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Humans and aliens fight for survival in a 28mm scale sci-fi miniatures wargame. High quality resin minis and optional terrain
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News from TE II

Posted by Sentinel Games (Creator)


First of all, we have new info of the customs clearence: we need a new document for the clearance and we will have to wait 2 or 3 days to get all the stuff. We hope this weekend we can start making boxes and start delivering rewards next week.

We will make a list of all of you that want the minis right now. Please send an email to with the title "deliver now" (or "give me the f***ing minis!") and your name. The rulebook will be send by email or in a second shipment asap.

The delay with the rulebook is a bad consequence of trying to make great changes in the rules that finally don´t work as good as we expect so we had to go back to the original ruleset.

The rulebook will be print in Spain (not in China) so we don´t have to wait so much time for it.

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    1. Crimson Ghost on

      @ sentinel/ Salvador I don't need the bases or dice please send my goods I am soooo excited to recieve them. I don't need the bases or dice. Thank you!!!

    2. Charles on

      Glad to hear that!

    3. Sentinel Games Creator on

      @Charles Probably not. Perhaps we made some mistakes with the bureaucracy that increases the delay (mistakes already solved)

    4. Charles on

      10+ days in customs seems a bit crazy! Is that normal in Spain?

    5. Sentinel Games Creator on

      @Jairo No hay problema, te envío un mail esta noche y te comento

      @Crimson Please be patient just a few days more. We did not received yet the bases (they come with the dice), there are more customs bureaucracy that we thought

    6. Crimson Ghost on

      please send my Tanks, Stakans, Gorlons. I don't need dice, bases, rulebook, or templates, Just my models I pledged for!!

    7. Jairo González Arroyo on

      Te escribo en castellano para preguntar: ¿Hay alguna opción de ir a recoger el juego en persona a Madrid?

      I write in Castilian to ask: Is there any option to go pick up the game in person to Madrid?

    8. Jouni Pohjola on

      Since dice and bases are explicitly mentioned to be holding up miniatures delivery, one assumes the aforementioned would be included. At SG side, it would seem to make sense to get all of the stuff at hand out to those who have ordered the rulebook and any other missing bits so as to drive the cost of the ad hoc second wave posting down.

    9. Djubrother on

      @Sentinel Games Hi and thanks for the update, do you have any idea about how much time you need to have the rules book ready ? Also do the minis sent without the book will comes with cards, dices and all the game stuff?

    10. Robert Havoc

      I would like to ensure that I also get my minis as I only pedged for add-ons.

    11. McAllus on

      Thank you very much!!!

    12. Mark Cunningham

      Thanks for update, I am happy to wait for one shipment if that makes it easier for you, I am real keen for the miniatures as this is why I backed your Kickstarter over others at the time, but getting the rule book will be a bonus, and I can wait a little longer. Thank you for updating us this kickstarter, its good to know where it is up to now.

    13. Ernster on

      So the Kickstarter e-mail address did not work from my email so I sent you the info via the "contact me."

    14. Cre on

      SG do you have any idea what the likely delivery date will be for those who want it delivered in one package? Also, how much extra will it be to get the minis delivered now? Cheers

    15. Jouni Pohjola on

      With another recent KS there was apparently some pretty major SNAFU at the customs so it might well be more than one form you have to fill \-:)

      That was to do with Italian customs AFAIK tho so maybe it'll be easier in Spain. All the same, good luck in your dealings with authorities and happy packing afterwards!

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Maxwell on

      If y'all keep give us a update a week or so, I'd be perfectly content to wait for one shipment. But updates would be good.

    17. Bad_Syntax

      Guess I'll wait, though I'd like to have all the mini's now and would be fine missing just the book for a while, I've had bad luck with multiple "wave" kickstarters :(
      Can we get the rulebook in PDF though once its ready?

    18. Rodrigo Vergueiro on

      I've made a pledge of 4 starters boxes (Mayor Early Bid) so if I ask for the minis now, I'll just get the 148 guys and then everything else?

      Or you'll also send the dices, templates and tokens in that first shipment?

    19. Mark Johnson

      Great to hear it's almost here!

      I'm happy to wait for everything to be sent at once.