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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rodrigo Gomez 2 days ago

      This poor bastard stole our money. What a failure this has been, the guy is a fiasco.

    2. Missing avatar

      jeff 4 days ago

      Martin... How is our funded justice thing going? Any hope we can get a publicity seeking lawyer on this? Perhaps a PI to hunt this dickhead down?

    3. Missing avatar

      jeff 4 days ago

      Hey Coward...where's our half-hearted update on your shitty watch you lied about? I hope you're sleeping well knowing that you ripped off. What, exactly, is being made? Shitty software that you and your team of other guys named Chris Walker developed? You scum! Just end this, or yourself. Either one would be fabulous.

    4. Ben Baskaran 5 days ago

      @kevin. I think he will be talking about watch strap buckles. He hasn't mentioned that one yet

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jordan 6 days ago

      It's almost time for the trimonthly "update" (last one was April 30th, so he's due to give us an "update" to make it look like this project is still active). I wonder what he'll make up this time.

    6. Missing avatar

      BK on July 16

      Time to contact the Attorney General and get our money back!

      "A backer of the infamously expansive space shooter Star Citizen has argued for, and won, a sizeable refund on his $2550 pledge to the game on the grounds that “the product remains unfulfilled and no longer constitutes the product(s) I originally purchased.”

    7. Chris Gonzales on July 13

      At the very least I would think kickstarter would want to refund the percentage that they took for this project. That would be an act of good faith if not to avoid being a participant in fraud. If Kickerstarter returns the percentage they collect (5% US, not counting transaction fees) that would be an average of $8.9 returned to each backer.

    8. Missing avatar

      JEFFREY K BUZZELL on July 12

      If this ever gets fulfilled, I am going to frame the watch and hang it on my wall as a reminder that some people suck.

    9. Lou Caputo on July 9

      It's been 7 months since my last post, and not a single thing has changed here. The money is gone, we're all victims, and there's nothing we can do. THANKS Kickstarter!

    10. Rod VonHugenstein on July 4

      Happy 4th of July, and fuck you Chris Walker. I hope you choke on a bag of dicks....

    11. Missing avatar

      Arvinder Ghataore on July 3

      Why have you deleted all the comments

    12. Missing avatar

      Arvinder Ghataore on July 3

      I want my money back

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon on July 3

      Chris Walker is going to find out that a million bucks isn't that much when the chips are down.

      His Netduino business is practically ruined and his forums are near death. He is left with nothing of note and will soon have to go back to being a code monkey for someone (if he isn't already).

      But even then, he will always need to look over his shoulder. One day he will turn a street corner and this whole episode will catch up with him.

      Chris Walker can run but he cannot hide.

      Justice is going to be a bitch when it catches up with the con artist.

    14. Ali Al Rahma on July 1

      Some people have probably filed a case with the FBI and other organizations for long. Why the hell is this guy not in jail yet? I want to drag him from his damn ears to the police and then win him in court and I hope he rots in jail.

    15. Ali Al Rahma on July 1

      Anyone wants to bet that this Chris Wanker twat has no team and he worked on this project solo to scam people? I'm sure he paid some money to make the video believable and then gave himself the title "project manager".

    16. Ali Al Rahma on July 1

      How about you sell the damn components for cheap and refund us accordingly? I'll accept a $100 or $150 refund, he'll even $75 is better than nothing. But I'm sure you bought yourself a nice mansion, car and wife (yes, bought a wife) with that kind of money. Anything left from it, Chris Wanker?

    17. Trogdor
      on June 30

      Re:FundedJustice - any update on your end?

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on June 30

      @creator just send me the parts i paid for - i'll build the watch myself - or at least have a few spare paperweights.

    19. Makuri on June 29

      Fuck this project!

    20. Francisco Ho on June 29

      This is a scam, they havent done anything. All they do is pretend to build a product but not actually execute it

    21. Scuba Steve on June 29

      Like many this was my first KS experience. I couldn't really afford it at the time but found away. I am now so jaded about crowdfunding

    22. Missing avatar

      voiceofid on June 28

      I got a watch now that does more than what your watch promised for $22

      it's call a miband 2, just pack your bags and go home @creator

    23. Missing avatar

      Roma on June 25

      I disagree with those not wanting further updates. As useless as they are, they must take some creating by this creator and, I hope, cost him money getting his legal eagle to carefully scan. Make the bastard sweat a little for our million dollars, I say!

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on June 25

      If AGENT is not related to any of these:Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, or Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, don't bother to call it SmartWatch.

      Don't waste your or our time any more. We do not need any fake update....

    25. José M. Nieves on June 25

      Chris, you can stick your worthless (imaginary) watch up where the sun doesn't shine. I'm done even checking this page. We made another one-percenter in the US through a scam. Yep, that's the US we live in.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on June 24

      No more fake update, please....

      You (Chris) has taken our money, we expect you to be responsible...
      Do not waste and fool our time again !!!

    27. Brian Estey on June 24

      Refund, please?

    28. Missing avatar

      kelvin cheong
      on June 22

      In accordance with the Kickstarter Terms of Agreement - I am requesting to have my money refunded.

    29. Alex Ferrandis on June 16

      Sick of waiting for products that will never arrive. And if created will be already outdated and old in comparison with all the new watches.

    30. Rod VonHugenstein on June 15

      But what about the watch straps? Because no one has figured out how to make a decent watch strap in the last two hundred years of watchmaking.........

    31. Andre on June 12

      It is my first and my last KS projekt I baked. Sorry KS you earn your money from us and have no risk and the user have to take the full risk? This baker will never never finalize this projekt he kid all, wrotes a twice updates but they say nothing.
      Lets me guess, in a few month he says all the money is consume for the engineering who was much expensiver he has etimate. KS we are talking about over 1.000.000 Dolar!!! And the baker lies makes with our money a good live. THANK YOU KS.

    32. Ben Baskaran on June 12

      @Dino. In uk your contract would be with the credit card company

    33. dennis on June 12

      So when do we get the refund? Months and months ago about the refund and then no mention of scheduled details at all!

    34. Missing avatar

      Dino on June 11

      Spoke to credit card company about this scam. Our contract is with Kickstarter who fulfilled their obligation by forwarding the funds to the creator, so there's no claim against them.

      I've basically pre-ordered my new Pebble through here, but once that's done, I'm outta here. Whole place is set up for fraudsters and the more they realise this is an easy and legal way to rip people off, the more they will.

      Pity it'll impact on genuine start ups like the next Pebble, people who bring innovation, but my advice to anyone would be to avoid Kickstarter until it gets its house in order.

    35. Missing avatar

      PB on June 10

      This was the last KS project I backed same.

    36. Wouter Haine on June 9

      When is KS stepping in? They made quite a big sum of money of this too and they just let this happen. This was the last KS project I backed.

    37. Ralph Wiggum on June 9

      I saw a new-design suitcase project up on Kickstarter. I was tempted to back it, but remembered the Agent debacle.

      This is Chris Walker's legacy. A failed KS project that has tainted the community's view on crowdfunding.

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael W on June 9

      Let's keep the pressure on CW! Please do the following if you have not already done so.
      We ALL should file complaints everywhere we can.
      Steps everyone should take:
      File a complaint with the FBI: (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
      File a complaint with the BBB: (Better Business Bureau)
      File a complaint with your state’s consumer protection agency:
      FTC complaint can be filed here.
      Guide on FTC filing posted by William McKinney further below was really helpful, only took 5 minutes -
      PLEASE do your part and file complaints with Kickstarter and the above!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ingo Mueller on June 8

      Oh Chris, I totally missed to say congratulations for your 3rd anniversary at 21st of May!
      I am remembering what we have experienced together.

      While my little boy grew up, Agent (the world's smartest watch ... muahaha) did not even made an attempt to leave the cradle.

      It was a promising start when you stated:
      "Wow. In less than 10 hours, you made our dream of manufacturing the AGENT smartwatch a reality. "

      Three years later I would like to respond:

      Wow. Within little more than 3 years you fooled us in any imaginable way;
      your dream of getting away with 1 million bucks seems to be reality.

      But it only seems so:
      As you shattered our dreams and trust (in the project and especially in you as a person), a higher power will take its turn ... one day or another -
      think about all the 5.685 good and faithful souls you have fooled then.

    40. Anders Ulfheden on June 7

      I think CW lets this go on because he probably will have to repay shipping costs if he forfeits the project. And since he has already used up all the cash to buy prostitutes that is going to be a problem. Hopefully he has some kind involvment with KS and his company so the day he has to forfeit this project he also has to forfeit his entire company or pay us back shipping.

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on June 7

      Chris should deliver the Watch or close the shop, not fool us around with paper dream-up updates...

    42. Missing avatar

      sean on June 7

      We all made some guys rich. Scam

    43. Missing avatar

      Ron Arden on June 5

      So, at the end of the day is the bottom line that we are all fucked without any recourse?

      Simply, this product will never launch; we will not get our money back.

      Time to move on.

    44. Ben Baskaran on June 3

      I wonder how many year CW will keep up the bullshit

    45. Joe R. on June 2

      I've been patient enough...I don't need your watch anymore!!! Refund Please!!!

    46. Rod VonHugenstein on June 2

      Hey, Fuck You Chris! On another note, since Kickstarter has shown they will not hold creators responsible for ripping off their backers, I had a thought. I refuse to back any more projects on Kickstarter, and I've been telling creators the same. If enough creators realize their projects are at risk because Kickstarter is not enforcing it's own rules, then they may not list projects, or may got to other sites. Kickstarter is only concerned about making money, so once they realize they're losing it, then maybe it will force them to hold scam projects, and their creators accountable.

    47. Missing avatar

      Luc Bos on June 1

      Is HOH still open in New York?

      I'm taking a trip to New York soon and I'dd love to pay them a visit.

    48. J J Wu Chang on June 1

      I kind of want this watch already and frame it to say "Oh hey. I backed this... wasn't that a bad idea? Quick let me use my Pebble Time 2 to make a note of that."

    49. Preecharles Tavee on May 31

      And now I'm pledging for Pebble Time 2..

      Hopefully to see your product soon....

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