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The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
The next generation smartwatch with brand-new technology. World-class developer tools, unparalleled battery life, Qi wireless charging.
5,685 backers pledged $1,012,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Andrew about 2 hours ago

      This is the email I sent to Kickstarter: Can you please look into Agent: Smartwatch by Secret Labs like you did Zano? It has become very clear that this is a scam with money raised for the watch being used for other projects that Kickstarter members didn't back (Netduino Project was supposed to be ready for backers in January of 2014, and there is still no new estimated date for delivery. I feel the updated we get which are always over a month are just an attempt to keep Kickstarter off of his back. At this point I feel Kickstarter has an obligation to step in and help its members.

      Please help us!

      I also copied:,, and

      Please feel free to send the email or a similar email to them, the more emails the better.

    2. Creator springrider 1 day ago

      FTC complaint filed from China. here is what I told them:

      "I backed this product on kickstarter two years ago. and it supposed to deliver to me at "Jan 2014". I still didn't receive it, and I am afraid I will never receive it. I am aware of the risk of backing product on kickstarter. But I am not okay being cheated. I think there should be some investigation on the company "Secret Labs LLC". they are still telling people they are making the project, while everybody thinks they are lying. they took 1 million dollars away from this project and deliver nothing but lies. "

    3. Creator Valentin Ivanov 2 days ago

      This needs to be reported to Credit agencies.

    4. Creator Tim Wyatt 3 days ago

      @Ben - thanks for the extra info. I did get knocked back when I last tried for a chargeback, but given the passage of even more time and the utter failure for any sort of meaningful response from the creator or prospect of fulfilment, perhaps it's worth another shot. Can't hurt to try! Will report back if I have any luck.

    5. Creator Chris Jutting 3 days ago

      I backed this project due to the promise of windows phone support. During the time from this project launch til now, being 2 years late, MS released the Band, which I bought. A year later I went back to Android and now bought a Moto 360. All this while waiting for this hack of a project. I hope this failure haunts CW every day for the rest of his life.

    6. Creator Martin Calsyn 3 days ago

      Other data point: KS has changed TOS once or twice since Agent launched. Zano and Agent may well have launched under different Terms of Service.

    7. Creator Martin Calsyn 3 days ago

      Chris last posted on his own Netduino board in early October. A day before his last post was a post that concluded with "thanks to everyone in Redmond for all the fish.". Now, either he had a really nice fish dinner in Redmond, or it is an off-hand reference to a more familiar quote : "So long and thanks for all the fish". Anyway, he has not posted since then and has not logged in for a couple weeks. Time will tell what's up here, because sure as heck nobody else seems to be talking...

    8. Creator Valentin Ivanov 3 days ago

      "But failure without honesty and transparency for backers is unacceptable." That is exactly what we have here.

      When will KS finally see that?!

    9. Creator jeff 4 days ago

      Keep in mind Coward Walker fully knows he cannot fold like Zano did. You see what happens when you publicly admit failure now. This is what our fearful creator turned project manager is avoiding at all costs. He's been pulling everyone's leg for 2.5 years. Don't expect that to stop.

    10. Creator jeff 4 days ago

      Zano was all over the news as a colossal failure. This project hasn't hit the neas., yet.

      Also keep in mind Zano was a company around a single project, where Agent is a company who used this single project to catapault R&D for its existing company. Coward will not admit failure nor bankrupt his existing company. He lawyered up and is in hiding. When this hits the news, it will be because of fraud and poor accounting practices. Our money is being burnt on things we did not buy into. Chris Walker is a smart criminal. One who has not actively built anything "watch" related yet. After burning his last vendor/partner, I doubt he fill find a suitor to replace them.

    11. Creator John 4 days ago

      Obviously we are not important enough - or vocal enough.
      Dear Zano backers:

      We've heard from many of you in the wake of the Zano project's failure, and we've been reading your comments. Like you, we’re extremely frustrated by what’s happened with this project.

      We learned the news of the Zano bankruptcy the same way that you did — through a bare-bones project update. We emailed the creators as recently as two weeks ago to encourage them to be more communicative with their backers, but received only a cursory response.

      You deserve more than that, and we are committed to helping backers get to the bottom of what happened here.

      Finding out what happened

      Today we sent an email to the Zano team informing them of their obligations to backers, and asking them to share an open and transparent update on what happened with the project. We have asked them to post this update by Monday, November 30th.

      If they do not adequately brief backers by that time, Kickstarter will independently pursue an inquiry into the Zano project. Should this occur, we will share those findings with you, the backers, once completed.

      Kickstarter’s terms

      Kickstarter’s Terms of Use set up an agreement between creators and backers that outlines what is supposed to happen if a creator is unable to complete their project. This agreement requires the creator to come forward and explain what happened and how funds were used, and to offer any remaining funds to backers. (Kickstarter does not issue refunds — the creator does so if there’s money left.) You can read this agreement in full here.

      As of now, the Zano creators have failed to meet these obligations. And as our terms state, this failure can subject them to legal action by backers. In addition, creators who fail to fulfill, and who fail to meet Kickstarter’s expectations of transparency, are not permitted to launch further projects. The creators of Zano will not be allowed to launch another project on Kickstarter.

      Failure is a possibility whenever someone tries to create something new. With open communication, this can be an unfortunate but acceptable outcome. But failure without honesty and transparency for backers is unacceptable. We are determined to help backers get the full account that they're entitled to and deserve.

      Thank you for your time, and for being a member of the Kickstarter community.


    12. Creator Ben Baskaran 4 days ago

      Mine was MasterCard

    13. Creator Trogdor 4 days ago

      Just curious: For those who have charged back, what type of CC [Visa, MC, Amex]]...overall American Express seems to have the easiest charge back of them all...considering using them as my payment method going forward.

      Overall wondering if you folks have found Amex more 'friendly' toward KS projects that have gone dark...

    14. Creator Ben Baskaran 4 days ago

      @Tim. I actually managed to get a charge back I think was in excess of a year when it became clear this project was not going to deliver. I am in UK and put together a case where the CC company felt it was a valid claim

    15. Creator Tim Wyatt 5 days ago

      @Ben Baskaran - lucky you! :) May I ask, did this happen recently, or did you seek the refund a long time ago? Most credit card companies refuse to consider chargebacks after 90 days or so, which usually leaves Kickstarter backers in the lurch as projects are rarely even due for delivery within that timeframe. Let alone disasters like this one!

    16. Creator Ben Baskaran 5 days ago

      @Jobathon Wheatley. I got my money back through a credit card charge back. I am in UK

    17. Creator jeff 5 days ago

      Sorry...I lost $75 to this unprofessional asshat.

    18. Creator jeff 5 days ago

      @jon....only in the beginning when there were those that Coward thought he could control his image. Decenting opinions that couldn't be controlled by Roma and company were cancelled and refunded (e.g. Paul). Otherwise, Coward made it past the 6 month grace period for credit card refunds and abandoned making any attempt to be honest about what was really happening. Even tried to get everyone to post in his personally moderated forum because Kickstarter doesn't provide a mechanism to keep backers informed. I really wish I was making this shit up.

      I was lucky enough to sell my pledge at 50% of cost, but I still don't take kindly to throwing $50 down the tube.

    19. Creator Jonathan Wheatley 5 days ago

      Has anyone been successful in getting any portion of their money back?

    20. Creator Ben Baskaran 5 days ago

      You have to admit Chris wanker certainly has balls to rub it in all your faces

    21. Creator jeff 6 days ago

      Updates for our funding can be found here... Lots of new innovations and product launches. Quite a few cheeky comments with emojis to his customers. Coward Walker (scam artist and CEO of Secret Labs) posts daily there.

    22. Creator Maxim Enbaev 6 days ago

      Update!!!.. Update!!!..
      Creator must making updates lifelong according Kickstarter agreements

    23. Creator Joe Kelly 7 days ago

      This little page will forever be where I to go to reference where I became so jaded and cynical about crowd funding. Where people with no moral compass can easily and frequently screw over people who genuinely wanted to help someone's vision succeed.

      I assume 2 - 3 -10 years from now I will still be wondering where the hell my money went. Maybe we could at least get a picture of the boat/car/house/dinners we bought you? Or maybe it was just a giant pile of cocaine and some hookers? if so send pictures of them... Something... give us SOMETHING... wtf.

    24. Creator Joe Kelly 7 days ago

      Just bought a MS Band 2. How I wish I could have used the money I spent on this fucking scam to buy that. Thanks for nothing A**hole.

    25. Creator Antoine klein on November 20

      Il y a des français concerné par cette farce ?
      est il possible de porter plainte pour la france ?
      que fait kickstarter, ce projet discrédite leur site....

    26. Creator Mark Andrews on November 19

      I did my part. FTC complaint filed.

    27. Creator Kumar Jhuremalani on November 18

      And another company goes bust! Atleast they admitted it and shipped something out to some backers..

    28. Creator Michael on November 18

      FTC Complaint filed

    29. Creator jeff on November 18

      Nah. Admitting he was wrong or even flawed would take dignity and self-respect. Besides, this project netted Coward Walker a nice new facility, parts cabinet, and a bunch of new parts for those iterations of Netduino released on his website. He also threw some money to his Utah friends(BY alumni) for legal counsel and project management. He has zero motivation to stop this act. Well played, asshole.

    30. Creator David Smith on November 18

      Maybe he can buy us all a competitors smartwatch with our money. Or maybe he can melt down all the old components and make us little trophys that say we were apart of one of the biggest kickstarter scams. If he is the ultimate troll he could just send each person a watch strap. IDK just brainstorming

    31. Creator Kevin Jordan on November 18

      I've filed my FTC complaint too. Hopefully we're getting enough complaints that they look into this crook.

    32. Creator George Mack on November 17

      Complaint filed with AG

    33. Creator Josh on November 16

      even comments are starting to slow down, DONT LOSE THAT FIRE PEOPLE!!!!

    34. Creator Josh on November 16

      I hear the new os 3.0 comes with a crayon so you can write the time down on a piece of paper!! IM SOOO EXCITED I CANT WAIT

    35. Creator Douglas Cameron on November 15

      So it's approaching the 2year anniversary of when the first rewards were due and nothing has really progressed in the 2 and half years since this was funded. So much has changed with wearable and smart watch tech Agent really isn't applicable to me anymore. Totally feel ripped off with this, I'll give the Agent team the benefit of the doubt as I'm sure it wasn't their intention completely fall short of their promises but it feels like they are flogging a dead horse...

    36. Creator Ben Baskaran on November 13

      I can't wait for the next update I am wondering if Chris Wanker has managed to sort out the very difficult challenge of the watch straps

    37. Creator Joshua Ayes on November 13

      isnt it time for another bullshit update - maybe we'll get a status on the EXPIRED mechanical parts - or maybe we'll hear about the New os 3.0 version - cant wait!

    38. Creator Bryce on November 11

      FTC complaint filed from Australia.

      Guide posted by William McKinney further below was really helpful, only took 5 minutes -

    39. Creator Josh on November 10

      i freaking hate this place

    40. Creator Ruben Sanchez on November 10

      how do you ask for a refund or how do you fill a complain? we need refund

    41. Creator Michael Armogan on November 9

      Refund please

    42. Creator jeff on November 7

      This Gizmodo article sums it up. We've been had.

    43. Creator Ralph Wiggum on November 7

      The next bullshit storytime...err update should focus solely on how he's responding to all these FTC complaints.

    44. Creator Andrew Rhodes on November 6

      I have submitted my complaint to

    45. Creator Martin Calsyn on November 6

      @dean clark - yes, but if you search for my name you'll get the same thing (I just tried it) and I never requested anything be removed. I don't think you can read much into that. It may be a blanket statement they attach to app proper-name searches. In cases where a specific request exists, I notice that they often provide a link to

    46. Creator dean clark on November 5

      MMM, if you search for chris walkers name in google you get "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more" - click on it and it talks about the "right to be forgotten ruling" in Europe...The court found that certain users have the right to ask search engines like Google to remove results for queries that include the person's name. To qualify, the results shown would need to be inadequate, irrelevant, no longer relevant, or excessive. - I don't think he should be forgotten - lets make a point of mentioning his name on the interwebs next to the word scam as much as possiblt - oh - complaint submitted.

    47. Creator Kinde on November 4

      As a non-us I submitted complaint via I don't even think that would help anything or I would ever get my money back. But if someone would break creators legs or something, it would be nice ;)

    48. Creator Andrew Rhodes on November 4

      Received an email back from the FTC with a link to a brochure that contained the following

      "Report Scams

      If you think you may have been scammed:

      File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If you are outside the U.S., file a complaint at
      Visit, where you’ll find out how to minimize your risk of identity theft.
      Report scams to your state Attorney General.

      So I guess us non-US people can try

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