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A wonderfully weird table top board game with a co-op sci-fi dungeon crawler theme and loads of strangeness and humor.
A wonderfully weird table top board game with a co-op sci-fi dungeon crawler theme and loads of strangeness and humor.
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Expansion Unboxing and More!


Hello Cow Army!

Well, we just returned from PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia and it was a great experience! We saw some old friends, made a bunch of new ones, and inducted some new members into the Cow Army. If you live in the area, we would highly recommend this for next year. Here's a couple pics!

Our booth ready to go after set up!
Our booth ready to go after set up!
We ran so many demos for people that we all lost our voices!
We ran so many demos for people that we all lost our voices!
Praise the sun! Or the Cow! That's cool too!
Praise the sun! Or the Cow! That's cool too!

Now, for the reason you're all here, another unboxing video! Today's video is all about the expansions. While we don't get into gameplay, we cover all of the components and get into each of the new stories a bit. Hope you enjoy it!

As an added bonus, here's a second video of Craig and Weller talking more about the Box Top Expander (TM) and showing you exactly how to fit the assembled legs back into the box. Pay attention, as there are some minor Tetris skills required!

Next week we'll be dropping another video showing basic set up, as well as some gameplay of EFD to get everyone excited for delivery!

Speaking of delivery, the games, expansions, and everything else is on two giant ships right now. One is headed to the US for our stateside backers, and the other is headed to the UK for our European friends. Both ships are due to make port on January 8. From there the games have to pass through customs and then moved to each of our fulfillment centers where everything will be shipped from.

In other news, we had a great creative meeting yesterday where we hashed out more of the story and new gameplay elements for the next round of expansions. Concept art has been started. Maps are being drawn. Cheesy jokes and pop culture references jotted down. If playtesting goes well, we hope to offer these on Kickstarter in late spring / early summer 2019. A little something to hold everyone over until we visit The Hollow Moon!

Alright, that's all for now. We'll be back next week with more Cow goodies!

Weller, Donna, and Craig

Unboxing Video! :D


Hello Cow Army!

Our manufacturing is complete and Ningbo Eastar sent us some photos of our plethora of pallets ready to ship! The 2-in1 expansions are not in their cartons yet in the photo, but do not fear, they will be in nice protective cardboard boxes before they ship.

Eastar, Quartermaster, and OTX are all working out the shipping details right now and initial feedback as of Friday is we should be able to get this all on the ships by end of the week. We will let you know if anything changes with that and share the manifest info once it is all finalized. After that it should be 4-6 weeks for it to travel across the ocean, go through customs, and arrive at Quartermaster and the other distribution centers. This still puts us at Jan for the start of shipping out to all of you.

Now on to the photos! :)

 We also got our final production copy of the core game and the expansions. While we have had many samples sent during the manufacturing process it is very rewarding and exciting to see everything in it's final version! We are very happy with the end results and could not have been happier with our experience working with Derek and Ningbo Eastar on this!


 We will be sharing more videos as the games are in transit. We will be doing a 2-in-1 expansion unboxing, a "how things are assembled" video, some basic game play and set up videos, some expansion play throughs (spoiler alert will be added for those who want surprises), and more!

Reminder that we will be at PAX Unplugged in booth 1858 so stop by and see us if you will be there! We will do the next update once we get back and share more game videos, shipping updates, and convention pics! :D

'till then, EXCELSIOR! and MOOOOOOO!!!

Donna, Weller, and Craig :D

A short but (very) important update about shipping!


Hello Cow Army!

Our manufacturing will be done end of this week and heading off to the port for the long sea voyage! One step closer to delivery!

With that said, we want to make sure everyone has their correct addresses in Backerkit. Please let us know if there are any changes before December 7th just so we have enough time to get any updates over to Quartermaster and their partners.

While the numbers are very low, we do still have a few cards that errored and surveys that have not been completed. We will be sending out personal emails to anyone on that list to give them a chance to make adjustments before we start shipping.

We are still looking at shipping beginning in Jan and will keep everyone updated if anything changes.

We will be getting our final production samples this week so look for some fun unboxing videos and other cool stuff in the coming weeks!

If you are going to be attending PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia please let us know and you can pick up any shirts and patches you ordered while you are there. We will be in booth 1858. Unfortunately we will not have copies of the game to pick up yet as they will still be on boats but we will have the production copies to demo along with the first two expansions!

As always, if anyone has questions, please contact us through Kickstarter,, or through Facebook. :)

All the MOOOOOOOs!

Donna, Weller, and Craig

A Very Meaty Update


Hello Cow Army! We've been working our cow butts off tightening up little details for manufacturing to make sure the final product is top notch. Ningbo Eastar has been great to work with and extremely responsive to to the little tweaks we've been requesting.

A lot of these adjustments were related to making sure the game boards fit together just right. If the joints are too loose, the board won't be stable and is likely to fall apart if you try to move it. If the joints are too tight, you risk tearing the paper during assembly, so there's been a lot of back and forth to ensure that everything is just right. We're very happy to announce that the latest sample we received fit together perfectly!

We also decided to have all of the cardboard components printed with a linen finish and everything looks amazing. It was a bit of an additional cost, but we wanted to make the best quality game we could, and you are all worth it!

Another very cool thing we got in the latest round of samples was the first set of component blisters for the game. The bottom blister has places for all of the cards, as well as the oversized stat check dice. It even has extra spots for the cards from the 2 in 1 expansion if you picked that up. The top blister has individual spots for all 18 minis, the combat dice, and areas for the enemy standees and all of the other various components. We've giving you a whole bunch of little baggies to keep everything organized, and streamline game set up. The samples we received of the these are clear, but the final versions will be black. The top blister also has a clear lid to keep everything in it's proper place.

We suggest at this point that you go to Youtube and put on "Playing Your Game, Baby" by Barry White, to set the mood, because this video is sexy! Here's someone at factory putting most of the stuff into the box. Those of you with eagle eyes will notice that it's not a complete sample, and missing some of the minis, and the slider clips are the wrong color. The character file folders shown are not diecut and printed on normal paper, instead of cardstock. With that said, we still think it looks sexy, so check it out!

How was it? We thought so. =)

As of right now, most of the components are complete and will start being packed into individual boxes next week. Everything, including the expansion, will be ready to ship to our distribution center at the end of the month. Shipping to the distribution hub will take about six weeks.

Now for a little bit of bad news. I'm going to pull the band aid off quickly and let you know that you're probably going to receive your copy of EFD 4-6 weeks later than we expected.

We know, this sucks. None of us are happy about it either. We only just learned of this a few days ago, and we'd like explain the issues we ran into.

While Ningbo Eastar has been a great manufacturing partner, we have been exceedingly picky about every little detail, and this has led to an additional 2 weeks of manufacturing time that we were not expecting. We feel that if you're going to do something, do it right the first time. Don't cut corners. Ever. We had to make the decision to ship a slightly inferior product on schedule, or take a little extra time to ensure everything is perfect. We chose the latter.

Last week we heard back from Quartermaster, our fulfillment partner, with an updated shipping quote. Our last quote, from six months ago, had us still tracking to have games delivered in December. We were informed that due to increased shipping volume for the holiday season, they did not think that was likely. We were crushed.

So, here's the revised timeline of how everything should work. Games will arrive to the US in mid December at the latest. At this point, they have to go through customs before they are delivered to Quartermaster. This might take a bit longer than normal due to the holidays. Once Quartermaster receives the games, they said it will take them about a week to get everything organized before they can start picking and packing orders.

If everything goes according to plan this means that QM will start shipping games somewhere between late December and mid January.

We know this will be a big disappointment to all of you, and we're very sorry. We've hit all of our milestones up to this point, but unfortunately there are some things that are out of our control. We hope you understand and we're sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

If you have any questions please hit us up in the comments and we'll be nothing but honest with you. We're very sorry for the delay, but we hope you understand that a bit of it was due to making a better final product, and most of it was due to circumstances out of our control.

As we're finishing up production and getting into the shipping phase, we'll be sure to keep you updated along the way. There will be another update coming very soon, so stay tuned to this cow channel!

Weller, Craig, and Donna

Sentient Cow Games

Who's Up for Some More Adventures?


Greetings Cow Army!

While most of our recent posts have been related to the production process of the game, we decided to do something a little different with this one. We've been very busy with finalizing production of the first game, but at the same time have continued development on the sequel, The Hollow Moon, and other additional content.

Before we all take a trip to the moon, we've got some other adventures we'd like you to take with us. There's still plenty of story telling left related to the characters of the first game and we plan on fleshing these tales out with more low priced expansions.

Here's a little preview of the first two tales. Please note that the cover art is not final, and we plan on getting these illustrations to the next level within the next few months.

"Strange things have been afoot on Mount Shasta! Odd lights surround the mountain at night and whispers can be heard coming from maze-like tunnels under Mount Shasta. Locals have started to disappear, and Blurry the Sasquatch contacts you for help when his family goes missing. Start your search in the forests, trying to locate a way into the dark heart of the mountain to solve the Mystery of Mount Shasta! Can you rescue Blurry’s family and the rest of the residents before it’s too late?"

That's right, you'll be traveling to Mount Shasta for a rescue mission centered around Burry the Sasquatch! Those evil Lemurians don't stand a chance now that Blurry becomes a fully playable character!

If the mountains aren't your thing, maybe you prefer a day at the beach?

"When a mysterious domed city surfaces off the coast of Los Angeles, it's up to our misfit heroes to reunite and stop an army of blood thirsty denizens from the deep! Thankfully, your fishy friend Kaltar has some insight into this. It is the legendary City of Atlantis, now turned into a mobile fortress controlled by the evil aqua priest, Sharkasaurus. Can you stop his nefarious plans to launch an invasion of the mainland and make humans into fish food? Good luck and may the fish be with you!"

Ok, maybe this won't be a day at the beach, but it's bound to be a memorable adventure. Join Kaltar the Atlantean, who now becomes a playable character, in his quest to infiltrate the lost city and overthrow it's evil new ruler!

We've got another two of these adventures up our sleeves and will drop more about those in the coming weeks. Our plan is to launch all four new adventures on Kickstarter in Spring 2019. We've only just begun to scratch the surface of all the Secret Unknown Stuff that's out there, and we hope you're all excited to take this journey with us!


Weller, Donna, & Craig