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Humans and aliens fight for survival in a 28mm scale sci-fi miniatures wargame. High quality resin minis and optional terrain
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The Regulatory Corporation rise

Posted by Sentinel Games (Creator)

As the revolution expanded and its newly formed army defeated the legions of the Authority in the battle on planet Assumut (491), transgalactic corporations understood that the Authority had lost all influence. Twelve major companies decided to fuse into one organization, the Regulatory Corporation, and began creating their own army.

Raven walker
Raven walker

Finally in 494 the United Authority disappeared: on one side the rebels from the outer worlds formed the Union of Colonies, on the other, The Regulatory Corporation expanded trying to fill its void. Many other worlds fell into anarchy and chaos, at the mercy of pirates and warlords.

Free Contractor light soldier
Free Contractor light soldier

 Next chapter - Theocracy: the Voice of God


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    1. Sentinel Games Creator on

      @Christopher We have to write a short story about the Free Contractors, they has an interesting background

    2. christopher Moody on

      Also would like to see more of the Free contractors

    3. christopher Moody on

      liking what I am reading so far, looking forward to seeing more renders and back story. I am also very interested in the, Theocracy. But Of course the UC, Glorlons and RC look pretty interesting also.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathan Palmer-Stevens on

      Aliens, I demand more alien life, who else can we exterminate if it's not aliens?

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Prazenica on

      You guys really have the best vehicles. I am in love with every design.

    6. euansmith

      Judging from the renders of the bio-tank and the human armoured vehicles, this walker should be fantastic. I really hope this project gets funded. Fingers crossed for tonight's Euro Million Lottery so I can buy 10 x General Pledge :)

    7. Matt Houghton on

      Give me them alien lizards (that I forgot the name of) love the walker but I've seen enough human minis to last me 3 lifetimes :)

    8. David Smith on

      Nice if you can make it with all the detail, apart from the Dust Tactics line, I've yet to see a well detailed walker.

    9. Godfather Punk

      Yeah! Love the design (and the multitude of rocket launchers, rotary guns and lasers).

      Oh come on, KS! Fund already!!