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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator George Mack about 1 hour ago

      I'm willing to bet the iExpander (a very much failed kickstarter) will come to life before the agent watch

    2. Creator Gerry Sanchez about 13 hours ago

      R.I.P Agent Smartwatch, the worlds smartest scam. I wonder how much it costs to change your name? Wouldn't be surprised if Chris Walker has done so.

    3. Creator Nick L about 20 hours ago

      Just got my Microsoft Band. Great device, but there's still a place for the Agent... Looking forward to the May update, as I'm sure everyone is :) . Sweepstake on, oh, Agent2.0, watch straps, kittens and thanking everyone for their support and patience?

    4. Creator Rudson Machado 1 day ago


    5. Creator Claudio Ibarra 1 day ago

      More than a million dollars pledged to nothing. We should get our money back.

    6. Creator Simon 2 days ago


      For anyone still insane enough to trust Chris Walker at Secret Labs to deliver AGENT you may want to consider FCC approval. This takes time and has to happen before the watch ships. Chris Walker himself has mentioned the cost and time this takes.

      Guess what?

      He hasn't applied for FCC approval of AGENT.

      Go find the application. It doesn't exist. Just like AGENT.


    7. Creator Simon 2 days ago

      JUst had a response from Carl of the .Net rocks podcast:

      "I see by all of the comments here that this is vaporware. I will mention it the next time we record a show. You gotta admit, though, it looked pretty cool. :)"

      Result !

    8. Creator Simon 2 days ago

      @Richard - Thanks for the link to the .NET rocks podcast.

      EVERYONE here should post comments on ANYTHING that mentions AGENT or Chris Walker. Googles spiders look for things like this and I hope that one day we will see the first couple of pages of google search filled with Chris Walkers name being dragged through the mud. He deserves to be utterly destroyed by what he has done on KickStarter.

    9. Creator Roma 2 days ago

      @Andrew Rhodes, well spotted. From that, I found this

      The good lady has compiled a list of about 140 Kickstarter scams totalling about $15 million pledged by 173,000 backers. The good news is we Agent suckers are right up there in total $ pledged. The bad news is we just got pipped at the post by CST 01 The World's Thinnest Watch.

      I'd forgotten about the dreaded CST thing so I had a quick gander. As hopeless as that project and its creators were/are, at least they are pretending to be transparent as per their latest update here

      I wonder when Chris Walker will grace these pages with something similar?

    10. Creator Daniel Chang 3 days ago

      Definitely sounds like he was dreaming about a concept...

    11. Creator Valentin Ivanov 4 days ago

      @Richard Rixham - interesting. I wonder why did he decide to talk about Agent. Sounds like he doesn't really know what is going on with the project. Or he knows something that we don't.

    12. Creator Michel Humphreys 4 days ago

      Any chance i can get a full refund on this ?

    13. Creator Richard Rixham 4 days ago

      DotNetRocks Podcast with a guest talking at the start about Agent Smartwatch Kickstarter…

    14. Creator W. Laging 4 days ago

      Get in touch with me and refund my hard earned money!

    15. Creator Dan Mitchell 5 days ago

      Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;
      Ae fareweel, alas, for ever!
      Deep in heart-wrung tears my pledge thee,
      Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee!
      Who shall say that Fortune grieves him
      While the star of Agent she leaves him?
      Me, nae cheerfu' twinkle lights me,
      Dark despair around benights me.

    16. Creator Dmitrij Kobozev 5 days ago

      Refund my 199 difficult earned $.

    17. Creator Chiranjeevi Gupta 5 days ago

      Please Refund my $214

    18. Creator Simon 5 days ago

      How members of staff at Secret Labs does it take to change a light bulb?

      One. Because Chris Walker doesn't have any staff. He is a fantasist who also seems to have very little grasp of security on web servers

    19. Creator Peter W. Ritzmann 5 days ago


    20. Creator Ralph Wiggum 6 days ago

      @Simon - Don't sink down to Chris Walker's level...which is really really low. It just places him on a pedestal. Be the better man that he could never be.

      /end sermon

    21. Creator Simon 6 days ago

      @Martin -I'm just messing. I want to help him so I hope chris finds all the emal lists im signing him up for useful. It saves him signing up himself

    22. Creator Trogdor 6 days ago

      Dunno man -- although your last comment made me're cold man....just, hell...dunno.

    23. Creator Daniel Chang 6 days ago

      @Simon be civil now... You're making the rest of us look bad.

    24. Creator Nick Martin 7 days ago

      @Roma - Congratulations on the imminent arrival of your new toy! I got my Apple Watch at 8:05am & am set for a 20th Delivery. I hot the big one with the Milanese loop band! I also got a new Pebble, how come you dropped your pledge?! Gotta have options! I got a 'Royal Oak' & a U - Boat too - it was my birthday- Party is this weekend, you coming? Golf carts on me!

      What about this dead dog? You can almost see the tumble weeds blowing past! Sounds like Lawerence has been spilling some truths about his part & the wrong angled pushers!? Still no Updates! Looks like you're really making leaps with Kickstarter Support!? Speak soon Mate!

    25. Creator Martin Calsyn 7 days ago

      Yeah, I have to agree with Trogdor. I lost $200+ here plus a lot of energy, good will and a fair bit of faith in humanity and the maker community, but come on, even if you lost 100 or 1000 times that, what you just said there represents a total loss of perspective. It's money - get over it and move on. Be spiteful if that's the best you can rise to, but wishing bad on someones kids is sick. And stalking and harassment borders on sick obsession as well.

      I get the anger, but if it hurts that bad, you were a goof for putting your money down in the first place and now you're just being creepy.

    26. Creator Simon 7 days ago

      I agree @Trogdor.

      So I have a question.

      Does anyone think that Chris Walker beats his wife?

    27. Creator Trogdor 7 days ago

      Wishing bad on kids? That's some cold shit man...

    28. Creator Simon 7 days ago


      The following emails are now junk:

    29. Creator Simon 7 days ago

      Oh and to add:

      If anyone wants Chris Walkers mobile number please email

      I am going to start calling /emailing more often. It is criminal he can get away with this and Kickstarter /Amazon et al are complicit in what amounts to theft and deception.

    30. Creator Simon 7 days ago

      Hi All

      So I finally got round to trying to do a charge back on my credit card today. Sadly the limit is 180 days for my provider so I'm screwed out of $214.

      I hope Chris Walker goes bankrupt and his children all have herpes

    31. Creator G. Arrivas on April 13

      Today's response from KickStarter Support. Nothing new here....

      "Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Apr 13, 15:33

      Hi there,

      Thank you for reaching out. We've reached out to the creator with a reminder of their obligations to their backer community, in addition to having forwarded along your concerns and those of your fellow backers. While we're disheartened that they have not yet updated you and other backers on the status of their project, we're unable to force them to do so. It's the creator's responsibility to communicate and complete their project as promised.

      Thank you again for sharing the experience that you have had with this project. Although we are unable to offer refunds, we are constantly working to improve the vetting process for creators and feedback such as this is exactly what helps us do so. We hope that you’ll continue to be an active member of the Kickstarter community as we learn and grow with our community.


    32. Creator Lloyd on April 11

      With every passing day, the look of this watch gets more and more dated.

      At this point, I hope Chris gets sued multiple times, goes bankrupt and has his reputation tarnished to the point that he can never work in this field again. Wouldn't mind seeing him working as a janitor for $10 an hour at some local elementry school. Of course, he would probably try and scam the students for their milk money.

      Now that would be worth my $160 pledge.

    33. Creator Roma on April 10

      6.14 pm 10 April (Sydney time) I ordered Apple Sport 42mm Space Grey aluminium case with black band. Says shipping in June. I doubt it will be late.

      I'll glam it up with some of the myriad 3rd party bands which will inevitably come out soon.

    34. Creator Dan Mitchell on April 10

      And at 8:05 a.m. April 10, I successfully ordered an Apple Sport 42 mm, with a Blue band - finally abandoning Agent to the land of Lost Causes. May it rust in pieces !

    35. Creator Dan Mitchell on April 10

      Half a league, half a league,
      Half a league onward,
      All in the valley of Death
      Rode the lone Agents
      "Forward, the Apple Brigade!
      "Charge for the Pebble!" he said:
      Into the valley of lost Cause
      Rode the lone Agents.

    36. Creator Fadi Kahhaleh on April 10

      dang it... I was waiting for the 10K prize man...
      oh well...

    37. Creator Daniel Chang on April 10

      萬歲 萬歲 萬萬歲

    38. Creator Josh on April 10

      I WIN!!!! 10k comment!!!

    39. Creator Josh on April 10

      SO CLOSE!!!

    40. Creator Josh on April 10

      3 more

    41. Creator Josh on April 10

      4 more until 10k !!!

    42. Creator BK on April 9

      This project was a $150 lesson for me. Never again.

    43. Creator Roma on April 9

      @Dan, you wanna Kickstart it? I just got a refund on my Pebble Time pledge so I've got $159 burning a hole in my pocket :) I'm ordering Apple sport watch today so I can compare it with yours. You gunna call it Babble and spruik it here?

    44. Creator Dan Mitchell on April 8

      @ Roma: Yes - I spent years restoring U.S. Hamilton watches, especially the late 1950's Electrics.

      @Roma Sure can - I have the very design, straight from China - looks really like the Apple Watch !, but costs a fraction of the price.

      Why did the creator not just give the Chinese the design and order the number needed ?

    45. Creator Roma on April 5

      @Dan, I see from your bio you dabble in watches. Can you knock one up for us please? Anything will do. Anything!

    46. Creator Christopher Meier on April 4

      We're approaching 10k comments mostly of despair and upset.
      How many folks have contacted the NY AG ? I did. It may help if more did.

      @Martin, you provided another good example of mismanagement. Why choose a SW person for a HW job? Because it looks like something is getting done, at no cost, and delays any real work/completion that much more.

    47. Creator Dan Mitchell on April 4

      @ Roma : Ah, Ok then - but even there still better than a non-existant Agent ??? What a train-wreck, and I pledged for two - gosh, disaster !

      Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy !

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