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The Spire 3D printed pen. Simple and beautiful pens custom made for the Cross refill.
The Spire 3D printed pen. Simple and beautiful pens custom made for the Cross refill.
The Spire 3D printed pen. Simple and beautiful pens custom made for the Cross refill.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Gerken on May 24, 2018

      How is the assembly going? Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua Gerken on March 26, 2018

      Hi, trying to figure out if I did my survey and if so are things on track? Thank you!

    3. Kenneth Hayes on January 31, 2018

      Best of luck on the campaign! Onward and Wayward

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Collaborator on January 31, 2018


      We really wanted a clip too, and we looked into it for a long time. There are basically two ways we could have included a clip, by making one out of sheet metal, or by 3D printing it as part of the pen. Our goal for this project was to stick to one manufacturer, to make the process as simple as we could for our first Kickstarter. We chose to reduce complexity by sticking with the one manufacturer that we were using and already had a relationship with.

      We looked into printing the pen clip, but ran into issues with materials. The metal the pen is printed from is hard and stiff. It doesn't have that nice flex everyone loves in their pen clip. We found that we had to choose between a clip that was tight, and would rip your jeans pockets, or one that was loose and didn't keep the pen in place very well. We decided that it was better to release a pen with no clip, than with an imperfect clip.

      We really wanted to have a clip, and I'm sorry that is a deal breaker for you. But! this is only our first project, in the future we won't have to be as carful about added complexity and our future pens will most definitely have a clip. I saw that you chose to support us anyway, and I really appreciate that! I promise that we will make sure our supporters are the first to hear about any of our upcoming projects.

    5. Missing avatar

      on January 31, 2018

      I realize there's a design aesthetic you're trying to maintain here but there's also functionality to consider - I daily carry my pens and a pocket clip is a must. Can you add a pocket clip?

      If these are 3D printed it shouldn't be too overwhelming a task. In fact, a clip that's integrated into the body instead of bolted on is pretty unusual, would be another selling point.

      Please share your thoughts; a pocket clip is a dealbreaker for me.