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A wonderfully weird table top board game with a co-op sci-fi dungeon crawler theme and loads of strangeness and humor.
A wonderfully weird table top board game with a co-op sci-fi dungeon crawler theme and loads of strangeness and humor.
695 backers pledged $52,007 to help bring this project to life.

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Thank You!

Posted by Sentient Cow Games (Creator)

Hello Cow Army! We're super excited to hear that some of you have started to receive your games!

To our European backers, it seems there was a bit of a mix up and thank you postcards that were to be sent out to everyone with their orders did not make it to Gamesquest. We didn't want to hold the games up waiting for these, so we figured we'd just put the postcard up here. 

Postcard Front
Postcard Front
Postcard Back
Postcard Back

You might want to print out the one side of this for reference when it comes to fitting the legs back into the box. 

Like the front of the postcard said, we can't thank you enough for being a part of making this game a reality!

If you post pics online, please send links to us so we can see your smiling faces!


Weller, Craig, and Donna

Shipping! We've Got Shipping News!!

Posted by Sentient Cow Games (Creator)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cows and cowettes, gather round, for we have some news you'll all be interested in! We got some answers late last night in regards to the status of all of the shipments. 

All three shipments, US, UK, and AU, have cleared customs in their respective countries and are enroute to the various fulfillment centers. We were told the US shipment is due to reach Quartermaster Logistics sometime between Jan 28 and Jan 31. We're still trying to get answers as to what exactly happened, and which port the games were unloaded in, but we were assured that they are making their way to Quartermaster. 

Once the games reach the fulfillment centers it should take them 7-10 days to unpack the pallets, start repacking individual orders, and start sending them out to you. 

Thank you for your patience as we've worked through these rough spots. We now understand that trying to get accurate shipping dates is sometimes like trying to hit a moving target while blindfolded. 

The good news is that we are over the latest hurdle, and that much closer to everyone getting their orders.

As things continue to progress, we'll be sure to fill you in!

PAX South was a Blast!

We spent last weekend in San Antonio, Texas and had a brilliant time at PAX South! This was our second year attending, and it was so awesome to have so many of you remember us from last year and stop by to see the final version of the game. 

We were able to run demos for over 100 people and chatted with so many more. Got to see some familiar faces and made a lot more friends, both fans and fellow game designers. We really can't say enough good things about everyone involved with and attending this con!

The River Walk is really beautiful and I was so close to pushing Craig in!
The River Walk is really beautiful and I was so close to pushing Craig in!
Ray and Professor Scientist showed up to help spread the Cow Gospel!
Ray and Professor Scientist showed up to help spread the Cow Gospel!
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Play with

Ray and Professor Scientist walked the floor of PAX South on Friday morning before the doors opened to the general public. They asked some members of the Army if Reb Buford was there, visited the Raccoon City Police Station from Resident Evil 2, and chatted with some fellow game creators who came all the way from New Zealand to show off their game, Crimopolis!

We had a great time running demos for so many people over the weekend!
We had a great time running demos for so many people over the weekend!

Live Stream Tomorrow Night!

Our friends John Beckler and Jeremy Samson from Tabletop Takeovers are stopping by Cow Headquarters tomorrow night to hang out and do a little chatting about Escape from Dulce. I had the privilege of speaking with these guys on a panel at LA ComicCon and they've been doing some great things to promote the board game community in Southern California. They'll be live streaming our discussion on their Tabletop Takeovers Facebook page at around 9PM PST, so tune in for a little more of a preview of EFD. 

Until next time, keep it weird out there folks!

Everything is Moooo-ving Along!

Posted by Sentient Cow Games (Creator)

Hello Cow Army! We’ve been covering a lot of little bits in the general comments section lately, and are excited to see many of the chomping at the bit to get your copy of EFD! We’re going to cover a lot of ground on various topics in this update, but let’s start with the big question on everyone’s minds.

Where is my game?

Our current understanding is that the ship carrying the US/Canada orders, the GUNDE MAERSK, is off the coast of Virginia enroute to Jacksonville, FL. Here the games will be unloaded and then need to pass through customs and be taken to the Quartermaster Logistics warehouse for repacking and shipping to backers. We do not know if the ship needs to make additional stops before Jacksonville. 

The ship carrying the UK/EU orders, the CMA CGM ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT, made port in the UK a few days ago. We believe the games are currently waiting to pass through customs for delivery to our UK/EU fulfillment center via Games Quest, where everything will be repacked and sent to backers.  

Our Australian backers have their games on the ship OOCL SEOUL and the ship was estimated to reach port on Jan 8th. From what we can tell, the ship is leaving Sydney, so we assume the games have arrived and are waiting to go through customs.

We reached out to OTX trying to confirm status of the various shipping routes and get an update, but have not heard back at this time. As soon as we hear something we will be sure to let you all know!

Card sizes for sleeves

Quite a few of you have been asking questions about the cards, so you can get the appropriate size and quantities of card sleeves. While we covered this in the general comments section, we wanted to add it here for everyone to see.

Here's my count on cards for the base game.

33 - 110x70mm cards - 24 Commander Cards, 4 Allies, 5 Quick Ref.

144 - 89x63mm cards - 109 Encounter Cards, 35 Enemy Cards

243 - 64x42mm cards - Loot Cards

Here's the card count for the 2 in 1 expansion.

8 - 110x70mm cards - Commander Cards

56 - 89x63mm cards - 48 Encounter Cards, 8 End cards

40 - 64x42mm cards - Loot Cards

If you got the game and the expansion, here are how many sleeves you'll need to get.

41 - 110x70mm cards

200 - 89x63mm cards

283 - 64x42mm cards

Plastic Stands for the Enemy Standees

Another thing we wanted to fill you in on is a very last minute problem we found that needed to be addressed. The plastic stands for the enemy standees that shipped with the game were the wrong size. The slot in the top of the stands is too large, therefore the cardboard standee easily comes off the stand.

When we received the initial samples of these stands back in October, we were sent a total of 4 stands and they fit fine with standees we had. We received the final sample of the game at the end of November. We did a quick unboxing video and dropped Update #32 with photos of all the games packed up at the factory and ready to go, and then headed out to the PAX Unplugged convention in Philadelphia. 

I didn’t think to double check all the stands at that time. It was something that was a standard at the factory and we didn’t expect a problem from the initial samples we’d seen. 

Upon setting up that game at PAX, we realized we had a serious problem. You couldn’t move the enemy standees around the board without most of the stands falling off. The three of us pretty much freaked out for a bit, but understood that we had to fix this. At this point all of the games were already on ships heading to their destinations. We contacted Ninbgo Eastar immediately about the problem, and started production on a whole new batch of stands that would fit better.

New samples of these stands were approved by us last week and production of these will be complete in the next few days. These new stands will then be air shipped to our fulfillment partners. We’ve discussed the situation with them and they will be packing an extra set of stands in with every game you’ve ordered. There are extras in each bag of stands, so if you got the expansion, you’ll be covered for that as well.

We figured this was the best solution to the problem without creating a delay in shipping. 

We won an Award!

As an update to the last update, we’re very proud to announce that we won the Golden Meeple Award for "Best First-time Kickstarter Creator" on the Board Game Revolution Facebook Group! Thank you so much to everyone that voted for us! We are humbled and honored!

That's going to look nice on the cover of the second printing!
That's going to look nice on the cover of the second printing!

It's Playthrough time!

Lastly, to hold you over a little more while waiting for your copy of EFD, here’s a bit of play through / explanation video with Craig and I. We walk you through some basic mechanics, and take you from the beginning of the game through the caverns, culminating in your first boss battle with the dreaded Lizard Man Commander! Enjoy!

We will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas this week to attend PAX South, so if you’re going to be there, come find us and we’ll play. We’ll be in booth #TT1506.

As soon as we get more info from OTX on the current shipping status of everything we will post another update. Until then, keep your eyes to the skies and your hooves on the ground!

Weller, Donna, and Craig

Happy Moo Year!

Posted by Sentient Cow Games (Creator)

A huge thank you to all of you, who made 2018 a great year for us! We plan on making 2019 even better and have plans to bring you a lot more fun over the coming months.

We recently found out that we're in the running for a Golden Meeple award for "Best First-time Kickstarter Creator" on the Board Game Revolution Facebook Group. We're currently in second place, a handful of votes behind Western Legends by Kolsssal Games!

We're number 2! We're number 2!
We're number 2! We're number 2!

We understand not everyone is on Facebook, but if you are, please check out the Board Game Revolution community. They're a great bunch of positive, like-minded people and we'd recommend joining! Thomas Covert runs the group and has been super supportive and a huge help in getting our campaign off the ground.

If you'd like to help support us, please join the group and vote for Escape from Dulce in the "Best First-time Kickstarter Creator" category. We're also in the running for "Best Kickstarter Campaign from 2018", but we've got some serious competition from much bigger companies. If you want to check out the polls, just click on the cow below!

Click here to go to the polls!
Click here to go to the polls!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season, and we wish you all a happy and healthy 2019!

We'll be back with another update this weekend, with a bit of a play through video and an update on shipping. Everything is still on schedule and everyone should be able to play some Dulce soon!

Thank you for a great 2018!

Weller, Donna and Craig

Board Assembly with Professor Scientist!!!

Posted by Sentient Cow Games (Creator)

Howdy Cows and Cowettes!

Today we have a great creature double feature of videos, starting with board assembly, starring the ever lovable Professor Scientist and the ever hairy Weller. The Professor seems a little lost without his trusty assistant Ray, but still gives it his best!

Speaking about the Professor, we have a ton of footage of him and assistant Ray wandering the halls of various game and comic conventions. We'll be working on a new video detailing all of their adventures over the past six months and hope to bring it to you in the coming weeks. This is something we've been trying to put together for a while but unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day.

Now let's move on to our second feature, a video all about game setup! While this and the board assembly are covered thoroughly in the game manual, we realized that we hadn't done a setup video of the final version of the game, and wanted you to see how everything looks when it fills up the table. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

The Professor's assistant, Ray, showed up right as the video cut to bring him a fresh pair of pants and take him back to Dulce.

Next week Craig and I will be doing a playthrough of the starting board, Level 6, the caverns under the base! We'll show you how to start a campaign and take you up through the first boss, the Lizard Man Commander! We'll be doing a lot of explaining, as well as just playing the game, so this will likely be 45-60 minutes.

We are also planning on playthrough videos of The Hidden Shrine of Umugatu, and Joey Fixit's Wild Ride. There has also been talk of assistant Ray recently taking up breakdancing and we're trying to arrange a meet up to follow up on this. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see in future video features, please let us know!

Until next week, keep your eyes to the skies and your feet on the ground!

Weller, Donna, and Craig