I'm so pleased Félicette will be finally immortalized in space history!

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