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Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
Explore a colorful and imaginative world. Jump, fight and puzzle your way past its many dangers and mysteries.
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    1. Senile Team Creator on

      Hi Joshua Copus,

      There hasn't been a survey yet. Nothing to worry about. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua Copus on

      Sorry I been busy from couple of months since last check in. Did the survey been released? I read the updates as well. I got the old pledge on Dreamcast. And yes I forgot I to add like on this page. Sorry

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Copus on

      Sorry I been busy from couple of months since last check in. Did the survey been released? I read the updates as well. I got the old pledge on Dreamcast.

    4. Missing avatar

      Simb on

      Excellent. Thanks. Good news.

    5. Senile Team Creator on

      It's only an estimated date of course, but I wouldn't have selected that date if I didn't think it was realistic. And I still think it is.

    6. Missing avatar

      Simb on

      You think you will respect the release date ?
      Thanks for reply.

    7. Senile Team Creator on

      Filipe: Great minds think alike! Most of the code for custom blood colours has already been written. In a future build of the game the blood colour for each individual character can be defined with RGB values.

    8. Missing avatar

      Filipe on

      I also don't know if it would be possible to implement different bloods for the enemies. It's just an idea, don't know if it's a good or a bad idea.

    9. Missing avatar

      Filipe on

      Suggestion: The enemies blood could be different depending on the enemy. On the first level it made sense to me that all enemies had green blood (they were all greenish), but on the scorpions of the second level I think it wouldn't look bad if they had a dark yellow blood (or another colour).
      What do you guys think?

    10. Senile Team Creator on

      Trevor Stokes: of course! By the way people, for this sort of thing it's more practical if you send a personal message rather than a public comment. ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Trevor Stokes on

      Hey guys! Thanks for the latest update. I also never got an email with links for the wallpapers. Can you resend? Thanks.

    12. Senile Team Creator on

      Daniel Zambada: You have now!

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada on

      Never got my link for the wallpapers

    14. Senile Team Creator on

      No problem Daniel! Thanks for your input anyway! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada on

      Whoops. Sorry about the previous post. Forgot you guys set it up differently. Imma just go now...

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada on

      When should we expect surveys for the console choice?

    17. Senile Team Creator on

      Nick: That's in the plans, yes!

      Thanks for the nice words everyone!

    18. Missing avatar

      Juan Pablo Schisano on

      I finally played the demo, its great! congratulations !!! My ten years old son loved it too and he said he NEEDS the full game!!! Good work

    19. Missing avatar

      Zackary Richardson

      Matthew Leas, Izzy also reminds me of erza scarlet from fairy tail, with her swapping different armor.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas on

      Looking forward to this one. I am sure others have mentioned it, but it reminds me a lot of Shantae (and not just cause of the color of Izzy's hair!)

    21. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      This was an amazing finish. Congrats senile team!

      I was considering upping my pledge in the end but was working late and didn't get around to it. Do you plan a slack backer for PayPal later? I can't wait! The demo was excellent. Game truly looks like a 2d platformer we would have gotten in 2000

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Turner on

      congrats! can’t wait.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Lueken on

      Awesome and Congratulations on reaching your goal! I can't wait to play the full game on the Sega Dreamcast... a new game for 2018!

    24. Jeroen Collaborator on

      Wooot!! Party!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Zackary Richardson

      Congratulations you made it yaaa. Now can we have a slackers backer for a physical CD soundtrack, a digital soundtrack download for smartphone(android, Apple), and maybe a mini artbook. Now what I really wish for is, a collaboration between senile team and wayforward!

    26. Kwok-Cheung Li on

      Whoo! Congrats! Looking forward to the finished game!

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Beard on

      Yes!! Well done guys, what a turn around in the last 48 hours. Very happy

    28. Jennifer McMurray on

      Awesome! Great news that you hit your goal! I can't wait for the finished game! :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Army of Dorkness on

      Woah! Congratulations Senile Team!!!

    30. Florian Wallin on

      Fantastic ! +1 in statue ideal, im gonna celebrate this with a whiskey. Go go Senile Team

    31. Senile Team Creator on

      Woohoo, every time I blink there's another comment! Thanks everyone!

    32. DrLeatherface on

      Holy craps thats amazing!! For a moment I didn't think we'd make it :D So hyped to play the finished game! Congratulations guys.

    33. Missing avatar

      Filipe on

      Hope it reaches 46k.

    34. AnthonyTZ on


    35. Missing avatar


      Barely made it but I have faith in the product, just surprised that it have that many backers all at once.

    36. Dan Crocker @ VGDb on

      Wow, how did I not even notice the stretch goals before?!

    37. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Push for that boss rush stretch goal!

    38. Dan Crocker @ VGDb on

      +1 on the Gherky Pickleson statue idea :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      We made it. But I am always a better safe than sorry guy. Keep advertising, posting, and commenting. We need a good safety net, as some people are bound to drop the last minute. but for now congrats SenileTeam. Of all the recent Dreamcast projects, you really do deserve all this funding. You guys have been there since the beginning, every product you produced was quality and fun as hell.....even if RRRR really did kick my ass...

    40. Beto Francischinelli on

      Yeah! Congratulations to Senile Team and thanks to all the backers! :)

    41. Martin Lenz on

      I do not actually need two times the same figure of Izzy. Maybe there is the possibility to make two different figures. Idea: the popular cucumber, which arrived very well in the stream. : D

    42. Wallo on

      Gefeliciteerd :))

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Davies on

      Well done all. Some mad effort gone into make this a success. Congrats and I look forward to receiving mine when it is ready. Go senile

    44. Senile Team Creator on

      Thanks everyone! This is so exciting!

    45. patbier on

      Yeeeess !!! Congratulation !!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Keep hitting up Reddit. That seems to give good responses, especially among those who didn't know DC gets new games.

    47. Senile Team Creator on

      Many fingers are being crossed today! This time tomorrow, doctors everywhere will be scratching their heads over a sudden epidemic of finger cramps!

    48. Florian Wallin on

      Crossed fingers here as well , you so deserve to make the "pledge- goal". Cmon ppl try to spread the word about this even more :D

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