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Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
Key’s classic visual novel, CLANNAD, is now available through Steam!
5,819 backers pledged $541,161 to help bring this project to life.

Side Stories Stretch Goal Unlocked

Posted by sekaiproject (Creator)

At just a little before midnight, with Kickstarter and our PayPal page combined, we've reached our $320,000 stretch goal. Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de will be translated and released for PC!

For all you backers who made this possible, Fuuko congratulates you!

As of the time of this update, there is less than $58,000 to go until we reach the anthology manga stretch goal. 18 days is still plenty of time to hit this milestone. Keep spreading the news and we're sure to reach it.

Just a reminder as well, come Christmas morning, December 25 11AM PST, we'll be unlocking another 5 slots in the $1,000 tier. This is another chance for you to get an autographed B2 tapestry and game box from Itaru Hinoue.

Once again from Itaru Hinoue and the rest of VisualArt's, thank you!

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    1. Arurie on

      As this is the stretch goal that mattered most to me, I am satisfied.
      It really doesn't hurt that one of the best girls (Fuu-chan) was drawn in celebration.
      Cheers to more Key titles in the future! (Hopefully)

    2. Tonghai He on

      Hell yeah!! That's the great news and we still have lots of time to get another goal!

    3. Hongyu Chen on

      Fuuko: "Congratulations on reaching challenge goal #2" - Itaru Hinoue

    4. Draneor on

      Er would it be possible to translate what Fuuko said? Thanks!

    5. Keichi Morisato on

      it's awesome that we managed to raise this much money, let's keep up the momentum.

    6. Missing avatar

      gamma099 on

      Kinda strange question, but does $30 for physical version of side story covers shipment in case of choosing physical game as reward (in that case shipment fee is added). To summarize does $10 shipment fee covers game+side story?

    7. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      @Neilson A few weeks after the campaign ends we'll be sending everyone a link to BackerKit, and from there you can select all the add-ons you pledged for. If you have credit left over or need to add more BackerKit will let you know.

    8. Daniel Evans on

      @Neilson Truong: You'll get to say what the extra money is for when you receive the BackerKit survey some time after the Kickstarter is over.

    9. Missing avatar

      Neilson Truong on

      I'm very sorry, but I'm a little confused, if I just add $25 without checking some box or something that says I am requesting the side story, how will I know that I'm asking for it? and I feel like that will get even more confusing when/if the manga gets funded and I add 15 more dollars.

    10. sekaiproject 20-time creator on

      Sorry we forgot to include the add-on pricing in this update! We're working on an updated add-ons graphic for the main page. It is $25 for digital and $30 for physical.

    11. Missing avatar

      BlazeUnicorn on

      Yes, I'm pleased to know that the biggest hurdle (the leap from the $200,000 Goal to the $320,000 one) has been completed

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Ryan Norby on

      Woohoo! Awesome job guys!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      do backers get a copy of the side story?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Anime Fan on

      So now that the side story is unlocked what's the official minimum backing amount to get the game and the side story on steam?

    16. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Nice! But what about Linux?