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Over the last 54 years, the story of the first and only cat to go to space has been largely forgotten. She deserves a proper memorial.
Over the last 54 years, the story of the first and only cat to go to space has been largely forgotten. She deserves a proper memorial.
1,141 backers pledged £43,323 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Heather Muise on December 11

      I saw your lovely message about the the children who made art about Felicette. I too was inspired by Felicette's story to make art. It was doing research for the print that I ran across your kickstarter campaign with only 48 hours left and was able to donate. Here is a link to the image I created:

      I hope you enjoy it!

      Best wishes,

      Heather Muise

    2. Scott Hala on November 19


      The e-mail will come from I already received mine.


    3. Missing avatar

      Joanne Rhodes on November 18

      When we receive an email about a shipping address, what will the email address be? I want to be watching for it so that I don't miss it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joanne Rhodes on November 18

      Wonderful news! We should know, and never forget, what Felicette and other animals have given us, nor should we forget that they had no choice in participation. They deserve to be remembered with respect.

    5. Missing avatar

      Roger Steinberg on November 17

      Cats, France, Space--what's not to like?

      Congratulations to everyone who helped to make this campaign a reality and a success.

    6. Daunell Jean Barton
      on November 17

      I am so excited! Just yesterday I was looking at the campaign and feeling so sad that Felicette's story may remain obscure. It's awesome that we came together and pulled this off, now I've got an even better reason to brush up on my French and visit Paris :)

    7. Scott Hala on November 17

      I do believe attending the dedication of the statue is next up on the things I want to do. Sounds like we might have a bit of a party.

    8. Missing avatar

      Howard Wong on November 17

      Congratulations Matt and everyone who believed in this project! The world will finally know and remember Felicette's contribution to all of humankind.
      Thank you backers and superbackers and cat people!

    9. Michael Rodrigues on November 17

      I am very happy that the project is successful, it was not won a week ago.
      Félicette will have the recognition she deserves.
      It would be nice if a maximum of contributors could go to the inauguration.
      Her story is still sad, she came back in good health and they slept her instead of ensuring her a comfortable cat life as a reward for her forced participation in this experiment whose usefulness was questionable, Yuri Gagarin had been in the space before, and we knew we could physically go there.

    10. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Zepeda on November 17

      so happy the project was fully funded and that Felicette will finally be forever remembered.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brad Lisak on November 17

      Three days ago, I knew nothing of Félicette’s story, but I’m thrilled that you were successful in sharing it and will soon to be commemorating it

    12. Missing avatar

      Christian De Wille on November 17

      I'm so happy!

      Ask ESA if you can put the statue up there, tell them it's allready paid for.:)

    13. Missing avatar

      tim goodsell on November 17

      Brilliant! I could not be happier for this outcome. Congratulations and thanks to all for making it happen.

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Webber on November 17

      Brilliant!!! So excited about this! I visited the Paris Science Museum Park @ Cite des Sciences a few years ago, perhaps that could be a good location to scout out? There are quite a lot of grounds around it and they might be up for it given the history.

    15. Eryx on November 17


    16. Missing avatar

      Michele Renee Willett on November 17

      Thanks for honoring her!!! Now to make it to Paris!!!

    17. FatCat Anna on November 17

      Matthew .. even before CBC here in Canada broadcast your story about Madam Felicette I knew in my mind she would get the recognition she fully deserves. Now I'm saving up to come to Paris and see her statue. Meow meow \\^,,^//

    18. Missing avatar

      Graham Everingham on November 17

      As a happy cat owner I am happy to be a part of something positive in contributing to a project like this considering her inhumane treatment at the end.

    19. Missing avatar

      naomi on November 17

      This makes me so happy..... finally! Félicette get the acknowledgement she well deserves. Here’s to you, Félicette, wherever you may be.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hergonson on November 17

      Our cats Harry and Halloween are "over the moon"! The Russian dog was a pioneer, but Felicette the cat lived to tell the "tail". So...who's smarter...?

    21. Missing avatar

      Sammy Wilsmore on November 17

      Congratulations! I'm so pleased Félicette will be finally immortalized in space history!

    22. Crystal Ann Taylor on November 17

      Good luck. I'm glad this is happening. My kitties are happy too.

    23. Alexis Bouyer on November 17

      Best day ! Friday and felicette kickstarter done ! Congrats to all :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on November 17

      Thanks a lot to have launched this idea at first. I am a space enthusiast, kind of very fond of that, plus I love cats ! I shared this campaign many times on social media (Facebook and Twitter) because I deeply wanted to this project came to success. That souvenir of Félicette made me emotional, a lot ! Thanks for her and thanks for the space History ! Look forward to meet her soon “personally” in Paris !

    25. Missing avatar

      on November 16

      I know not all of us will end up on a plaque (still dithering for me) but I like to think that we have all made history (Cat History) during this campaign. Surprised to say: You guys made me eat my words (Hairball) again. Know that the statue will still take years to accomplish even after this campaign is over. The question will be: Who's going to be there for the ribbon-cutting?

    26. Missing avatar

      John Braley on November 16

      My wife and I are proud parents of 3 cats, so this pulled at our heartstrings instantly. Even if there were no items of support, we still would have contributed. A huge thank you to all of those making this possible!!!

    27. C
      on November 16

      I'm so happy for Felicette, she totally deserves it.

    28. Louise Mc
      on November 16

      OMGosh, best (slightly late) birthday present I could have woken up to, seeing that this was fully funded :D
      I'm doing a happy dance for Felicette! \o/

    29. Missing avatar

      Stratcat77 on November 16

      Oh wow, great surprise to wake up to.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joshua Jones on November 16


    31. Lloyd Gootee Jr on November 16

      Knowing that we did it and Felicette will be recognized as a part of history, makes my heart sing. Just goes to show what people can do when they come together for a common goal. Congrats to us all. :-)

    32. Joost
      on November 16


    33. Missing avatar

      Georgia Edmonds on November 16

      Woohoo we did it! Congrats everyone! :)

    34. Charlie
      on November 16


    35. Stefan Gorwa on November 16

      very nice that it worked. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures when the demo is finished. Very cool that there are so many people who care about this.

    36. Missing avatar

      Doc Kinne on November 16

      We've done it! I'm quite happy! As I said, this was the very first Kickstarter that I ever actually gave something to, however, I have very carefully followed one other.

      And now the real work starts. I'm hoping and trusting that Matthew will keep us up to date here as things develop.

      The best of congratulations to Matthew and everyone here! Félicette is looking down on us with pride, I'm sure!

    37. Missing avatar

      Grant Voakes
      on November 16

      @Andree - you will provide your address and other details once the Kickstarter closes.

    38. Missing avatar

      Christopher Metzger on November 16

      Excellent! Glad this worked out - and kudos to everyone who has shared it to raise awareness.

    39. Missing avatar

      Andree Remøe on November 16

      GREAT!!! The goal has been reached for all us cat lovers! I just wonder how will I get the "autographed" postcard together with the enamels badges (according to my contribution) when I was never asked to provide my address details????

    40. Wanda (my wallet hates KS)
      on November 16

      Yay! We did it!

    41. Missing avatar

      Faye Suya on November 16

      I'm so happy it worked out after all ! Well done ! :)

    42. Tiffany Barnes
      on November 16

      Logging in to see that this has been funded in the last hours makes me so happy! Let's keep sharing!

    43. DrLeatherface on November 16

      This makes me happy ^_^

    44. Missing avatar

      Denzil on November 16

      Very happy its been successful :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Riches
      on November 16

      This is brilliant news

    46. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Woolley on November 16

      I can't wait to see the final statue!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jarno on November 16

      So glad it worked ! Thank you world !

    48. Frances JB
      on November 16

      I’m so pleased this project has reached its funding goal!

    49. Lau on November 16

      Wohoo! Just in the eleventh hour!

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