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Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
5,819 backers pledged $541,161 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Brandon Mitchell on

      Are all Digital Backers supposed to be getting the OST? I never recieved a key :'(

    2. Dorian Lang on

      So everyone who got the digital, gets the soundtrack, even if you didn't get the sound track? In that case I still haven't gotten a key.

    3. Missing avatar

      ZaineH on

      Physical edition backers get the short end of the stick once again. Serial mismanagement is what I expected at this point. And they won't even own the blame either... wow.

    4. Jyuichi

      @saito commercial misrepresentation is an apt term for it. Sekai is the publisher they need to take responsibility for their own words and decisions not tell us to" blame visual arts"

    5. Missing avatar

      Lol nope on

      I am in the unexpected position of having ordered both the physical version at the $50 tier and having added on the $25 Digital OST.


      You will receive a physical copy of CLANNAD.

      Qty: 1 x $25.00"

      However the keys sent out do not appear to work unless you have already purchased or otherwise redeemed a key for the Steam version of the full game. After entering my digital OST key, Steam's activation window says

      "Please first activate the original game
      The product code you've entered requires ownership of another product before activation." etc It finishes with a link to the following steam support article.…

      I hope this is something that can be fixed easily on your end, but until then it appears no one who did not buy/activate the Steam version of the game will be able to use the digital OST they have purchased.

    6. Hideki Saito on

      Um, I've opted for physical (actually physical/digital combo at $257, just I didn't opt for digital music) :-( I wouldn't be asking it for free (though in back of my head digital backers should deserve it as it is very unfair and commercially misrepresentating to those who opted for physical copies, as it is now apparent digital version turns out to carry more values than physical version, which is not something advertised when pledging), if at least you (or VisualArt's) could have given people who have purchased the physical only opportunity to purchase it...

    7. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      @Jyuichi @Michael Meyer, This was a decision by VisualArt's not something we can control.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Meyer on

      If the new OST is only going to be available digitally, then anyone who pledged for the OSTs in either incarnation should be given access to it. I paid a lot more to back the physical edition so that I could have everything on my shelf, but if the only way to get the new OST is digitally, then I'd be fine with owning it that way. However, if physical backers are left out, then I certainly feel that paying more to receive less is unacceptable.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ray Roy on

      At least I can get my money back on Harmonia.

    10. Jyuichi

      So for those of us who paid for a physical copy assuming to be getting a physical version of the same product the digital backers got … any recourse at all? Or just " sorry, You paid extra for less!" ?

    11. Nabiki on

      Thank you for the Update!

    12. Chris Taran on

      How the hell do you miss a track? Zero quality control?

    13. FullmentalFic on

      @sekai project: so they specifically said "we don't want our supporters that made this release possible in the first place to have to option to buy this"? They're more stubborn than I thought. Tell them thanks for nothing then, I'm sure many of us will find someone willing to "share" the release since Key apparently doesn't like money (especially not more from backers that made this whole thing possible in the first place!)...

    14. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      @Dominick R @Potato This was a decision by VisualArt's not something we can control sorry.
      @Michael Patterson The 125 tier only includes digital copies of the CLANNAD and the Side Stories. The Mabinogi and Guidebook were addons that you were able to get.

    15. Missing avatar

      Potato on

      Physical backers are left in the dust again? Not cool Sekai Project, especially after we received recycled Japanese OST copies that could just have easily been found on Not that it'll particularly make a difference in my case, since I already have my physical copy, but is there any chance that the inserts in the physical OST will make it over to the digital release translated? I was particularly bummed out that they weren't translated in the physical release....

    16. Mike on

      Hi, I'm looking through my e-mails and on Backerkit, but I never got my Steam keys for the Mabinogi album and the guidebook. I had thought that the $125 level that had both digital and physical versions of Clannad and Side Stories included a digital copy of Mabinogi and the guidebook, but was I wrong?

    17. FullmentalFic on

      So, if we bought a bunch of stuff but not the OST in the original Kickstarter, is there no chance at getting this new release? That's not cool... At least make it available to prior backers or something as an extra purchase?

    18. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      @Joseph The issue is only with the digital copy of Mabinogi. For the other question yes only way to get it at this time is a digital copy.
      @Alec Sorry we were not able to confirm if there's going to be any physical copies of this special Steam edition of the OST.

    19. T-Patch on

      Will physical backers have a chance at this new OST, or is it identical to the 3 disc OST?

    20. Missing avatar

      Joseph Davis on

      Is the only way to get the new special OST is to have been a backer who opted for a digital copy? Or is there something in the works for those who went for the physical copies that will allow them to get the new OST too?

      As for the Mabinogi album missing track. Does that only affect the digital copy, or does it extend to the physical copy as well?