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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Simon about 5 hours ago

      Hi Everyone.

      Thought I would pop by to read the comments. I notice the liar and potential criminal Chris Walker and his unfeasibly small company haven't made an appearance.

      Just goes to show - you can be an utter shyster and the good old American justice system will do nothing. What a pity Chris Walker isn't black. We could have rung the police and claimed he had committed a minor parking incursion and he would now be doing the world a favour and living on a mortuary table riddled with bullets and medical students prodding his magnificently small penis and laughing.

      However here we are. Another milestone is here. AGENT is very much like Chris Walker. Initially a bright star but now reduced to a fat damp squib. A husk.

    2. Creator Daniel Chang about 7 hours ago

      I wish CW could just be a smartass and take a picture of himself eating a sandwich and post that as update #30...

    3. Creator Frank Schmidberger about 11 hours ago

      So, this is how the next update will start:

      "First of all, please accept my apology for the unusually long delay since Kickstarter Update #29."

      ...and it will end with:

      "Thank you so much for your patience, for your support and again for your patience."

      You are free to ignore the bullshit between those two phrases...

    4. Creator Dan about 11 hours ago

      How does this guy sleep at night? I\d be fearing my life if I was this cunt.

    5. Creator Tom Pauwels about 12 hours ago

      Wow, almost 2 months again with no sign of life from CW. Can't we start some KS project to have him wacked by some Albanians or something? ;-)

    6. Creator Daniel Chang 2 days ago

      Frank, if only that's the case, he's probably going to talk about the app to the non-existent watch, Netduino 3 shit, and/or how his team has "completed" the design of the Agent 2.0...

    7. Creator fmotta 2 days ago


    8. Creator Frank Schmidberger 3 days ago

      Stay tuned! The bi-monthly bullshit will be published very soon... something like:

      "I will be digging into House of Horology's CAD files to understand where the watch case is at and will work with the remaining team to create a roadmap to fix any remaining defects, etc."

      ...the remaining team... I love it!

    9. Creator Tim Eacott 5 days ago

      There's not much I can do as a backer in the UK, but I hope your ftc gets it's arse in gear soon and gives CW the kicking he deserves.
      I gave him the benefit of the doubt about 100 times but now, whilst I still doubt he initially set out to defraud us all, it is clear that his actions do now amount to fraud.
      Have any of you American backers had acknowledgement of pending investigation from the ftc?

    10. Creator David McGlynn 5 days ago

      Haven't checked these comments in quite awhile. Just submitted my FTC complaint. Hopefully something comes of this.

    11. Creator Daniel Chang 5 days ago

      I wouldn't pay over $60 for the LG G Watch... That's actually not a deal at all! (

    12. Creator snaconst 6 days ago

      For the (now) Androids of the group, Verizon is having a sale of the LG G Watch for $99. Picked one up, it works very well, very happy with it. Has a better battery life than the Agent, I charge it every night.

      It is definitely worth the pickup at this price.

    13. Creator Michael Markham 6 days ago

      You can't call this "The Worlds Smartest Watch" if it doesn't exist.

    14. Creator Josh on July 23

      linkey to Martyn's comments

    15. Creator Daniel Chang on July 23

      I've got to say that there were many on here who openly mocked anyone here who suggested that we had consumer protection rights. So that may have been why we simply didn't have enough FTC reports. Luckily, most of those chumps are now on our side, except for certain Microsofties with relationships Chris Walker.

      P. S. Obviously, not all Microsoft people support CW; the most famous one is Martyn. And his insight has been very valuable to our understanding of the failures of CW. I hope no one believes in CW's lies after reading what Martyn had to say.

      P. P. S. I don't discount CW's contributions to micro framework, just like I don't discount Bill Cosby's contributions to comedy.

    16. Creator jeff on July 23

      Thanks Ben and Daniel. You're right. We all need to do more to ensure CW stops spending our money and is put in a position where he cannot do this again. I'll fill this out tonight.

    17. Creator Ben Baskaran on July 23

      Interesting article but agent is not on the list. Could be not enough FTC complains are being made to put this on their radar

    18. Creator jeff on July 21

      Good point. Let the timer on my grammer lesson begin. It's probably a candidate.

    19. Creator FrankyB on July 21

      "if he has to remove post..."

    20. Creator FrankyB on July 21

      @jeff & @Alex, this only reason he is logging in to see check if he remove post...

    21. Creator jeff on July 20

      Anyone ever notice the word "coward" has syllables starting with a C and a W? Coincidence?

    22. Creator jeff on July 20

      @Alex...CW has abandoned commenting on this project. His only communication is, and has been, dropping a line to backers once every two months. I think he logs in to fulfill the minimum required KS TOS as a creator.

    23. Creator Alex on July 20

      @chris if u log in please comment

    24. Creator James Palmisano on July 20

      Refund please.

    25. Creator John Miller on July 19

      I posted a similar comment at CST-01. From what I've read the FTC says the money had to go for what it was pledged for. Otherwise fraud has been committed. Over 3200 of you paid for a charger. Hey Chris, ship them their charger. You had the money to buy those.

    26. Creator fmotta on July 19

      OK - ship the charger... hopefully you have not squandered the cash to get those and (presuming they are off the shelf chargers) you may not have to redesign the case for 3 years

    27. Creator Tony N Monti on July 18

      Did we decide what push buttons work? Please update on your fantastic progress.

    28. Creator Ben Baskaran on July 18

      Lets hope the IRS start checking on his income and tax he has paid

    29. Creator Daniel Chang on July 17

      wow... that's just 5 months in. But to Chris Walker's credit, he claimed in the project campaign that he was done with all of this, that he took a year to figure all of this out. And that he was almost ready for mass production... And then after long silence, he come to tell about the light film guide... And then straps aren't to his "quality"... And then buttons... No, we had no frigging buttons! So... who knows?

      All I know at this point is the Chris Walker lied to us about the state of the project in the campaign. The watch was no where near as complete as he had claimed he was. And that he was obviously no where near ready for certification as suggestion.

      WHAT A SCAM!

    30. Creator Dan Berry on July 17

      Hey, how much do you want to bet that this will be done before the Agent is?
      The project just started, but I'm betting he'll be done sooner.

    31. Creator jeff on July 16

      @Claude...good points. Just to ensure we are in line with CW vocabulary, lets refer to Miami condo as "factory space". This aligns with CW's updates better.

    32. Creator Claude on July 16


    33. Creator Claude on July 16

      The Miami condo is furnished with a nice couch made out of leather from the watch straps. Over stiched. Class. The upper part of the nice cabinet of parts was turned into a humiditor while the bottom part was turned into a wine cellar. You're a genius, Chris.

    34. Creator Alex on July 16

      Hey Chris
      Can i get the condo for first week of September?

    35. Creator Claude on July 16

      Hey Chris,
      I would like to reserve the Miami condo you bought with your backers' money, one week, end of August. Can you make it happen?

    36. Creator Justin M on July 16

      I love how people are still requesting refunds.....our money is LONG gone with this asshat laughing all the way to the bank.

    37. Creator jeff on July 16

      @Frank...Exactly. I picture CW at an empty table, all alone with our money and a cabinet of parts, and moving from chair to chair respresenting each of his fictitious "teams" while planning his next moves. Kind of like the Pixar short from Bugs Life with the old guy playing chess.

    38. Creator Frank Schmidberger on July 16

      @jeff "The team" ;-)

    39. Creator jeff on July 15

      At least he is no longer talking about himself in the 3rd person. While entertaining, it showed how little respect he had for people who funded his little hobby/side job/hoax.

    40. Creator Nathaniel G on July 15

      @Daniel Chang Thanks for pursuing the FTC angle against Chris Walker. I filed a complaint with them as well. I came to check in on my favorite disaster of a Kickstarter project and of course halfway through July (43 days from our last update) and of course Chris hasn't chimed in. I for one can't wait to hear about the progress made on straps or what HoH is to blame for this month. :/

    41. Creator Daniel Chang on July 15

      Wrong William De'Ath. The FTC has weighed in. Kickstarter is not a place where one could just scam people out of money. One cannot divest funds from this project to go into other projects or personal funds. Let the FTC look into this. I question whether Chris Walker used money from this project to go into Netduino 3; did Christ Walker build an assembly space for Netduino 3 with our money? Did our money go into the development of this Agent 2.0 watch?

      Also, I believe that FTC will also not look into this bait and switch situation kindly here either. We gave Chris Walker our money to create a smartwatch, and then he decides to sell us unneeded Netduino parts instead of refunding us our money.

      So report him to the FTC.

    42. Creator William De'Ath on July 15

      We placed our bets... the horse fell down. I was angry last year then gave up end of the year. Just thought I would look in today and this guy has turned out to be a bigger chocolate teapot than originally thought. Am I correct in thinking we are not entitled to refunds that is the risk of Kickstarter projects like any new business start up. Yes I would like my money back but that wont happen and I will focus my energies elsewhere... bloody xxxxxxx

    43. Creator Todd Boschee on July 15

      I would like a refund bought an apple watch which I am sure this will not meet to those standards.

    44. Creator OSKEE on July 15

      I want refund please!!!

    45. Creator Alex on July 14

      Wheres the rewards store??

    46. Creator Kyle Bird on July 14

      I want a refund please

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