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Humans and aliens fight for survival in a 28mm scale sci-fi miniatures wargame. High quality resin minis and optional terrain
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Shipping update

Posted by Sentinel Games (Creator)


The shipping of the rewards have been delayed because of some defective pieces. Fortunately we found the problem and we are now replacing the affected pieces (Glorlon soldiers right hand). We will restart shipping next monday (in Spain, today and tomorrow are holidays).

Kind regards,

Jouni Pohjola, Godfather Punk, and 15 more people like this update.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Krambo on

      Still no sign of any miniature. Guess this really is a rip off. All my money taken but no miniature and even no communications. Really sucks

    2. maxxon on

      Apparently no one has heard from him since?

    3. Mike Welch on

      Defective pieces...

    4. Lee Wood on

      Do we have any further updates?

    5. Mike Welch on

      Can we get an update (how many left to ship, what's missing, etc.)?

    6. Carlos Paramio on


      ¿Se enviaron finalmente? Yo aún no he recibido nada, y estamos ya bien entrados en mayo.

    7. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      Been a little disheartned by the lack of communication. I have sent several message and none of them have been responded to.
      Am almost at stage of contacting kickstarter to complain.
      We are now a week after this update and still no shipping confirmation.
      I will msg this to Sentinel as well but doubt I will get a responce.

    8. Charles on

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    9. McAllus on

      Geniales noticias.

      Estoy deseando pintar y jugar, y ya que hablamos de jugar, ¿no es posible que nos enviéis el manual en pdf en su estado actual? (para poder jugar con unas reglas más avanzadas y perfiladas que el antiguo manual beta y de paso leer algo más de trasfondo)

      I'm looking paint and play.
      Could you send the pdf manual in its current state?

    10. Stefan on

      feels to me as a bogus message. just to keep the natives at peace. No other messages, no reasons why the silence.....I have no glorlon ordered and have recieved nothing as of yet.

    11. Godfather Punk

      Thanks @Sentinel Games for this update.

    12. Jonathan Haythornthwaite on

      Excellent news!
      @SG: I'd rather you caught any faults now rather than rush things out to us, so thanks for letting us know and I can't wait to finally receive my Glorlons!

    13. David Smith on

      Fantastic news, here's hoping for delivery next week.:)

    14. Ravenwing on

      Great news! Thanks for the update!

    15. Missing avatar


      I'm pleased to see that everything is still moving forwards! Good luck with this - I can't wait to receive the miniatures!

    16. Mark Cunningham

      Thanks Sentinel Games for up date, are the rule books also ready, I backed at an early bird level, for the base game plus some add ons, I am really keen for the miniatures, but said that I would wait to receive the whole lot to save you the extra problem of Extra shipping. I really backed this Game for your great miniatures as I didn't have a change to play your draft rules that you posted earlier. Can you please up date with how long the final rules might be away from posting. Thanks I hope the kickstarter worked out for you as your miniatures look great.

    17. Jouni Pohjola on

      I can only reiterate that it's going to be a truly significant step for this KS when the first folks receive their miniatures. The road to that point has been somewhat rocky but it looks like we are about see the end of that particular sidepath finally*. It is good to know that obviously defective stuff was spotted at this time too since a lot of folks are close to an end too... Of their tether in this case.


      *) and then... The waiting for the complete packages begins (-:)

    18. Riptide X-7 on

      Oh! I was getting worried over if everything was alright.
      Good news. thanks for the heads up!