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Humans and aliens fight for survival in a 28mm scale sci-fi miniatures wargame. High quality resin minis and optional terrain
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New playtesting: reinforce the fort


A new playtesting of Total Extinction thanks to Jeff LaBelle and Randall Smith

Again, a standard game of Total Extinction lasting for 6 turns using everything inside the Captain Level Pledge using some printable landscape fortifications as scenery. I have laser cut some rulers custom for this game, bought 2 sets of matching dice 4d6, 6d8, 2d10, 1d12, 1d20 in each set, printed out blast markers, made some stand ins for the minis and made some unit cards and tactical cards as well (all available on the KS page). The game was played out on an area set 3’ x 6’ and the layout can be seen below, starting with a small force of Colonials (1 Lt., 9 troopers, and 1 Shtorm) behind the fortifications, defending the walls, dragon’s teeth out in the wasteland… Colonial has 10+3 and gets Coordinated Attack and Insubordination

They are surrounded by a force of Glorlon advance scouting party. The Glorlon force comprised of a Mentor, Suppressor, Scourger, BioTank, 4 raiders, 10 Soldiers Glorlon has 10+3 for cards chooses: Strategic Flexibility, Mental Control, Tactical Retreat.

A Reinforcement force of Colonial troops consisting of Captain Zoya, 9 troopers and a T94 approach from the Glorlon rear, must break through the Glorlon force and enter the force with some of the troops inside (someone left inside alive) by 6th turn to win. The Glorlons must destroy the reinforcing force, the trapped UC troopers in the fort, or both to win.

Glorlon rolled 1d12 an 8 Colonial rolled 1d10 got a 6

Glorlon forces decide to have BioTank shoot at the Shtorm. It is within range, BioTank rolls, succeeds in shooting but causes no damage.

The raiders decide to move 8" towards the BioTank, the suppressor and 3 Soldiers move to a flanking position, shoot at troopers, roll a 9, score a hot with an 11, taking out four troopers.

Reinforcement T94 takes out Scourger and 1 Soldier. Some of the Glorlon host are held back to deter the reinforcements from reaching the fortifications in time. Colonial troops press on.

Play continues with two more Colonials dying on the wall... Glorlons move in close for the kill. Raiders go for the Shtorm.

 Colonial reinforcements move in, T94 takes out 2 Soldiers

Raiders take out the Shtorm but not before Colonial troops take out 2 Raider. Advance continues.

T94 defeats the BioTank, Colonials engage Soldiers, more Colonials fall from the wall

Two Glorlon fall, 3 Colonial reinforcements

One more Colonial dies at the wall but the troopers managed to kill two Glorlon Soldiers

Reinforcements defeat the extreme Glorlon host but the fort has been breached, only the Lt. remains.

 T94 takes out Suppressor, all advance, but the fort is lost to the Glorlon host

Victory, for now, for the Glorlons. Next mission, Glorlons begin massing troops to overrun the planet, the Colonials must retake the fortifications.

Comments: Fortifications ROCK!!! Needed these badly. Adds a whole new dimension to the game.

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    1. Ernster on

      The raiders will go after the T-94 next time. That guy took out all 3 heavies. That is impressive.

    2. Jeff La Belle

      Yeah it's a bad@$$ but if I was playing Glorlons, I would have sent raiders after it

    3. Ernster on

      Seems the T-94 is the MVP in the game.

    4. Jonathan Haythornthwaite on

      Great report, Jeff! Enjoyed reading it- and glad to see the Glorlons win one!
      Not sure I like the sound of that Stakan though... ;)

    5. Jeff La Belle

      Oh SG, like the changes, especially the ranges on everyone too. That should help. The stakan looks like a beast!!! Look out Ernster of the third circle!!!

    6. Sentinel Games Creator on

      @Jeff We change the Shtorm characteristics. Please check it out and give me your opinion

    7. Jeff La Belle

      The shtorm didnt roll well :(
      Songs were sung of the valiant defenders for sure
      No this time only myself and randall, we just pkayed the rules, no mod

    8. Missing avatar

      Graham Frederick Trickey on

      Good stuff the rules seem to flow very well.Are they assisted by a neutral Gamesmaster or self explanatory?

    9. Ravenwing on

      Jeff, cool that one can have fast paced games. It seems like the flow of the game is very intuative. Love to see the T-94 dish out some pain to the Glorlons :) Did the Shtorm actually kill anything?

      I can only imaging how cool this will be with the actual figures. Cannot wait to "see the figures with my fingers." Danish expression that actually sounds weird in English, but you get the point :)

    10. Tugodoomer on

      very impressive battle, read and see how heroic last soldiers defend this fort

    11. Jeff La Belle

      Oh again no where near an hour, took longer cause I wrote notes and played this time

    12. Cre on

      Looks like you guys had fun. Out of interest how long did the game last?