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2017 Update


Hello all! I hope everyone is well and happy.

I just wanted to provide an update about Seeking Heartwood as post-production moves closer to completion.  

First off I just must say again that I owe everyone a really big thank you for funding this Kickstarter at the end of 2012. That funding successfully carried me through the production phase, which wrapped up towards the end of 2013. The past 4 years I've been engrossed the in the post-production process. Definitely a long time - longer than I initially estimated and I'm extremely grateful to those of you who have been patient. This project was the first time I ever tackled any sort of video production project at all and the cost and amount of work involved has been daunting. From everything I've heard the average doc takes about 4 years to complete (that's for people who actually have experience in video production), and post-production costs can easily rise to several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Obviously it's taken me longer than the average at this point, especially since I'm funding the post-production phase myself.

Fortunately, I've found the best way to pay for post-production is to utilize the production skills I learned from this doc to work in the film and TV industry. Unfortunately, the work is all seasonal travel work which means I'm on the road working over half of the year. The upside is that I'm learning a tremendous amount that I'm able apply to Seeking Heartwood. In between seasons I continue on with this doc - working my way through an extremely lengthy transcription phase, dealing with some good editors and some that unfortunately haven't followed through, finding out that the way I filmed interviews created additional editing work, occasionally making big leaps in progress, and sometimes going over budget and having to pay off the difference when resuming the next season of work.

Currently I'm on the road working until March, but after that I should have enough time and funding to get through the final phases of editing. Following that I'll be able to move into other areas of post including sound, color, and music.  

I have set a hard deadline for myself in the fall of 2018 to have the film finished. I'm going to do everything I can to meet that deadline. After that, it's probably going to be up to a distribution company to decide when it's actually going to be released. I was actually planning on releasing a trailer by now, but as I find out more about distribution pathways, I'm learning that the project will be better served by waiting at least until the edit is locked, if not until after a distribution plan has been established.  

Again, thank you all for your support for this project. I realize it's been a lengthy amount of time, but trust me, no one wants to get this project completed more than me. I'll provide more frequent updates in 2018 as the film nears completion.

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    1. Frank O. on

      well, this was a welcome surprise... more than once-every-four-year updates would be awesome. : )