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Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
5,819 backers pledged $541,161 to help bring this project to life.

Digital OST + Digital Mabinogi Update

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hi Backers,

This is going to be a short update.

We've obtained permission from VisualArts/Key to give digital Steam keys to all physical backers of the OST. Also we've updated the digital copy of Mabinogi to include the missing track. The keys for physical backers will be sent out this upcoming Monday.

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    1. Missing avatar

      CeroSV on

      Thank you for the OST Steam key.

      Are there any updates for the digital anthology manga and CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Digital Art Book for physical edition backers? These were mentioned in Update #37 - "CLANNAD is Now on Steam!" on Nov 23, 2015.

    2. Joey Da Silva on

      I own the physical OST but never received any email regarding the steam key for the digital OST. I previously sent an email to Sekai Project about this and never even got a reply weeks later. I'd like this sorted out so the rest of us that still have not received out steam key for the OST get them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Padilla on

      I bought the physical OST but I never got a steam key in an email. Is there any way I could still get it? Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ross Hunter on

      I never received keys for either the OST or the updated Mabinogi. I sent Sekai support an email 8 days ago and have heard nothing. Could someone please help? Is there someone I can contact?

    5. Kougeru on

      I have physical version of Mabinogi. The tracklist in the case only shows 8 tracks but of course there's 9 tracks. Track 9 is a version of Mag Mell. Wikia page says it's "メグメル (Long Ver.)" by Eufonius but KSL's site only lists 8 tracks for Mabinogi. Do you have your own official tracklist somewhere? Odd that the track isn't listed on the CD's case with the other 8.

    6. Jonathan Bluett-Duncan on

      Would backers who purchased the physical Mabinogi album be eligible to receive a Steam key for the game or a digital copy of the Mabinogi album?

    7. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @Justin If you purchased a physical version of the OST but didn't get a Steam code for the digital version, then please go ahead and send us a message so we can figure out what happened

    8. Missing avatar

      justin on

      I got the physical edition and never even got an email for a steam code.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      To anyone having trouble extracting the 16 parts, here's what you have to do: Before you begin extracting, make sure parts 2 through 16 all have the same file name as the part 1 .exe file with the only difference being the part number the file is.

    10. sekaiproject 20-time creator on


      Thanks for pointing that out. We've corrected the issue and distributed a new part.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Regarding the new downloads that were just posted on backerkit, CLANNAD OST pt 2 was not uploaded correctly, it's currenty a dublicate of the .exe file that CLANNAD OST pt 1 is. The same error pops up as before; "needs part02.rar to continue"

    12. Michael Olson on

      Will the OST be made available for purchase at some point? I backed at the $125 level which unfortunately didn't include the OST, but I would like to pick it up now or in the future if possible.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Same as the rest, I tried to extract the file and it says it requires part 2, which wasn't there.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jens Lindholm on

      Fam, I love y'all and everything, but this is bs. I can't think of a single game that was completely or in part funded through kickstarter that the backers weren't given steam keys for (if applicable of course). Like, I bought the physical game and ost because I had already played a english fan translation years ago, but I don't actually want to open the box (for obvious, collectors kind of, reasons). This is true for subscription services, like indiebox, too.
      Anyways, I can't actually redeem the OST key since I apparently lack the "base game" (assuming this is the actual clannad game?) which is a bummer too.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Meyer on

      We're almost able to get it. ^_^;; Thanks again for trying to get it to us. XD

    16. Keichi Morisato on

      i am having a hard time, since it says i need part 2 or some such thing. please sort this all out.

    17. Karan Patel on

      The download link sent out is missing part 2, and possibly others if there are more than 2.

    18. Danny Dao on

      I only backed the physical version so the steam version doesn't work. The other download (OST w/o game on steam) doesn't run properly as requires part 2, which is not on the list of downloads for me.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Gonzalez on

      Same problem as the others, no steam game so can't activate this code.

    20. Silas Lam on

      I'm in the same boat where I backed the physical version and cannot redeem any of the Steam keys except for the Side Stories

    21. KBowz on

      Are you going to give the physical copy owners a key for steam for the digital game so we can redeem the other key you gave us?

    22. Olivier Haag on

      Same problem here, can't redeem my code because I backed only the physical version and so, I don't have the digital game.

    23. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Same as Michael. I only backed the physical version. So the code won't work on Steam unless I have a digital copy of the game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Since I only backed for a physical copy of the game, I can't activate my code on steam. It requires ownership of a digital copy :(

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Meyer on

      +1. Can't redeem without the digital copy of the game. =/

    26. Missing avatar

      Prejudgedkiller on

      Same as others, OST for steam can't be activated without digital copy. :(

    27. Missing avatar

      Ash & Pilky <3 on

      Same as Karan, I can't redeem the code as I purchased a physical copy, yet steam is demanding I have the digital copy to redeem the key :/

    28. Karan Patel on

      I tried to redeem the code, but steam says I need to activate the game first. The issue being that I pledged for a physical copy of the game, so I don't have it on steam.

    29. Missing avatar

      Potato on

      A bit late on this, but you people at Sekai Project have made some pretty amazing turnarounds happen with the DRM removal on the physical edition and now this. Thank you for working with your partners to make this happen!

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Meyer on

      Thanks for going to bat for us physical backers! Looking forward to receiving access. =)

    31. Marek Lilleleht on

      Almost makes me wish I had gotten the OST as well. Would have been too expensive for me at the time, though, especially since I already bought the original Japanese release long before this project was even considered.

    32. Daniel Guizien Martin on

      Thank you very much for this!

    33. Gamechamp on

      Only the OST? :<

    34. Jyuichi

      Thank you. I very much appreciate you going back and making this right

    35. Hideki Saito on

      Thank you for making this happen. Highly appreciated!