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From the makers of Ever17, one of the highly acclaimed Visual Novels, comes a title called Root Double which is releasing on Steam!
From the makers of Ever17, one of the highly acclaimed Visual Novels, comes a title called Root Double which is releasing on Steam!
2,200 backers pledged $152,414 to help bring this project to life.

Vita Version Releasing March 8th

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Good News Everyone!  

Our last step has been done, and Sony has approved the build for Root Double for Vita! This means only one thing remains… RELEASE! Yes, we are indeed ready to bring you the action to your favorite handheld, as we all know the Playstation Vita remains strong within our bleeding Playstation hearts.  

So, when is the magic date? Why, it is 8th of March! Yep, only mere weeks until you will all be booting up this beauty on your Vita.  

With this, the journey has come to an end. Root Double’s campaign is now officially wrapped up. It’s been an incredible journey, much deserved for an incredible game. The feedback we have received for the game is universally great, and we are so happy that now even more will get to enjoy it on Playstation Vita. Root Double remains one of our favorite games, and we’ve been so fortunate to bring it to all you fans, get to know many of you, and enjoy it together.

Thanks to all of you for making this possible, and your continued support!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Victor Rodrigues Barbosa on

      Just to make things clear, 15 dollars may not be much depending on where you live. But here, it's enough to have a full blown barbecue. Backing kickstarter projects is really expensive here, hence why this is the only project I backed other than Muvluv, which had a LOT of value in comparison.

    2. Missing avatar

      Victor Rodrigues Barbosa on

      Sakura, that sucks. I wouldn't call myself lucky though...

      First, because both of us deserve a proper refund for whatever we do not get. I sincerely hope Sekai Project is ethical enough to do the right thing instead of coming up with excuses. Second, because if there were an airplane crash and I survived, I wouldn't call it a miracle. It would still be a horrible disaster that I was unlucky enough to be a part of, even if I happened not to die.

      I hope everything is fairly solved in both our cases.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sakura on

      Victor, you‘re lucky with only $15 difference, but for me it‘s $140 because I backed this project only! for the Vita port. I didn‘t care about the other stuff.

    4. Missing avatar

      Victor Rodrigues Barbosa on

      quick edit in caps:

      I paid a 15 dollar difference to get the 140 dollar pledge when I COULD HAVE* paid 125 for the exact same thing minus the psvita port, which you guys don't seem to be too interested in properly delivering to all your backers...

    5. Missing avatar

      Victor Rodrigues Barbosa on

      Wait, so this is only for NA? That's not even funny.

      Look Sekai Project. there are more non-native speakers of English in the world than native speakers nowadays. On top of that, English is an official language in dozens of countries outside North America, How can you guys say your release only accounts for a single continent?

      What makes me even more worried is that you guys claim to be looking for a solution specifically for your "EU fans". So the rest of the world doesn't matter? After all this time, I still don't get the reward I paid for? Because I'm from Brazil - the country with the 5th largest population in the world located in South America.

      If you have no plans to release Root Double in my region, then at least give me a refund. I paid a 15 dollar difference to get the 140 dollar pledge when I paid 125 for the exact same thing minus the psvita port, which you guys don't seem to be too interested in properly delivering to all your backers...

    6. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      What FlamingFirewire said is true, there are a lot of European visual novel fans and it would be wrong to alienate us after all the time we waited for Root Double's port. You could solve this issue by either trying to bring the game to the European PSN yourself, which is something a lot of indie developers do regularly, or creating a partnership with PQube, NIS America, Ghostlight or one of the many other niche publishers of Japanese games that operate in Europe without issues. I really hope you can solve this issue, since a lot of people waited for this port and it would be a shame if we were unable to enjoy it because of this.

    7. Missing avatar

      Clow Shirow on

      Same with me. I'm a European PSN user and I won't be doing any illegal or tricky stuff to my PS Vita. If you took my European money then give me my European copy or refund it to me
      I waited two years for this and then I find you cannot do what you promised. So much dissappointing after all this time.

    8. BAAAARD on

      Cool, kinda assumed that was gonna happen anyway. Can't remember what it was but something else didn't end up releasing in EU either. So who do we contact about a refund or whatever? I already played this ages ago from the humble bundle. Don't even know why i bothered to back the vita version at all considering Sekais track record. Of course it was going to be less than half the price of the Vita version on PC before it even had a release date. I just don't care anymore really, Give me a refund or don't, i just dont want it anymore.

    9. Bloodi on

      Fingers crossed you get it released outside the US. I didn't back for a vita code, but if it popped up on the Australian PSN I would buy in a heart beat.

    10. Missing avatar

      Timodus on

      Waited so long to be able to play this and then it's not available on EU PSN.

    11. Ekid on

      They said they are looking into a solution on their twitter:

    12. FlamingFirewire on

      Sekai Project: you'd probably be best to either submit paperwork to make releases on the EUR PSN, or have someone like NIS Europe or PQCUBE handle the EUR release for you. There's such a large contingent of those in the EU who support the VN scene, so it doesn't make sense to stop at NA store.

      I'm really glad the port is coming - and fairly soon - but don't disappoint your EU customers at the final hour here.. regardless of what the circumstances behind your decision, you only have more to gain by actively working to widen your net.

    13. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      Same as the others, I have an European account and I assumed the game would be released on the European PSN since it was never promoted as an US exclusive. As far as I know, it isn't possible to have multiple accounts on Vita without wiping it every time, so making an US account just for this game simply isn't a viable option. Considering how most visual novels localized on Sony platforms are also released on the European PSN, I hope this won't be a major issue.

    14. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      No Eu?, then refund me. Vita can’t login multiple accounts, so the code is useless for us

    15. Chris on

      Why can't you tell backers before the campaign ends that you will only be able to distribute codes for the US PSN-region? I have an US-account besides my main account (which is EU-based) but I only use it for all other devices as it's such a hassle to switch accounts every time. I assume this problem will also apply to all other VNs of yours where you promised a Vita-port?

    16. Maria Adelaide Borromeo

      I also have an EU account, and I expect my digital code to be for the European version. If not, you must issue a refund. I do not intend to make a US account, which in addition to break the ToU for PSN (as I don’t have a US address), would also be impossible to use since you can’t have two account on a single PS Vita.

    17. SyberiaWinx on

      It's...not wrapped up? I'm still waiting for my blanket.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sinmortalis on

      Also from Europe and as such I also hope it will release soon on eu psn too.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sakura on

      No, I don‘t understand and want my money back. I backed this project to play Root Double on my Vita and I have an EU account. Like many other Backers too.

    20. Javi Gimeno on

      and will never release in europe? cause I was hoping that there will be a release there, and that has never been clarified during the whole campaign

    21. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      This release will be for the North American PSN, thanks for your understanding.

    22. Ekid on

      Same as above, it would be nice if we could choose between usa and eu psn.

    23. Javi Gimeno on

      Will it release on the eur PSN too? my account is from europe and if not I will not be able to use the code