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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Ben Chouchaa about 14 hours ago

      I wonder if by the time the watch is finally released, humanity will still live in this planet.
      Seriously, time is up, game over, pack it in. You had your chance, you missed it.

    2. Creator Daniel Chang 2 days ago

      Well, Dean and Luc, you guys actually have a wonderful idea. I wonder if there some tax thing or something we should worry also about for such a transaction.

    3. Creator Luc Bos 2 days ago

      @dean clark, same here for me, wouldn't mind selling my watch for 1 cent but I will need proof of the compaint.

    4. Creator Tony N Monti 3 days ago

      fuck you asshole

    5. Creator Ken McAndrew 4 days ago

      I filed an FTC complaint on this today. I don't know that we'll get anything out of it, but I did mention the Washington case as well.

    6. Creator dean clark 5 days ago

      Any body stateside willing to temporarily "buy" some agent watches from UK based folk for the purposes of filing a complaint to your AG. Can likely do it without money changing hands - we just agree that you assume responsibility of the watch - I am fairly certain that none of us are going to get anything but disappointment out of this project so the way I see it is we might as well share our misery with Chris - more complaints on the ground means more chance of litigation.

    7. Creator Øystein Jubelgutt Becker 5 days ago

      I hope your next update include agent3.0 and how complicated it is for you planing agent4.0 from jail.

    8. Creator Alan Dawson 7 days ago

      I filed complaint in WA. Thanks @Daniel Change for data and additional info.

    9. Creator Ben Baskaran on August 20

      Is there any recourse around the money he stole oops I mean postage charges,that should a still be there shouldn't it? As he has not posted anything out if he used that money for other purposes surely that would fall under fraud

    10. Creator Simon on August 19

      It is only a matter of time until Chris ".NET is my only friend" Walker releases a watch module under the Netcrappo brand.

      In the meantime I imagine he will be checking out the Ashley Madison hacked list to see if his partner is on it. (allegedly like his mother).

    11. Creator Daniel Chang on August 19

      @Chhay Kong

      I also fixed a lot of grammar mistakes on here:

      (Sorry, I was pissed when I wrote that top paragraph)

    12. Creator guillermo on August 19

      and those who dont live in USA? :-(

    13. Creator Chhay Kong on August 18

      I just filed a complaint with FTC. But does anyone knows their address? contact info etc? I can't find any mailing address and telephone number for Secret Labs LLC, or kickstarter, or House of Horology.

    14. Creator frank fain on August 18

      just kindly refund my money.. I no longer need this watch. it is severely outdated and not at all becoming like the other watches available.
      Also, I cant wear it where I work. so refund me please.


    15. Creator Daniel Murray on August 18

      Honestly, I no longer care. I'm wearing an Apple watch. Your watch is DOA.

    16. Creator Pete Taylor Jr on August 18

      Also, based on that article, it would appear that of the huge $54k fine, only $668 is for the project itself! If the creator is being forced to pay that, surely they would have to use some of the KS fund to pay those fees (if they have any left, which to be honest I doubt). If every state and country did that, there's no way everyone would get their money back, completely unsustainable.

    17. Creator Pete Taylor Jr on August 18

      @Tim that's great for Washington backers, but for the vast majority (and I'm assuming here) that don't, that's not really a result. Of course it is a step in the right direction though.

    18. Creator Marco Morbin on August 18

      Hello guys... I won't dwell too long on what I would do to CW (I could be arrested), I just hope he gets what he deserves. The real question here is: what are the options for backers (like me) that live outside the US? Is it OK anyway to file an FTC claim?
      And thank you for all your support, guys! Ideally, I would like to have a drink with all of you :)

    19. Creator Derick Wong on August 18

      Why no media reporting this? Chris is also the creator of Netduino, and he released new versions of it this year too. If he cannot finishing the project, he should refund to us. I am not intended to blackmouth him, but just want to let more people know how Chris do the project and his personality!

    20. Creator Daniel Chang on August 18

      Alright! Finally a conclusion! Washington AG is awesome. Alright, there is a large number of baskets from the state of Washington. So you guys start filing your state's consumer protection complaints if you haven't already. I'm doing my duty in Tennessee.

    21. Creator Lloyd on August 17

      FTC claim filed along with a request for an audit, as it is likely funds were diverted from Agent to pay for Netduino. IRS may also show interest in Chris Walkers mismanagement of funds.

      It may take a couple years to go through the legal system, but in the end, Chris Walker is going to receive his due justice. I hope that as these filings mount, it effects Chris Walkers mental and physical well being. As the saying goes, "The anticipation of death, can be worse than death itself."

    22. Creator Tim Eacott on August 15

      It seems obvious that CW doesn't read these comments or care about what we say on here so all backers need to make complaints to the ftc (if you're in the US). We should also seek to reduce CW's standing by posting online everywhere we can. There must be a lot of backers who don't read these comments and posting elsewhere could encourage them to complain to the ftc.
      The amount he stole from me is not huge, but I hate being defrauded so blatantly!

      I have stopped backing projects on kickstarter due to their totally half-arsed response to having their platform used for a $1m scam. At the very least I would expect them to let backers know that CW is no longer able to set up kickstarter campaigns. I now regularly warn people of the dangers of using kickstarter and warn them off.

      Finally, maybe a US backer could start a kickstarter campaign raising money to take legal action as a piece of 'performance art'. I'd chip in $20 for that!

    23. Creator Roma on August 14

      @Ben Baskaran, yes I do feel differently now. Again, I apologise to anyone who I offended in my staunch but misguided defence of Chris Walker. He has proven beyond any doubt to be an inept project manager and evasive and disloyal to the thousands of us who advanced him $1,000,000. Disgraceful.

    24. Creator Dan Berry on August 14

      Honestly, I have no idea how Agent wasn't included in this article:

    25. Creator Daniel Chang on August 14

      Certainly looks like Chris Walker cowardly took it down. So I suggest everyone here to file your FTC and your state's consumer protection complaints if you haven't already. (The FTC has instructed the states on how to proceed on these matters.) Not only should you post about the Agent and how much a scammer Chris Walker is on here, post it on Twitter too. Let's get thing public!

      And I eagerly await word from Martin on bringing legal action against Secret Labs.

    26. Creator Claude on August 14

      Agent Facebook page down?

    27. Creator Matt Mayatt on August 14

      That peter from Microsoft was an absolute tool.
      Where are you now Peter?
      Do you still think chris is going to deliver the agent smart watch.

    28. Creator AD on August 13

      I agree that we must band together and file FTC complaints. That will be the only way to signal the government to take action against Chris Walker and Secret Labs. I just filed my complaint, which took 3 minutes, and urge you all to do the same.

      My verbiage: "In June 2013 I backed the Agent Smart Watch on Kickstarter, sponsored by Secret Labs, a New York based company run by Chris Walker.  The project was presented as a prototype watch with funding required to purchase materials and tooling for production.  The estimated time for delivery was December 2013.  There has been very little progress made on the project and Chris Walker has provided vague and misleading information to the Kiststarter backers about his ablility to complete the project and deliver the watches.  He recently announced his intent to create a second version of the watch, and it appears as though he has no intent of fulfilling his obligations to the 5,685 of us who contributed $1,012,742 for the first version. (";

    29. Creator G. Arrivas on August 13

      Same corporate response from KS...

    30. Creator G. Arrivas on August 13

      Thanks for contacting Kickstarter.
      Your request has been updated. You can add a comment by replying to this email.

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Aug 3, 12:52 PM

      Hi there,

      Here at Kickstarter HQ, we expect creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds if they’re unable to complete their project, and communicate with backers at every step along the way. While Kickstarter is the platform for this agreement, we are not a part of it. We do not investigate a project creator’s ability to complete their project, nor do we facilitate refunds or the fulfillment of rewards. While in most cases you’ll find that rewards are delivered as promised, it’s also important to realize that some projects might not fulfill as planned.

      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:

      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn’t fulfill their obligations under the agreement. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

      I hope that this helps to address your concerns, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.


      Aug 1, 12:55 PM

      The Agent -SmartWatch Campaign funded in 2013 with no reward to date and no serious update. Another failed project by Kickstarter. Fraudulent campaign by Chris Walker/Creator. After several messages sent by backers to KickStater and Creator no resolution by Kickstart or action had been taken against creator for this fraud campaign other than the standard canned response from both KickStater and Creator.

      This email is a service from Kickstarter. Delivered by Zendesk.

    31. Creator Daniel Chang on August 13

      Remember that Peter or Paul or whatever his name is from Microsoft who worked with Chris Walker on various projects? Remember how he questioned my sanity for not believing in Chris Walker but rather Lawrence? He was like why do you guys believe Lawrence?

      Answer: because Lawrence is forthcoming with information, whereas Chris Walker hides them.

      And then he questioned my sanity for saying that there are multiple lies in Chris Walker's campaign story. So then I wrote a document them out. And then he shut up and left.

      I might have lost my best chance to sell unicorn horn powder...

    32. Creator Ralph Wiggum on August 13

      It goes without saying that anyone who backs Chris Walker at this stage is either colluding with him or thick as pig shit.

    33. Creator Ben Baskaran on August 13

      @Fadi. I did my chargeback some time ago but it was in excess of a year before I did it, my credit card company accepted my arguments. When I charged back I was among the early dissenters about this project and had suspicions how this project was being conducted. I would regularly have arguments with a number of people especially Roma who would resolutely defend Chris walker, I think Roma feels differently about it now.

    34. Creator Fadi Kahhaleh on August 13

      @Michael W,
      Thank you, would love a link to that article or video/audio once you have it handy.

    35. Creator Fadi Kahhaleh on August 13

      @Ben Baskaran,
      How on earth did you do a charge back? it has been too long .. at least AMEX tells me anything after X months (6 months if memory serves me) falls out of the unauthorized charges protection.

    36. Creator Daniel Chang on August 13

      BTW, just recently switched to an iPhone. Coming from Android, the Pebble Time is frigging awesome. On the iPhone, it's only like half a smartwatch... GD Apple...

    37. Creator Tim Wyatt on August 12

      Michael W please post a link to the interview here if you are able to.

    38. Creator Daniel Chang on August 12

      Thank you, Michael W!

    39. Creator Michael W on August 12

      I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow with a media outlet looking for stories of Kickstarter scams & failed projects! This should be interesting! Not sure what will come of it, but you can be sure I will let them know exactly how we all feel about this particular project and Kickstarters complete refusal to be of any help in obtaining a resolution.

    40. Creator Ben Baskaran on August 12

      @Matt. I did a charge back and it worked I used some of the commentary as evidence

    41. Creator Matt Mayatt on August 12

      Gonna try a charge back in the UK, don't think I stand much chance of getting money back but its worth a try.
      Will let you guys know how I get on.

    42. Creator jeff on August 11

      @Wyatt...the Pebble creator hashas integrity, dignity, respect, and a soul. The only thing CW has is an ego. A very large one at that. From what I read, a very largeslarge arse as well.

    43. Creator Wyatt Blake on August 11

      Pebble is issuing refunds so why can't creator?

    44. Creator Tony N Monti on August 10

      I left KS because of this watch and now we are discussing watch bands OMG I will never see my reward and what goes around comes around

    45. Creator Simon on August 10

      I haven't been to New York yet. What I have done is watch tiny Tom Cruise of weird cult fame in Mission Impossible 3. Apart from the car chase in "casablanca" being partially filmed in Rabat (which apart from the bit you see in the film - with the motorbike chase- is in reality a bit of a dump) I noted that the scenes in London featured London Fog (tm). It got me thinking.

      Chris Walker the BS artist of KS lives in New York. Now I love the movies as you delightful Americans call films. And just like London Fog (tm) I realise that all movies shot in New York aren't going to be 100% accurate.

      However London used to be foggy a great deal (okay it was over 100 years ago but hey). So New York MUST be filled with ner do wells and taxi drivers of ill repute. The police must be corrupt. The citizens of pretend Irish heritage (tm) all have dodgy cousins and let us not even start with the Italians.

      Out of all those stereotypes surely someone in New York wants to see Chris Walker spoken to. Can't we pay off a corrupt cop to break his cars taillight and then give him a ticket? No private eye available in a dirty office with the impossibly attractive receptionist to follow up where his factory is and see what happened to the parts for AGENT (that were actually ordered - so not the fabled chargers) and trace them to NetCrappo circuit boards.

      Surely out of the stinking rotten core of New York someone, anyone, can give us creatures what we need. JUSTICE.

      I think Chris Walker is defrauding us. I see no evidence to suggest otherwise. We won't see a dime at this rate.

      PS - please stop asking for refunds. It is naive and pathetic. Thanks

    46. Creator Daniel Chang on August 10

      Alex contact your state's consumer protection agency and the FTC if you don't want Chris Walker to get away with scamming you out of your money.

    47. Creator Alex on August 10

      Where are our $50 Qi chargers?

    48. Creator Roma on August 10

      @Dino, thank you!

    49. Creator Ben Baskaran on August 10

      @David. If you are in UK you may still have s chance

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