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MO&F is a multi-screen video piece, projected onto the water and concrete wall of a shallow river in North Adams, made for the HOOSAC RIVER LIGHTS IIa
Created by

Inhye Lee

15 backers pledged $430 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you!

Dear backers,

Thank you so much everyone!
We successfully reached the funding goal upon finishing up the fundraising process today.
We are truly truly grateful for your generosity and support. It is going to help us tremendously. You made it possible for us.

Ralph Brill also informed us that Brian Cunningham and Grover Askins in North Adams contributed through his account. Thank you!

Thanks for your support once again, everyone!!

Inhye and Rikayo

Video3 - the top view (Scenes in the water) / Close-ups

Close-ups of characters and the top-down view at the scenes in the water.

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Video2 - the wall view (Zoomed-in)

Here is another video of the entire animation.

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Updates from the Show (We are still raising the fund) + Video1

Hello Backers,
We just came back from North Adams last night.

Thanks to your generosity and the moral support, we were finally able to show our little movie in the Hoosic River.
The event turned out to be quite successful. :)

We were so glad when we got to North Adams, especially because we experienced some difficulty getting there.
To make the long story short...our car stopped working in the middle of the night, while we were pulled over by the highway patrol for the speed limit violation (yes, we really wanted to get there asap!). We tried everything but ended up getting towed from Albany to North Adams. It was quite a journey.............
Nevertheless, we made it there before the show.

In North Adams, community organizer Kathy Keeser and other locals helped us so much. Kathy not only hosted us this time but also looked through yellow pages and found a local car repair shop that's open during the weekend. We really can't thank her enough.

At the site, we had to make a last minute location change due to the water level of the river. But things all worked out well.
It was quite chilly but the rain and snowstorm waited to arrive until the next day.
Matt Hopkins' live music added a lot to the piece as if we collaborated.
A lot of people really enjoyed the show. It was truly rewarding to see many smiling faces. :)

* Our fundraising is still going on. Now, we feel a little bit desperate because of the unexpected accident we had.. We really appreciate your support!

Thank you all! & Please spread the word out for us!

Inhye and Rikayo

p.s. - Thanks to Ganesh for creating the beautiful mermaid. Thanks to Ralph Brill for organizing the event. Thanks to Susanne and Xu for all the help.

This video shows the animation within the site environment.

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