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Help us finish the translation for WORLD END ECONOMiCA, a visual novel trilogy written by Isuna Hasekura. Now on PC/Mac/Linux/Android!
Help us finish the translation for WORLD END ECONOMiCA, a visual novel trilogy written by Isuna Hasekura. Now on PC/Mac/Linux/Android!
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Port updates #3

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hey everyone ,

Sorry for the long silence and lack of updates. 

After a long wait, we’re finally releasing the WEE3 HD Unity version on Steam today. This means that users on Windows, Mac and Linux can now enjoy WEE3 naively on their OS. 

Now that porting work has been completed, we can start working on console integration. We've also have started to plan the physical production of the game. We're aiming to put all OS versions on a single disc, so we'll need some time for research and to properly support all OSes.

We hope you all enjoy WEE! Going forward, we plan to have monthly updates. We feel that it’s important to keep backers in the loop even when there’s not much progress to update. 

That’s all for now, we’ll see you in the next update in December.

Port updates #2

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Here's our next update on the ports:

  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02 HD is releasing right now!
  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.03 HD is in the programming phase and will be entering QA near the end of April!

We've tested Linux and OSX version for episode.02 HD but due to many configuration differences between different distributions we will need the community's help to make sure the games run properly on those platforms. If episode.01 worked for you then in theory episode.02 should also work.

See you in the next update!

The big port update!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

As many of you have seen at PlayStation Experience last year, we've been hard at work on developing the HD Edition port of WORLD END ECONOMiCA.

We’ve got some exciting updates on our port status!

  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 HD is releasing next week and is now fully running in Unity.  
  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02 HD is in QA right now and once that's out we'll be putting it up shortly.  
  • WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.03 HD is in the programming phase and we'll have an update when it enters QA.


One thing that you may not have noticed that we've wanted to share with you for a long time is that not only is the game now playable in full HD, our art assets are now in 1440p! If you have a compatible display, you will be able take full advantage of the newly remastered art at double the original version's resolution. If you're using a 1080p or lower resolution display, don't worry. The game will still run at the original 720p or 1080p without losing any visual fidelity. This will be a free upgrade to all current and new customers who have copies from Steam/Humble/etc nor will there be a increase in prices for the games!

Once all three are done in HD we will start printing goods and adding console integrations.

We’re also happy to announce that WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 and episode.02 are now available on Jump.

For those of you who haven't heard of Jump before, it is an on-demand video game subscription service that focuses on indie games. We are very excited to see WORLD END ECONOMiCA join the ranks of other distinguished indie games in Jump's growing library, and we can't wait to bring episode.03 to the platform as well. To learn more about Jump, visit their website at


Lastly, we have a current Kickstarter project that is ending soon, "A Light in the Dark" is a new, suspense-filled visual novel on PC. A collaboration between CreSpirit, developers of "Rabi-Ribi", and the tag team duo of Storia and Narrator, developers focused on visual novels and RPGs. Having worked with CreSpirit on "Rabi-Ribi" and Narrator on "Companion", Sekai Project is teaming up with this dream team of developers to bring their new game project to the West! There is a demo on Steam that you can play to get a feel of this game.

PSX 2018 Wrap-up

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)
Hey everyone,
Over the weekend, we attended the Playstation Experience convention (PSX) at Anaheim Convention Center. First of all, we need to give a huge shoutout to the many fans and backers that came to visit our booth to share their support and excitement. As conventions are always stressful and plagued with hard work and endless setup, the many smiles and cheers from all of you immediately made everything worth the hard work, and it is because of you that we keep wanting to bring the very best stories for everyone in the world to enjoy.

 So many people came to check out the PS4 version of World End Economica, and we couldn’t be happier with the showing we had. Of course, we can’t forget that the creator, the amazing Isuna Hasekura, came to see all the fans and sign an impressive number of items that he was not expecting to see. Maybe most impressive was one fan who brought his limited edition white PS4, with signatures from legends such as Hideo Kojima, Street Fighter’s Ono-san and many more. Next to these legends of video gaming, Hasekura-san’s signature now sits firmly, as he should!

As for the status of the port overall, the build is now quite far along. As many of you saw at PSX, the game runs in stunning 1080p with full sound and graphical effect support. We have now begun working on updating all UI, squashing out the bugs we found and adding in some fun things that we will be announcing soon.

So now begins the journey towards finalizing development and release. As we have noted in the past, Limited Run Games will be having an exclusive physical release for both PS4 and Vita. Backers of this campaign will be given exclusive early access to pre-order the physical version if you'd like, but of course the digital version will still be distributed as promised. As we head into Q1 2018, there will be more news to follow.

We thank everyone for their support and patience, and are now happy to say, World End Economica has come to Playstation 4 and PSVita!

Isuna Hasekura at the Sekai Project / Limited Run Booth
Isuna Hasekura at the Sekai Project / Limited Run Booth


Playable demo of WEE at PSX!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hi Backers!

We have a really quick update, there's going to be a playable demo of WEE at PSX (PlayStation Experience).

More information about PSX can be found here.

Please look forward to another update after PSX.