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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Marc about 1 hour ago

      How long will kickstarter leave this page up?

    2. Missing avatar

      Graham Best about 22 hours ago

      Someone made a movie about a group that started a crowd source venture and walked away with the cash. It seems incredibly relevant at this point...

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael W 3 days ago

      I wonder what happened to Martin???
      ...and his attempt to hire an attorney. ...and the money we gave to the cause?

    4. Missing avatar

      jeff 3 days ago

      @Daniel...You mean like what Martin did, but disappeared?

    5. Daniel Chang 3 days ago

      At this point, does anyone even care about getting this watch or money back? I just want justice at this point.

      I can contact a law firm that won't ask for any money upfront. They won't accept the case unless they have confidence to win. If they win, they will draw from the pot, which will likely be a lot. (The radio ad claims they have done class action for merely $50k, but it might just the law firm using it as cheap advertising.)

      I haven't heard from Martin about whom he had talked to.

    6. Missing avatar

      jeff 3 days ago

      "No Compromise". Unless, of course you count light film guide, watch straps, watch case, project lead, shit for brains team, etc....

    7. Missing avatar

      jeff 3 days ago

      @Christopher... Don't forget the no comprise.

    8. Christopher Kabelac 4 days ago

      I cant wait for this! Cant you all imagine how amazing this product is going to be. 3 years of development, its going to blow every other product out of the water!
      The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.


    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Walter 7 days ago

      @George i dont have the direct link bit if you take the time and scroll way down someone has in the past posted a link. It will be a task in itself but its out there.

    10. Christopher Hammond on September 23

      Tick tock tick tock

    11. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on September 22

      5 months and no updates - how is it possible that kickstarter allows these scammers. there has to be more we can do - i already sent letters to attorney general, fbi internet scam, bbb. not sure what else we can do. Damn you CHRIS!

    12. George Mack on September 15

      @Ralph, I could care less about the project or my money. However I sent off a few emails a long time ago and I've got a firm who cares. However, lawyer and lawyer assistant time is expensive so it would help if someone already has this written up. This is to benefit everyone in a class action. I'll wait a few weeks to see if I get any replies. I already the firm the info about Lawrence with HoH.

    13. Preecharles Tavee on September 15

      FYI. My Pebble 2 start shipping today. Hoping to see your product soon.

    14. Ralph Wiggum on September 15

      @George Just dig through the updates, they're pretty much a timeline on how Chris has incompetently managed the project. The irony being that every update he posts keeps on incriminating him.

      You might also want to get in touch with Lawrence at House of Horology, who has been screwed over by Chris.

    15. George Mack on September 15

      I have been in touch with legal counsel and without giving too much information I need to make a request. Does anyone have a timeline of events, notated comments, basically the cliff notes that describe how badly this project has gone. Can you upload to Dropbox and post the link?

    16. Peter Forsberg on September 13

      This is funny. In Campain tekst: Assembled in USA

      Secret Labs manufactures its electronics products in the USA. Likewise, we plan to assemble AGENT's advanced circuit boards and the watch itself in the USA.

      Building AGENT smartwatches in the USA speeds our time to market, reduces our manufacturing risk, and enables us to build the watch with exacting standards. It also helps employ our neighbors, which we love.

    17. Peter Forsberg on September 13

      Is AGENT Smart-watch a "Photoshop project"

    18. Missing avatar

      springrider on September 11

      Chris Walker is a coward, cheater, scammer. 1 million is not much for one in NewYork. and his reputation is done.
      I backed another project which turns out also an scam.
      kickstarter protects these people.

      I will never never pay anything on this damn site.

    19. Missing avatar

      sean on September 7

      has anyone sussed out where he is and knocked on his door?

    20. Robert Carrasco on September 7

      Is he really still blaming Lawrence for all of this, as he develops new technology into an obsolete product?

    21. Ralph Wiggum on September 5

      Well and truly into September with no update. Looks like it's five monthly updates now!

      This is symbolic of everything wrong with Kickstarter.

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon on September 4

      Hey roma - you make a good point. The whole thing is a joke. Kickstarter has legalised theft. Im glad that chris has had to scurry away from new york and i wish him every misery and calamaity in the future. To me it is pretty clear that he is just living off the dwindling funds and charging it out at management or some such guff. Guess we will soon be able to work out how much he burns a month. Based on the history i think he will be down to the last £100k now. I wonder what happened to his "factory" and those dry air storage cabinets????

    23. Missing avatar

      Maurizio Sgroi on September 4

      Still waiting!!!

    24. Maxim Enbaev on September 2

      Kris, you nothing will not producing the watches.
      How about simple parser for Javascript?

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Officer on September 2

      Time will tell...

      If only we had a watch to keep track of that time.

    26. Missing avatar

      Roma on September 2

      @Ralph, yep, time will tell. Interval (in months) between updates starting in 2015:

      1 .. 1 .. 1 .. 2 .. 2 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .....

      I guess there's only so much shit to spew out.

    27. Ralph Wiggum on September 1

      Four months since the last update! Can we actually start to see Chris move onto five month updates?!? Is he finally running out of shit to spew out? Time will tell!

    28. Missing avatar

      Roma on September 1

      @Simon, ironic that if Walker delivered the Tesco watch we might have grounds to sue him (assuming we want to) because it's not as advertised. Yet if he delivers nothing but sporadic fantasy "progress" updates, he might be able to keep backers on the hook until we give up / get dementia / cark it.

      Apple Watch v2 announcement next week?

    29. Missing avatar

      Simon on August 31

      Great news for walking scrotum Chris Walker. I have found a solution.

      I was visiting my local Tesco supermarket today - for American readers, Tesco is a bit like Walmart without the guns and ammo.

      Imagine my delight when I saw an offer for a "Smart Watch" for just £20 (about $30 dollars unless Trump is elected and then it will be about $80). This smart watch featured many many things to compete with The Worlds Smartest Vapourware (tm).

      Bluetooth. Check. Badly thought out Apps. Check. A Pedometer. Yes REALLY - a pedometer. The list was endless if you read really slowly. But wait it gets better.

      Whoever the Chinese boffins behind the watch were they managed to crack one of the biggest challenges for any smart watch developer. That's right, it has a watch strap. Clearly lots of money has been poured into the project to deliver a ingenious way to afix the watch to your person.

      Don't ask me how because my mind is litterally BLOWN.

      Now Chris has been spending our money on his NetDuino disaster and lawyers and a life style that even with a million bucks he couldn't maintain in NY. But we know he has some money left because he has kept this project going even though he has now gone to ground in Inbred, Ohio or wherever. I'm guessing that is nearly gone (coke habits don't pay for themselves) but $30 x 5,685 = $170,000. As we so often heard Chris is an AWESOME businessman and went to HK trade shows with our money so I'm pretty sure with his fabulous people skills combined with his business acumen he could get a discount as well. $100K all in seems a safe bet.

      What a fitting tribute to this Kickstarter - a piece of bug ridden,cheap and nasty chinese crap that doesn't really deliver, with "secret labs" printed on it.

      What do you say Chris?

    30. Missing avatar

      FrankyB on August 31

      @Roma I couldn't care less about Chris Walker. At this point I consider @Kickstarter as much responsible of this situation as Chris Walker. The Nagging part is not for Chris, it's for @Kickstarter. So I take 5 minutes of my time every month to nag them and do a little Public shame as this the only recours we have. My only hope, is one of the big tech publisher pick it up and ask @Kickstarter what they will do about rogue project like this.

      Shame on Kickstarter, shame on @Creator

    31. George Mack on August 30

      @Chris Walker ��

    32. Missing avatar

      Tony N Monti on August 30

      I'm only backing small cost KS projects to make other inventors happy.Let's pray that a barrel bomb drops from the sky so no more lies.

    33. Missing avatar

      Roma on August 29

      BTW, I sent emails a couple of months ago to Scott Hanselman (long-time association with Walker and Adam Dzak (the AD in BADAR) asking if they had heard of/from Walker. Scott replied saying he hadn't heard anything for months and he's written Agent off. No reply from Adam.

    34. Missing avatar

      Roma on August 28

      "Remember... keep nagging Kickstarter by filling this form "

      Done. 4 months on, complete silence. I'm not sure what's worse, silence or irrelevant rubbish. At least irrelevant rubbish requires some effort on Walker's part. His disrespect for backers knows no bounds.

    35. Mike Hoffman on August 26

      So when is the next sack of lies you call an update coming? It's been 4 months since you last lied to us about how you stole our money you thriving piece of shit.

    36. Trogdor
      on August 24

      @Martin Calsyn on April 6
      (And lest anyone be confused - that's the FundedJustice funds that I will return May 1 - not Agent. I'm in the same boat as you wrt Agent)
      So it would appear those of us who pursued this via FundedJustice have lost money too in that Martin has gone dark. Karma baby...karma.

    37. Joe Chan on August 20

      @jeff +1
      For fuck sake I am no more putting a single cent to any KS project.
      Chris Walker, fuck you.
      KS, fuck you too.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lawrence on August 19

      I have written this off completely and now backed the ticwatch. At least that is an actual product that people have touched and used! What shit show this has turned out to be.

    39. Missing avatar

      FrankyB on August 18

      Public is shame is the only we have left... Shame on Kickstarter, shame on @Creator

    40. Missing avatar

      Alex J on August 17

      3 years later... No point in getting this outdated tech into production and at least two years too late to get a refund (I'm sure it's all gone). How did this guy get away with a million dollars?!

    41. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 16

      @Roma... Look at the brightside. At least the fuckwad setup a Netduino credit system like he promised for backers...err... nevermind.

    42. Missing avatar

      Roma on August 16

      Phone rings

      Lawyer: Mr Walker, is that you?
      Walker: Sssh! How the heck did you track me down?!
      Lawyer: I learnt a lot from my scumbag clients. Now, listen up - you haven't paid my last bill. You know ... for writing Leyderman that cease-and-desist letter.

      Lawyer: You still there?
      Walker: I'll give you 5 Agents instead.
      Lawyer: This is ME you're talking to!
      Walker: OK, I'll give you 10. RRP $299 each!
      Lawyer: I feel another cease-and-desist letter coming on. Fuck off, Walker!

    43. Rod VonHugenstein on August 13

      It's funny. I remember thinking I'll find this watch, and I'll wear it until the Apple Watch comes out. Mind you, this was before the Apple Watch was even announced. I even purchased a Moto 360 prior to the Apple Watch being announced. So, in the years that dickwad Chris has been lying to us, I've bought and sold a Moto360, and after that I've been wearing an Apple Watch pretty much since they were released. I now it's a waste of energy to talk about this, but why is dickwad Chris even pretending anymore? Apple and Google's first generation watches were light years ahead of the Agent. Now, we're approaching the 2nd gen Apple Watch, and Google has several variations of their watches. I really think Chris is a sociopath. He must enjoy feeding us crap about the watch, knowing it's all a lie. I think he probably gets off thinking about how he scammed so many people out of their money. Fuck you Chris.

    44. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 11

      Reminder for all, the money is gone. Expect no updates. Not like we ever received any that showed progress. The charger almost looked done, but I think coward called it success and moved onto Netduino version "screw backers 5.0".

    45. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 11

      Unfortunately Kickstarter does not care. For that reason, I will pay full retail for any product that initiates here but will go to stores. I love the new pebble watch, but I will wait until it shows up in a store or I will order it directly from pebble. Lesson learned for all of us. We can thank the idiot dickhead, coward Chris Walker, for that. Great life lesson paying for someone's hobby and move back to Utah where the fat fuck escaped to hide.

    46. Yoon Kim
      on August 9


    47. Missing avatar

      jeff on August 8

      Maybe we'll hear some good news with the release of new Netduino Go. I imagine our funds were used-up to fund all of these sorry-ass Netduino projects.

    48. Ralph Wiggum on August 8

      Looks like it's going to be 4-monthly updates now ladies and gentlemen! Maybe it's getting harder to write waffle updates?

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