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Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!
Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!
9,122 backers pledged $963,376 to help bring this project to life.

Update on NEKOPARA Extra Game and OVA!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

If you were just at our industry panel earlier today at Anime Expo, you might've already seen the news but just in case we'd like to fill everyone in on some updates.

For starters, work on the prequel visual novel, NEKOPARA Extra ~The Kittens' First Promise~ is nearly complete. Currently there is still a bit of minor translation that needs to be done as well QA testing. NEKO WORKs has generously given us a ton of assets to show off to everyone as well.

First off, here's the main visual for the game!

 NEKOPARA Extra is a prequel to the NEKOPARA series and revolves around Chocola and Vanilla when they are first brought to the Minaduki household. There are definitely some interesting things to note which gets referenced in the game series such as Coconut and her growth spurt that has her overtake Azuki's height in short time.

Next up, here's some character sheets that also shows some of the age progressions of the various catgirls.

Chocola, Vanilla, Coconut
Chocola, Vanilla, Coconut
Cinnamon, Maple, Azuki and everyone's favorite little sister, Shigure!
Cinnamon, Maple, Azuki and everyone's favorite little sister, Shigure!

 Aren't they all adorable? Next we also have some event CGs to show off as well which show the interactions between each of the catgirls with each other and Kashou as well.

 There are definitely some interesting surprises in NEKOPARA Extra from what can be seen in the interaction with Kashou, Chocola and Vanilla, Coconut and Azuki, Cinnamon and Maple and of course Kashou and Shigure. It's fun to think about these events being mentioned in the later games and to see it all there in the prequel.

Next up, we have information on the NEKOPARA Extra OVA. This was the last stretch goal in the campaign and we've been informed that animation work has mostly been completed. As always, NEKO WORKs has generously shared some behind the scenes assets for everyone to enjoy.

First up, we have the main visual for the OVA!

 As always, the animation team has most certainly captured the cute looks of each of these wonderful characters. Next up, we'll show off some character images and roughs of each character including different age progressions for each cat girl.




Rated #1 NEKOPARA Character
Rated #1 NEKOPARA Character






 Phew, that was a lot of stuff to show everyone! Both the NEKOPARA Extra game and OVA will be available on July 27, 2018 to backers and on Steam as well. Just a refresher but all backers at the $15 tier and above will receive Steam keys for both the NEKOPARA Extra game and OVA. This is but a small token of NEKO WORKs's appreciation of all their fans around the world and they hope that everyone will enjoy this new story in the NEKOPARA universe.

That's it for this update. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend! '-')/

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    1. Megapcmx on

      Ayyyy the hype is real aksdlfhjsjda

    2. THE FURY on

      plus que 12 jours pour ce trésor.

    3. Mizufluffy on

      First of all I want to thank all of us backers who made this possible in the first place by reaching the stretch goals. Secondly I want to thank the staff who has done such a great work behind the scenes to make this happen. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been really looking forward to the mini OVA & VN ever since the stretch goal was reached.

      The cuteness is overwhelming. Seeing Coconut and Azuki together looks even better than I could have imagined and all other catgirls are also looking really cute. I can hardly wait for this!

    4. Shaun Lee on

      @Zirk This is a OVA / VN like NekoPara Vol 0 so there will be no R18 content.
      @Carl It's just cute catgirls doing cute things, if you want R18 wait for NekoPara Vol. 4 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Man I'm so hyped after seeing this post and knowing it comes out end of this month. Time to replay it for hours until NekoPara Vol.4 comes out. (´・ω・`)

    5. Daniel Dawson on

      @GrandAdmiralThrawn This OVA is supposed to be short, like its VN, so if they put it on BD, what will they do with all of that space left over on the disc? It's pretty wasteful to just leave it blank. It's too bad they couldn't do this before the main OVA's release; like I said before, they could have fit the mini-OVA on the same disc and still had plenty of space left. Well, who knows? Maybe they could eventually find something else to combine it with.

      @Kamil Tworkiewicz
      What communication have you received, and what have you done, aside from emailing them? Did you ever give them the information they needed to send the package, etc.? I'm just looking back at the messages you posted in the main comments, and I see you were wondering if there was supposed to be tracking. I can confirm they *did* have tracking. It went via EMS, so the information is reasonably detailed.

      Try this: Go to and enter your KS-registered email. You should receive an email with a link to log in. Once there, you should see a status thing across the top. For me, there are three items that say, "We got your responses", "Project magic is happening", and "Project is shipping". There is also a button "View Confirmation". Click it to go to the order confirmation page. There should be a link to Japan Post tracking, which will tell you what happened to the package. You can also enter the tracking number into your country's postal service tracking, which will give a different perspective on it.

      Well, this is all assuming the package went out in the first place. But maybe you can find out something about what's wrong.

    6. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      Over 7 months now after Nekopara ova was released!!!

    7. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      I dont really care since u conned me for quite a lot of money and didnt send me my staff I’ve paid for.... and u are not even answering my emails anymore....

    8. Zirk on

      Um so... will Nekopara Extra have NSFW content ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Yuuta on

      I can't read English....

    10. Carl Klingbeil on

      Is it wrong for me to say that I want an R-18 patch for the Nekopara Extra?

    11. GrandAdmiralThrawn on

      Finally, the chibi Nekos are about to arrive! Hah, I've been waiting for this! Heh, only Azuki seems to look the same no matter her age. ;)

      I do agree with some of the people here though; A release of the VN (and especially the OVA) outside of Steam would be more than welcome!

      Just give me a file or a BD to purchase on top of my pledge, and I'm 100% happy. ;)

      PS.: Coconut & Azuki is truly golden!

    12. Est on

      I concur with Shachihoko, an alternative store to Steam, like Amazon would be fantastic; especially considering that a BD release for the Extra OVA is unlikely for some time. I kinda wish it was a add-on... or something.

    13. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Will there be a non-Steam option for the Extra game/OVA? My (limited) experience with Steam-delivered video has been really bad, so if Steam is the only way to see the Extra OVA, I'm probably never going to get a chance to watch it. As for the game, it'll just be more convenient if I can get (and play) that outside of Steam.

    14. DawnEndix on

      Thanks for the hard work Sekaiproject and Neko Works!
      I'll suffer from cuteness overload soon...

    15. 井澤寿昭 on


    16. YoshinoBHL on

      I'm SOOOOOO glad I backed $15 last time

    17. THE FURY on

      thank you very much "neko work's" i love it.

    18. Connor on

      I tried to find out if any info had been released on this just a couple of days ago. I'm glad we're getting some news. And July 27th is WAY sooner than I expected!
      (On some of the pictures) Well, if that's happening all the time, it's no wonder Kashou was baking somewhere else in Vol.0.
      Oh my goodness, Little Coconut with Big Sister Azuki is so adorable! This alone was worth my $300 pledge!

    19. Cory E. on

      All hail Neko master race! Thanks NEKO WORKS!

    20. Missing avatar

      zethz3211 on

      this is the cutest, and best thing iv seen in a long time, super adorable! you guys are the best, cant wait to play the game, and cant wait to watch the ova!

    21. Slesreth on


    22. Daniel Dawson on

      So adorable! I'm glad it's just three weeks away!

    23. Edwin Clark on

      This campaign couldn't have gone any better. Everything is being finished up and released at an amazing pace and looks absolutely gorgeous. I am SO happy have had the chance to back such a marvelous project.

    24. Yasu on

      OMG, my heart can't take it! 😻 Can't wait!

    25. Chobittsu on

      That's so adorable!
      I really hope that there will be a physical version of the game and OVA. I don't have a Steam account, nor do I want one.

    26. EJ Nauls Poland on

      It's already almost here? 2018 is proving to be an all around great year.

    27. Joao Oliveira on

      I actually didn't think that the Extra OVA and Game would be destined to the >=15$ backers as well! I was planning on purchasing it regardless! XD

    28. Missing avatar

      Joan Casals on

      OMG, I can't waitt!!!!!!!! I need my nekos rigth now!!!!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Nick Robles on

      I can’t wait any longer I need my Coconut!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    30. Missing avatar

      HZS on

      It should not be H/ecchi since it happens in 1/2/3.

      But still, how cute and take my munnnny!

    31. Gonzalo M.B. on

      I'm so glad that i'm part of the "appreciated" fans. So cute! good gift for this harsh world...

    32. PonSquared

      PLEASE tell me the NekoParaKids! game is NOT going to be an H/ecchi game.

      Otherwise... just, eew.

    33. Missing avatar

      Isaac Lee on

      keep it coming :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Isaac Lee on

      They just keep getting younger ...

    35. James Dabinett

      *dies from cuteness overload*

    36. Azure Kite on


    37. Daniel Luskey on

      Awesome! Can’t wait for it. :D