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Senja (who does not speak Swedish) teaches Swedish to whopping 13,000 Finns. Here is the bilingual crowd produced book masterpiece.
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345 backers pledged $14,161 to help bring this project to life.

Here we are again: one more time

Posted by Senja (Creator)

Many PUSS O KRAM, hugs and kisses to those crowdfunding pioneers, who took part in our first project.

We are here again! This time around we are doing our best to actually charge those, who want our stuff, instead of just shipping you the products.

Previously our project was cancelled due to unclear wording of our campaign, which drew the attention of the Finnish Police Board. No haphazard terms this time, each and every word has been carefully formulated and checked.

Our new products are an iPad app of the book and a Kindle version. The iPad version speaks and eyes will roll! It is also possible to order printed versions of the book.

Please put your thumbs up for the new project and watch our video with Mårten Mickos, Bettina Sågbom, Sonja Kallassaari and Frank Skog. They will tell you why we are doing all this.

Here is the link to our new project Our new project runs only for two weeks until 5. December so be quick & welcome!

Sincerely yours, Senja & co

Ps. If you want to order a printed version of the book as a Christmas present, we will post them on 10 December 2012 so you will be sure to get it in good time before the holidays.


Kiitos hurjasti, PUSS O KRAM, kaikille joukkorahoituspioneereille, jotka osallistuivat ensimmäiseen projektiimme. Olemme täällä taas. Tällä kertaa meillä on vakaa pyrkimys myös laskuttaa tuotteistamme, eikä ainoastaan lähettää niitä tilaajille. 

Kaikki sanamuodot on nyt viilattu todella tarkasti, joten tällä kertaa kielikirja-hankkeemme ei pitäisi kaatua kielivirheisiin.

Uudet tuottemme ovat iPad applikaatio ja Kindle e-kirja -versio kirjasta, mutta myös painettua kirjaa voi hankkia. Pidä kiirettä sillä uusi projektimme pyörii ainoastaan kaksi viikkoa, 5.12.12 asti.

Uudella videollamme Mårten Mickos, Bettina Sågbom, Sonja Kallassaari ja Frank Skog kertovat, mitä ihmettä tämän kaiken takana on

Tervetuloa katsomaan, tilaamaan ja peukuttamaan! Senja & co 

Ps. Jos haluat tilata painetun kirjan joululahjaksi, laitamme ne postiin 10.12.2012, joten ne tulevat perille hyvissä ajoin ennen joulua.

Klick here to watch the video:

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Payment Return Schedule - Ennakkotilaussummien palautusten aikataulu

Posted by Senja (Creator)

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Finland's Largest Crowd Gathering Place Replaces Lost Crowdfunding

Posted by Senja (Creator)

The Finnish Fair Corporation has replaced the Kickstarter funding, which Fröken Senja lost due to the position taken by the Finnish Police Board. This is a fabulous decision and we are over the moon as it combines our hectic social media community AND the book which is world's finest user interface AND meeting real people in real life at the Helsinki Book Fair.

All our funders can now enjoy the books with good conscience, despite return of funding. Any thanks you might have should be sent to the Finnish Fair Corporation

Fröken Senja is over the moon and sends a large number of regards, kisses and hugs to the Fair Corporation staff.

Our goal all the way was to get the books to our readers at the lowest possible cost to our community. The latest turn of events means that we achieved this and in addition get a spotlight at the fair, which is a better outcome than we could have ever dreamed of. You are all warmly invited to meet us at the Helsinki Book Fair on 25-28 October 2012.

There are no consequences to our backers. You still get to keep the books free of charge and we hope that you enjoy the latest turn of things as much as we do! Kickstarter is at this very moment processing your returns and they should come through any day.

Our book launch was held in Helsinki on Friday 14 September. The event pictures are on Flickr and we also made Finnish history by holding the first ever Google Hangout on Air Press Conference in Finland. We are also glad to report that a wide discussion on Crowdfunding has been initiated in Finland.

Both the book story and our Crowdfunding story are on Storify.

What a story.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
With regards, puss o kram, Senja
Ps. In the picture Fröken Nadja signs her first book at our book launch at the Amos Anderson art museum in Helsinki.

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The Finnish National Police Board says Yes-No to Crowdfunding

Posted by Senja (Creator)

The Finnish Police Board has replied to Fröken Senja on Tuesday 11 September and concluded that our book crowdfunded project was a case of non-regular trading and thus illegal money collecting. However the statement takes a Yes-No position and states that crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter may be used for funding.

The Police Board has stated it will not press charges since our project was cancelled yesterday and we have requested Kickstarter to return the money to our funders.  

According to the National Police Board the book project was not regular trading, which is defined in the statement as follows: fixed prices must be set alone by the seller, the buyer can’t pay more than the asking price, seller must not emphasize the purpose of proceeds and the buyer must not be confused whether they are buying a product or supporting a good cause. 

Our group extends its sincerest apologies to the National Police Commissioner and we thank for the response. We are also very grateful that charges will not be pressed.

Our project was established with the firm belief that the crowdfunding of our book was matter of conditional sales and pre-order of books, products and services connected to it. 

As a result of the Police Board response, a discussion has been initiated in Finland, where innovation, supporting individual initiatives and community spirit has always been encouraged. Those who feel that changes should be made to the money collecting law are gathering online at address

The books were mailed to our backers on Monday 10 September and the book launch will be held on Friday 14 September. All our backers are sincerely welcome! It is also possible to attend the book launch via the first ever Finnish Google Hangout on Air press conference. Welcome! 

If any of you have not received your products by the end of the week, we are honouring our promise and sending them to you in spite of the project being cancelled and funds returned. Please report any missing items via this form

We hope you will be delighted with the book. It was always the main issue here. Our group has worked for six months on a voluntary basis to get the book to our community members at as reasonable a price as possible. Well, we can only say that we sort of overachieved the target, with the help of the Police Board! 

Thank you,
Fröken Senja

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Crowfunding cancelled due to no reply from Finnish Police Board

Posted by Senja (Creator)
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Dear funders, We have excellent news for you. We have shipped your books today and thanks to Finnish authorities, you are getting them for free.

The Finnish National Police Board sent us request for a statment on 27 August, Which we answered on 31 August. The purpose of the statement request was to determine whether our project on Kickstarter was against the Finnish Money Collection Act § 3 subsection 1 of licensed money collection or question of conditional pre-orders and sales of the book, products and services connected to it.

As the mailing of pre-ordered books was about to begin, we requested speeded review by 10 September.

As we have not got a reply from the Finnish Police Board despite several reminders, we cancel the campaign, refund the money and donate the books to our funders, as we do not want to be anywhere near the border of lawlessness.

One reason we used crowdfunding for our project was because we wanted to introduce crowdfunding in Finland as an important new funding mechanism, which supports innovation and entrepreneurship. The Police Board answer, when it comes, will be of extreme importance to all Finnish current and future crowdfunding projects.

Our project was established with the assumption that crowdfunding in our case was a matter of conditional sales and pre-order of books, products and services connected to it.

The project did not exactly go as in Strömsö, as we say in Finland. But never mind. Money isn't everything. The issue here was always the book. Today at last, after nearly a year of hard work we got to hold it in our hands. It is perfect and we are ever so happy.  We hope you will like it too!

Thank you so much for your support!

Fröken Senja and her team.

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