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A visual novel by ALICE IN DISSONANCE combining western storytelling with eastern art. Please join us on the journey.
A visual novel by ALICE IN DISSONANCE combining western storytelling with eastern art. Please join us on the journey.
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Translation complete!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hi backers!

Proud to announce that fault milestone one is done with translations, we're now in the process of finalizing the production of the game so it'll be ready by the end of the year.

A quick question to beta backers, do you want to see the rest of the game (ch 5-8) before we finalize our editing and QA passes? Please remember that beta releases are not indicative of final product so there will be some roughness as it is a beta. If there is enough demand we can release put it up on Steam by end of next week.

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    1. Rhys on

      Put it up for beta, when is the vita edition going to be released? Thank you.

    2. Shirakami on

      You should put it up for beta. QC will still take a while and I'm sure there are a lot of people who can't wait to play to the end and are ready to accept any text errors.
      They also could help you in fixing errors if you give them the chance (like some kind of bug tracker or a forum thread on steam).

      Those who can still wait (like me) will just wait for the final release in order to enjoy the perfect translation (lets just assume it will be "perfect" <3 )

    3. Missing avatar

      Cameron Blue on

      It depends on how long the editing takes, if it's only a week or two then I'm fine with waiting but I've not I'd rather have the rough script.

    4. Shadocchi on

      I for one would love to see the rough script in beta. It's part of what playing the beta is all about.

    5. Dillon Scott on

      Take your ttime! The story looks promising so far, and I am enjoying being on edge for what comes next, would rather see the finished product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Randy Carrero on

      I would like to get it now if I can at least how far into the game would be great.

    7. Yogiri on

      I'd rather have it now, it is a beta, I don't expect perfection. I'd have it put it up as is, and the people who want to wait for proper editing can QC can wait, no loss to them.

    8. Joshua on

      I can wait for editing and QA personally. I mean I already read half the story as a rough draft, and if I were to start over on release, I would want it to be done.

    9. Docoda on

      How's the port to unity progressing. I hope you've atleast already put the basics down...