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Humans and aliens fight for survival in a 28mm scale sci-fi miniatures wargame. High quality resin minis and optional terrain
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The Asakura Incident

Posted by Sentinel Games (Creator)

The humanity, now divided found a new alien race: the Elohim. This is an almost ethereal race formed by pure energy stored in crystals that give a shape to their physical bodies.

The first contact with the Elohim was established in 545 by a commercial spaceship, the Asakura Space Conveyor, belonging to the Corporation. The strange form of the Elohim and their philosophy based on the permanence of energy and thus on the immortality of their race made some people think that they met authentic gods. For others these aliens turned out to be the same threat as the Skraldar. The Corporation believed the latter and sent their troops against the aliens.

Immediately there were people who switched over to the other side, who called the encounter with the Elohim the Asakura Revelation and became obedient servants of the aliens and were fighting for them.

Soon the war expanded as the Theocracy declared a Crusade against the Elohim accusing them of being Servants of Evil, and in 551 the Union of Colonies supported the rebellion on planet Damodara of the Corporation starting the war with it.

As the war was advancing, it was turning more and more cruel but the worst was yet to come …

Next Chapter - Total Extinction


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    1. Jonathan Haythornthwaite on

      I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Elohim army!

    2. Sentinel Games Creator on

      @Ravenwing Yes, the Battle Sphere is the "main battle tank" of the Elohim

    3. Ravenwing on

      Wow, I only now realized there is a small drawing of the scale of the sphere next to a person. This thing is big! That will be a very interesting model.

    4. McAllus on

      This will be my second army :D

    5. Cre on

      Ooo...gota love the Elohim.

    6. Panzer_Engel on

      Ah; The whole 'clash of faiths' makes the Elohim and Theocracy a thematically satisfying pair to face off against each other.

    7. Ernster on

      Wow...I guess I was right when I wanted the next battle to be theocracy against Elohim because they were false gods.

    8. Ravenwing on

      Wow, that is a teaser :)