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From the makers of Ever17, one of the highly acclaimed Visual Novels, comes a title called Root Double which is releasing on Steam!
From the makers of Ever17, one of the highly acclaimed Visual Novels, comes a title called Root Double which is releasing on Steam!
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Game's Background and Setting Update #3 - What is -Beyond Communication (BC)-

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

 -Beyond Communication (BC)-

2030 AD-- a future where the existence of telepathy has been scientifically proven.

As the ages change, humanity's means of communication change as well. Long ago, the humans who communicated their ideas through mere actions and gestures eventually developed the spoken word. Then writing was born, and not long afterwards, the printing press, the telegraph, the telephone, and the internet... A communication evolution, so to speak. But at the turn of the century-- human communication came upon a major upheaval.

The discovery of "BC".

BC- Beyond Communication

Transmitting one's thoughts over a long distance, transmitting more than just thoughts, a form of communication that dates back to ancient times... the name means many things, but at its heart, it is "the power to connect minds".

It is a new way of communication and conveying ideas that doesn't require the use of language as an intermediary.

People of the past would call it "ESP", or "telepathy". Or perhaps high intuitions that have been called "the sixth sense" and "reading the atmosphere" are incomplete manifestations of BC. These abilities were once a part of the world of the occult, but as of 2030, there are few who doubt is existence, thanks to research in the fields of elemental particle physics, brain physiology, and genetic engineering that have allowed researchers to scientifically prove nearly all the mechanisms of its manifestation and phenomena.

Back in 2014, 16 years ago, right after the scientific foundation for BC had been almost completely set in place, many Communicators started to be born around the world as if in some sort of synchronized timing. Though that said, "many" only refers to "one in every ten or so thousand", so they're still extremely rare.

BC can be divided into two general groups.

  • Ability #1: telepathy

The ability to send your "voice" directly to another's mind. You can converse with those in distant places. The sender (the speaker) and receiver (the listener) cannot "converse" at the same time. They can only mutually speak. It's like having a conversation via a string-can telephone or a transceiver. A Communicator can use this ability on anyone (however, its effective range depends on the Communicator's skill).

  • Ability #2: empathy

The ability to read another's mind. However, a Communicator can't use this ability on whoever they like. There are conditions. They can't use it on anyone they haven't built a relationship of trust and empathetic understanding with. In other words, it's not effective unless their target doesn't mind that particular Communicator reading their mind. Normal people build a sturdy wall around their minds, so actual usage of empathy isn't all that common. What's more, only some Communicators can use this ability (like telepathy, its range depends on the Communicator's skill)

Only these two abilities have been established as of now, but it is said there still many mysteries about BC. After all, the structure of the brain itself is still a large blank. There is a common theory amongst BC researchers that a "third ability" more developed than telepathy and empathy may appear. The study of BC has progressed all around the world since its discovery, especially in Japan, where it is treated as a national project. It is a very important research theme in Rokumei City, with its own facility dedicated to conducting various research and experiments related to it.

That Mecca is the "Rokumei City Parapsychology Research Center"

Furthermore, BC may be a convenient ability, but it requires considerable practice to master. As a result, a school to provide Communicators with professional education in developing their abilities was built several years ago. In other words, a school made specifically for Communicators. It is the Parapsychology Speciality School known as "Rokumei Academy". Rokmei Academy is an integrated school that covers all grades from elementary to high school, providing special education in BC for Communicators from the time they are children. So naturally, their curriculum includes many BC-related classes. "Aptitude" for BC is required to enroll.

--"All of you who have passed strict selection to make it here may be called elite Communicators"--

Naturally, as students of the academy, Natsuhiko and Mashiro have BC aptitude. In particular, Mashiro displays mastery of telepathy from the start of the story.  

Thus Rokumei City is a self-governing body that puts much effort into BC research and education. What's more, they have an extremely high rate of Communicators amongst their populace (1 in every 500 people). This is due to the Japanese government's proactive endorsement for Communicators to move to Rokumei City.

Their motive is to safeguard Communicators and teach them the right way. Misunderstandings have lead Communicators to become a popular target of discrimination in normal cities. The Grand BC Discovery was in 2014-- multiple tragedies have occurred all over the world due to many still not understanding BC. The government established multiple laws and benefits to ensure Communicators can live in peace so as to protect them from unwarranted malice and to guide them down the right path. And the place that receives the brunt of those benefits is Rokumei City. Thus Rokumei City is just as much a utopia for Communicators as it is a city for researchers.

Now then...

How is BC related to this "incident"...?

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    1. Matthew Ferland on

      Interesting. I wonder what the 3rd type of BC would be.