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Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
5,819 backers pledged $541,161 to help bring this project to life.

Production and Shipping Update #17

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Another quick, but exciting update to keep you all informed with the latest CLANNAD happenings. 

As some of you may have noticed this morning while checking your email inboxes, the shipping process for the physical copies of both CLANNAD Side Stories and Anthology Manga is currently underway. Confirmation emails will start going out in the next couple of days, so please keep an avid eye on your email inboxes. 

For digital backers of CLANNAD Side Stories, we’re happy to inform you that you will be receiving an email from Backerkit once a Steam key has been assigned, which should be VERY soon. 

So, in short, what does this all lead up to..? The public launch of CLANNAD - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de -! The audio/visual companion to CLANNAD is officially releasing tomorrow, June 2! Check out the Steam store page and hop on the forums: 

To everyone who has helped make this dream a reality, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and support. And if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to express your excitement, please leave a like and/or comment below.

We're also happy to announce that Australia and EU shipments are being prepared to leave the warehouse to everyone's doorstep! Expect a separate order email to arrive in your inbox in the next couple of days. For those of you who asked to hold your order as one shipment initially we will also be processing your orders at this time.

Side note for EU backers: The UK warehouse does not have supplies on hand to accommodate the tapestry. We're ordering shipping supplies and sending them as a third shipment.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Angeluzian on

      Where's the darn Tapestry. - Mad EU citizen. Lol

    2. Missing avatar

      Hououin Kyouma on

      Still haven't received my physical copy of the game at all. I've been trying to get in touch with you guys but no luck.

    3. Paul Roberts on

      Still no tapestry in the UK, wouldn't mind but no had any info either

    4. Missing avatar


      Sekai, do you think we could get SOMETHING out of you regarding the tapestries to the EU? 'no supplies on hand' was June the 1st. Have you seriously not sorted something out by now?

      Also, what about the guy below who didn't get his replacement box? What's your possible excuse or 'policy' on this? If something is broken, you're fucked? Is that it?

    5. Maxwell Hunt on

      Haven't got tapestry yet, UK here

    6. Ian Michael French on

      Has anyone in the EU got their tapestry yet?

    7. Albert on

      I still havent gotten a confirmation e-mail for my game yet? is there anyway i can know if im even going to get my game at all?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      lol so they finally confirmed today that they are not sending me a replacement or even a blank case, because "policy". Nice, I'm now left with a damaged product. Never again Sekai project.

    9. Péter Szilágyi on

      I have received the side stories and the mango, but the OST and limited edition box still not here.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      so 10 days after I received the replacement for the cracked side story that also arrived cracked because they shipped it the same way, still radio silence. Despite admitting that it was their error that the replacement was shipped in the same way, they WARNED me that there is only one replacement and it's be unlikely I'd get another replacement. I wrote back saying I was fine if they just shipped me a blank case that's not destroyed. No response since...that was 5 days ago.

      I've bought games from them through Steam before, but they sure don't like their customers.

    11. Daniel Guizien Martin on

      To all the people that didn't receive an email of shipping confirmation for the Limited Box and OST, I didn't get one either, and still received both items some time after.
      My problem however is with the Side Stories and Anthology Manga, the tracking number says it arrived at the airport of my city (Madrid, Spain) on June 6th, but from that day I have no news of it, and I haven't received it yet :/

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Berkin on

      I 'm just wondering when the other digital items will be made available like the OST?

    13. Missing avatar

      Sneffe on

      I recieved my package today and I am very pleased :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Hououin Kyouma on

      I've been trying to contact you about my shipment and a problem with my e-mail. Would you mind checking your messages and getting back to me, please? Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      umberto on

      Got my box yesterday. Never mind about my earlier complaint! You guys are the best.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lucian Ganea on

      I'm very happy to have received the limited edition today. Thank you. It was an honor to be a part of this and I am very happy it was so successful. Greetings from Switzerland. �

    17. Missing avatar

      Sneffe on

      I'm still waiting for my physical copy to arrive although it was said to be here by Monday. Don't know of it's just Royal Mail messing around.

    18. Missing avatar

      ItsAMe on

      I'm from Germany and I'm still waiting for an email, that my physical copy of the VN was shipped from the UK. So Sekai Project... when?

    19. Michael on

      @Neoprox: I'm from Germany and got my limited box. I got it within two weeks.

    20. Neoprox on

      Same here. I wrote an email yesterday evening, because there wasn't a tracking number in my confirmation mail. Sekai Support answered me, but sadly they didn't got any tracking number, too. I hope it'll just arrive in the next 2 weeks...
      Any people from Germany here, who got their limited box?

    21. Missing avatar

      umberto on

      Hey guys. My copy of Side stories and the Anthology manga arrived on time and im very happy with it. Im just wondering about the OST and the Kickstarter limited box. They were supposed to arrive 3 days ago but I have not received a word or seen anything of it. If there are any delays or if anything went wrong id love to know.

    22. Michael on

      My copy of Side Stories arrived in perfect condition, even though it was only in an envelope.
      But: When will you send the tapestry? (raw guess would be enough)
      And when do we get the digital rewards?
      Still waiting for digital download of the CLANNAD MABINOGI Arrange Album + 80-page CLANNAD Fanbook and copy of the complete 3 CD CLANNAD OST.

    23. Christian on

      My copy of Side Stories arrived today... in an envelope. And surprise surprise the case was smashed.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      so to give an update, I contacted support and got a response and another email the next day that they were sending me out a replacement, great support right? Well it just got here today and it was still shipped in the exact same thin bubble mailer despite me having asked support to either pad it or ship it in a box!! Surprise surprise, the replacement case not only has a crack, it's got nasty gash/slash marks on the front and back of it! This replacement is no better (maybe even worse!) than what I first got...WHAT THE HELL SEKAI PROJECT?

    25. Missing avatar

      Hedgey on

      I got my replacement copy of Side Stories today, scratch free! Thanks!

    26. ParaSitius on

      Received my Side Stories/Manga here in the UK last week and today got my copy of the main game with mini-shikishi, ost and t-shirt. Do the numbers on the game box correspond to the order the KS was backed? Still waiting on the digital OST so I don't have to go through the hassle of ripping the CD's.

    27. Chris Hartford

      Side Stories arrived here in the UK (and seems to be intact despite the thin bubble-packing).

      Still no sign of the core game and OST though :(

    28. Dunan on

      Hi folks, I just received my limited edition here in Australia but you need to know they're being packed with no padding at all.

      No bubble wrap, paper stuffing or cardboard around the box...literally nothing.

      For something like this you can't afford to have them damaged when all it's in is a thin plastic bag.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      just got my side stories and manga too and unfortunately, there is a crack on the case of the side stories. The manga came in acceptable condition though. It probably has something to do with the fact that these ship in a bubble mailer with minimal padding. Emailed support.

    30. Missing avatar

      CeroSV on

      Thanks for getting the side stories and anthology manga out to us! Both items arrived in perfect condition (United States, California). I also bought the digital version of the anthology manga as an add-on, but my backerkit only stated that the side stories steam key was the new thing available. Is the digital anthology manga going to be distributed later, and by which means? Will the digital art book for those who pledged for the physical edition of the main game also be distributed near the same time and/or the same method?

    31. Missing avatar

      EndOfRefrain on

      So I have heard from other EU friends, that their copies got shipped, but I got no word whatsoever about my copy yet. Please dont tell me, that you confused Austria with Australia.

    32. Christian on

      One would think after people received damaged copies of the main game, you would improve the packaging for subsequent shipments. But already seeing reports of damaged side stories copies doesn't instill much confidence.

      I sincerely hope international copies weren't shipped in an envelope.

    33. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @Chris Tevyaw please email and we'll take care of it.

    34. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @Hedgey, please email and we'll take care of it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Hedgey on

      My copy of Side Stories arrived today, but it has a scratch on the disc. Would it be possible to get a replacement copy?

    36. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    37. Matias Giachino on

      Just got my Clannad Side Stories in the mail yesterday! It looks amazing!

      Also got my digital key without any issues by just logging into backerkit and looking at the digital rewards section.

    38. Chris Tevyaw on

      Got my Side Stories and Manga Anthology in today. However, the case for the Side Stories arrived with a crack in it. Is there anyway to get a replacement?

    39. drewjc on

      What's the status on the autographed copies for $1K+ backers? You mentioned they had arrived at VisualArts' office in Osaka almost 2 months ago.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tresceneti on

      What's happening with the soundtrack (digital)? That's the only thing I have left to receive and I haven't heard anything about it since the last update in April. I assumed it would release with Side Stories, but that doesn't seem to be the case.. Can I get an update/time estimate on this, please?

    41. epmode on

      Are Steam keys still being created? The key for the Side Stories isn't in my Backerkit account yet.

    42. Birger Schmidt on

      Any news about the original game for EU backers?

    43. PolPPol on

      I Didn't get any email but I found key on
      Backerkit thanks!

    44. Eric Olinger on

      Even if you haven't gotten a new Backerkit email. You can go to you old "New Digital Rewards for CLANNAD Official English Release on Backerkit" email that you used to get the original Steam key. The Side Story key will appear on that page if its been assigned.

    45. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @PolPPol Please check your inbox and junk mail for an email from Backerkit. The Steam key is being fulfilled through them.

    46. PolPPol on

      Anyone who are backed for Digital copy of side-store there got Steam key yet?

    47. Ben Mcilwraith on

      Glad to hear that we are now one step closer to getting it on our doorsteps! As a previous comment from inter4ever said, your push to get a visual novel this notorious out of Japan legally, is a contribution that won't be forgotten. Other people are following suit now that there's a demand.
      So although it's been a logistical nightmare for international backers, it's still greatly appreciated!

      Thanks again,

    48. Missing avatar

      Denis Bachmaier on

      Ah, too bad, I saw too late that the Side-Stories got unlocked and that you have a different tier for those. Well, guess I'll just have to get it on steam instead of buying a physical copy.
      Either way, congrats on your success and I'll be looking forward to playing my copy soon ;)

    49. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on

      What about the main game?
      I have only got shipping notice for side stories and the manga, not the main game allthough i pledged for the main game and paid additonally on backerkit for manga and side stories.

    50. Zari on

      Just got my shipment confirmation for the anthology manga! Thank you!

      Also, how much will Side Stories cost on Steam for those who didn't pledge for its Steam key via Kickstarter?