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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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      Claude about 1 hour ago

      Some not completed projects are getting media attention, think we could do the same?

    2. Josh about 3 hours ago

      Did he take it back, cause has junk on it

    3. Missing avatar

      Claude about 13 hours ago

      Hey Walker: if you had pride and a little respect here is what you would have done a long time ago:

    4. Tom Pauwels about 13 hours ago

      Doesn't he only use the domain

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Duke 3 days ago

      lol that's hilarious douglas! But also sad. If he didn't renew the domain then that means for SURE 100% that chris walker himself abandoned the project and self confirmed it. Sure, it was evident already, but this is actual solid proof that this project is dead.

    6. Missing avatar

      Douglas 4 days ago

      Well Chris Walker might be in for a bit of a surprise... I now own the domain He never renewed it so I was able to pick it up from GoDaddy. I'm taking suggestions on what to do with it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Douglas on October 17

      I'm trying to find the contact information for Microsoft's Security team but I can't seem to find it at the moment... I'll post any info I find.

    8. Missing avatar

      Douglas on October 17

      He's also using a private registration now for through GoDaddy... That means a valid physical address to serve lawsuits to.

    9. Missing avatar

      Simon on October 17

      Chris has moved his name servers to Azure this month:

      Wonder if Microsoft want to be supporting a potential felons business?

      How do we complain?

    10. Missing avatar

      Simon on October 17

      well done douglas.

    11. Mikey Cooper on October 17

      Meh has a $25 watch you can buy today that gives you FB/Twitter notifications. They seem to have solved the centuries-old problem of how to keep the watch from sliding off your wrist, because it comes with a watch strap at no added charge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Douglas on October 16

      @Frank Fuhrmeister CW still had is old New York address on all of this domains... If you complain to ICANN they actually do take action unlike Kickstarter

    13. Frank Fuhrmeister on October 15

      If you have any soul or moral compass, you'll refund the backers, chalk this up as a learning experience, maybe write a book about it, and move on with your life.

    14. Frank Fuhrmeister on October 15

      @Douglas: Can you expound on that?

    15. Missing avatar

      Douglas on October 12

      For anyone who may be remotely interested, all of Chris Walker's domains are slowing being suspended... Turns out stupid has been violating ICANN rules for domain registrations.

    16. Frank Fuhrmeister on October 10

      My WATCH Series 2 is preparing for shipment according to Apple's website. When this campaign launched, the idea of Apple EVER releasing a watch was a stretch. Now, they'll likely be a car manufacturer by the time this watch is ready.

    17. Missing avatar

      Simon on October 8

      Daniel Chang

      It doesn't take much to work out how much the idiot has spent and the projected burn rate. For example my post from October (i think) 2014 (?) where I caught him lying about the figures (and demonstrated that if true he was unable to deliver). Then add in the lawyers fees for going after Lawrence. Lets not forget the money Lawrence DID get. That was at least $60K and I suspect more. Add in flights and expenses to the trade show in Hong Kong then the drying cabs for what he had already bought (he says) and then the project manager etc and the money soon gets swallowed. I think he also sunk some money into his other ventures under the guise of R&D on Vapourware 2.0. He will have been charging the project a handsome fee per month from the start as well.

      His Netduino product line, the main source of income, is really struggling and being delisted from many places. His forum is all but dead. He has had to move as well. Goodness knows what the lease arrangements were on his "factory" but that will either be debt or burnt another hole.

      All Chris Walker is doing now, with the full permission of Kickstarter, is drawing down consultancy and project management fees against the remaining money until it is all gone. It is licensed robbery as he is actually doing no work at all. With all his other problems the money will run out soon enough.

      One day he will get what's coming to him. He is going to need to surface sooner or later. I would love to know if he is still working closely with Microsoft.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stanley Zreinike on October 7

      I agree that Kickstarter by not responding to us in these circumstances has allowed some creators to steal from sponsors like us.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stanley Zreinike on October 7

      Can someone in New York contact the local news station? Maybe an investigative journalist can help us all.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark Wallace on October 7

      @Ralph Wiggum - Err no!

    21. Ralph Wiggum on October 7

      Nobody is getting refunds peeps, stop getting your hopes up. Martin was only referring to the Funded Justice campaign he organised.

      On another note: 5 month milestone passed with no update! Can Chris Walker sink any lower?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jody on October 6

      What if your card changed since backing?
      Will those just go through Amazon payments a a refund if that's how it was paid?

    23. Missing avatar

      Brandon Diaz on October 4

      so we're gonna get refunded the total amount we pledged?

    24. Missing avatar

      Roma on October 2

      @Martin, thanks for trying. Walker will get his comeuppance somehow, sometime. For me, it's time to practice what I preach - just let it go.

    25. Daniel Chang on October 1

      Can you further elaborate on the evidence of no funds left? Secret Labs hasn't shut down and declared bankruptcy yet right?

    26. Martin Calsyn on September 30

      (and don't get too excited folks - those are refunds from the Funded Justice campaign - NOT the Agent smartwatch)

    27. Martin Calsyn on September 30

      All refunds have been posted via the Stripe account that originally collected them. You may get an email - you should definitely see a refund in somewhere from days to a few weeks, depending on how your card processor does business.

    28. Martin Calsyn on September 30

      Howdy fellow losers. Sorry I haven't been on here lately - as I mentioned a couple times, I was going through a move from Europe to the US early this summer and got completely buried in that and just never made it up for air. I struck out with lawyers as well - the trouble seems to be that there's no evidence that there's any funds left for anyone to take this on speculation, and the paltry $2500 we collected (over half from myself and Roma) isn't going to get anyone to do anything of substance. I'm way beyond caring anymore. I will log onto Stripe this weekend and see if I can kick off refunds, since I'm also not interested in quibbling with anyone over the monies spent and frankly, calculating the remainder just isn't worth it. I will eat the FundedJustice and Stripe fees. After that ... Happy trails folks.

    29. Marc on September 30

      How long will kickstarter leave this page up?

    30. Missing avatar

      Graham Best on September 29

      Someone made a movie about a group that started a crowd source venture and walked away with the cash. It seems incredibly relevant at this point...

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael W on September 27

      I wonder what happened to Martin???
      ...and his attempt to hire an attorney. ...and the money we gave to the cause?

    32. Missing avatar

      jeff on September 27

      @Daniel...You mean like what Martin did, but disappeared?

    33. Daniel Chang on September 27

      At this point, does anyone even care about getting this watch or money back? I just want justice at this point.

      I can contact a law firm that won't ask for any money upfront. They won't accept the case unless they have confidence to win. If they win, they will draw from the pot, which will likely be a lot. (The radio ad claims they have done class action for merely $50k, but it might just the law firm using it as cheap advertising.)

      I haven't heard from Martin about whom he had talked to.

    34. Missing avatar

      jeff on September 27

      "No Compromise". Unless, of course you count light film guide, watch straps, watch case, project lead, shit for brains team, etc....

    35. Missing avatar

      jeff on September 27

      @Christopher... Don't forget the no comprise.

    36. Christopher Kabelac on September 26

      I cant wait for this! Cant you all imagine how amazing this product is going to be. 3 years of development, its going to blow every other product out of the water!
      The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.


    37. Missing avatar

      Eric Walter on September 23

      @George i dont have the direct link bit if you take the time and scroll way down someone has in the past posted a link. It will be a task in itself but its out there.

    38. Christopher Hammond on September 23

      Tick tock tick tock

    39. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ayes on September 22

      5 months and no updates - how is it possible that kickstarter allows these scammers. there has to be more we can do - i already sent letters to attorney general, fbi internet scam, bbb. not sure what else we can do. Damn you CHRIS!

    40. George Mack on September 15

      @Ralph, I could care less about the project or my money. However I sent off a few emails a long time ago and I've got a firm who cares. However, lawyer and lawyer assistant time is expensive so it would help if someone already has this written up. This is to benefit everyone in a class action. I'll wait a few weeks to see if I get any replies. I already the firm the info about Lawrence with HoH.

    41. Preecharles Tavee on September 15

      FYI. My Pebble 2 start shipping today. Hoping to see your product soon.

    42. Ralph Wiggum on September 15

      @George Just dig through the updates, they're pretty much a timeline on how Chris has incompetently managed the project. The irony being that every update he posts keeps on incriminating him.

      You might also want to get in touch with Lawrence at House of Horology, who has been screwed over by Chris.

    43. George Mack on September 15

      I have been in touch with legal counsel and without giving too much information I need to make a request. Does anyone have a timeline of events, notated comments, basically the cliff notes that describe how badly this project has gone. Can you upload to Dropbox and post the link?

    44. Peter Forsberg on September 13

      This is funny. In Campain tekst: Assembled in USA

      Secret Labs manufactures its electronics products in the USA. Likewise, we plan to assemble AGENT's advanced circuit boards and the watch itself in the USA.

      Building AGENT smartwatches in the USA speeds our time to market, reduces our manufacturing risk, and enables us to build the watch with exacting standards. It also helps employ our neighbors, which we love.

    45. Peter Forsberg on September 13

      Is AGENT Smart-watch a "Photoshop project"

    46. Missing avatar

      springrider on September 11

      Chris Walker is a coward, cheater, scammer. 1 million is not much for one in NewYork. and his reputation is done.
      I backed another project which turns out also an scam.
      kickstarter protects these people.

      I will never never pay anything on this damn site.

    47. Missing avatar

      sean on September 7

      has anyone sussed out where he is and knocked on his door?

    48. Robert Carrasco on September 7

      Is he really still blaming Lawrence for all of this, as he develops new technology into an obsolete product?

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