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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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      Simon 2 days ago

      Hi to all.

      Feel free to comment on - Every click helps. Will soon be making a few changes to make it clearer about what Chris has done.

      If you wish to write a blog post or help with SEO then please email agentisdead at gmail dot com

      For those still asking for refunds. It aint going to happen so stop wasting pixels. Chris is simply spending the money he has left on this project and likely billing it as consultancy/project management or something equally fraudulent.

      Hope the guy goes bankrupt but sadly these sorts rarely see any justice until someone finally smacks him.

      Have fun.

    2. Missing avatar

      Roma 5 days ago

      @lumar, yeah quite a difference. No doubt it helps that they are unarguably pre-orders (not pledges) and the dealings are with the company (not a crowdfunding platform).

      Also, the San Francisco DA is suing them for misrepresentation. Not a good year ahead for that mob.

    3. lumar 5 days ago

      Here is another crowdfunding campaign that went kaput. The difference is that they actually will issue refunds to each backers:

    4. Missing avatar

      Roma 5 days ago

      @David, which face?

    5. David Murphy 5 days ago

      I've given up on ever seeing the money or the watch. I just pop back here occasionally on the hope someone will post to say they bumped into him and punched him in the face.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes 5 days ago

      at this point i'd take any reply to us from Chris. if he actually cared - just let us know all the money is gone, and he can't produce the watch. i think at this point -- i would accept that. just for him to admit he's a failure!

    7. Jim Jackson 7 days ago

      I feel that the only way that I get my money back is that Chris has to give us a lame reason for a delay every month for the rest of his life.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan on January 7

      @Stephen Nierzwicki it's available second hand for $0.01 that made me chuckle.

    9. Shawn on January 7

      Any update?

    10. Missing avatar

      Stephen Nierzwicki on January 6

      Anyone see this?? Apparently he has a book out.... wonder if we paid for that too...…

    11. Missing avatar

      Dan on January 5

      Is there anything we can still do to cause Walker some headache? Any phone numbers we can call just to be annoying etc?

    12. Paul on January 5

      Three years and counting...insane....

    13. Missing avatar

      Roma on January 3

      @Archie, there's no best way or worst way. There's no way.

      1. The creator was incompetent and/or absconded with our money.
      2. Kickstarter took their cut and doesn't care.
      3. The crowdfunding campaign on fundedjustice got very little support from backers so it seems we don't care either.

      Sad but true.

    14. Archie Block on January 3

      Any update on how best to get a refund and alert Kickstarter to the issues with this project?

    15. Ben Baskaran on December 30

      I made payment through amazon payments but my credit card company refunded me.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on December 30

      here is amazon payment's response - I'm sorry for the troubles you've had with this transaction with a seller.

      Because the order was placed on 19 Jun 20, 2013, more than 90 days ago, I see that the order isn't eligible for reimbursement under the terms of our A-to-z Guarantee.

      I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

      In my attempt to help you, I've escalated your issue to our Investigation team for their review. They will look into it and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

      We hope to see you again soon.

      We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on December 29

      you have 60 days for amazon payments to refund your money (from when it's charged)

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on December 29

      amazon does refund payments, but within a certain time frame. The @creator made sure we couldnt get refunds

    19. misterjaytee on December 28

      Has anyone who used Amazon Payments managed to get a refund from either Amazon or Kickstarter?

    20. Evans Vogas on December 26

      Will we every get refunded

    21. nakayiu on December 24

      Please send me a copy of the refund letter to

    22. Missing avatar

      Steven Officer on December 23

      Wow can't believe it's 3 years late this month.
      Merry Christmas Chris, hope you're enjoying spending our money

    23. Martin Calsyn on December 23

      " card provider..." (wishing we could edit posts - I do my best proofreading in the 'sent items' folder)

    24. Martin Calsyn on December 23

      @Frank - if you previously contributed to, you should have received a refund (of that amount only). If you did not receive a refund of your amount, then you can post a message through your fundedjustice account and I will send you a receipt which you can use to track down the refund with your credit card provided. This is NOT a refund of your Agent money and I can't help anyone (including myself) with that.

    25. Frank Fuhrmeister on December 21

      How do we contact / receive a refund from Funded Justice?

    26. Missing avatar

      Simon on December 21

      Jeff - no I haven't done anything SEO wise yet. If anyone wants to lend a hand feel free to reach out.

      I want to make sure that on page one of any google search related to Wilderness Labs Inc, Secret Labs LLC and Chris Walker himself this new website will be returned. I think Chris is near the end game of this project and when he shuts it down then so will the posts etc. I have copied mine and will be using them as a basis for blogs - next one will be about him "partnering" House of Horology I think.

      We may have lost our money but we can hopefully make this guys life that little more tricky and unrewarding. I want him to suffer until he shows some remorse. The man is a coward and a crook in my opinion and we need some sort of justice.

      If you have ANY info on Chris or want to write a blog post just email it to agentisdead and I will publish it.

      If anyone can help on the SEO side please let me know.


    27. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 20

      You are a genius, Simon. Not Chris Walker Mensa genius, but the good kind of genius. I will be putting some gems together.

      We need to get the meta data setup so the bots hit this. Did you set all of that up yet?

      This will be loads of fun. Good therapy for losing $150-$200 to this dickwad.

    28. Ralph Wiggum on December 20

      Lol Simon, this made my day.

    29. Missing avatar

      Simon on December 20

      If you would like to contribute a blog or fill in the "about" section then you know how to get in touch.

      agentisdead at gmail dot com

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon on December 20


      Many thanks for your efforts. I didn't throw any money in because I didn't see it getting anywhere to be honest. Shame, as many people seem angry (my email list had over 200 names on it) but perhaps many feel that we have zero chance of getting any money from the crook Chris Walker.

      Perhaps the money would have been better spent on some gentlemen to pay Chris a visit. As he has the audacity to create Wilderness Labs at least we know where he can be tracked from.

      Chris Walker - If you're reading this I have a Christmas present for you. An all expenses paid trip to Aleppo. I'm sure you would be treated exactly the way you deserve to be.

    31. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 18

      @Martin...I received your email and refund from FJ. Thank you for that and for trying to bring some sanity to this trainwreck. Happy holidays my man.

    32. Martin Calsyn on December 18

      Regarding Wilderness Labs, if that is a new venture as it seems to be, I'm frankly stunned. Welcome to the new age of narcissism, chutzpah and gall. Not sure where this is going, but looks like there are a few more turns ahead...

    33. Martin Calsyn on December 18

      And just to be clear, because everyone gets excited at the word 'refund', my previous post only relates to the people who contributed to the campaign to engage a lawyer and is NOT related in any way to your Agent pledges.

    34. Martin Calsyn on December 18

      @Brenda - thanks for confirming receipt of Funded Justice refund
      @Jeff - I processed all the refunds on the same day. Refunds were processed via Stripe. The full amount plus fees and FJ's margin was deducted from my account (I ate the fees as promised). You can email me at martin at calsyn dot net with the email that you pledged from and I will try to give you a confirmation that you can use to track down the refund with your CC provider. Apologies for any trouble you had, but I did refund everyone, and will help you track down issues with your CC provider.

      Mostly I regret that we couldn't get any satisfaction here, though realistically, the FJ money was too little to engage a retained atty and I never found one that was interested in it on speculation.

      I don't drop by here very often, but I did today and wanted to correct any perception that FJ monies were still being held. If you didn't get your refund, the problem lies somewhere between Stripe and your CC and I will do my best to help you track it down.

      Best of the season to you all ... Martin

    35. Missing avatar

      PB on December 16

      Refund please

    36. Brian on December 14

      It's amazing this dude got over $1 million and no response. No following up from Kickstarter. Nothing at all.

    37. Missing avatar

      Casey on December 12

      Looks like he logged in on Dec. 7th. I wonder if we will get an update soon? Or was it just to update his email address to Wilderness Labs. I wonder if he can transfer or sell netduino from Secret Labs with liabilities against Secret labs? Also, if he is liquidating Secret Labs what happened to the parts and cabinets he had purchased with the funds? I worder if that is where he got the cash to refund those who op-ed out for the Secret Store?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark Johnson on December 12

      I will just leave this here.... Yes, looks like he has pack one of his "companies" into Wilderness Labs...

    39. Missing avatar

      Simon on December 12

      Good work Jeff and Douglas

      We live in the post truth world where a scumbag like Trump ends up as president (way to go idiots) so it doesn't surprise me that pond life like Chris Walker can get away with fraud in the US. It also shouldn't be a surprise that he has now found himself a nice condo to live in.

      Hopefully someone with anger issues can pay Chris Walker a visit to deliver a message from the people he had lied to?

      Not holding my breath though.

    40. Edward Wilcox on December 10

      This is just one of a few projects that have made me stop investing on kickstarter. I havent fully stopped, but I have been waaaay more careful. I have a espresso machine i am praying that will be delivered next year in any form... A bluetooth speaker(fs-x) which i am about to give up hope on.... This one... I gave up two years ago when android watches became better and cheaper then this. This is a losty cause, but I hope we can hold him accountable.

    41. Missing avatar

      Douglas on December 8

      I think my next step is to send Warren Buffet a letter about this scam... Berkshire Hathaway owns Mouser and I take Warren Buffet to be a stand up type of guy who wouldn't let one of his companies do business with a criminal like Chris Walker.

    42. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 7

      I really hope this isn't our money that funded this. In the scumbag's defense, the address/company is for legal entity. I certainly hope he used then to file and is not him.

      Anyone up for finding a background check to verify?

    43. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 7

      The news company filled for in October. I don't suppose we'll get a well crafted apology letter like the pebble owner. Seeing as how he is in state number 3 since this campaign tanked (month 4 in), I'd say his new company name reflects exactly where he wants us to believe he is.

    44. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 7

      The below is in case anyone wants to wish Chris a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc...

    45. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 7

      Btw... Did anyone notice Christopher David Walker claims to be a member of mensa?

    46. Missing avatar

      jeff on December 7

      Very nice work, Douglas. I've been tracking him and noticed CA coming up as well. I thought I had identified the wrong guy.

      Others... Thanks for your reply about the Funded Justice. You all were right. Martin reached out to me with the receipt for the refund. He did indeed provide a refund as he is a stand-up guy. Christopher David Walker on the other hand...

    47. Missing avatar

      Douglas on December 7

      Hey everyone, Chris Walker has abandoned all of the Agent trademarks as of 12/05/2016. He also closed down Secret Labs LLC and transferred ownership of the Netduino trademarks to his new company (aka, his new apartment):
      700 EDGEWATER BLVD, #108

      (You can thank the US Patent and Trademark Office for locating this a**hole!)

    48. Daniel Chang on December 7

      Not only did I back a Pebble Time 2, I also back a third party Time Dock 2 for it. So it's gonna to be a $50 paper weight if they don't redesign it...

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