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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Rod VonHugenstein about 9 hours ago

      Hey Chris Walker! You're a fuc#$ng piece of Sh$%! I hope you had a great time with my money mother fu#$er. I really wonder if you're just a total, worthless failure, or if you planned this all along. Truth is, I just as mad at myself for being such a sucker. I still want my refund!

    2. Creator Daniel Hirshleifer about 12 hours ago

      Since the Agent has been completely overtaken by Android Wear, the Apple Watch, and even the Pebble Time, and since Chris is loathe to discuss any forward momentum on the project or give out refunds, I think it's only fair that he buys the Android Wear, Apple Watch, or Pebble of each backer's choice. I personally will take a 42mm Apple Watch Edition in yellow gold with the classic buckle. Thanks!

    3. Creator FrankyB about 16 hours ago

      @Tom, good catch!! Yup both KS and the creator should be ashame. I backed 2 projects, this one and the Dash (Bragi). As much as this project as been a pain. The other one (late as well) as been an example of clear communication and positive backer feedback. But I will never back a project again.

    4. Creator Nathaniel G about 19 hours ago

      @Roger Jakobsson That would be nice but Chris would never expose himself like that.

      @Tom Pauwels. It's still showing in the results for me with "agent watch" as the search string. I echo your sentiments though. Chris Walker has done a pathetic job with this project. The whole pitch was a lie and there is no way to hold him accountable. His lack of transparency and "commitment" to this project is laughable at best

    5. Creator Tom Pauwels 1 day ago

      Did you also notcied that the Agent Smart Watch project is no longer showing up in the Kickstarter search results? I gues Kickstarter doesn't want the rest of world to know about the complete failure of this project and makes it as hard as possible to find this project if you are not a backer.
      In my opinion Kickstarter is as much to blame the the creator (scammer) of this project by just taking the money and then do nothing is the shit hits the fan. This will be my last Kickstarter project I will ever back and I will also advice my friends and family to do the same...

    6. Creator Roger Jakobsson 1 day ago

      Would be nice with an AMA on Reddit with the @Creator ...

    7. Creator Michel Humphreys 1 day ago

      @steven .. what you cant imagine how great your life would be with IPV6 bluetooth ??? this is a joke !

    8. Creator Steven Officer 2 days ago

      Come on Chris, if we can pretend to still care about this project you can still pretend to post updates.
      How's the super important IPv6 bluetooth stack coming along??

    9. Creator Ben Baskaran 2 days ago

      They haven't even got the watch straps

    10. Creator Daniel Chang 3 days ago

      I hate to say I told you so, but when the whole bullshit about the Light Film Guide came down, we had a list of questions that is still largely unanswered to this day. Heck, we still haven't seen a demo with companion apps on a phone yet...

    11. Creator Roma 3 days ago

      Happy anniversary everyone! Two years since this project launched. Two fucking years.

      Want a laugh? Read this from the first update written on launch day:

      >> Now that we've met the funding goal, some backers have asked "what about stretch goals?" This creates a bit of a paradox: how do we make a no-compromise smartwatch even better? We've discussed this a lot. Compromising the delivery schedule is not an option; but with all the extra funds, we want to make AGENT even better.>>

      Yes indeed, we can't have the delivery schedule compromised, can we!

    12. Creator Anthony 3 days ago

      I am very dismayed by the severe lack of honesty about where the project is up to. Instead of the smoke and mirror updates about software junk - how about the creator fronts up about exactly where the project is up to.

    13. Creator Roma 3 days ago

      @Creator, For the record, you owe me 5 watches or $925. I backed one (silly me) and bought four from other backers (stupid me). Here are the deals which I detailed fully to you in an mail on 28 April 2014 and PM on 10 September 2014.

      Roma, original pledge, $214
      Kevin, 9/11/2013, $199
      John, 24/11/2013, $149
      Dino, 28/1/2014, $164
      Joe Minnella, 28/1/2014, $199

      Stump up!

    14. Creator Ben Baskaran 4 days ago

      Incredible close to 2 months since an update not that they are relevant

    15. Creator Lloyd 5 days ago

      Shouldn't the title to this Kick-non-Starter be renamed?

      "AGENT: The world's biggest scam in wearables"

    16. Creator Dan Berry 5 days ago

      So it's funny, I was at the Bay Area Maker Faire this month, and I talked to some of the Microsoft people about the Netduino/Chris Walker and Agent smartwatch. They were all too well aware of the community tension as I criticized them for letting netmf decay, asking them what they intended to do about it. At least they assured that they're taking steps to have more active involvement in netmf, but I can't help but wonder if the damage is already done.

    17. Creator Ralph Wiggum 5 days ago

      Yeh but Chris has to collect his mail sooner or later ��

    18. Creator Nathaniel G 5 days ago

      John L hate to disappoint you but the address is a Mailbox NYC. Basically a PO Box.

    19. Creator John L 6 days ago

      Let pay him a visit...

      Secret Labs LLC
      174 W 4th St #207
      New York, NY 10014

    20. Creator FrankyB 6 days ago

      @Dennis... the real question is: Any creator??

    21. Creator dennis 6 days ago


      Any update?

    22. Creator Alex 7 days ago

      @ Chris you logged intoday care to say a word? or better yet do a Q and A on the comments?

    23. Creator FrankyB 7 days ago

      Here's my answer:

      With all your respect, the feedback form is a dead end. I used it in the past with no results.

      Let me put it this way, I will not back any other project on Kickstarter again, I'm making sure I to pass the word everywhere I can (Social Network and others).

      We are not talking about a tiny project here.... OVER 1 000 000$ was given to this individual. And Again, it is not the fact that he didn't deliver yet that infuriates the backers, it is total lack of communication and proof of progress. And when you do remind him, he puts out some minimalistique update just to meet YOUR requirements.

      YOU (Kickstarter) failed as much as he does on this....

    24. Creator FrankyB 7 days ago

      I got the typical & depressing answer from Kickstarter:

      hanks for updating me about this situation, and I’m sorry to hear that this has not been a better experience for you and other backers of the AGENT project. I do see that we've reached out to this creator in the past to remind them of their obligations, as well as our expectations regarding communication. I'm sorry they haven't yet responded to you and other members of their backer community.

      If you feel as though this creator has not made a good faith effort to complete their project as promised, we’d appreciate if you could share some feedback about your experience using our Project Feedback Form.

      We'll be sure to take your experience into consideration as we evaluate the policies and procedures that we have in place. Thanks again for your cooperation and for being an active member of the Kickstarter community.

      Here the link to the form:

    25. Creator FrankyB on May 19

      Just did my monthly support/complain request to Kickstarter:

      it's feel like the Groundhog day movie, we are here again asking for refund from a creator that has no incline to providing updates or to refund backer due to lack of progress. In 2 days it will 2 years this project has been fundunded and the Creator has nothing to show for it, no team, no product, nothing.

      And you, Kickstarter, are giving him a free ride (it's more a 1M$ ride).

      Anyhow, can you give him your typical tap on the shoulder to remind him he is overdue for an update.

      FYI, I did wrote to him, guess what, no replies.

    26. Creator Chris on May 19

      Not sure on US tax laws and this article swings both ways but has anyone thought about reporting Chris to the IRS?

    27. Creator Tim on May 19

      I notice he responded to Twitter when someone has mentioned netduino and agent together. Make sure when someone searches for netduino that agent comes up as well.

    28. Creator Laur Lõhmus on May 19

      Well. This story here is embarrassing. But, let's try to see an opportunity in the problem.
      What we can do, is hit CW where it hurts. Find an online shop (starting with amazon, and there are lots of others) selling netduino and write them a complaint about affiliation with scammers with a link to this campaign. Get them to quit selling netduino.
      If that fails, writing negative product reviews regarding to an untrustworthy producer will also help - in places where CW can't moderate like a cheating asshole bastard that he is.

    29. Creator Ralph Wiggum on May 18

      "remember don't libel as Chris likes going to the lawyers like a pathetic coward"

      I see what you did there

    30. Creator Trogdor on May 18

      Vile and Evil use the same letters...hmmmm

    31. Creator Simon on May 18

      Stop asking for refunds - You won't receive them unless you get off your arse and do something.

      Chris Walker is a vile excuse of a human being that doesn't deserve to be in "business"

      Want to get some payback? Here are some ideas.

      1) Create a website calling Chris Walker and Secret Labs out - remember don't libel as Chris likes going to the lawyers like a pathetic coward

      2) Leave reviews for Netduino products. This is his cash cow. Thousands of sad geeks buy his boards but if your review questions the integrity of someone who takes a million bucks and fails at every step to deliver then perhaps we can persuade some geeks to buy the Arduino boards instead

      3) Sleep with his wife

      4) Keep on at Kickstarter. He HATES posting updates (and hey Chris we know why don't we?) and KS sometimes tell him to post when they get loads of complaints.

      5) Find us a New York Lawyer. I would forego any award made and give it to a lawyer who would take a risk on this.

      6) Make a 20 second video on what you think of Secret Labs and Chris Walker and post it on YouTube

      7) Take over AGENTISDEAD and see if you can improve on the number of actual responses I did

      I have delayed my trip to NY due to business commitments but I will be there next year with video camera for a expose of Secret Labs and Chris Walker.

    32. Creator Chiranjeevi Gupta on May 17

      Please refund my pledge.

    33. Creator Arvinder Ghataore on May 17

      It's unbelievable, who can someone get away with taking thousands from us

      Something needs to be done

    34. Creator Matthew Lawrence on May 17

      As much as it saddens me to say this but everyone needs to come to the understanding that we will not get a watch or a refund. Our money has gone. We will not see anything for it.

    35. Creator Stephen Rowlatt on May 17

      I wonder how he's not had a visit of some hooded vigilante, it would be justified

    36. Creator Stanley Zreinike on May 16

      I think it's time to find out what this guy is really up to; he is obvously not keeping his commitment to completing the project

    37. Creator John Barnes on May 16

      Originally I had faith that I would see something within a reasonable time frame. Unfortunately, my faith is starting to wain. I am seeing watches with better specifications popping up for less. I would really like to see my faith in the developer reward with some good news for a change. We have only heard of delays and why we will not see our rewards. Has there been any real progress towards delivering the watch? Patiently waiting (but running out of patience)

    38. Creator Jeff Burke on May 15

      The ONLY reason I occasionally visit this project is to click on the link that takes me to the video of @creator being escorted to jail. The watch no longer has my interest

    39. Creator Justin M on May 15

      I think we've all figured out the "Secret" part of Secret Labs........A community gives them considerable amounts of cash...they turn around and tell us to F off!

    40. Creator Tim on May 15

      It doesn't evens look as good as any of these

    41. Creator Matt Mayatt on May 15

      Yeah looks like he has given up on the fake updates.

    42. Creator Lloyd on May 15

      AGENT not SmartWatch - Now looks like complete 1980's garbage next to the likes of the 360 or Urbane. Android Wear is already hitting its stride with Android Wear 5.1.1. The AGENT not SmartWatch doesn't even have an OS yet. Or a strap. Or buttons. But we do have some expired parts and a fart of a dream call AGENT 2.0. (Should be ready by 2033 - if you pledge now!)

      But Chris Walker has plenty of money, time and parts for his Netduino business. Gee, wonder where all that money came from? Fuckin scammer!

    43. Creator fatboy97 on May 14

      THIS has lost all of my interest... almost 2 yrs since this started, and almost 1 1/2 yrs since the promised delivery date. This watch will more than likely go straight into the trash when I do get it... IF it ever comes!!!

    44. Creator Dustin Anderson on May 14

      Got my new Apple Watch today. I stopped reading updates months ago because they all said the same thing in different ways..."you're not getting this anytime soon." I haven't invested in a single kickstarter since this debacle.

    45. Creator Alex on May 14


    46. Creator Alex on May 14

      @creator if you long in why not say something?

    47. Creator bennyppc on May 14

      I do not understand Kicksarter no regulation of this, he has more than a year this is still under study, Apple have started selling the iWatch.

    48. Creator Soulhuntre on May 13

      Obviously since Chris is pushing the Netduino 3 now on the secret labs forums anyone who has mentioned the Agent debacle is probably moderated.

      What a shyster.

    49. Creator Michael W on May 13

      I wonder why nobody in the New York area has taken CW to small claims court???

    50. Creator dean clark on May 13

      Where is the monthly sham gone? I so look forward to it.

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