Funded! This project was successfully funded on June 20, 2013.

    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator antytom about 2 hours ago

      How can I have a refund?waiting for too long time!!!

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Lim Ngee Hau about 7 hours ago

      Can I have a refund. Thanks

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Brent Roberts about 16 hours ago

      Enjoy James! Hope you and your girlfriend enjoy the gear 2!

    4. Missing_small

      Creator James about 18 hours ago

      Just picked up a gear 2. I was patiently anticipating the release of the Agent, but with the project being months behind with nothing to show leaves me with much regret. I backed 2 watches for me and my girlfriend and this whole fiasco has been such a let down on the whole kickstarter premise. I have backed many projects with great success, but after this, I'm a lot more hesitant to sink any more money into projects (even ones that seem credible as this one did). #Refund

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Chris about 21 hours ago

      @roma - yes, I did and they claimed everything was under control and the riskiest aspects were behind them. They claimed excellent relationships with part suppliers and were working closely to ensure parts arrived on time - I'd say 9 months waiting on a part isn't working closely with nor having the faintest idea what your suppliers are doing.

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Roma 2 days ago

      @Karsten, you haven't been lied to.
      @Chris, in thinking what was implied, did you read the bit about risks too? It turns out that one of the risks has delayed this project.

    7. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Karsten Topp 2 days ago

      Fun is not being lied at. Fun is communication by the creators. I'm in it to learn, too, but there is not a lot to learn here except research on QI chargers and battery life - which I have read 10.000 times before. I see no reason for HoH and SL to conduct research in technologies that are available off-the-shelf.
      Fun is to see something come into existence. But move on people, there is nothing to see....

    8. Missing_small

      Creator Mohamedcheikhali 2 days ago

      Pictures ?

    9. Missing_small

      Creator Chris 2 days ago

      @ryan - it's not just that they've missed deadlines but they seem to be stuck in phase 1 (well 2 if you count the kickstarter collection phase) for about 9 months now. The slick videos and comments from the creators implied this was something that required a little polish, certifying, order parts and build - this has been far from the truth.

      I have other projects running 6 months+ overdue but I'm far less aggressive in communications as thee creators bother to answer questions when asked and post updates. They're also things that aren't quite as techy and therefore less of a shelf life. This could have been great in dec 2013 but with realistic delivery of dec 2014 it's going to be behind the curve with regards both developers and most likely hardware too (that's if the hardware lives up to quoted specs).

    10. Photo.small

      Creator Adam Dzak 3 days ago

      Well, friends that have never met/have no prior communication with one another until the statement he just made.

    11. Photo.small

      Creator Adam Dzak 3 days ago

      I have the distinct feeling Ryan Sweet and I are friends. Get Excited and Make Things.

    12. Img_20130311_150315.small

      Creator Ryan Sweet 3 days ago

      HOLY BALLS. I know its a small fraction, but you guys really take the fun out of this.

      Let me note this is far from the only project that I have backed that is or has turned like this. Just kills it.

      @creator im still excited. I still look forward to this, and think its far from out dated. So thank you.

      Ro those of you that feel that this is somehow ooutdated are you honestly going to tell me you had no idea apple moto, lg, and samsung didnt have watches with bigger teams and budgets right around the corner? I did.. and im buying one of those too. As for ... how could they miss this deadline how come that.. they just took our money or whatever. Why dont you put you brains where your mouth is. Develop a watch. And not jusy a watch but a smart watch. Build it with tech that its a given by the time you are even purchasing it itd out dated. Not to mention by the time you assemble and ship it. And speaking of assembly, and testing. Clearly you all know how to f o it way mire efficiently. Do do it. Take your bigger better idea, tabI'd waa a to concept. Kick start it and tank it from a handful of units to a couple thousand without missing a beat.

      Need me ill be in the forums trying to figure out how to make the watch face I want. Im done checking in here.

    13. Photo.small

      Creator Adam Dzak 3 days ago

      Cool @chris. Thanks for validating everything I just said.

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Brent Roberts 3 days ago

      +1 Stanley

    15. Missing_small

      Creator Roma 3 days ago

      @Chris, sources?

    16. Missing_small

      Creator Stanley Zreinike 3 days ago

      Kickstarter should require the Creator maintain regular communication with backers

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Chris 3 days ago

      @adam the creators implied they had an all but finished product and easy deadlines leading up to Xmas. This was not true. They said they'd give fortnightly updates, this was not true. They said they'd give updates on x date, this was not true. So far what evidence have we to believe anything they say?

    18. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Robert Holbert 4 days ago - The clarification. Looks like it may not be a nail in Agent's coffin after all.

    19. Img_2380.small

      Creator Reto Aeberli 4 days ago

      ignore winbeta, here some clarification from the microsoft employee

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Alex J 4 days ago

      That's a blog post of one Microsoft developer; he's stating he's possibly thinking of helping the pebble team. While it would most likely help the pebble tremendously, it's hardly Microsoft selecting that watch for smart phone integration.

    21. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chris Jutting 4 days ago

      Scratch that, found it.

      Still would be silly to not go with AGENT and support their own framework.

    22. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chris Jutting 4 days ago

      @Robert, Where did you see that information? Microsoft would be stupid to select pebble when AGENT runs on .NET. You'd think they'd want to support their own platform.

    23. Darth-vader-selfie.small

      Creator IOso 4 days ago

      @AdamDzak, Well said!

      @ChrisJutting @PeterKavanagh I too am anxious to see how well the Agent will pair up with WP8.1.

    24. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Robert Holbert 4 days ago

      FYI - Just saw Microsoft has selected Pebble for Windows Phone 8 smartwatch integration. Yet another potential blow to Agent's success. I backed this to be an early adopter into the technology. I knew full well I'd probably only get a year or so out of it before switching to something newer and better, but I also only get a year out of each of my smartphones. That being said, now that it's going to be 8+ months late that usage time is much smaller than one year, if not 0. That's why I'm wanting my #refund.

    25. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chris Jutting 4 days ago

      @Adam, Thank you, it's nice to see some positive comments here among the sea of negative. I backed AGENT because of it's WP support, and so far no other makers have this, so even coming out 8 months after the original estimate it will likely still be the most WP friendly smartwatch.

    26. Pk_avatar.small

      Creator Peter Kavanagh 4 days ago

      @Adam, +1 from me too. Counting up the number of backers above the '$1 or more' level I'm seeing 5,404. So the percentage of those that have felt the need to go public on here is pretty small - around 1%?

      So @Creator, keep up the good work, looking forward to something stylish and functional later in the year. And with Windows Phone 8.1 now out in beta we finally have Bluetooth RFComm, notification centre, and other goodies that should make integration much more straightforward and richly featured.

      Looking forward to the next update!

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Roma 4 days ago

      @Adam, I agree. Too many armchair critics around here. I'll ride it out and if Agent disappoints me then I'll be surprised but, I hope, philosophical about the outcome. This is the 4th smartwatch project I've crowdfunded and I still have much more confidence in this one and the people behind it than I've had with any of the other three.

      For those (like me) who would like to see another Update, read this:…

    28. Missing_small

      Creator Tim 4 days ago

      @adam I think you've nailed was Kickstarter is supposed be all about. You take a gamble on someone who has a vision and a plan and is willing to give it a shot. Hang in there project team.

    29. Jeroentje-300dpi-wp7.small

      Creator Jeroen 4 days ago

      @Adam I completely agree

    30. Photo.small

      Creator Adam Dzak 5 days ago

      I'd like to emphasize, it's not my goal to be sarcastic or even remotely offensive in the following post. Which may prompt you for that moment of "Ok, i'm going to buckle up for this." But you don't have to - as a backer amongst a sea of backers, I'm just another one who wanted to share his thoughts.

      I get the strong impression everyone is negative, impatient, furious, and/or disappointed that a crowdfunded idea so far hasn't made it's goals. I wonder what it's like to get a million dollars delivered to your bank account with the pressure as a company of one to build something that barely exists and you can only hope everything falls in line perfectly and that the people who understood your dream to help you get there, would also understand your setbacks and forgive your shortcomings.

      Reading people's reactions over "Oh it's not gonna be the smartest watch anymore..." or "Well Apple is going to come out with something." If you had such vision, why would you waste your money on such a venture as this? I'm sorry to say, but what are you - a user? another consumer? Or someone who cares about putting .NET on a watch? Someone who wants to help push that goal forward not with just money but with their own code? Their own time? I'm reluctant to even visit this page anymore because of the kind of things I see people write. It's safer amongst the development community around this thing because at least the discussion there is trying to push something forward, not shame the one guy who is trying to do something none of us even attempted to do with a Netduino.

      I invested because I believe, and still do in Secret Labs. I've said it before and I will say it again, my support of makers remains positively unwavering.

    31. Missing_small

      Creator Cristopher Johnson 5 days ago

      I really want a watch... #Watch

    32. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Daniel Chang 5 days ago

      @Jussi Myllyluoma Actually, Goku would win easily with just his breath. And Krillan would win with an arm tied behind his back. XD

    33. Zerohour.small

      Creator Luke Venables 5 days ago

      I agree with Matt Mayatt. I think an official comment from SL & HoH regarding their stance on refunds and helping people sell their watches is necessary at this point. There is such a flood of negativity going on here and it is only going to get worse if people's concerns aren't directly addressed.

    34. Missing_small

      Creator Jordi 5 days ago

      Actually since I contacted the founder and what em I said help in your sale once come to light but this will be very difficult and almost impossible to realize why eya be on the market other smartwatch.

      At least they offer us free loaders all baker's not as vain we return our money


    35. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Karsten Topp 5 days ago

      So "they will help us sell the watch"...?
      You know the implication of that?
      It means, that HoH did not sell enough of their "Smartest Watches" after the KS campaign ended to ensure a working product. This might be due to the fact that the project's goal, creating "The World's Smartest Watch" has become obsolete after the success of the Pebble and after lots of Omate-Clones (Simvalley et al.) are flooding the market with much cleverer watches (including phone/mobile internet/video/photo capabilities), not to mention the likes of Sony (yes, I know, crap...), Samsung and very soon Apple.
      Let's face it. IF it would have been possible to create a watch within the time frame, it would have had a chance to establish a leat a proprietary "standard" like the Pebble train-wreck did. But now, with only 5,700'ish sold on KS and possibly not many more on their own webpage, this is going to be a very rare museum piece.

      Don't get me wrong. It will be a very nice watch, hopefully. And it will, hopefully, have some sort of intelligence built in that will set it apart from Gen1 smart watches like Pebble, but when it hits the shelves (or, like .. not!), it will be a Gen1 product in a Gen3 world.

      I have backed this when Pebble seemed to turn into a train wreck and I've backed Omate as problems reared their heads here. I alredy have the Pebble (Gen1 smart watch) and I will hopefully hold an Omate (Gen3 smart watch) in my hands in the next few weeks and there is nothing - NOTHING - to be seen in terms of even a pre-production sample from Secret Labs/HoH.

      No doubt, they will bring this program to fruition. No doubt, we will all receive a very beautiful and well made Gen2 smart watch. No doubt, it will function as promised.

      But, honestly, are you going to buy a "new" before last year's car for the same price or even dearer than the new model? Frabkly, I would not. But since the project will come to fruition, I will place this so-called "Smart Watch" right on the shelf of my computer museum, right next to the SUN Sparc Voyager, the Apple III, the Commodore Amiga 4000 and other products that were either too little, too late or too expensive.

    36. Missing_small

      Creator Timothy Kwan 6 days ago


      several people have posted here trying to get refunds and and the answer is no. They will help us sell the watch when it has been released.

    37. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Matt Mayatt 6 days ago

      Would be a great time for the creator to clear some of these matters up and stop the pretty squabbling that is happening on this comments page.

    38. Tasse.small

      Creator Michael 6 days ago

      @Roma I did contact the creator directly before I posted here. Any other suggestion?

    39. Missing_small

      Creator Roma 6 days ago

      Most people who post a comment here about wanting a refund give no indication that they have asked the creator directly. If I wanted a refund I would contact the creator directly. Then, if I wanted everyone else to know about it, I would leave a comment here saying what I've done.

    40. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kian Way 6 days ago

      @creator, i also wanted my refund... No point waiting for this project for so long when other maker already out smartwatch with better specifications

    41. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chris Jung 6 days ago

      I really want a refund.... #refund

    42. Police_man_vector.small

      Creator Ben Abrams 7 days ago

      Hear ye hear ye... I have news from the agent team. They have finally decided that they are going to turn their product in to a watch! One which you will be able to wear on your wrist!
      What could possibly be taking so long guys, get it together or just admit you failed, either way I just want out. #refund

    43. The_dragon3.small

      Creator Jussi Myllyluoma on April 12

      What's to fight over? Goku would win with one hand tied behind his back.

    44. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Daniel Chang on April 12

      Can I get a refund on account of all this ridiculous drama behind this project? Next thing I know you guys would be fighting over Goku vs Superman...

    45. The_dragon3.small

      Creator Jussi Myllyluoma on April 12

      When I backed this, I fully expected Apple to release an iWatch in Q3 of last year, and that I would get the Agent after that. I was really surprised when Apple didn't.
      Now, I'm expecting Apple to release iWatch around summer, and that I'll get Agent after that.
      So nothing has changed, really.
      And I never expected Agent to be able to beat the technology of iWatch, so nothing has changed from that perspective, either.

    46. Missing_small

      Creator John Powers on April 12

      I was really looking forward to this. I think it could have been successful if it was released earlier, but August/September will be too late. Sure I'll get my backer version, but I can't see anyone buying this in October, when the android watches and the apple watch are already out.

    47. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Karsten Topp on April 12

      You are an optimist.
      Do we habe a final design?
      I don't think so.
      Do we have FCC/CE certification?
      I don't think so.
      Is the design capable oft beging mass-produced?
      I don't know.
      Do I know Moore's Law?

    48. Missing_small

      Creator Jonathan Nguyen on April 12

      at this pace, i am hoping for 2014 xmas delivery

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