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Help us finish the translation for WORLD END ECONOMiCA, a visual novel trilogy written by Isuna Hasekura. Now on PC/Mac/Linux/Android!
Help us finish the translation for WORLD END ECONOMiCA, a visual novel trilogy written by Isuna Hasekura. Now on PC/Mac/Linux/Android!
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Console Port Update #3

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Pre-planning is still ongoing, we will post another update this month with the timeline and proposed schedules.

For those who are wondering why physical copies of the PC version are not being printed. As stated in update #2. We're updating WEE 1 and 2 so they can have the same features as WEE 3. We don't think backers want a game that isn't fully up to date with the latest versions.

Console Port Update #2

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello Backers,

We're now in the process of pre-production of the console port. We have a tentative schedule of late summer for enter FQA.

Next month we will have a more detailed road map of what is being done.

As some of you may know, the HD editions of the three WEE episodes were released incrementally for PC last year, which resulted in the latter episodes having additional features that are not currently available in earlier episodes. Our plan is to update both episodes 1 and 2 to latest codebase while console port development is also underway. This will bring all three episodes to same codebase and allow us to minimize the work needed to bring the games to other platforms.

Finally we have another Kickstarter running, M.A.S.S. Builder, A Fully Customizable Mecha Action Game. There's currently a demo on Steam if you want to try it out. 

Console Port Update #1

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

We're finalizing our schedule to start porting WEE to consoles. Naturally there might be schedule changes or setbacks but we wanted to let everyone know we've not forgotten the project. At the same time while the games are being ported to console the Steam versions will also be updated to a newer version of the engine. We will have a feature list once we decide on what to bring over from the console side.

Port updates #3

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hey everyone ,

Sorry for the long silence and lack of updates. 

After a long wait, we’re finally releasing the WEE3 HD Unity version on Steam today. This means that users on Windows, Mac and Linux can now enjoy WEE3 naively on their OS. 

Now that porting work has been completed, we can start working on console integration. We've also have started to plan the physical production of the game. We're aiming to put all OS versions on a single disc, so we'll need some time for research and to properly support all OSes.

We hope you all enjoy WEE! Going forward, we plan to have monthly updates. We feel that it’s important to keep backers in the loop even when there’s not much progress to update. 

That’s all for now, we’ll see you in the next update in December.

Port updates #2

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Here's our next update on the ports:

  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02 HD is releasing right now!
  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.03 HD is in the programming phase and will be entering QA near the end of April!

We've tested Linux and OSX version for episode.02 HD but due to many configuration differences between different distributions we will need the community's help to make sure the games run properly on those platforms. If episode.01 worked for you then in theory episode.02 should also work.

See you in the next update!