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Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!
Let's turn the hit NEKOPARA visual novel series by NEKO WORKs into an anime with everyone's support!
9,122 backers pledged $963,376 to help bring this project to life.

Official Site Unveiled!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

It's not quite midnight yet but we have more updates for everyone.

First off, the official NEKOPARA OVA site is now open! Not only that but the Special Thanks section is now open which lists all the eligible backers who supported this campaign! Come check it out meow!


Secondly, the NEKOPARA OVA page on Steam is also open. Keep your eyes peeled on this page as the OVA will unlock in 6 days.


As always, a big thanks to everyone who helped to make this all happen!

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    1. Daniel Dawson on

      Oh, and just to try to preempt this... Also, remember that only those who pledged at $300 or higher are credited in the OVA itself.

    2. Daniel Dawson on

      @Frost As has been said before, only the people who pledged at the $100 tier or above have their name in the special thanks, since it's a reward for those tiers. So, if you pledged a lower tier or none at all (regardless of the actual *amount* you pledged), you can't expect to see it there.

    3. Frost on

      Well never mind... not that important...

    4. Frost on

      I see there's much less number of names than the "9122 backers"
      so I'm guessing that THANKS LIST only shows those who get material objects?

    5. Frost on

      Ctrl+F still couldn't find my name... neither real name nor kickstarter ID, backerkit ID...

    6. Normand Barnette on

      @Daniel Dawson didn't know that.

    7. GriM_AoD on

      I'm relatively close to the top of the thanks page.. this pleases me greatly.

      We're so close and yet so far. Cannot wait

    8. Daniel Dawson on

      @Normand Barnette Or, you know, remember what you actually entered in the survey, and use the browser's search feature instead of your eyes. Much easier.

      Also, the names are not all in the order one might expect them to be. I don't know if it's all according to how much each person pledged, or what. Anyway, Ctrl+F is your friend.

    9. Normand Barnette on

      I found my name you people need to just keep looking and read slowly a shit load of people backed this anime.

    10. ZaBoss on

      *It will be listed

      ooooo you know what in meant.... Baka Kickstarter....

    11. ZaBoss on

      *Btw found my name to thanks!

      Others who can't find you name listed just know only if you have pleged $100 and up then it will not be listed.

      @Paul Lee I would presume so, I'm guessing from backerkit in the next few days or on release we will get and email with a link for the keys.

      @My1 I believe they have talked about this before and there was no plans for such

    12. ZaBoss on

      YOU SICK SICK PEOPLE!!! Teasing me with those pics on steam AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Fábio Luz on

      Please, I didn't find my name.

    14. Missing avatar

      wild mikan on

      Anyone knows if the synopsis in the other languages were manually translated or were made by automatic translation? Because I went to the Portuguese steam page and found a lot of mistakes. This made me a little worried about the possible quality of the translation.

    15. Missing avatar

      Hyouka on

      Can't seem to find my name on the special thanks page... ah well, just happy it's almost here.

    16. Paul Lee on

      Will backers receive their steam keys via email?

    17. Slesreth on

      Found my name in the 'Special Thanks' page! ~Your welcome!

    18. Vorapas Thammakulkrajang on

      @Andy Schack No, there is no "Years" for age in years. Cinnamon, however, should be 2 years, not 2 months. They fixed it now.

    19. 陳宥瑄 on

      Can't find my name Q_Q

    20. Missing avatar

      My1 on

      @sekaiproject I obviously mean offline access to the digital version. because steam is streaming only and that's annoying

    21. Missing avatar

      My1 on

      @ppl who dont see their name. according to the reward descriptions the names are only written for people who got the Limited edition or more, if you did back a Limited edition or mroe and dont see your name, better contact sekaiproject ASAP.

      @sekaiproject, do you already have a solution for offline access to the digital streaming? because the steam version is only online streaming, with no downloads, no caching, no nothing

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy Schack on

      @Dimjardo Hanru Rawsk Check your E-Mail for the Survey where u had to put in your Contact Data and Shipping Adress, since youecould freely choose any Name you wished to be stated on the website. I think you've chosen another name than your Kickstarter one to be shown there. ^^

      @Vorapas Thammakulkrajang for me it says "Months" but for all other who are Years old it just shows the Number but no "years" oO did they fixed it already?

      @Jacob if its like all the other Kickstarter Projects, you will get an E-Mail from Backerkit like "New Digital Content for Nekopara OVA on Backerkit" giving you a personal link to the respective Steam Key on the release Day(maybe a day before)

    23. Dimjardo Hanru Rawsk on

      Hm didn't find my name :(

    24. Lari Liuhamo on

      Found my name! :3

      I'm truly glad I got to be part of this project.

    25. Missing avatar

      ESRoi on

      И моего имени или ника нету в упоминании - обидно.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      So will I receive an email on the 25/26 of December with the steam key or is it possible that might take up to a week before I receive it with how many people backed the campaign. If I got physical goods will I not get the key until the box arrives?

    27. Brian Gillispie on

      heh ignore my last comment lol I see why wish we could delete our own comments

    28. Brian Gillispie on

      awwww didn't see my name... but with 9,122 backs from kickstarter I might not

    29. Matthew Ghost on

      So exited for the final release!

    30. Ron Pelech on

      Kinda wish I would have donated more to get my name mentioned on the website.

    31. Jeronimo on

      Must find my name. I am so proud to support this

    32. Vorapas Thammakulkrajang on

      I wish I had pledged for the limited edition. It looks really nice.

      BTW in the website (English), you list Cinnamon's age as 2 months but it should be 2 years.

    33. Sergio garcia on

      Yup found my name alright!!