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Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
5,819 backers pledged $541,161 to help bring this project to life.

CLANNAD is Now on Steam!

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Just a reminder to everyone that the Steam version of CLANNAD is now live! For our digital backers, make sure to check your emails for your Steam key. You can also access it via your Backerkit account.

For our physical backers, we have some updates regarding your rewards. The box design is now in final review. The soundtracks and tapestries have also left port. We are also adding another exclusive reward: The CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Digital Art Book. The book features a ton of guest illustrators such as GotoP, Fumio, Eiji Usatsuka, and many more! Also included in the book is an official materials section. We will aim to have this completed by the time we ship your physical rewards in late January/early February.

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    1. Steven Schopmeyer

      So physical backers do not get Steam codes? Good to know, I'll have to look at picking up the Steam copy at some point.

    2. Missing avatar

      Phillip Bracha on

      @Nicholas Tan Xuan

      I understand where your coming from, but if they had to postpone the physical copy for a couple months, that probably means they had to fix something before sending it out. lets say for example it had a bug in the physical copy, that they need to fix. Would you rather just receive the physical copy or wait until the bug is finished.
      I don't think Sekai would just postpone the shipping of the physical copy for no reason. You will receive your copy when they finish, just like I will receive mine =)

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tan Xuan on


      It's a product that we as customers paid for, there's nothing silly about expecting sensible delivery times from the company.

      Besides, this iteration of CLANNAD is basically a remaster as far as features and quality are concerned. There's plenty of reasons why the people who pledged money to the physical box would want to play the game as soon as it got released to the public, whether or not they played it in the past.

    4. Missing avatar

      PeaceFrogXIII on

      It's kind of silly that people are complaining about not playing a 10 year old game first.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tan Xuan on

      It's kind of silly that physical backers don't get a Steam key. Even if they were shipped on the same day, I would've expected a Steam key to accompany the physical copy. Now that I've just found out I'm expected to receive mine 3 months later than if I'd gotten the digital release, it's just downright ridiculous.

      What losses do you make by providing physical backers a Steam key, assuming the physical copy isn't just a Steam install disc (which would disappoint me greatly).

    6. Missing avatar

      Derick P on

      The day is finally here! So glad to see this come to fruition.

    7. Ryan Norby on

      Woot! Awesome news! I have a hard copy of the 10th anniversary art book (signed by Yuko Minaguchi), and it's incredible. I've actually considered buying a second one just to unbind it and get high-quality scans, but with a digital version I won't have to! I just hope the images are high resolution... I'm a sucker for quality, especially for such beautiful artwork!

    8. Zach Thomas on

      @Austin Phan

      You're still arguing a strawman, there. You have no clue how people would respond. Many like myself chose the physical copy mostly so that if the Steam service were ever to go under we would still have the game.

      Joseph's earlier point about the box design being a silly cause for delay is also a very valid point. Box design should have been completed much earlier in the process and honestly should not be a major stumbling block. After creating the illustrations, the actual typesetting and layout could be done in a manner of days by a single trained designer.

    9. Michael Brand

      @Joseph Bettica
      Because these days, most physical releases on PC are merely data install discs for Steam, and console games have day-1 patches, so releasing potentially bug ridden messes on discs are treated as no big deals, since they'd they'd just patch over it anyway.

      The physical release for CLANNAD is from what we know is DRM-free, and designed to be installed on its own. Not so easy to patch over if there's any major issues.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joseph Davis on

      Any chance there is a way we could get a physical version of the 10th Anniversary Art Book?

    11. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bettica on

      It's kind of poorly managed if the game is "done", but physically it's not out for people of that tier. Games do not typically release at different times for physical versus digital, and it's poor that it's the case here. Most people think(as I did), that physical just gets you a pretty display box, not that you'd receive it 3 months later than you would have digitally. I mean, other Kickstarters like Shadowrun will give you a digital copy of the game if you're also getting it physically, as they understand that the physical goods usually ship later.

      Point is, there were smarter ways to handle this that other KS's have done, and there's nothing wrong with saying that this opens them to some criticism. The three month delay just for a physical box is ok? What if that then also gets delayed yet again, would that no longer be ok? What's the appropriate time period in terms of the game being "released" for it to no longer be ok to actually receive the game?

    12. Missing avatar

      MechaboyDos on

      Actually I may just not have one since I pledged for physical copy. Brainfart, derrrr

    13. Missing avatar

      MechaboyDos on

      Have not received an e-mail for my Steam key and I recovered my survey link and looked in there but I don't see anything there either. Am I not looking in the right place?

    14. Austin Phan on

      @Joseph Bettica

      I don't see how it is disrespectful to release the digital version (which is far easier to make available to the public) first before the physical (which takes far more time to ensure quality for the backers) disrespectful. As a company, there'd be little point in delaying the digital version to the date of the physical version just to satisfy those who believe they are more priveleged to the project on the basis of spending more (such as yourself), and thus should have there physical copy (which I'll remind you again, takes much more effort to produce with quality) earlier or at the same time as the digital backers. Everyone who backed money to the project should be considered impartially, so why not cover the backers who have contributed to a pledge amount that's easier to cover first? I believe Sekai Project is taking their time to ensure the quality of the item you'll be receiving in a few months. Because I bet if they sent you what they have now, you'd be upset and respond saying something along the lines of "This isn't good quality. They shouldn't have rushed it to get both the physical and digital copies out at the same time."

    15. Michael Brand

      @Jeremy & Joseph Bettica
      We spend more money for the physical version because it's *physical*. As in it takes additional time QA and prepare gold masters before physically stamp DVDs, print boxes and covers, people to sort/fill/package them all up, and ship/reship them all over the world... All of which takes extra time and money, while digital is simply uploading it onto Steam, and digital backers getting the benefit of doing additional bug testing for the those who are getting the physical version later (yay).

      If you had wanted it quicker/cheaper, the digital *option* was there from the beginning. As were the $125+ tier, as were various add-on options.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bettica on

      It's pretty disrespectful for people to have paid more for this kickstarter to not even see a copy of the game they own for a good 3-4 months after people who paid less. That's not a good/smart way to run one of these. I've backed several sekaiprojects now, and now I'm wondering if I'm going to be similarly screwed over with the other ones. :\

      I dunno, actively encouraging people who want the games to not use KS to get them earlier or back them at a cheaper rate to get the games earlier is not a very good precedent to set folks.

    17. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      @Chan please go ahead and send us a message so we can resolve your issue

    18. Chan Jian Meng on

      I pledged for the digital copy but have not received the code yet. The game doesn't even show up
      on my backerkit account!

    19. Will Buckingham

      *sigh* Something tells me this game is going to end up discounted digitally before the physical backers see a single item. I really don't understand the Kickstarter campaigns that don't bundle in a Steam/digital key with the higher cost physical reward tiers, particularly when the delays of manufacturing physical items is well documented (especially around the holiday season, everyone should pray they get it right the first go or we might have weeks of delays due to Chinese holidays cropping up).

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Was wondering, can we link are physical copy to steam? or physical backers get a steam key? It's kinda shitty knowing we have to wait longer despite spending more money :c

    21. Missing avatar

      Mateus Bezerra de Medeiros on

      I waited so much for this that I don't really care if it will take me a few more months to put my hands on it :D

    22. ProjectReaper on

      Wow it didn't took that long to download when got back home just like I remember from Japanese Version itself! But The Physical Rewards do we have to wait until next year like in late January towards early February to get it! >_<

    23. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      yet another ninja delay for the physical backers. Now it's not shipping till late January/early February. I'd be surprised if it shipped before Mid February at this point.

    24. Luis Nabais on

      @Zach Haugen if you can get into backerkit that's where the code should be.

    25. FlamingFirewire on

      Looking forward to eventually seeing the physical gam in person - I can wait though.... I've a lot to do before I have the time to even look @ Clannad XD

    26. Tonghai He on

      That's amazing!! I have a hard copy The CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Art Book, make it digital is even more better so I can use those precious rare illustration for my desktop wallpapers!

    27. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on

      I wish Kickstarter filtered language. I bought a physical and digital version and don't have an email; should I be worried?

    28. Miguel Angel Perez Suazo on

      Can we have a steam key for the game if we paid for the physical edition ? )):

    29. Jeffrey Sam on

      What shipping method is going to be used for physical rewards? I'm going to be out of town around the time you ship them.

    30. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Is The digital artbook included in the physical Edition for free?

    31. Curtis Urbanski on

      So, wait, boxed copies arent shipping till fucking JANUARY?!?! JFC i'm kinda regretting backing now. This was the first thing i ever backed on KS, and it kinda feels like i'm getting screwed over here.

    32. Brandon Mitchell on

      Yay!!! Is the digital art book released to all backers? Or is it for a certain pledge level?

    33. Portaljacker on

      And as usual the physical backers who paid more money are the ones who continue to get fucked waiting to play the game.