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Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
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December Development Update

Posted by Senile Team (Creator)


It's been about a month since the previous update. So what's been going on? Let's look at some highlights!


Amongst the first things we wanted to focus on are the rewards which our backers so deserve. That includes the exclusive backer wallpapers. The first two wallpapers have been designed:

To make sure they can be enjoyed sooner rather than later, an download link was sent to all backers via email. Much to our delight, several people replied to say that they liked the wallpapers and started using them right away. Thanks!

Of course when sending email to so many recipients, inevitably some servers will fail to deliver it. If you backed Intrepid Izzy for €5 or higher and didn't receive the email, send us a message on kickstarter and we will re-send the link to you.

Portraits, Statues, NPCs

We have also emailed everyone who backed the "Enter History" and "Also Starring" tiers to ask them for the pictures and information required to create their rewards. The replies included some very funny and cool pictures! You guys are great! However, so far only about 1/3 of these backers replied. We will send a reminder to the others soon.

Plastic Fantastic

Meanwhile, the plastic figure manufacturer has been working on the Izzy statue. The number of figures to make is too great for 3D printing, so we're having them mass-produced, even though that could mean one of us will be stuck with a house full of surplus figures. :D

Based on the designs we supplied, the figure was first sculpted in clay, then digitised and adjusted according to our feedback. We're looking forward to seeing the figure in full colour soon!

Game Development

Of course besides all of the above, we also have a game to make! And for multiple platforms even! Good news on that subject as well: work on the PS4 version has begun! :)

And finally, you always have to have a GIF! So here's a mummy demonstrating that a cursed eye is a difficult thing to get rid of!

All the best,

Roel van Mastbergen / Senile Team

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