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Sekai Project wants to bring Frontwing's beautiful series of visual novels to the West. Get the full story that inspired the anime!
Sekai Project wants to bring Frontwing's beautiful series of visual novels to the West. Get the full story that inspired the anime!
4,348 backers pledged $475,255 to help bring this project to life.

The Eden of Grisaia Release Update #2

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We're still working on fixing some last minute issues and polishing up the game. The store page is now up too on Steam. So it's coming really soon!

One example of weird issues that was fixed with Frontwing's assistance.

<image removed for spoiler>

Notice the hanging "? It isn't in the script but it was printed without us knowing why. However over the weekend with Frontwing's assistance they sent us a fix and it worked perfectly.

Also don't forget Frontwing would like to give everyone one more heads-up that Grisaia: Phantom Trigger is coming to Steam in English and Japanese on April 28, and there's a Kickstarter project for the series currently ongoing. We hope you enjoy playing the follow-up series soon after The Eden of Grisaia is released!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Semeniuk on

      Have to agree with @Ancientone. Not only is Eden not finished, I won't even want to start Phantom Trigger which comes out in 7 days until finishing Eden 18+ which probably won't be released for another 9 months now.

    2. Ancientone on

      I regret ever backing the physical on this kickstarter. At the current gap between when the digital hits steam and when the physical disks show up (9 months and counting for labyrinth), the english 18+ physical from Frontwing of all 4 games may actually arrive first >.>

    3. Andrew Castillo on

      Please give us an updated on Eden 18+ and physical release....

    4. Andy "Tiggs" K on

      Being as I'm still waiting on the Mac port before I can even play *Labyrinth*, any news on this?

    5. Jaspa Powell on

      I'm agree with everyone else who has mentioned it that image should not have been used that is a major spoiler for anyone who hasn't read the other vn's and done some analysis if you were going to use anything from that scene then why didn't you crop the image out and only display the text. BAD MOVE THERE BAD MOVE!!!!

      other than that when will we hear news on the 18+

    6. Andrew Schweitzer on

      Still waiting for the second game. It's been over 2 years now.

    7. inte on

      Please give us the information about the Eden 18+ Version. Release with Steam by Denpasoft? Or we have to wait a few months more?

    8. Plantz on

      Nice spoiler picture which, by the way, doesn't get deleted in the email even if you remove it here. I mean I was able to put 2 and 2 together after finishing the first two games so its not really a spoiler to me, but to others who haven't played the games or genuinely didn't know about it, kind of a dick move.

    9. Schiffy on

      The only problem I see with the screenshot is that the inner pair of quotes should be single quotation marks, not double. It would look right that way.

    10. Missing avatar

      outlaw4188 on

      if anybody is interested the kickstarter campaign for Grand Entrance for Visual Novel Grisaia: Phantom Trigger run by Frontwing is going to end in less than 31 hours and they have a $180,000 stretch goal over there that if it is reached they will release the official English translation physical 18+ version of the Grisaia trilogy in one big art box yes that's right all 3 games English translation physical 18+ versions here is the link to the campaign… so pledge as much as you can to that campaign and as quickly as you can so we can get the original trilogy the way that they were supposed to be made AKA 18+ versions.

    11. Kederijan on

      It isn't hanging, it was printed because quotation marks come in pairs. There is one set around the entire sentence, one around the quote inside. It looks odd when they both end at the same place without any space between them, though.

    12. Missing avatar

      ThreeDollars on

      Gonna have to agree with the general sentiment there. That's an awful image to use as an example. Didn't expect to see something like that emailed to me. Better judgement next time?

    13. David Schlosser on

      ...Whoever thought that posting such a spoilery picture like that, is a good idea, should be fired.
      Quite pissed.