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Mermaid Octopus and Fish's video poster

MO&F is a multi-screen video piece, projected onto the water and concrete wall of a shallow river in North Adams, made for the HOOSAC RIVER LIGHTS IIa Read more

North Adams, MA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on October 24, 2009.

MO&F is a multi-screen video piece, projected onto the water and concrete wall of a shallow river in North Adams, made for the HOOSAC RIVER LIGHTS IIa

North Adams, MA Shorts
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About this project

Please check out the UPDATES to watch the footage from the show held in Oct 17. Thanks all!

-------------------------- Mermaid Octopus and Fish is a multi screen video piece that will be projected to the water and concrete wall of the river, made for the HOOSAC RIVER LIGHTS IIa in North Adams.
Here are some words from the event coordinator Ralph Brill, curator of the Brill Gallery.
"The Hoosac River was the life blood of North Adams in the 1800s. Because the wild river caused lots of flood damage, the River was reset in the concrete channel in the 1950s by the U.S. Government. Most people today don't know there is a River there or consider it a drainage ditch. Hoosac River Lights is meant to celebrate the Hoosac River."

We participated last year and created a mural of wishing lights which turned on with a coin.

Last year's show was quite successful. We got to meet and talk with a lot of locals in the community, which was a very rewarding experience.
At this year's festival, the theme is the native trouts inhabiting the river. Doing the project last year, we found the concrete wall and the shallow river underneath the bridge could be very interesting as a video screen. So, this year we'll project videos of real and imaginary creatures (mermaid, octopus and fish) on the shallow water and the concrete wall and try to visualize what it would be like to have the river's nature back to life.
Why we need you
Unfortunately, when we visited North Adams in the summer, the event was canceled due to the unforeseen rain. And now we are going there again in 10 days, hoping for fine weather for the rescheduled show.

Last time, one local artist generously offered us a place to stay. And a few friends have been helping in the completion of the project. But our extra travels between NY and MA, accommodation and the installation system for projectors exceed our budget limit and we are looking for some opportunity to get funded.
Funding and the future plan
We think $430 should be able to cover our travel expenses, accommodation for our team and custom-built installation. If we get more funding than that(!), we'll use it for our future projects planned in the same line. In the future, we will continue developing our project as a guerrilla video art piece that uses architecture, nature and weather as participating characters. So, stay tuned. We might go to your neighborhood and create imaginary scenes at an unexpected location. :)

Please help us make our visions come true!

Thank you!

Inhye & Rikayo (We are NYC-based independent artists)


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