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A visual novel by ALICE IN DISSONANCE combining western storytelling with eastern art. Please join us on the journey.
A visual novel by ALICE IN DISSONANCE combining western storytelling with eastern art. Please join us on the journey.
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The day before the release

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

First of all, a great big thanks to everyone who backed this project. None of this would have happened without your support. With the release of fault milestone one just around the corner, we wanted to gather everyone’s thoughts on the project and put them here.

Just as a warning, there might be spoilers located below!

Creator's Corner

 I know I've mentioned this many times before, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record player (Hear that kids? A record player!) I would like to thank our backers again. So here goes one last time. Thank you to everyone who's shown us support and given us feedback on how to improve the title. None of this would have been possible without you.

 As I am actually a native English speaker, I originally planned to localize milestone one myself, but thanks to Sekai Project and Kickstarter, I was able to focus on production of milestone two instead of attempting to hobble my way though a translation job that I've never done before. (There's a reason why I chose to write "fault" in Japanese, after all.)

 But that's not even the biggest perk. Sure we saved some time, but the biggest perk is the superb quality of the text that we ended up with. The translation team did an outstanding job, making sure every minutia of detail was faithful as possible to the original story. (Something that's extremely important for a sci-fi title.) There is no way in hell I could have done as good of a job as our translator Kevin did. Kara and Sam were super thorough and communicated with me whenever they thought something could be improved. It was such a pleasant experience, I can't wait to start working on milestone two with everyone again!

 Lastly, to our dear audience. We at AiD appreciate the nature of this industry, but there's a couple of things to note. When you look at a mostly female cast, it's easy to think of the "yuri" genre. That's fine, and you're not wrong to think that. That's the status quo. But I want to make it known that those kinds of tropes aren't going to be the focus of the story told in fault.

 We're not saying that fault is better or worse because of this, we're saying that it's not your typical visual novel. It's not your average fantasy either, so you're not going to see your typical dungeons or dragons or fantastical races. In that same vein, this isn't quite your typical sci-fi. There won't be any space exploration or final frontiers. This is something in between. It's our take on old fashioned story telling about humanity and an attempt to make a mark on this industry that we hold so very dear to our hearts. So if you're looking for something that follows the more traditional moege tropes, you may want to look elsewhere. Something tells us you won't have to look hard.

 It's been a fantastic journey! milestone one is complete but the story of fault is nowhere near done. I hope you can all join Selphine and Ritona in their journey of a lifetime!

Project Written Director


A Word From Sekai Project’s Founder

 This is our 2nd Kickstarter that we've finished the base goal of getting a localized game out. I am especially thankful for the team to get the game out without overshooting deadlines or the budget we allocated to the project. I hope fans will enjoy the game and are looking forward to milestone two. We are now in the process of porting the game over to Unity to meet our stretch goal promises as well as in the process of getting certified for full PSN support. So once that is settled we can bring the game over to PSN instead of PSM.

Sekai Project CEO and Programmer

Raymond Qian

Staff Corner

Translator - Kevin Kwok

 Hello everyone, thank you for your interest in fault milestone one. My name is Kevin, I have been a localization specialist for nearly a decade, and this is personally one of the first times that I have had the privilege of taking on a project of this scale, and in the format of the kinetic novel. I have had a blast conceptualizing the speech of the setting, and the tone taken by the characters, that would all transition well into a world as expansive as the one seen in fault milestone one. If at all possible, I would love to continue being a part of the player’s experience for fault milestone two, and rest of the series for that matter.

 It was a humbling, and concurrently overwhelming experience to be a part of a group, as receptive and supportive of risk-taking as this one. And while I cannot personally single one moment, out of thousands of lines of script, as my favorite, I can only say that most of Melano’s lines are among my proudest achievements for this project.

Lead Editor - Kara Dennison

 My name’s Kara, and while I’m pretty new to the anime and VN industries, I've been an editor for going on 11 years and a fan of the genres fault explores for pretty much all my life. During the entirety of my work on milestone one, I've talked my friends’ ears off about how truly amazing it is and how lucky I am to be a part of the team bringing it to an English-speaking audience.

 This is also the first time I've worked directly with a creator on the translation of their project, and it was a privilege talking to Munisix about his story and characters as I worked. Kevin and Sam were also fantastic to work with; I think we make a great team, and I look forward to working more with them in future. (Also in my future is a Ritona cosplay -- I found myself getting attached to her very quickly!) 

 What makes fault so interesting to me both as a fan and as a writer is the fact that the setting and the story are so inextricably tied. I won't give anything away, but absolutely everything is important, and the way the setting and plot go hand in hand will hit you hard as you're moving into the climax of the story. I hope everyone enjoys milestone one as much as we have, and I can't wait to get the nudge that milestone two is underway!

Quality Assurance Lead - Quinn Allison

 Hi everyone! I’m Quinn Allison, the QA lead for fault milestone one’s localization. First off, I'd like to give not only a huge thanks to everyone who so lovingly backed this wonderful project, but also to our amazing creators and localization staff! I'm so happy to have had the chance to work on this project and know you all will absolutely love it just as I have!

 While I wouldn't really consider myself a huge fan of the fantasy genre, what first drew me to fault milestone one was it’s complex world setting, and as I continued to play I fell more and more in love with it’s depth and intricacies! I was so excited to see what would happen to our protagonists and what would change in their world, and after finishing milestone one, I can't wait to read milestone two!

 Another point that really immersed me in fault was it’s stunning soundtrack! I would have never expected something so high quality from an indie production, and I really enjoyed listening to it while playing! I'm so used to having most game music get on my nerves while working, but for fault it was never once like that. It really built a wonderful atmosphere for the game!

 I hope that everyone will enjoy the immersive world of fault just as much as I did and I await milestone two with open arms!

Localization Manager - Samuel Munson

 Hey guys, my name’s Sam and I was the project manager for fault milestone one’s localization. With that said, thanks for supporting this truly amazing kinetic novel, working on this was a blast and everyone on this project was amazing. I wanted to talk a little bit about fault’s setting and characters.

 One of the biggest things that will interest me in a story is an interesting setting, and the world of fault really did a lot to draw me in. With how manakravte works and the implications that it presents, I feel that fault has a lot of potential. Though, I'll be blunt, what I really want to see is an RPG of some sort. Action, tactical, turn-based, heck even pen and paper would be really cool!

 As far as characters, I really liked Rune when she first showed up in chapter 2, and her whole storyline really cemented that for me. If I had any odd picks, I really like Mharie. She gives me the impression of a cat, for some reason, and I imagine she'd be the kind of character sleeping in the background of a scene while something important was going on. I could be totally wrong though, so we'll see how both the protagonists and antagonists develop as the story goes on. I look forward to seeing everyone when fault milestone two comes around!

Closing remarks

With that all said, I'm sure many of you are curious where the fault series will be going from here, and the current game plan seems to be fault milestone two first, followed by Silence the Pedant soon afterwards. If you were a backer above the $15 dollar mark, then you'll get this game for free. If you bought this game through the Humble widget on our site and paid above the base value, throw us your Humble transaction ID number and we’ll give you the game for free, as thanks when it comes out.

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    1. Michael Brand

      @Neoprox - Probably just a faulty (pun not intended, heh) recollection, and posted without double checking. StP was originally stated to be free for those on the $15-and-above tiers, before they amended to $10-and-above instead.

    2. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Oh, by the way, something I forgot to mention before: any news about Vita version? And I also did not quite understand the comment on StP.

    3. Neoprox on

      "and the current game plan seems to be fault milestone two first, followed by Silence the Pedant soon afterwards. If you were a backer above the $15 dollar mark, then you'll get this game for free. "

      Which game will be for free? Since StP will be free for backer above 10$ dollar mark, like you stated in your comment in Update #14 .
      Or was something changed later ?

      Anyway congratulations :D !

    4. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      It's already 15th in my country, but I would wait patiently. I promise. Anyway, thank all of you for your hard work, I do like what Sekai Project is doing: bring unknown visual novels closer to Western audience. This is the kind of project I want to support, so I will be checking out from time to time! And, besides, I am satisfied with the way you guys handle this kickstarter.
      Agh, I want to play it right now.

    5. Missing avatar

      adaira on

      Awesome. I'm eager to play through it. I'm actually somewhat amazed there weren't any delays. I've been really happy with Sekai Project since they came onto the VN scene.

    6. Joshua on


    7. Missing avatar

      MechaboyDos on

      Really happy to see us at release day. I'm definitely eager to see the finished game out where we can play and enjoy it.

      Any idea when the physical rewards will be shipping out? Maybe not soon enough to arrive in time for Christmas, but definitely looking forward to those as well whenever they can be sent out.

      Looking forward to milestone two!

    8. Valli


      Will get to reading it soon. It was definitely a pleasure watching the kickstarter be as successful as it was.