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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. miguel masse 1 day ago

      Chris Gonzales
      you are so right we should pursuit kickstater for steeling because they should have done what indigogo did here

    2. miguel masse 1 day ago

      Indigogo there move to help their backers

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Schmidberger on March 16

      @Michael: The Walking dead!

      This project will be here forever, because Kickstarter doesn't care at all

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Russell
      on March 13

      dead project

    5. Missing avatar

      Simon on March 13

      Where is Chris Walker?

      New post here:

      Very frustrating - is anyone still in touch with Lawrence? Perhaps he could shed some light on the situation.

    6. Ralph Wiggum on March 13

      Soo...nothing? Has Crooked Chris kicked the bucket?

    7. Missing avatar

      Brandon Middleton on March 2

      So, I've been a complete jerk here and will continue to do so until kickstarter and the buttholes that started this campaign own their shit. So, here goes. FUCK YOU KICKSTARTER! FUCK YOU @Creator. I truly hope everyone that defended this asshole feel stupid for doing it. And to kickstarter, if you really cared about your stupid rules, you would have banned me by now. But you didn't, because you know you are as much to blame as the people that fuck people out of their cash.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan on February 27

      Great work on Simon. Made me chuckle

    9. Myk Rushton (deleted)
      on February 19

      I've put this project down to experience and another nail in the coffin for no longer using KS. As with everything to be on the crest of the concept (crowd sourcing) is exciting and fun. Then the thieves want some of what they think is easy money and it all goes down hill from there. Chris Walker - thief of a slaves money :-(

    10. Ali Al Rahma on February 19

      I can't wait to go to California this summer and see this scum. Anyone wants to join?

    11. Lou Caputo on February 13

      Like other here, I just came across this website and it is brilliant. It's not going to help us get our money back, but you might laugh a little which should temporarily stop the flow of tears.

    12. Ralph Wiggum on February 12

      Maybe he actually bought his wife this:

      At this point, if I got this from Crooked Chris then I'd be happy. Sure as hell would be useful than an obsolete wrist turd.

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon on February 11

      The curious case of the missing dehydrator and parts is now up on the site.

      If you have any comments, can link to the website, fancy doing some SEO or contributing a blog post feel free to contact me through the website.

      Chris Walker should not be allowed to just disappear without any account of where our million bucks went. He should not be allowed to "start again" or make a "fresh start" until he apologises for being a grade A arse and give us some of his ill gotten gains back even if it means he ends up living in a dumpster.

      Don't let him get away with it. Let's make sure anyone who searches for Chris Walker, Netduino or Secret Labs knows that he is a wrong'un.

      That is tough on wilderness labs inc but frankly they didn't give a damn about us so why should we care that much?

      Help me out people.

    14. Chris Gonzales on February 8

      It is my estimation that Kickstarter should have profited over $50k USD from this fraud. I asked the to return the ~$8.90 per backer they collected as an act of good faith, however I got the typical BS about not being able to offer refunds, projects don't always go as planned, etc. If CW didn't maintain his part of the agreement and Kickstarter was aware of that wouldn't that mean that Kickstarter is aiding and abetting fraud? It doesn't sit well with me that Kickstarter is knowingly and willingly profiting from fraud. I will never back a Kickstarter project again.

    15. 林彥宇 on February 3

      It's amazing this dude got over $1 million and no response. No following up from Kickstarter. Nothing at all.

    16. Missing avatar

      Douglas on February 1

      @Simon He's either really stupid for buying the Netduino IP (and all of CW's problems) or he's got one heck of a legal shield from the nightmare... It'll be interesting to see how this plays out

    17. Missing avatar

      jeff on January 28

      Wilderness Labs... Sell whatever stock, cabinets, and capital used from funding in those project and return to the investors.

      Chris Walker... Rott in hell. I hope we never run into one another.

    18. Michal Przydacz on January 27

      @Simon I've just came across Keep up the great job! Hilarious.

    19. Ralph Wiggum on January 26

      Oh goody, if he's bought Secret Labs then responsibility for the project falls to him, kinda like Fitbit and Pebble. Then he cancel the project, and the shitstorm publicity will poison the Wilderness Labs brand.

      Until you're served with legal papers, tell em to go to hell.

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon on January 26

      for anyone interested an update on Wilderness Labs Inc.

      Bottom line - WL inc have acquired Secret Labs and Netduino off of Chris. However they don't appear to be taking any responsibilities for the Kickstarter disaster.

      This I find odd as the Dehydrator Chris bought with our money may now be owned by Wilderness Labs Inc. I don't know because nobody will tell me. However if they have taken the assets but not the liabilities I don't know how that could be legal. It wouldn't be in the UK so how about in post truth 'Merica?

      Also as the project is still "live" then surely Secret Labs has the responsibility to update and deliver.

      It appears that the owner of Wilderness Labs Inc knows Chris Walker well - so much so he is one of the few on the planet that actually wore a test version of the AGENT watch.

      He is, like his mate, threatening me with legal action over the website so any advice or help is appreciated.

      One thing I can promise - the content posted on there (unlike on here) will always be available. That is the great thing about facts and opinions on the internet - it never has to go away.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon on January 25

      Had an interesting email today from someone who claims to have purchased the IP of Secret Labs (what IP?) and also the Netduino brand. He claims that his company established Wilderness Labs to rescue Netduino and that Chris Walker has nothing to do with the business. The email alleges that they were going to make an announcement next month but weirdly their suppliers know about my website and it is harming their business.

      All this amounted to "your website is wrong so cease and desist" with a demand to take it down.

      The weird thing is that the url that the email came from doesn't link to any business nor does it have a live web presence. Smells fishier than Chris Walkers mum.

      Anyone want to lend a hand?

    22. Missing avatar

      Ali Al-Haidar on January 23

      Is there no way to contact all the people with pledges to this project to start a class action lawsuit or anything?
      there's over 5600 of us, and we've collectively paid a million dollars, surely there's a legal way to deal with scammers like Chris?

    23. Frank Brown on January 21

      It amazes me that when I backed this watch it was really going to be one of the smartest watches I'd ever owned. As time went on I got the Pebble then later the Apple Watch. Now if I was to receive it I'd be happy I got something but honestly would I even wear it?

      I'm sad that I no longer use KickStarter. We the backers are guaranteed nothing.

      If I was a scammer....I'd make some really great graphics, cool video, and promise the world.

      But mama didn't raise a crook.

    24. Missing avatar

      Douglas on January 20

      I feel this article from the extremely reliable news source The Onion sums up Chris Walker...

    25. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on January 19

      Ha -- love the site

      great job!

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim Eacott on January 19

      Thanks Simon - love the site at

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon on January 16

      Hi to all.

      Feel free to comment on - Every click helps. Will soon be making a few changes to make it clearer about what Chris has done.

      If you wish to write a blog post or help with SEO then please email agentisdead at gmail dot com

      For those still asking for refunds. It aint going to happen so stop wasting pixels. Chris is simply spending the money he has left on this project and likely billing it as consultancy/project management or something equally fraudulent.

      Hope the guy goes bankrupt but sadly these sorts rarely see any justice until someone finally smacks him.

      Have fun.

    28. Missing avatar

      Roma on January 13

      @lumar, yeah quite a difference. No doubt it helps that they are unarguably pre-orders (not pledges) and the dealings are with the company (not a crowdfunding platform).

      Also, the San Francisco DA is suing them for misrepresentation. Not a good year ahead for that mob.

    29. lumar on January 12

      Here is another crowdfunding campaign that went kaput. The difference is that they actually will issue refunds to each backers:

    30. Missing avatar

      Roma on January 12

      @David, which face?

    31. David Murphy on January 12

      I've given up on ever seeing the money or the watch. I just pop back here occasionally on the hope someone will post to say they bumped into him and punched him in the face.

    32. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on January 12

      at this point i'd take any reply to us from Chris. if he actually cared - just let us know all the money is gone, and he can't produce the watch. i think at this point -- i would accept that. just for him to admit he's a failure!

    33. Jim Jackson on January 11

      I feel that the only way that I get my money back is that Chris has to give us a lame reason for a delay every month for the rest of his life.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan on January 7

      @Stephen Nierzwicki it's available second hand for $0.01 that made me chuckle.

    35. Shawn on January 7

      Any update?

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Nierzwicki on January 6

      Anyone see this?? Apparently he has a book out.... wonder if we paid for that too...…

    37. Missing avatar

      Dan on January 5

      Is there anything we can still do to cause Walker some headache? Any phone numbers we can call just to be annoying etc?

    38. Paul on January 5

      Three years and counting...insane....

    39. Missing avatar

      Roma on January 3

      @Archie, there's no best way or worst way. There's no way.

      1. The creator was incompetent and/or absconded with our money.
      2. Kickstarter took their cut and doesn't care.
      3. The crowdfunding campaign on fundedjustice got very little support from backers so it seems we don't care either.

      Sad but true.

    40. Archie Block on January 3

      Any update on how best to get a refund and alert Kickstarter to the issues with this project?

    41. Ben Baskaran on December 30

      I made payment through amazon payments but my credit card company refunded me.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on December 30

      here is amazon payment's response - I'm sorry for the troubles you've had with this transaction with a seller.

      Because the order was placed on 19 Jun 20, 2013, more than 90 days ago, I see that the order isn't eligible for reimbursement under the terms of our A-to-z Guarantee.

      I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

      In my attempt to help you, I've escalated your issue to our Investigation team for their review. They will look into it and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

      We hope to see you again soon.

      We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on December 29

      you have 60 days for amazon payments to refund your money (from when it's charged)

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on December 29

      amazon does refund payments, but within a certain time frame. The @creator made sure we couldnt get refunds

    45. misterjaytee on December 28

      Has anyone who used Amazon Payments managed to get a refund from either Amazon or Kickstarter?

    46. Evans Vogas on December 26

      Will we every get refunded

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