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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Ed Napiorkowski 1 day ago

      Has anyone who opted for the trade in option received anything?

      Was supposed to be issued by June 30.

    2. Creator Martin Calsyn 2 days ago

      @John Miller - I agree - I like the design so much that I now own two Bedlam watches. On the one hand, HoH is completely separate from SL and was a subcontractor (in spite of how they are listed on the campaign page), so it's really hard to ask him to make up for the sins of the one really responsible for the project. Chris has the cash, not Lawrence. Even so, Lawrence has been very sympathetic to our situation and has discounted Bedlam before for Agent backers. You can contact Lawrence through the House of Horology web site. He's a stand-up guy and if there's something he can offer, he will. If there's no ability to do that right now, he'll tell you straight up.

    3. Creator Roma 2 days ago

      @Creator, I accuse you of:

      DECEPTION by:

      1. Campaigning for backers' funds by falsely presenting Secret Labs and House of Horology as joint creators, knowing that such a combination would lure more backers (including me).

      2. Providing false delivery estimates, knowing that the shorter the estimates the more likely backers would be to pledge. To be clear, you are now 18 months late and there is no sign of imminent delivery.

      DISHONESTY by:

      3. Failing to resource the project properly, leading to inordinate delays and causing the rewards to be out of date and irrelevant, assuming backers even receive them.

      4. Refusing to publish revised timelines, so backers have no idea when (or if) you will ever deliver.

      5. Attempting to lure backers into accepting version 2 of something that doesn't even exist yet or other products which are irrelevant to the project.

      6. Refusing to account for the use of backers' funds and refusing to offer us refunds of the unused part of our money, as Kickstarter requires if creators can not complete projects (obviously the case here).

      7. Failing to communicate openly and frequently with your backers.

      You might give backers the courtesy of a response to my accusations. Failure to do so might well assist a future FTC investigation.

    4. Creator John Miller 2 days ago

      I like the Beldam style. I wonder if Lawrence would offer a discount to backers for a Bedlam Watch in lieu of what we will never receive here??? Is anyone still in communication with Lawrence?? Just a thought I know he did this once.

    5. Creator Nico Heulsen 2 days ago

      Is my comment deleted? Please refund! Since this is taking too much time.

    6. Creator jeff 3 days ago

      Almost forgot... CW has Douglas Brewer to moderate one of the backers. R.I.P. Mindy (a.k.a. Lawrence). Your insights were the only valuable updates we had. Can I recommend instead of 1st person LL updates, we have third person hypothetical? Or perhaps an email to agentisdead@gmail coupled with some crafty wordsmithing would be able to relay your insights?

    7. Creator jeff 3 days ago

      @Martin...Let us not forget that CW moderates Netduino forum. Let us also not forget that the updates and comment capabilities in Kickstarter were not good enough for CW and he wanted us all to migrate to his Agent forum. The same forum that investors began seeing their questions stricken. It was about that time i sold my reward at 1/2 cost.

      Fast forward and CW has ceased all communications with backers. If he can't control the spin, he abandones. One of his comments about backers questioning the substance of his first couple of updates, CW responded that he wanted the updates to read like a story. I'd say he accomplished that, although the story is fiction.

    8. Creator Michael W 4 days ago

      Here's an idea, why don't we ALL start calling CW's legal representative!! His name & number can be found on the image below!
      Let's put pressure anywhere & everywhere we can!!

    9. Creator Valentin Ivanov 4 days ago

      @Martin Calsyn
      Yeah, I have been checking Netduino forum as well.
      Looks like people who cared at some point have moved on.

    10. Creator Alex 4 days ago

      Why on why did i back this and CST-01

    11. Creator Martin Calsyn 4 days ago

      Excellent article - thanks for sharing that link.

      Certainly seems like a lot of that story could be true of Agent as well. From everything I've heard, SL certainly started out earnest enough about delivering.

      I'm also very concerned about the lack of info on the 'gift store'. Making amends is great, but screwing up on your making amends sucks - it's like falling for the same practical joke once too often.

      The gift store was also promised to netduino owners on the netduino forum, as compensation for missed commitments there too, as I understand it (I'm not totally up on what happened there). I checked in yesterday and surprisingly nobody has raised questions about the missing 'gift store' yet, but that forum is also heavily moderated.

    12. Creator Chucky 4 days ago

      Where is our REFUND Chris? Your company has been a shambles and I feel so bad for the many people I introduced to your product all of those years ago!!!

    13. Creator Michael W 5 days ago

      Thanks Niraj!

    14. Creator Daniel Chang 5 days ago

      IMHO, if Chris Walker does open up the "store," Secret Labs might as well just file for bankruptcy. If the FTC will not look at Secret Labs now for alleged fraud/misuse of funds, they will definitely look into it for bait and switch. So, please do, Chris Walker. :)

    15. Creator Chris Jutting 5 days ago

      June 30th has come and gone. So not only do we not have a watch, but the "store" that would let us exchange our watch that never happened to netduino stuff (that was likely made from our watch components) never materialized. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

    16. Creator Matthew 5 days ago

      Does FTC take into consideration that you must be a local or US resident in order to file a complaint?

    17. Creator Niraj Sanghvi 5 days ago

      @Michael W, feel free to use what I posted here, which just barely fit:…

    18. Creator Michael W 6 days ago

      Re: FTC complaint form - Can anybody provide the verbiage used for "comments" that fit the 3500 character limit? Or, did you guys just use the first paragraph provided on the OneDrive link?

    19. Creator Chris Jutting 6 days ago

      "The Secret Labs gift store will open on 30-Jun-2015. "

      So where is it Creator?

    20. Creator Glenn 6 days ago

      @creator Please advise address for legal service. Or just give me a full refund.

    21. Creator Alex on June 28

      Just want to go on record publicly (should things escalate to the FTC) that I'd like a refund. I'm very disappointed with how this all turned out.

    22. Creator Eric Caban on June 26

      Just want to go on record publicly (should things escalate to the FTC) that I'd like a refund. I'm very disappointed with how this all turned out.

    23. Creator Roma on June 26

      Thanks to the American backers for doing what Daniel Chang suggests. Now your Supreme Court has again supported health care reform and legalised gay marriage, maybe they'll have a look at Kickstarter ;)

      An update on my Apple watch
      1. It arrived early
      2. It does most things pretty well
      3. It's the future, unlike our unassembled collection of Agent parts hanging around in our dry cabinet in our rented promises.

    24. Creator Chris Jutting on June 26

      "The Secret Labs gift store will open on 30-Jun-2015. "

      So hows that gift store coming along CW? Gonna have more excuses for that too?

    25. Creator Daniel Chang on June 26

      Obviously, best case scenario for Chris Walker is to deliver on the watch, with his "minimum standard" of a 7 day battery life, but... Once again guys, unless Chris Walker has a change of heart, which is to give us a refund, your best hope to get anything back is through the FTC and your states' district attorneys. There are suspicions that Chris Walker divested funds made for the Agent into other things. So ask the FTC to look into Chris's financials. That's the only way we could know if he did.

      Also against the law is Chris Walker baiting and switching us into backing a watch and offering us coupons for unwanted Netduino parts instead. If Secret Labs doesn't have the money to offer us refund in full, the FTC will try to liquidate Secret Lab's inventory to offer us our refunds. So demand justice. Send Chris Walker our regards by reporting him to the FTC and your states' district attorneys.

    26. Creator Martin Calsyn on June 26

      @PB - I have no idea

    27. Creator dennis on June 26

      can I just get the refund please?
      had 'nuff of waiting and just want the refund so I can put this sorry saga behind...

    28. Creator Alex on June 25

      @Daniel, isn't there any news from Chris? I'm waiting for several years now. It should be finished by now ;)

    29. Creator Daniel Chang on June 25

      @Alex at this point the quickest "road to our wrist" is through here:

    30. Creator Alex on June 25

      When will I receive my watch? I paid a lot of money for it!!! I'm tired of waiting now.

    31. Creator PB on June 25

      @Martin Calsyn How much of our $1m has Chris Walker still got left?

    32. Creator Frank Schmidberger on June 24

      @Daniel Chang: I have a Polar V800 on one wrist and a Mio Fuse on the other. I tested the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge as well, but the heart rate measuring was very inaccurate with both of them.

    33. Creator Martin Calsyn on June 24

      @PB - just an expression meaning "couldn't finish the job and deliver the product"

      @Frank - the big difference there is that the CST-01 had some huge engineering and manufacturing hurdles to overcome. Lots of challenges with thinness o components, fiddly curves, and custom assembly processes. None of that (IMHO) is present in the Agent design. The electronic movement was a new design, but supposedly that was all worked out before the campaign, and the rest of the engineering and manufacturing was all stuff someone had done before. I really think Agent is just a failure to get the job done - not a matter of being overwhelmed by any particular technical challenge.

    34. Creator PB on June 23

      @Martin Calsyn What does "who just couldn't close escrow and deliver" mean

    35. Creator Daniel Chang on June 23

      @Matthew Searle I just got my Pebble Time last Friday as well. Love the watch so far. But I really really need a heartrate sensor and waiting on the smartbands to arrive. Currently, I'm wearing Pebble Time on one wrist and a Fitbit Charge HR on the other. The Pebble Time is surprisingly the one I could use in a swimming pool...

    36. Creator Matthew Searle on June 23

      Yay - my smart watch arrived yesterday and it's awesome.

      Clearly it's a Pebble Time (who managed to design, build, market, and ship $20 million worth in a couple of months) rather than this joke project, but at least I have something now!

    37. Creator Simon on June 22

      Oh what a shame - the Netduino forum (owner Chris Walker, moderator Chris Walker) is down.

      Now if only the main site was taken down as well.

      In the meantime - search for Netduino3 and contact all suppliers asking if they really want to work with someone like Chris Walker.

      If we can get him delisted that would be awesome.

    38. Creator Valentin Ivanov on June 22

      Netduino community forum is down

    39. Creator Ramli Lau on June 21

      This is an expensive lesson that we all pay for believing in a small guy. I have been checking this comment section periodically for some lights. The more I check, the darker I get. I am giving this up, I hope CW will do some good things to other human being with the money he scammed from all of us...

    40. Creator FrankyB on June 19

      @Dave, I called him out on twitter multiple time... same as silence.

    41. Creator Dave VanderWekke on June 18

      What I found funny was the fact that during Build 2015, I called Chris out publicly on Twitter and it was amazing the response I got. He immediately apologized and sent a Private Message. Posting our gripes on Kickstarter aren't going to help as he likely doesn't even look at what is going on here. Get out there on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and start posting your gripes publicly and make sure to tag Netduino. This is how you shake a Weasel out of a Bird's Nest.

    42. Creator Michael W on June 18

      Has anybody called Doug at the "law firm" listed on the letters? I DID! Guess what, Doug picks up the phone! When I politely asked about the status of the project/creator/company, he simply said I should contact them directly! Not surprising, he wouldn't give any info. However, maybe others should call him!! Lets put pressure anywhere we can!!

    43. Creator Daniel Chang on June 18

      From what we know now, the Risk and Challenges, Timeline, and Road to Your Wrist sections on the campaign are filled with so much bullshit, lies, and misinformation that it's really hard to defend that Chris Walker wasn't already scamming us from the start. If I had known the true state of the project, I wouldn't have backed this.

    44. Creator Rod VonHugenstein on June 17

      @Martin Maybe I am a little more pessimistic, but it's hard to fathom how there were any issues with things such as the watch straps. There are thousands of companies that make watch bands, and as long as the case was a standard width, there is no reason a suitable band could not have been sourced. Ironically, the band should have been sourced last, since the band would be somewhat dependent on the watch case. I think the watch strap was a planned delay tactic.

      Also, do you remember the caseback he tried to pawn off on us? It looked liked a flat piece of acrylic with four screws stuck in it. For pete's sake, the caseback didn't even have countersunk holes for the screws. That type of crude manufacturing is fine at the initial stages of design, but totally unacceptable for a project that was supposed to be ready to go to production.

      I appreciate your optimism, but I really think this project was a scam from the start. Either that, or it totally derailed immediately after funding.

    45. Creator Daniel Chang on June 17

      Hey, you're a celebrity Martin! I just wish the article could talk more about the Agent.

    46. Creator Simon on June 17

      Nice one Martin - although (as I have said) that Chris Walker didn't start out to screw us over I do believe that this is no longer the case. He has had plenty of chances to do the right thing but arrogance, lack of PM ability and the temptation of diverting funds seemed to be too much.

      Chris Walker is a scumbag in my view and should never be entertained by Microsoft again.

    47. Creator Jason Wilf on June 17

      i would like a refund or i will file with FTC

    48. Creator Hafeez Hussain on June 17

      sorry i guess i was a little late. someone beat me to it. but that shows you how uninterested i am about this failed project at this stage.

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