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AGENT: The World's Smartest Watch's video poster

The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 20, 2013.

The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.

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    1. Creator Daniel Chang about 2 hours ago

      On another note, juicebee is shipping soon! LOL... There's still hope!

    2. Creator dennis about 2 hours ago

      I'm at two minds about this one. On one hand I'd like to get the watch they finished and keep it as the reminder what can go wrong with the crowdfunding but on the other hand want to swap with the Gen2 watch when it's ready - after all I'm not short of watches inc. smart watches inc. Pebble, Omate, etc. :p

      of coz the creator refund the money that will be nice though

    3. Creator Dino about 3 hours ago

      Pebble Time; Pebble Time Steel; Apple Watch; Huawei. The list goes on. I'm not sure Agent is next generation anymore, let alone Smartest, in either sense of the word

    4. Creator Jose castro about 8 hours ago


      Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please Refunds for everyone please

    5. Creator Dan Mitchell about 11 hours ago

      And now Pebble Time Steel is announced, what then of Agent ? Seems awfully dead in the water to me !

      Though Chris burns the candle at both ends
      It has not lasted the night
      But oh his enemies and investor friends
      It is a fading light

    6. Creator Anthony about 23 hours ago

      Can somebody clear up if Kickstarter's policy for technology projects where a working prototype must be completed was in place before or after this project?

    7. Creator Daniel Chang 1 day ago

      That's not a promo video; it's a demo video. Totally fake. Kickstarter requires a video demo, and this is the only video officially connected to this campaign; hence, it's the demo and that Chris Walker violated the ToS.

    8. Creator MacGyverX 1 day ago

      It funny that we still don't have any pictures or videos of a fully functional watch (the promo video does not count).

      So they offer an 'upgrade' to ver. 2 (but you have to ask for it) or you can stay with ver. 1
      But no time lines whatsoever for either of them.

      Also, Are they updating/changing the verbiage to the updates? When I read it when it came out and just read it about 5 mins ago. It's very different.

      I don't think anyone here cares about the technical updates. Normally I would. But this is so far behind. All I want to know is when are you shipping. What the the damn thing will look like (No CAD models. An actual working watch on someones wrist). How does it interact with a phone (i.e. a Physical watch working with Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.

      This deflection about v2.0 is absolutely annoying considering we have not even seen v1 working. If you guys gave a crap about the true annoyance of this project had become to all of us- You would have upgraded everyone to v2 and gave a clear timeline on when that is going to ship. And offered those folks that wanted a refund a you know- refund.

    9. Creator Daniel Chang 1 day ago

      Matt, the CEO of Pebble is a known Microsoft hater... So I doubt this, but money talks...

    10. Creator FrankyB 1 day ago

      About the last update, what you need to read here is: Kickstarter contacted me and asked that I make more frequent update. So here an update about nothing, but it is technicaly an update. Expect more of those useless update.

    11. Creator Nick L 1 day ago

      Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.
      Finish and ship Agent 1.0, then step away from Kickstarter. I daresay the experience has been extremely unpleasant for you too, but you've got a million bucks to help with the unpleasantness. We've just got promises of jam tomorrow...

    12. Creator Lloyd 1 day ago

      Called this a scam over a year ago. I knew then he was diverting funds to netduino garbage. People like Roma didn't want to listen or didn't want to believe.

      If I ever run across this cheesedick at some point, I will get my $150 back from him... one way or another.

    13. Creator Kevin Wilson 2 days ago

      How about showing us your project/task board with everything that's done and everything that's still to be actioned? And explaining what your definition of done is?

      I doubt it'll make much difference (and I doubt any such thing exists since that would show some level of project planning) but it would be a nice indication of where you are in the project.

      Looking back at the (now outdated and hilarious) original pitch video, there are working prototypes mentioned. What stage were these at - crude drawing on some graph paper?

    14. Creator Matt Mayatt 2 days ago

      Looks like pebble time will be getting full Windows phone support...if the rumors are true.
      Suprise to be revealed tomorrow

    15. Creator Alex S 2 days ago

      Congratulations guys! It has now been so long that the SmartWatch you deliver to us will be a generation behind the original SmartWatch that you based yours off of. We'll now have first generation smart watches while every other SmartWatch manufacturer out there is putting so much more into their watches.

    16. Creator Jeremy Iliev 2 days ago

      20 lines of code. Give this guy a medal.

    17. Creator Rod VonHugenstein 2 days ago

      So, does anyone want to bet that one of the next updates will include details on how Agent OS 2.0 is not compatible with Agent 1.0 hardware (that is currently expiring on a shelf)?

      I'm starting to think that this MF'er Chris Walker is just sending out updates to rub this in our faces. Kickstarter won't touch him, and he's had two years to spend and/or stash the backer funds away to hide them from any legal actions.

      I've given up on the idea of ever seeing my money again, but that doesn't mean I won't expend every possible option to get a refund.

    18. Creator Dan 2 days ago

      Chris walker, ever worked as a steward in a bar in between investment banking?

    19. Creator Simon 2 days ago

      When does your ego being unable to triumph over your ability become fraud?

      I stated last September that Chris Walker could not deliver the project within budget. Since then his spending has increased on equipment that can (and likely is) being used for V2 of Vaporware Agent. This is against the ToS.

      I think Chris Walker has crossed a line. Sadly that line is written by Kickstarter, a business that has no interest in tackling fraud on their platform.

      The fact is that Chris is likely going to get away with this. However his reputation is in tatters (or it soon will be - watch this space).

      I hope he and his family suffer for many years to come - the million bucks he has taken from us? Merely delaying the inevitable. I.T. is littered with people like Chris.

      BTW - just in case you haven't read the other post in the update a brief summary

      IF you "liked" the update (and 11 did) and/or
      IF you have opted for V2 of Agent

      I have some news for you. Seek help. You have a low IQ and are likely inbred. You deserve being ripped off so I hope you continue to enjoy Kickstarter. Please don't breed - we have enough complete imbeciles on this planet already.

    20. Creator Simon 2 days ago

      Just for those not checking the updates thread:

      "The extended configuration settings designate whether the device supports IPv4 (traditional Internet), IPv6 (next-generation Internet) or a combination of the two. In our case we are supporting native IPv6—and including backwards-compatibility support with IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses. This requires some routing magic; more on this in a later update."

      Dear Chris

      If you think this requires "magic" then you need to give up the day job. It isn't hard and lots of
      articles will demonstrate how it is done.

      You're either trying to fool the weak minded or you don't know what you're talking about. Either way it doesn't look good.

      You are not doing anything unique or particularly clever. You come across like someone who is struggling to remain current but has such a massive ego that you cannot accept it. IT is littered with such people. They get away with it for a time but get caught out sooner or later.

      Your time will come and you're going to fail your family.

      In the meantime - anyone reading this should know that you're way out of your depth and they would be idiots to give you the benefit of the doubt

    21. Creator Glenn Johnson 2 days ago

      This last update shows how desperate and delusional they are thinking that this is going to help mitigate any of our concerns. In fact I'm smelling fraud more and more every day. I was thinking incompetence and inexperience, but this needs to be investigated as to where our money actually went. That's a lot of money. Does anybody actually think this product will ever be produced ? I just bought an iPhone 6 and have every intention of getting the new watch from Apple in April which is just around the corner. Whatever they could come up with would be so irrelevant at this point. I backed this project because it was supposed to be delivered over a year ago.

    22. Creator Andrew 2 days ago

      Didn't Chris blame HOH in the last update and say their contract is up, and now HOH is still working on the watch? I am so confused from this scamject (scam project). Over a year late from the delivery date and we are still talking about watch straps? Couldn't you just make the watch a standard 22mm, and use any watch strap you want? Pebble never had any problems with watch straps, and if they did it would have been fixed in 2 days, not 2+ years. Can someone explain this to me because I am an intelligent person, but I am so confused with this project.

    23. Creator Michael W 2 days ago

      @Ben, Excellent! Please keep us updated.

    24. Creator Ben Abrams 2 days ago

      I live in NY and I just filled out the paperwork for a claim, I will be submitting it tomorrow.

    25. Creator Daniel Chang 2 days ago

      Michael W, small claims would only help those dozen people, and not the rest of us... However, if people go for small claims and won, that pretty much means that we could use the same argument at a class action.

    26. Creator Michael W 2 days ago

      @Daniel Chang, I have been saying for a long time now, the best solutions is to get as many backers in the NY area to all file small claims against CW. In my opinion, class action in this case is not the best solution. Imagine if a dozen (or more) backers all filed small claims actions against CW!

    27. Creator Michael W 2 days ago

      @william wei, it costs next to nothing to file a small claims action! If you are in the NY area I highly recommend you file!!!

    28. Creator Daniel Chang 2 days ago

      Either a whole bunch of people in NY bring Chris Walker to small claims court or we file for class action. With class action expect at least 25% of the money recovered going to the lawyer(s). No one in their right mind would want Chris Walker's "coupon settlement" for an Agent FU2.0 or a coupon to his still not available store for Netduino parts.

    29. Creator william wei 3 days ago

      Does anyone agree that we launch a project to claim CW for refund?
      or to fund small claims action?

    30. Creator Derek Berger 3 days ago

      It has been over a year since the estimated shipping date. I'd now like a refund.

    31. Creator Reyboy Hutalle 3 days ago

      so difficult to trust crowdfunding again because of this agent incident... No one is taking responsibility to funders and yet so many got a piece of the pie... legalizing fraud

    32. Creator Joshua Ayes 3 days ago

      I also saw the SohO store for house of hororogy has closed and all the watches listed on the site are out of stock. Does HoH exist anymore

    33. Creator Joshua Ayes 3 days ago

      I know kickstarter doesn't t really care about us getting our money back. But I did add the new update to my complaint ticket - update is not mentioning agent 1.0. To me it shows that project is dead and the creator has moved on to version 2.0 which is changing the original project plan.

    34. Creator Sean P. McAdam 3 days ago

      Wait, Agent OS 2.0? Where the hell has 1.0 been?

    35. Creator alaq rahman 3 days ago

      Looking at this project now it looks like such a relic. There are so many choices nowadays too at competitive prices. I'm sure that Pebble 2 backers will get their watch soon whilst we are getting update 1000th!

    36. Creator Justin R. Walterich 3 days ago

      There updates are like the text version of when the adults talk in Peanuts cartoons.
      Wah wah wawwawah wah wah...

    37. Creator Justin R. Walterich 3 days ago

      I see Chris's real plan here. Create project, piss people off for years with lies and crappy updates, years later produce a cheap, crappy watch, sell watch at exorbitant prices to hipstershipsters that will wear said watch "ironically."

    38. Creator Roma 3 days ago

      Chris exposes stack.
      IPv6 blah blah blah.
      Put stack back in daks.

    39. Creator Sean Houlihane 3 days ago

      Anyone in the US able to confirm any of the claims about what the funds have been spent on? Each update is looking more suspicious to me (having seen some very late projects and one where the creator was heading for bankruptcy even before launching - see my backer profile).

    40. Creator Maxim Enbaev 3 days ago

      For two years you shown complete inability to work and full inability to using of million dollars funding. While you during four months making investigation of middle button and recording ip address in hexadecimal form, Pebble had buy millionth sample of own watches and collected 12 millions dollars for next generation watches - Pebble time. At that time you just trying will make version 2.0, while you was completely deceived expectations of your backers of version 1.0. Personally for me, I had to buy Pebble Steel as real alternative of unreal Agent Watches version XXX.0

    41. Creator Wayne Daniells 3 days ago

      This is just embarrassing now. How can you get us to buy in to a version 2.0 when version 1.0 are old parts expiring in a fridge. Chris come back down to the real world and admit the project we all backed has failed and you're issuing refunds or inform us there's no money left. Youve dug yourself in the deepest hole and each update just goes further into darkness

    42. Creator Ingo Mueller 3 days ago


    43. Creator Martin Calsyn 3 days ago

      "Man, am I happy that notification came over IPv6!" said nobody in the history of anything.

      Shipping a user experience is the ONLY thing counts - don't ship technology. We all bought into the v1 user experience. Out of 5000+ backers, do you seriously think even one sighed in relief at hearing about IPv6 support? The only thing getting redefined here is the definition of "tone-deaf PR".

    44. Creator Chucky 3 days ago


    45. Creator Martin Calsyn 3 days ago

      Update 27. Boggles the mind. But he did dispel any illusions we might have had about any version of the software being ship-ready. So pretty much all the cars of this train are off the rails - not just the cars carrying mechanical parts.

      Advice for deaf ears : lock down and ship. It's pretty much Project Management 101. (I am presuming most opportunities for a face-saving fail-fast path are gone).

    46. Creator Daniel Chang 3 days ago

      I want an update talking about how the heck Chris Walker believed he could have delivered on this by December 2013... I also want an update about companion apps... It's not a smartwatch if it cannot sync to a smartphone.

    47. Creator Douglas Telfer 3 days ago

      Updates that describe what has been done are not particularly useful without updates about what remains. For all I know, what has been described in this latest update brings the watch no closer to release, and may even represent a further delay.

      Feel free to describe all the wonderful things that you are doing with the software and the leather straps, but by updating your backers only on what has been done and not on what remains, it is very difficult to shake the feeling that the work described in the updates represents little actual progress toward production.

    48. Creator Dennis Mayeshiro 3 days ago

      REFUND! The creator is full of shit!

    49. Creator fmotta 3 days ago


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