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Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
5,819 backers pledged $541,161 to help bring this project to life.

Production update #1

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

Hello Backers!

This is Yui with our first post-funding update. I'm the project lead for CLANNAD and have been working these past couple of months to get the whole project moving along.

The first week after the Kickstarter ended we went straight to starting translation work and readying BackerKit. Over the course of February we've been working under the radar to get new tools and guidelines created for the project. The translation and editing team for CLANNAD is the largest we've had yet at Sekai Project, and I wanted to make sure we got things right at the beginning. Meetings were held, things were broken, the usual.

So skipping over the boring stuff, here's the quick rundown:  

I'm happy to report that translation is already 25% finished as of yesterday! Everything is moving along at a nice pace and there's been no major issues so far. Editing is not far behind at roughly 15%.  

Programming work is in its preliminary stages. While figuring out how to import and export scripts without breaking the game we've run into a few bugs that need to be patched for a proper English-compatible release.  

Even before the Kickstarter finished we started to source suppliers for our physical rewards as well as started designing the game package. I'm still fine-tuning the measurements but I think you guys will like it! The box will house the artbook, Mabinogi arrange CD, as well as the game itself. I will post a picture of the prototype sometime before BackerKit closes.  

It looks like a number of backers have still not completed the BackerKit survey yet. If you haven't received an email please let us know at For everyone except the shikishi tier BackerKit surveys will be locked down sometime in July. If you want to change your info or modify your pledge add-ons you have from now until July to do so.

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    1. Missing avatar

      BlazeUnicorn on

      If memory serves, CLANNAD has about 1,500 characters in it (25% = 375 characters. An impressive number for the time passed thus far), and that before counting the other, peripheral material (Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de, the manga, things like that).

      Good luck.

    2. Ashton McCamey on

      I'm still so excited for this to be finished! Great work so far!

    3. FlamingFirewire on

      Glad to hear everything is being looked after carefully - I really appreciate that the updates are done by the project lead so that we know something about who is working on the game :)

      For future updates, where it makes sense, could we hear from other team members working on the programming, translating, editing, image editing, etc. sides of the project? I always find it interesting to hear from the team how production is going along and to hear things from their viewpoint on the project to give some more depth to what exactly people in those different positions do. I'm also somewhat curious about how a project of this scale with this many people is managed - if you're willing to say at this point. :P

      Hope everything continues along smoothly, so that when it comes time to press the physical discs there are no bugs, spelling/grammar errors, or DRM woes to worry about that require future patches to fix. It's a big, complex product, but I have confidence in all involved for this one right now ^^

      Also, thank you so much for stating when the BackerKit will close, specifics on where the different part of the project are at, and a word on how the physical copy is coming along. Really appreciate the detail in this update - hopefully these can come bi-weekly or once a month!

    4. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      @Joseph Davis if you want to be charged now send a email to with the details and we'll get it processed asap.

    5. Serxeid on

      Glad to hear things are going smoothly!

    6. Missing avatar

      Cody on

      Glad to hear everything is progressing so well. ^^ Super excited about the release!

    7. Missing avatar

      Joseph Davis on

      I know the backerkit for the most part closes up in July. However, it says they will only charge me for the stuff I added at that time it closes. Is there any way to have a bill/charge me now option, instead of waiting until July?

    8. Missing avatar

      s0ewhat on

      If the backerkit is closing in july does that mean we would recieve everything by the end of July-Augest/September? But i can't wait hopefully it comes soo nexcited to play. Good job on the progress.

    9. sekaiproject 21-time creator on

      bVork, Jed, we'll let you know as soon as we can confirm either way.

      J.Sanders, we're using RealLiveMax

      Neilson, the anthology manga is being worked on by VA themselves so we don't have a timeline for when it'll be done yet. As for the side stories work will start as soon as the main game is finished.

    10. Tonghai He on

      Good to know the progression! Thank you Yui!

    11. Missing avatar

      Neilson Truong on

      are we also going to hear about the progress on the side story and anthology manga?

    12. Hendriksie on

      Good to hear everything is going alright. I wish all the people of Sekai Project good luck.

    13. J.Sanders134 on

      25% Translated already in only 2 months?! WOW! That is some progress. I guess that shows the difference between professionals and people who are amateurs doing it for fun. ^^; I forget if this was mentioned earlier but, is the game running in the original RealLive, the updated RealLiveMax or the newer SiglusEngine?

    14. Jed Morris on

      I would also like to see some clarification regarding DRM.

    15. Missing avatar

      bVork on

      Is there any update on the DRM situation? Will physical copies be DRM-free?