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Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
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April Development Update

Posted by Senile Team (Creator)

Hello again! How are you doing?

Since the previous update, I have mostly been working on ongoing tasks, such as optimisations and engine features. Also, I seem to have managed to age another year, which called for celebrations.

Optimising Data

Each type of object in the game consists of various types of data, most notably character settings (names, health, animation timing, behaviour, etc) and graphics (stored in one or more textures). The most obvious and simplest way to store this, is by letting each object have its own character file and texture(s). And until recently, this is how it was done in Intrepid Izzy.

However, I had already figured out a long time ago that this could be improved upon. Many of the textures contained only one or two small images, and many objects always appear in the same combinations. I have now updated the data format so that these files can be combined. Multiple objects can now be stored in a single file, and share texture data.

In the short run, this means that the affected data is loaded faster and uses less RAM. But of course that free RAM is just begging to be filled up again, so in the long run it will probably mean that new objects, longer animations and/or other details will be added.

Who's The Boss?

The optimised data is especially beneficial to the bosses. I don't want to give away too many details about the boss fights yet, though, so I'll just tease you with a silhouette for now.

Save The Games

I mentioned saving the game state in the previous update. This has meanwhile been further improved, and some ideas were made up as to what a save point should look like. This is what I'm currently leaning towards:

Feel free to let me know what you think!


Roel van Mastbergen / Senile Team

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    1. AnthonyTZ on

      Happy Birthday! Each update looks great!

    2. Rabot Akwd on

      Excellent work Roel. Keep it up :D

    3. Senile Team Creator on

      And thank you too Florian! I later realised that it might work better (interaction-wise) if the save point is rotated to the side. If I do that, it will be even more like Monster Land... :P

    4. Florian Wallin on

      Well happy birthday to you as well Mr Roel. The savepoint reminds me of the shops in Monster land :D

    5. Senile Team Creator on

      Thank you Filipe!

    6. Filipe on

      Happy birthday!
      I like the save point.

    7. Jeroen Collaborator on

      I love the save point :D