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Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!
Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!
9,122 backers pledged $963,376 to help bring this project to life.

Update to Special Thanks List Part 2

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Regarding the 80 backers who did not have their name in the Special Thanks section of the artbook, after much consideration we've decided to issue each of these 80 backers an autographed shikishi board from Sayori with their name and a message of thanks written upon it.  

The shikishi boards will be sent separately from the physical goods from the campaign. Each backer will be notified with a tracking number when these are sent out. We sincerely apologize for the error and appreciate everyone's understanding.




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    1. Tom Baker on


      Am hype, found the name, after, so so so much searching, my eyes are okay, but my brain isn't that great haha, my bad ;w;''

    2. Tom Baker on

      @daniel dawson

      I did see my name on the website, but not in the book at all
      and I did pay for the $300 tier :/

    3. Missing avatar

      Lia on


    4. harunene on

      Thank you for missing my name(?)

    5. Ian Stebbins on

      >name doesn't get in credits
      >everyone else complains it isn't fair they're not getting something

    6. ZaBoss on

      @James Hong I didn't find it either. If you paid for a $100+ tier then you need to bring this up to Sekai Project before its to late.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Hong on

      Cant find my name James Hong in the list. Been searching for hours.....

    8. Daniel Dawson on

      @Tom Baker You're not looking hard enough. I found it in both places, and in the OVA credits. 1. For the web site, stop relying on your eyes so much. Your browser gives you a search function for the current page, so you can use it there. Doesn't work on the art book or OVA, unfortunately, but I think everything is in the same order, so if you find it on the site, you have some idea where to look. 2. There are two sections of names, not counting the four extra special credits, with a big gap separating them. I'm guessing the ones listed first pledged $300 or more, while the second list is those who pledged $100 or $150.

    9. Tom Baker on

      I assume this is about that digital artbook, with the recent codes?
      I've honestly looked over and over, and I can't find the name I went under anywhere, if someone else can find it please let me know where, but I certainly can't..

      It's Kittonk, and I've looked across the pages multiple times..

    10. Missing avatar

      dorian on

      they should give us all shikishi boards and we will all be happy

    11. Cory E. on

      Ahh those people are so lucky. This is actually better than getting your name in the printed credits. Though it's interesting people were upset earlier about the names being missing and now other people are upset at the better solution. Can't win em all. I'm definitely jealous and wishing my name had been left off by accident but oh well.

    12. Gonzalo M.B. on

      i think i want to be a badluck outcast xD. Well i dont have the limited edition and i'm still happy so thanks anyway to Sekaiproject and cheers for that 80 catbuddys jeje

    13. Connor on

      I think this is quite the good solution. It would be way too expensive to reprint all of the books, and since the Nekopara team didn't hold up their end of the bargain for 80 people, it's perfectly reasonable for them to receive something more valuable than they lost. Though I can't say I'm not jealous of the people getting the shikishi.

    14. Missing avatar

      Harry Lutzko on

      As one of the 80 people felt out I was very disappointed. I left quite the negative comment yesterday regarding the situation. After receiving the news that special autographed shikishi will be given out I am truly surprised. With that being said I would like to thank Sayori and the rest of the Nekopara team for the generous gift. And of course this goes with out saying the OVA was spectacular and I hope to be able to see more of our favorite cat-girls in the future!

    15. Arado on

      Definitely jelly.

    16. Missing avatar

      nght5tlkr on

      So the 80 backers get their names on the front of the STEAM page *and* an autographed/personalized shikishi?

      All kinds of jelly

    17. GrandAdmiralThrawn on

      I just checked, and I'm in, but it seems that all credits with "" in them have an additional space that's not supposed to be there (before the closing quote). Not that it really matters...

      But when I was looking for my name, I accidentially stumbled upon something... well... uhm. Let's say "interesting".

      It seems that Adolf Hitler has officially backed the Nekopara OVA! As an Austrian, I'm not sure whether I find the Führers' "participation" in this hilarious or outright offensive, lol.

    18. Jeronimo on

      So respectful to their fans.

    19. Horridus Lolimaniaus on

      I am one of NEKOPARA OVA backers but my name were left of both artbook special thanks section and additional 80 backers list. I try to search for my name again and again in artbook but not found anywhere, so please revise the backers list, there are some unfortunate backers that his/her name has been forgotten like me. Thank you

    20. Missing avatar

      Troy Frazee on

      Mad respect, I really commend you guys for your efforts to repay those that was unfortunately left off. Hopefully there are no more issues and smooth sailing from here on out.

      Mad disrespect for those saying it is unfair. It was unfair for those that got left off, be happy with what you got, you could of got nothing at all.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sameer on

      Can we get a photo of one of those shishkis.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sameer on

      Congrats to those who are getting the board.Can i get my name uncredited for one of these as well?�� Im joking.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Harden on

      I think it is totally cool and very nice. An apology is simply a sweet thoughtful thing to give out to those names that got omitted. I don't care if it seems unfair to peeps who did not receive a card. They did not deserve an apology because no offense was made. Actually I do not know which group I am in. I simply commend Saroyi Sama for being so thoughtful. And thank you for using your amazing art talent in this project.

    24. Missing avatar

      Lok Him Lam on


    25. Missing avatar

      Neovius on

      No wait, that's because it's actually a tier reward above mine, so never mind.

    26. Missing avatar

      Neovius on

      Hmm, I still can't find my name listed on the website or in the list of added names.

    27. Azure Kite on

      Too many complaining it's unfair but I bet if they were the ones who were getting it they would be jumping with joy right now.
      Congrats to those guys and I see this as the best solution for them.

    28. Tihealy on

      But yeah, it's unfair to the rest of us that they got a Shikishi .... just like how it's unfair the 80 backers names isn't printed like promised.

      In the end, the one who lost won something greater.

    29. Tihealy on

      Well, it would be hard to do an insert, when everything is printed.

    30. Missing avatar

      Theodore Tkaczevski on

      Sayori was complaining on twitter about how (whoever) messed up and she's so busy between this and regular Comiket activities XD
      you could have just made an insert with the missed names; it's a bit unfair to go so overboard with the apology...

    31. Tihealy on

      and i did ask her, if it was possible that she could sell some.

      And as noble as she is: "This is for my apology, not a product".

      So i respect that. But it still hurt nonetheless.

    32. Arado on

      i.e. this is a much more valuable reward than the original one.

    33. Arado on

      Hand-written autographed shikishi, especially by artists of this caliber, are quite rare/costly. In case of illustrated ones they can easily fetch several thousands of dollars but I'm not sure what 'merely' a message would be, Would rather have it than my name listed in the book though, that's for sure.

    34. Tihealy on

      But i hoestnly don't know how much a shikishi cost normally, even more a shikishi of Sayori.

    35. ZaBoss on

      @Tihealy I know right XD I would love to get somthing lile that from her but hey to each therw own =P

    36. ZaBoss on

      @Soomin Kim I think its unreasonable for them to have to remake all the artbooks just to fix the issue. All that would do is delay the rest of us and cost to much money. Same gos for a remake of just the 80 copys, that would inturn make more of a delay aswell. I think the way they're going about to amends is the right way to do this. Just because something like this happen to so few,doesn't mean that it should affect everyone.

    37. Tihealy on

      Yeah, i contacted Sayori, and she told me that she don't have them, or that she can't go to them(well the 80 books)

      Now i envy those 80 peoples really much.

      I would pay, to get a shikishi of sayori. :'(

    38. Soomin Kim on

      Well... I was upset for a second. But now, I agree their solution is second best..or best?
      I was just can't understand about this whole situation.
      I back several project ( in local platform ), they don't make miss and if they do, just simply drop & make whole new batch. I think sekaiproject make special batch (for 80 Peoples) or make whole new batch in case.

    39. Daniel Dawson on

      @Tihealy I suspect all copies were already transferred to TOM's possession. It might be difficult to change things at this point. I'm just conjecturing, but it would make sense why they're sending these extra things separately.

    40. Tihealy on

      @Soomin Kim

      Stop being triggered. One easy solution(that i mentioned before) is that Sayori could sign the artbook herself at the end of the credit list with your name(if you are one of the 80 backers in question)

      We are all humans, we aren't perfect... we make mistakes.

      the Shikishi cover the miss to my eyes.

    41. Daniel Dawson on

      @GrandAdmiralThrawn Agreed. It seems like a pretty reasonable solution.

    42. Tihealy on

      Yeah, i'd take that over having my name in the credits as well. Dx

      Also, a good way to "temp fix" is that Sayori sign herself the artbook at the end of the credit, and your name(if you are one of the 80 backers that is not on the list)

      Well, if their shipment is not already shipped that is.

    43. Wendell on

      Basically a personal thank you note from the creator! Stick that in your art book(or next to it) and wow friends for years to come.

    44. Soomin Kim on

      Terrible work, Terrible solution.
      of course, you can't reprint all batch of artwork for just 80 peoples.
      but shikishi boards?, seriously?.
      you can't give a exclusive stuff just cover your miss.

    45. GrandAdmiralThrawn on

      Haha, after the first mail I thought "Uh, thank god I'm not on that list", and after the second it was like "AH dammit!!1". ;)

      Kinda jelous now... ;) But it's still a good move I'd say!

    46. Bryan Basy on

      I'd take that over having my name in the credits anyday.

    47. Daniel Dawson on

      @dorian Yeah, but I don't know if there *is* a completely fair solution, short of reprint all of the thousands of copies, costing a lot more money and delaying things severely. Even if they only reprinted 80 copies, that would mean only those 80 people would have copies with their names in them. I feel bad for everyone involved.

    48. Missing avatar

      dorian on

      unfair for the rest of us just saying no hate

    49. Carlos Cervantes on

      You guys have run a solid Kickstarter so far, kudos.