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The Spire 3D printed pen. Simple and beautiful pens custom made for the Cross refill.
The Spire 3D printed pen. Simple and beautiful pens custom made for the Cross refill.
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Spire - 420 Stainless Steel 3D Printed Pens | Make/100



We love pens. We've been talking about making a pen for years and we're finally bringing this awesome 3D printed stainless steel pen to you. This is our first product and it definitely won't be our last.

What does Spire look like?

The pen is named "Spire" for it's simple and beautiful spiral design.

The stainless steel we're using is infused with bronze, giving it a slightly warmer than normal color. 



Length: 5.32"
Diameter: 0.40"
Material: 420 Stainless Steel and bronze matrix
Finish: Polished steel


For backing our campaign you will receive:

  • One Spire pen
  • A Cross refill (pre-installed)
  • And a custom hardwood box*

*the box shown is a prototype, we are working on the final version now. We promise it will only get prettier.

What kind of refill can I use?

The Spire can use any of the slim Cross ballpoint pen refills. All of our pens will ship with one medium weight, black ink-cartridge (Cross #8513.) You can purchase replacement cartridges or cartridges in different colors and weights directly from Cross or any office supply store.

Who are we?

Design The Everything makes stuff for people like you, designed by critical and creative thinkers. It influences every aspect of a product we work on. This project isn't only about selling pens. Our goal is to use the success of this project to launch our company. We are already working on a few more products beyond Spire. Be looking for those in the coming months!

Scott DeRuby

Scott is a Designer who recently graduated from Computer Graphics Technology at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). He enjoys hanging out with friends, working on his design skills, reading tech news, and playing League of Legends in his free time.

AJ Huff

AJ is a Mechanical Engineer, currently working for a company that makes custom industrial equipment. He grew up tinkering, which led to eventually working as a machinist, and then as an engineer at his current job. He spends most of his free time in his shop making things, making coffee, and making fun of Scott.

Why Kickstarter?

We need you to make this project possible! We love Kickstarter and think this is the best place to form a community around our project and our business. We are both longtime Kickstarter users and are proud to be bringing our product to the platform.

The costs associated with making a single pen are too high to make this a viable product. Using Kickstarter allows us to place an order with bulk pricing.

What's the plan?

Early December: Plan Kickstarter
January 29th: Launch Kickstarter
February 14th: Send out backer surveys
March 7th: Finalize surveys and begin printing pens
April 2nd: Get pens in hand, begin shipment of orders

Risks and challenges

We have taken every possible action to minimize any risk to us, or our backers in this project. At this point, we already have a manufacturer who is willing to produce the 3D printed parts for us and have found suppliers for all of the non-custom components. We acknowledge there are always some inherent risks in any project that involves other suppliers and manufacturers, but we have taken all necessary steps to reduce this risk.

We plan on sending surveys out no later than 2 weeks after the Kickstarter. Once we finalize surveys we will release the job to our manufacturer to begin printing the pens. Assuming all is well, we can then send your orders.

Part of the purpose of this campaign is to get used to running the logistics of a Kickstarter. We would like to run larger scale Kickstarters in the future.

Unforeseen circumstances do occur. We have tried to plan everything out so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We've learned a lot just in planning and executing this project!

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