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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator FrankyB about 2 hours ago

      @Marc we would like to talk about something else, but there is nothing... nothing to talk about except the strap... Oh we miss those updates on the straps.

    2. Creator Daniel Chang about 3 hours ago

      @Marc because Kickstarter took a percentage of our money to buy plenty of storage. And talk about wasting valuable bits...

    3. Creator Marc about 4 hours ago

      If you're all so disillusioned, why don't you just go away and stop posting? Your crap is taking up valuable bits on a disk someplace on the KS servers.

    4. Creator Mark Wallace about 11 hours ago

      Applied to my bank to get the card refunded, seemed a simple enough process

    5. Creator Simon Karlskov about 12 hours ago

      weird, the kickstarter app says 10.002 comments but the page says 9.913 :/

    6. Creator Simon Karlskov about 16 hours ago

      @Daniel comment number 10000 AND comparing CW to hitler on The same post.. Nice one, grats :P

    7. Creator Tim about 19 hours ago

      Getting scammed was one of the risks we took in backing this project. In hindsight, the most obvious one.

    8. Creator Daniel Chang 1 day ago

      @FrankyB @Tim I second what FrankyB is saying. I've backed other failed projects, but at least the creators were open and honest, they've clearly tried, and that there were legitimate mistakes in their choice of manufacturer, bad contract, and/or they are holding back to "perfect" everything. Some of them has failed and closed, so that's already "justice." Secret Labs is benefitting from our money, and that's a big difference. This is the only project that I have a problem with. Chris Walker is a big fat liar, and I do and have admitted that we're all idiots to buy into his scam. And I would only feel better if people do know that Chris Walker is a scam artist, so nobody else would fall into any more of his traps.

      I understand that there are Microsoft folks here who have worked with him and know him as a good guy, but even Hitler was Man of the Year once and Stalin was Man of the Year twice... Obviously, Chris Walker could only dream of being Hitler or Stalin, and they are in no way comparable. But a murderer is not a murderer until he commits the murder. Chris Walker is now a scam artist, even if you didn't know him as one before.

    9. Creator Dan Mitchell 1 day ago

      As I just said to my friend Gloria Mundi --- I'm sick in transit with this KS project. So it's back to Pebble Time Steel and Apple Watch then.

    10. Creator FrankyB 1 day ago

      @W.Lagging @Tim In normal condition I would agree with you. Kickstarter is high risk. But @Creator / Chris Walker is failing on every front. On one key element worse then others: Communications. He sparsely communicates and when he does, he doesn't show any progress. Since the beginning, he talks about a "team" and yet that team is pretty much "me, myself and I". We suspect that recently, that team also include "my lawyers". Failing while trying is one thing, failing while lying and doing the bait & switch is what infuriates everyone voicing their opinion here. So, Yes I knew the risk. But I didn't know this guys was going to screw everyone over and it piss me off. @Dude made a post about another failing Kickstarter, well at least on this one they failed while trying. Anyhow, waiting for the next "fast/frequent update", may be we will here about Agent3.0.

    11. Creator Dude. 2 days ago

      Fwiw, the following is a good read:

      Triggertrap Ada: Modular Camera Trigger
      How our $500k kickstarter campaign crashed and burned.

      If you have any problem with links, etc, then do a Google search on:
      How our $500k kickstarter campaign crashed and burned.
      Triggertrap Ada failed

    12. Creator Ralph Wiggum 2 days ago

      If CW comes up with a new KS project, I would donate $1 just to get up on the message boards and tell everyone to stay away from this incompetent conman.

    13. Creator Tim 2 days ago

      @W.Lagging. You're exactly right. Just a lot of sore losers here who don't want to take responsibility for their bad decision.

    14. Creator Owen McEntee 2 days ago

      Great comments @Joshua Ayes and @Daniel Chang and all of you affected.

      I just can't believe this is dragging on and KS haven't pulled their finger out to investigate further!!

      I don't know how @creator can sleep at night and the offer to trade in our pledge for something else is surely breach of KS terms?
      Looking forward to seeing how this ends.. Have been burnt on KS before with @Clang (they just gave up after spending all the cash perfecting the game but never released final version - sound familiar?) and I never got a refund there either..

    15. Creator Dan Mitchell 3 days ago

      Basically, guys, a Smartwatch is a much too complex project for a small team and for Kickstarter.

      Even Pebble had a few stumbles when doing Pebble 1, and got many adverse comments.
      They are the only team who have made a real success of a Smartwatch, and now have 20 million USD to play with for Pebble 3 (Pebble Time/Time-Steel)

      Agent is a train-wreck, and HOT watch remains to be judged.

    16. Creator W. Laging 3 days ago

      @Andrew Rhodes, What Kickstarter does is facitilating a webspace where a "Creater" can advertise and collect money form "Funders/Backers". They come together and pay for a chosen perk. After the project closes Kickstarter handsover the money collected. From that point they only operate a website where "Funders/Backers" and "Creators" can communicate. eg. the iPlifier from kickstarter is a scam, but the Kickstarter website is stil there. I doubt that Kickstarter and Indiegogo have a clear view with whome they are dealing with. No credentials checked. Indiegogo sometimes publishes something "like this person exist because this is his FB-page". Many projects are just good rederings and not real pictures from the real thing. The just act as a middleman, not being a wholesaler of a reseller. I have become more cautious and try to make triple checks and more. But that is sometimes not possible. The amount of money I invest in a perk is a amount I am willing to write off. So I don't invest into perks above a certain amount. My opinion with this creator: he will come up somewhere this year or next year with the Agent 3.0 because the watch will update itself thru Sat. communication or so.

    17. Creator Roma 3 days ago

      @Lloyd, point taken.

    18. Creator Christopher Burnett 3 days ago

      What ever happen to from the last update- "We are speeding up our Kickstarter Update cadence to share all the new technology updates—and to share the physical watchcase status with you on a more regular basis. We will be back soon with another update."

      Worthless f'r

    19. Creator Lloyd 3 days ago

      If only I had backed the original Pebble. I wouldn't have such a negative view of Kickstarter and may have actually backed other worthy projects. I will never give Kickstarter another dime and tell everyone I know to stay away from the site.

      Pretty much knew this was a scam within months (unlike @Roma) and now everyone knows what I knew so long ago. Chris is a POS that will get his in the end... hope it is sooner, rather than later though.

    20. Creator Dan Mitchell 3 days ago


      Though he burns the candle at both ends
      It will not last the night
      But oh his enemies and few friends
      It gives a lovely light.

    21. Creator Andrew Rhodes 4 days ago

      Is there a time limit that Kickstarter will keep hosting a project that doesn't deliver? Say in another years time, is there a possibility this comment forum will no longer be hosted, even though no product was delivered? Otherwise Chris will have an endless stream of comments forever to laugh over as he plays with the $1,000,000 plus he scammed off the backers.

    22. Creator Joshua Ayes 4 days ago

      dont worry about me getting off kickstarter - i have ways of coming back to the chat :)

    23. Creator Daniel Chang 4 days ago

      @Roma if Chris Walker stocks up his Netduino store with male performance enhancements or toilet paper (at appropriate prices of course), I'll gladly ask for a gift certificate and shut up here. Both are infinitely more useful than this fairy tale "smart" watch, SCAM 2.0, or netduino parts.

      If I were to do more netmf development, I'd be getting hardware from GHI. But with Microsoft delivering Windows IoT on raspberrypi pi 2, Intel Galileo, and Qualcomm DragonBoard, I'm especially interested in the Qualcomm dragonboard.

    24. Creator jafrederick 4 days ago

      Looks like @Joshua Ayes is about to get kicked off of the kickstarter campaign here and get a refund if that information is being passed to the email. Ruffling the feathers and causing a potential legal threat is apparently enough to cut him away from the pack. Good news, though, is that it will establish precedence.

      This is sunk and @creator is just trying to tread water, testing every avenue he has until he has to finally pay the piper.

    25. Creator Michael W 4 days ago

      I still say the only recourse at this time is small claims court. If enough people did this, CW would have a full time job defending himself!

    26. Creator Joshua Ayes 4 days ago

      make sure to include your Amazon Payment Receipt - and your kickstarter screen name - i didnt add the amazon receipt originally i had the transaction number - so i faxed over the receipt with my kickstarter name --- it was interesting to see that the email chain the Attorney General office had in the subject line - 3rd Request. -- i guess @creator doesnt like to respond to information

    27. Creator Jorge Alberto Rubio Casanueva 5 days ago

      @Joshua, could you describe what information you added to the complaint form? I'm planning on sending one too. Thanks!

    28. Creator Daniel Chang 5 days ago

      After reporting Chris Walker to Kickstarter for violating even more Kickstarter rules for offering coupons, gift certificates, and/or another non-existing product of similar monetary value instead of just refunding us our money, Kickstarter responded with this:

      "These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn’t fulfill their obligations under the agreement. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill."

      I unfortunately could not get Kickstarter to explicitly say whether or not Chris had violated the terms.

    29. Creator Roma 5 days ago

      Friends, Double Entendres, Countrymen
      I come to chastise Agent, not to Cialis him.
      The Viaggravation we have endured endures
      As the stiffness of Updates firms our resolve.
      Rise up against tyranny!
      Chris once was our friend, faithful and just to us.
      Verily, may he bone none other.

    30. Creator Roma 5 days ago

      Latest post on the Agent Forums:
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    31. Creator Dan Mitchell 5 days ago

      Friends, Americans, Countrymen
      I come to bury Agent, not to praise him
      The wrong that Chris does lives after him
      The good will be inter'ed with his bones
      So let it be with Chris.
      He once was our friend, faithful and just to us.
      May he rest peacefully at night.

    32. Creator Dan Mitchell 5 days ago

      @Derick Wong. It is all too obvious that the "Weloop Tommy" is a rip-off of the Pebble (version one) !

    33. Creator Dan Mitchell 5 days ago

      My other "Smartwatch" pledge was for a HOT watch. I now have news of its shipping. And Pebble Time is about to close at nearly 20 million USD - wow, such confidence there ?

    34. Creator Roma 6 days ago

      *of Secret Labs

    35. Creator Roma 6 days ago

      @Joshua, well done. I filed a complaint online with the New York AG but have heard diddly squat. Seems like you at least have to live in the US? Fair enough.

      Backers in the US, rise up against the fraud (at worst) or total incompetence (at best) being perpetrated/demonstrated by Chris Walker if Secret Labs. What a fucking farce this is.

    36. Creator Derick Wong 6 days ago

      I have just bought Weloop Tommy, which also have Sharp memory display. Although the outlook may not as good as Agent, but it is much cheaper. The most important is that, I can use it now!

    37. Creator joeybulky 6 days ago

      What course of legal action can we take to bring this liar to justice?

    38. Creator Chris 6 days ago

      Would kickstarter let us set up,a project to sue him? Different levels depending on what you pledged/wanted back. Surely this is just a small claims court affair?

    39. Creator Nathaniel G 6 days ago

      Joshua Ayes please keep us posted...i filed a while back and got a couple letters from the NY AG but no action. I was a NY resident at the time. I am not now.

    40. Creator Daniel Chang 6 days ago

      Well, if we don't ever hear back from you, that would also mean you succeeded in getting a refund. So I wish to never hear from you again! Just kidding! Please private message me on Facebook or something if successful. And I'll update the folks.

    41. Creator Joshua Ayes 6 days ago

      so this is interesting - i received a follow up from the State of New York Attorney General requesting more information per Agent Watch. apparently Attorney General contacted Agent 3times with no response. then someone at requested my Amazon Payment receipt and my kickstarter name - which i just faxed over to the Attorney General - i'll keep you posted. I dont live in new york - and was told that you dont have to live in Ny to file a complaint about the company.

    42. Creator Daniel Chang 7 days ago

      A scammer who robs many people of a little vs a scanner who robs a few people of a lot

      They are both scams.

    43. Creator Siegfried Bruner on March 24

      As far as I can tell, no one pledged more than $200. It hurts, I get that, but after two years... who really cares anymore. We were likely taken for $200 each. I am impressed by the lively conversation still happening here. I pledged $2500 on another KS project, and that deadbeat still hasn't fulfilled many pledges more than 2 years later.

    44. Creator jakertberry on March 24

      While I'm (still) ecstatic at the thought of a smart watch that runs the .NET Micro Framework, I am underwhelmed with my experience regarding this project as a whole--with Kickstarter's lack of response and backer support, and with the Creator's scope creep and lack of progress within the bounds of the original specification.
      My expectations of ever seeing a finalized deliverable are low, and my expectations of ever receiving a refund are lower still.
      If anything, I hope this project can serve as a warning to potential backers in other Kickstarter projects to always do their homework before they pledge--even $1mil projects can deliver nothing but vaporware.

    45. Creator Trogdor on March 23

      Paper Tiger - defined as
      a person or thing that appears threatening but is ineffectual.

      Re: KS TOS

    46. Creator Daniel Chang on March 23


      In the Terms of Use:

      "Project Creators agree to make a good faith attempt to fulfill each reward by its Estimated Delivery Date." - I argue that Chris Walker had NOT made a good faith attempt. Evidence: it's SO late, and he's already working on a Version 2 when Version 1 is not done.

      "A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward." - Clearly, Chris Walker is unable to fulfill the reward promised to us. Where is our refund? He also violates other rules by offering us coupons or vouchers for other items (See below).

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." - Chris Walker is required to fulfill all rewards or issue refunds.

      In the Rules:

      "Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts, and creators should be candid about what they plan to accomplish. When a project involves manufacturing and distributing something complex, like a gadget, we require projects to show a prototype of what they’re making, and we prohibit photorealistic renderings." - The campaign story is filled with misleading statements. We were lead to believe that the watch has been "created" and is just months from manufacturing.

      "Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised to a charity or cause, and they can’t offer financial incentives like equity or repayment. We also can’t allow any of these prohibited things." - Prohibited items such as coupons and cash-equivalent instruments are not allowed. Right now, that is the offer Chris Walker has given us, a non-existing Agent 2 Watch and/or coupons worth your pledge values at his Netduino store.

      Feel free to add to the list.

    47. Creator Justin R. Walterich on March 23

      So, just to alleviate mine and anyone else's confusionconfusion, did they or did they not break Kickstarter's TOS in any way and why or why not?

    48. Creator Robin Wagner on March 20

      @Tammy Anne Duffy, I think if you examine the email you received a little closer you will see that the email was sent by Simon (one of the many frustrated backers), from the account he set up a while ago. Note the signature"Si" at the end.

      @Simon, I'm sorry you didn't get a better response.

    49. Creator Matt Mayatt on March 20

      Nice 1Tammy, I think the sarcasm may be lost in translation :)

    50. Creator Daniel Chang on March 20

      What, Tammy? Please reiterate.

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