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From the makers of Ever17, one of the highly acclaimed Visual Novels, comes a title called Root Double which is releasing on Steam!
From the makers of Ever17, one of the highly acclaimed Visual Novels, comes a title called Root Double which is releasing on Steam!
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Game's Background and Setting Update #1

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello backers and potential backers,

We're starting off a series of updates that will talk about the game's background and setting.

-Rokumei City-

Population: Approximately 180,000.  

An academic/research city containing over 10,000 world leading researchers.

Since many important experiments and research concerning national policy is carried out there, there are strict restrictions (under the pretense of security measures) on entering and leaving the city.

You have to notify the local government in advance if you leave the city. No one can take a single step out of the city without permission.

Though the usual privacies are guaranteed, there's rumors that letters, phone calls, and messages to out of the city are filtered.

In exchange, their livelihoods are ensured by the government. Public and medical facilities are extremely refined, the city is very clean and peaceful, public order is good, and citizens are exempt from taxes.

Not only do the citizens live their fully aware of this in advance, but the city is like heaven to those in the research world, so most citizens live out their lives with virtually no complaints.

... But despite all that comfort, it also has its inconveniences.

A giant research facility named "LABO", equipped with its own nuclear reactor, lies on the outskirts of town.

Tomorrow's update will be all about LABO, see you tomorrow!

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    1. Brendan Lee on

      Hey y'all, a couple days ago I messaged Operation Bluebird (the main Zero Escape facebook fan-page) to make a post about Root Double, and they did just that this morning :) so please Like the post and maybe write a comment as well if you'd like ^^

    2. Javi Gimeno on

      @sekaiproject thanks, hope you're able to make it since many people doubt to back as there is no vita version, I've already backed but would be an awesome addition to the campaign without any doubt

    3. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @Eric May, We'll watch out for future cases, but we can't edit updates after a set period sadly.
      @Javi Gimeno, We're going to try to push for PSVita again with all stakeholders and see if we can try for it.

    4. Javi Gimeno on

      Let's try to get this funded, and sekai try the vita version because many people are demanding it

    5. Eric May on

      You have "live their" when it should be "live there." Spelling and proper grammar is very important in a visual novel, but I trust Lemnisca. There were very few errors in their previous works.

    6. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @Matthew We're looking at about 7 updates, once a day so there's still plenty of info to show off :)

    7. cabfe on

      The background art screens look beautiful too!

    8. Matthew Ferland on

      Such a teaser. Its still nice to have information though. The fact that this seems to be in an Orwellian setting makes it even more interesting. Looking forward to tomorrow's update!