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Sedgwick - The portable and affordable 3D DLP printer


A 3D DLP uses a DLP projector and light cured resin to create a three dimensional part. The goal of this project was to create a low cost, high resolution printer.

Watch the video and see how the model is created layer by layer.



  • Standard DLP projector with no modifications.
  • UV cured resin
  • Build area is about 76.8mm x 102.4mm x 125mm (3in x 4in x 5in)
  • Print speed can be 5mm per minute or more
  • Vat requires almost 2L of resin to print 3in x 4in x 5in
  • The final price of resin will depend on the number of people who support this project. 1L of resin could range from $80 to $100. This is one downside to this style of printer, but it still works out to be cheaper. The kit will include resin!

What the kit includes

  • Software
  • Laser cut bolt together frame (and bolts)
  • Microcontroller
  • Stepper motor and driver
  • Carrier board for microcontroller and driver
  • Pulleys and belt
  • Linear slide
  • Printing platform
  • Optics
  • Vat components
  • Starter resin. The kit will include your first 2 Liters of resin!

This kit does not include

  • Acer X1261P 1024x768 DLP Projector, it can be found for $350 to $450. (as of 6/14/2012)
  • Common hand tools like Allen wrenches or soldering iron

Assembly Skills & safely use Requirements

  • You must be able to safely use common hand tools.
  • Know how to solder though hole components
  • Know how to safely handle chemicals and follow MSDS guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

Print Videos


  • Any uncured resin can be reused for the next print. You only need to replace the volume that was used to print the object.

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  • The expected shelf life of the resin is one year. To get maximum shelf life, you should store the unused resin in a dark, cool, dry area.

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  • The concept is, but this kit is not. In theory you can use a higher resolution projector for a larger x-y build area. A 1920 x 1080 dlp projector can cost $1200 or more but could yield a 7.5in x 4.25in build area at 0.1mm resolution. To increase the z axis you would need a deeper vat. If you were to build this style of printer with a 7.5in x 4.25 x 8in build area, you would need 5.5L of resin or more.

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  • Not with this kit. This kit was designed around the projector being focused for 0.1mm x-y resolution per pixel or a 102mm(4in) x 76.8mm(3in) build area.
    Moving the projector farther away would allow for a larger projection area at a reduced part resolution. You would also need a larger vat of resin.

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  • Both printers implement the stereolithography process with a DLP projector and light cured resin. The B9 Creator uses the “bottom up” method and Sedgwick uses the “top down” method. While the top down method does require a lot more resin, the mechanics of the printer are simpler. I also choose to use less expensive materials like a laser cut wooden frame as opposed to the custom anodized aluminum frame. The B9 Creator is also adjustable from 100 microns down to 50 microns in the x-y. Sedgwick was designed to only print at 100 microns (0.1mm) in the x-y.

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