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An accountant. A mad scientist. A woman from the future. A time machine. A six-part, online audio sci-fi sitcom.
The UK's first Kickstarter-funded sitcom: a six-part audio-only sci-fi comedy, now available to download completely free.
The UK's first Kickstarter-funded sitcom: a six-part audio-only sci-fi comedy, now available to download completely free.
155 backers pledged £5,213 to help bring this project to life.

Target Reached, Stretch Goals and a Very Special Guest Star...

Hello, time travellers...

Well, it's been quite a week. We've got two rather huge and stonking bits of news to announce, so let's get the first one - which you may already have noticed - out of the way.


Yes, it's true - just over two weeks before the end of the fundraising deadline, we've hit the target. This is a marvellously brilliant surprise - basically, the project attracted the attention of a company interested in seeing the completed product, so they've stuck their necks on the line and backed us up to the target amount to ensure that it definitely happens. Which is of course fantastic news. But this piece of backing quite probably wouldn't have happened without all of the brilliant people who've already decided that we're worth taking a punt on - so once again, an absolutely heartfelt thank you to every single one of you. We hope we can repay your faith in us.

Now, hitting the target so early isn't going to affect how we approach the project, or the existing rewards we'll be offering - but it does mean we can come up with some stretch goals and pay our actors a bit more into the bargain, so it's a big win for everyone!

As such, we're still actively seeking backers, since as far as we're concerned, if we make more money above the target budget line, all it means is that we'll be able to make the project that bit better - it gives us more to play with in terms of being able to get better music and sound effects and suchlike. What's more, every individual backer - whether they pledge £1 or £100 - is another person who'll get to hear the series, and obviously that's something we want too.


By the same token, we know that we can't just ask for continued backing without giving backers both existing and new something a bit more into the bargain. So here are three stretch goals that we've come up with, to expand the project further if we manage to hit these new targets:

If we hit this mark, we'll script and produce an additional, extra-special 15-minute episode featuring Nina and Oscar back in their earlier CIA days - i.e. before meeting Eric and the Professor. What's more, we will initially ONLY make this episode available to Kickstarter backers (i.e. it won't go on sale with the rest of the series when produced), although naturally we reserve the right to make use of the material in some other way further down the line.

£5,000 - MUSIC
Whatever happens, the series will have a theme tune of some kind, but hitting the £5K mark will vastly increase the budget we're able to allocate to that area, meaning that we can commission a decent musician or beat combo to compose a dedicated theme and/or score, rather than simply having to rely on library music. And in addition, we'll give away the soundtrack in full in MP3 form to all backers!

A bonus prequel is one thing, but how about an entire, full, extra episode? If we somehow hit the £7K mark, we'll be able to plot, script and produce an extra episode to slot into the middle of the series. This ep will be made available at no extra charge to all backers who've bought at least the series pass (£5) option.


So we've teased this already, but we're pleased to finally be able to make the announcement public, as a celebration of hitting our target goal and thus confirming that the project is definitely going to happen.

We're delighted to announce, then, that author, TV presenter and - of course - Red Dwarf's Kryten himself, Mr Robert Llewellyn, has agreed to play the narrator in the series! A superbly talented voice artist - and damned lovely bloke into the bargain - we're beyond thrilled to have Robert on board, and we hope as well that having him involved helps show the seriousness with which we're taking this whole thing.

You may commence cheering now.

Thank you once again for all of your support. We're hugely excited about getting this thing made, and we hope we'll repay your interest and faith with a damned fine and classic radio sitcom adventure.

Until Next Time...
Seb and James


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    1. Nicholas Vaughan on November 14, 2012

      Robert Llewellyn on board, this just gets better and better.

      Can't wait.