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A documentary film about the untold history of women in comic books, celebrating female creators and fans alike.
A documentary film about the untold history of women in comic books, celebrating female creators and fans alike.
A documentary film about the untold history of women in comic books, celebrating female creators and fans alike.
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Our NEIL GAIMAN Documentary Pre-Order

Hello Everyone!

We’re very excited to announce that our new documentary is available for pre-order! Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously is going to be released on July 8th through Vimeo on Demand: You can check out the trailer now, and even get 10% off when you pre-order using the code NEIL10.

For this film, we were fortunate enough not to have to use a Kickstarter to raise funding. However, your support is still absolutely critical to make the film a success. We were able to make the film because people thought that it would have an audience, and if you support the film by pre-ordering, it’s going to send a great signal that audiences want more films like these; in-depth explorations of the world of comic books and fantasy. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to make these films, and tell these stories, and it’s your support that helps us keep doing it.

This is a special film, one filmed over the past three years, featuring unprecedented access to Neil. Here’s a synopsis:

Dream Dangerously offers viewers a fly-on-the-wall look at Neil on the road, interacting with fans, and experiencing the struggles and joys of being an acclaimed public speaker and in-demand personality. At the same time, the film delves deeply into Neil’s writing process, exploring the childhood origins of his love of mythology, up to his struggles to keep his writing fresh after 25 years of successful storytelling.

The film includes unique interviews with Amanda Palmer, George R.R. Martin, Grant Morrison, Bill Hader, Michael Sheen, Kirsten Vangsness, Lenny Henry, Will Wheaton and many more key figures in Neil’s creative and personal life. Ultimately this is a portrait of one of our most beloved fantasy writers that shows the way that fantasy can be a mirror for the world around us, and for the writer himself.

We can’t wait for you to see the film, and thanks again for your support over the years!


The Sequart / Respect Films Crew!

P.S. If interested, email Mike Phillips your pre-order receipt (, and as a thank-you he'll send you a PDF of any book in the Sequart library (

2016 Eisner Nominations!!!


Hello donors!

We're thrilled to give a hearty congratulations to the following SHE MAKES COMICS alums for their well-deserved 2016 Eisner nominations!:

Colleen Coover
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Marjorie Liu
G. Willow Wilson

A HUGE thank you goes to these wonderful ladies for making our documentary a success and (more importantly) for making the medium we all love a brighter place!


Mike Phillips
Sequart Organization

P.S. Sequart founder and SHE MAKES COMICS executive producer Julian Darius has a great sci-fi comic on Kickstarter, and it's entering its final five days. Please check it out and consider donating and/or spreading the word! Thanks!

New Comic from Julian Darius


We're excited to tell you about a new independent sci-fi comic book on Kickstarter now, from Dr. Julian Darius, who founded Sequart Organization and was a producer of She Makes Comics!

Watch as Mars looks to the sky and sees Earth, imagining her as a four-armed goddess with her own mythology!

Watch Martian science fiction blossom, as they envision four-armed, tall-headed people on all the solar system’s planets, crafting pulpy stories reflecting their own imagination!

Watch as Mars spies Earth through a telescope and lands probes here… before human history even began!

The 23-page color story appears in Martian Comics #5, but it’s totally self-contained and requires no knowledge of the overall series. (Although past issues are available!)

You can get a download for just $3 and know you supported an independent comic! But you can get the issue in print in a limited, signed-and-numbered edition.

Be a part of making it happen on Kickstarter now! Thanks!

New Sci-Fi Comic from She Makes Comics Producer Julian Darius


Thank you for your support of She Makes Comics! It was a real labor of love for all involved, and it only became a reality due to your help!

We're excited to tell you about a new comic book being produced by Dr. Julian Darius, who founded Sequart Organization and was a producer on She Makes Comics.

Martian Comics is a trippy, retro sci-fi comic that harkens back to early Vertigo in its blend of genre fiction and literary intelligence. Julian has already mostly funded the issue and is looking for finishing costs for a 52-page special featuring seven stories by different artists.

Julian is mostly known as a comics scholar. In fact, he recently published Classics on Infinite Earths: The Justice League and DC Crossover Canon through us. In addition to She Makes Comics, he's had a hand in everything Sequart's done over the years. So while Martian Comics isn't a Sequart endeavor, we hope you'll take a chance to check out his Kickstarter as he ventures into making comics!

Respect Films's New Documentary is Raising Funds


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