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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. George Mack about 3 hours ago

      @Chris Walker ��

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony N Monti about 11 hours ago

      I'm only backing small cost KS projects to make other inventors happy.Let's pray that a barrel bomb drops from the sky so no more lies.

    3. Missing avatar

      Roma 2 days ago

      BTW, I sent emails a couple of months ago to Scott Hanselman (long-time association with Walker and Adam Dzak (the AD in BADAR) asking if they had heard of/from Walker. Scott replied saying he hadn't heard anything for months and he's written Agent off. No reply from Adam.

    4. Missing avatar

      Roma 2 days ago

      "Remember... keep nagging Kickstarter by filling this form "

      Done. 4 months on, complete silence. I'm not sure what's worse, silence or irrelevant rubbish. At least irrelevant rubbish requires some effort on Walker's part. His disrespect for backers knows no bounds.

    5. Mike Hoffman 4 days ago

      So when is the next sack of lies you call an update coming? It's been 4 months since you last lied to us about how you stole our money you thriving piece of shit.

    6. Trogdor
      6 days ago

      @Martin Calsyn on April 6
      (And lest anyone be confused - that's the FundedJustice funds that I will return May 1 - not Agent. I'm in the same boat as you wrt Agent)
      So it would appear those of us who pursued this via FundedJustice have lost money too in that Martin has gone dark. Karma baby...karma.

    7. Joe Chan on August 20

      @jeff +1
      For fuck sake I am no more putting a single cent to any KS project.
      Chris Walker, fuck you.
      KS, fuck you too.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lawrence on August 19

      I have written this off completely and now backed the ticwatch. At least that is an actual product that people have touched and used! What shit show this has turned out to be.

    9. Missing avatar

      FrankyB on August 18

      Public is shame is the only we have left... Shame on Kickstarter, shame on @Creator

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex J on August 17

      3 years later... No point in getting this outdated tech into production and at least two years too late to get a refund (I'm sure it's all gone). How did this guy get away with a million dollars?!

    11. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 16

      @Roma... Look at the brightside. At least the fuckwad setup a Netduino credit system like he promised for backers...err... nevermind.

    12. Missing avatar

      Roma on August 16

      Phone rings

      Lawyer: Mr Walker, is that you?
      Walker: Sssh! How the heck did you track me down?!
      Lawyer: I learnt a lot from my scumbag clients. Now, listen up - you haven't paid my last bill. You know ... for writing Leyderman that cease-and-desist letter.

      Lawyer: You still there?
      Walker: I'll give you 5 Agents instead.
      Lawyer: This is ME you're talking to!
      Walker: OK, I'll give you 10. RRP $299 each!
      Lawyer: I feel another cease-and-desist letter coming on. Fuck off, Walker!

    13. Rod VonHugenstein on August 13

      It's funny. I remember thinking I'll find this watch, and I'll wear it until the Apple Watch comes out. Mind you, this was before the Apple Watch was even announced. I even purchased a Moto 360 prior to the Apple Watch being announced. So, in the years that dickwad Chris has been lying to us, I've bought and sold a Moto360, and after that I've been wearing an Apple Watch pretty much since they were released. I now it's a waste of energy to talk about this, but why is dickwad Chris even pretending anymore? Apple and Google's first generation watches were light years ahead of the Agent. Now, we're approaching the 2nd gen Apple Watch, and Google has several variations of their watches. I really think Chris is a sociopath. He must enjoy feeding us crap about the watch, knowing it's all a lie. I think he probably gets off thinking about how he scammed so many people out of their money. Fuck you Chris.

    14. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 11

      Reminder for all, the money is gone. Expect no updates. Not like we ever received any that showed progress. The charger almost looked done, but I think coward called it success and moved onto Netduino version "screw backers 5.0".

    15. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 11

      Unfortunately Kickstarter does not care. For that reason, I will pay full retail for any product that initiates here but will go to stores. I love the new pebble watch, but I will wait until it shows up in a store or I will order it directly from pebble. Lesson learned for all of us. We can thank the idiot dickhead, coward Chris Walker, for that. Great life lesson paying for someone's hobby and move back to Utah where the fat fuck escaped to hide.

    16. Yoon Kim
      on August 9


    17. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 8

      Maybe we'll hear some good news with the release of new Netduino Go. I imagine our funds were used-up to fund all of these sorry-ass Netduino projects.

    18. Ralph Wiggum on August 8

      Looks like it's going to be 4-monthly updates now ladies and gentlemen! Maybe it's getting harder to write waffle updates?

    19. Daniel Chang on August 4

      What? Do you want another look at this amazing Netduino sauce that has nothing to do with trying to either A) refund the money, or B) make this watch?

    20. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 1

      No fake update? No watch bands, blaming vendors, or state of the art code that keeps getting modified instead of sticking to the promised deliverable? Are we moving to a four month update cycle?

      Come on, loser. At least keep your updates going so you can entertain the thousands of people you lied and stole money from.

    21. Dylan Sumiskum on July 31

      Alright people, join this slack group: Hope to see you there and we'll nail this CW douche down.

    22. Dylan Sumiskum on July 31

      Us backers should be better organized in terms of communication. I feel like this comment section does not serve that purpose. I am creating a Slack group for us to coordinate.

    23. Victor Shigueru Mine on July 29

      Kickstarter should be closed! because they permits this type of people take our money... they win and don'1 have any responsability.... want my money back

    24. Missing avatar

      Eric Walter on July 29

      Chris isnt the charger done? Im sure everyone would feel better at least getting that. An update would be nice, as worthless as those are these days. Any communication sounds good.

    25. Trogdor
      on July 27

      @Martin Calsyn on April 6
      (And lest anyone be confused - that's the FundedJustice funds that I will return May 1 - not Agent. I'm in the same boat as you wrt Agent)
      Martin - update please. I've also requested an update via answer. Where are you?

    26. Örrinmörrin Ärrinmurrin on July 27

      Hey Chris, where's our update from your "team"? How about your nice vacation on Bahama with bag full of our money, had a good time? Are straps already finished? I would like to have one, it would be nice with Pebble Time 2. Respectfully, Örrinmörrin PS. Be a man and quit this foolish. Admit your failure.

    27. Ralph Wiggum on July 27

      Yup, it's nearly time for a new update. Remember how it used to be monthly? Then bi-monthly? Ahh, let's see what bullshit Chris Walker will spin our way.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Tuckman on July 26

      Wow - Hadn't checked into this campaign in a long time, I see nothing has changed and that they have given up even bothering to post updates. At this point it is kind of sad - there is nothing that they could deliver anymore that could compete with everything that has been released in the last year or two. AND I have no doubt the money is gone or hiding really really well...

    29. Michael Jones on July 26

      I funded this scam along with you. please send your experience good or bad, to I will be talking about this project and kickstarter on a near future show, I will not reveal names or email addresses to protect your privacy. This offer is to kickstarter, the people that pledged this project and the secret labs / horology teams

    30. Missing avatar

      Eric Schalk on July 26

      This is why I no longer will ever back a KickStarter campaign.

    31. Rodrigo Gomez on July 24

      This poor bastard stole our money. What a failure this has been, the guy is a fiasco.

    32. Missing avatar

      jeff on July 21

      Martin... How is our funded justice thing going? Any hope we can get a publicity seeking lawyer on this? Perhaps a PI to hunt this dickhead down?

    33. Missing avatar

      jeff on July 21

      Hey Coward...where's our half-hearted update on your shitty watch you lied about? I hope you're sleeping well knowing that you ripped off. What, exactly, is being made? Shitty software that you and your team of other guys named Chris Walker developed? You scum! Just end this, or yourself. Either one would be fabulous.

    34. Ben Baskaran on July 21

      @kevin. I think he will be talking about watch strap buckles. He hasn't mentioned that one yet

    35. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jordan on July 20

      It's almost time for the trimonthly "update" (last one was April 30th, so he's due to give us an "update" to make it look like this project is still active). I wonder what he'll make up this time.

    36. Missing avatar

      BK on July 16

      Time to contact the Attorney General and get our money back!

      "A backer of the infamously expansive space shooter Star Citizen has argued for, and won, a sizeable refund on his $2550 pledge to the game on the grounds that “the product remains unfulfilled and no longer constitutes the product(s) I originally purchased.”

    37. Chris Gonzales on July 13

      At the very least I would think kickstarter would want to refund the percentage that they took for this project. That would be an act of good faith if not to avoid being a participant in fraud. If Kickerstarter returns the percentage they collect (5% US, not counting transaction fees) that would be an average of $8.9 returned to each backer.

    38. Missing avatar

      JEFFREY K BUZZELL on July 12

      If this ever gets fulfilled, I am going to frame the watch and hang it on my wall as a reminder that some people suck.

    39. Lou Caputo on July 9

      It's been 7 months since my last post, and not a single thing has changed here. The money is gone, we're all victims, and there's nothing we can do. THANKS Kickstarter!

    40. Rod VonHugenstein on July 4

      Happy 4th of July, and fuck you Chris Walker. I hope you choke on a bag of dicks....

    41. Missing avatar

      Arvinder Ghataore on July 3

      Why have you deleted all the comments

    42. Missing avatar

      Arvinder Ghataore on July 3

      I want my money back

    43. Missing avatar

      Simon on July 3

      Chris Walker is going to find out that a million bucks isn't that much when the chips are down.

      His Netduino business is practically ruined and his forums are near death. He is left with nothing of note and will soon have to go back to being a code monkey for someone (if he isn't already).

      But even then, he will always need to look over his shoulder. One day he will turn a street corner and this whole episode will catch up with him.

      Chris Walker can run but he cannot hide.

      Justice is going to be a bitch when it catches up with the con artist.

    44. Ali Al Rahma on July 1

      Some people have probably filed a case with the FBI and other organizations for long. Why the hell is this guy not in jail yet? I want to drag him from his damn ears to the police and then win him in court and I hope he rots in jail.

    45. Ali Al Rahma on July 1

      Anyone wants to bet that this Chris Wanker twat has no team and he worked on this project solo to scam people? I'm sure he paid some money to make the video believable and then gave himself the title "project manager".

    46. Ali Al Rahma on July 1

      How about you sell the damn components for cheap and refund us accordingly? I'll accept a $100 or $150 refund, he'll even $75 is better than nothing. But I'm sure you bought yourself a nice mansion, car and wife (yes, bought a wife) with that kind of money. Anything left from it, Chris Wanker?

    47. Trogdor
      on June 30

      Re:FundedJustice - any update on your end?

    48. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on June 30

      @creator just send me the parts i paid for - i'll build the watch myself - or at least have a few spare paperweights.

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