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SeaTalkie is an innovative waterproof walkie talkie designed for water sports. 
Especially for CHILDREN playing at crowded beaches.
SeaTalkie is an innovative waterproof walkie talkie designed for water sports. 
Especially for CHILDREN playing at crowded beaches.
SeaTalkie is an innovative waterproof walkie talkie designed for water sports. Especially for CHILDREN playing at crowded beaches.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Philipp Huber on April 21

      I have received my seatalkie. It works great. Easy to set up using the android app. after waiting so long, swaziland post re-routed the seatalkie to switzerland 😀.

    2. Kaniawati Zainal Abidin
      on April 14

      May i know... when do i get my reward. Tq

    3. johnMW
      on March 30

      now it's almost April and i have yet to see or smell my reward. And i am nearby Hong Kong... zzz

    4. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on January 19

      @ Marcelo and other backers who have not got the SeaTalkie.

      I am sorry for the delay. Since there is lack of the RF chipset ( one of the important component). The chipset factory tells me that they will send me at the end of JAN 2018. I now have to wait for the chipset to make the SeaTalkie later on.

      I keep ordering this chipset for 2 years before, so I unexpected the lack of this and I cannot control this. Just wait for the chipset arrive. Please wait for some more time and I will Send SeaTalkie to you.


      John Mak

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Bartoszeck on January 13

      I'm waiting also for the shipping. I hope all bakers receive. I saw in youtube two new videos from John.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tristan Cawte on January 8

      Hi, any updates on the shipping? I've not received any information since backing this project and no tracking number???

    7. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on December 15, 2017

      Hi, Backers of SeaTalkie,

      For the updated shipping information. I have sent out about 60% of the kcikstarter orders. Some backers have got it and using it. And some will receive the SeaTalkie soon (before Christmas). Please keep tracking on the parcel if you have got the tracking code, since now is the peak season if the international post network.

      For the backer's order which I have not sent out. I am very sorry for the delay. I am still hurrying to send the parcel out. I think you will get it in JAN 2018.

      Merry Christmas,
      John Mak

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Bordujenko on December 14, 2017

      Update required on shipping please!

    9. Missing avatar

      ritchie gregg on December 5, 2017

      i have received no correspondence since i backed this project and it was funded. when will the items be shipped? Australia.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason Bordujenko on December 2, 2017

      Any updates to delivery schedule? Still do not have my tracking number.

    11. soxcited
      on November 30, 2017

      Received the Seatalkie in Boston. It took 2 weeks from receiving the tracking info to delivery. I set the channels up per the instructions and tried it on. It worked on land. The mounting accessories are 3d printed so I can't speak for the durability or the waterproof capabilities as of yet but overall it looks good.

    12. Missing avatar

      nick heine on November 7, 2017

      also my address has just changed. Can you please let me know how i can update it with you.

    13. Missing avatar

      nick heine on November 7, 2017

      Hi There, i have still not received my seatalkies.

    14. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on November 2, 2017

      Hi Jason Bordujenko.
      I am trying my best to make it hurry. Since some equipment got problems, I can only make about 5 to 6 SeaTalkie per day at this moment.
      And I keep sending out and some backers have got the SeaTalkie already. Your SeaTalkie would
      send in these days. By air-registered mail.


    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Bordujenko on November 1, 2017

      Hello. Do you have an estimate of when we will receive our radios please?

    16. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on October 24, 2017

      @Wallace Kwok, Yes your parcel is just sent out yesterday, you will get it soon. I sent to the SF service point near you. sorry for the delay.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wallace Kwok
      on October 24, 2017

      Just want to ensure you didn’t send to the wrong address, I still didn’t receive it yet!

    18. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on October 7, 2017

      @Wallace Kwok
      Yes, we just begin to send out SeaTalkie and according to the backer number. You will get the SeaTalkie by next week.

      John Mak

    19. Missing avatar

      Wallace Kwok
      on October 6, 2017

      Any update here?

    20. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on August 9, 2017

      Thanks for your question, this should be the question that most people want to know.

      Actually, the SeaTalkie is the most affordable price of 5-meter waterproof walkie talkie on the market. It combines new elements of UX design and smart-Apps configuration, Which make SeaTalkie can perform more functions than other walkie talkies, especially for water sport.

      And I have found 2 other water sports walkies on the market and make the comparison. I cannot tell which one is better or worse because I have not tried them. And I think different products have different usages. No winners or losers.

      I divided into 3 cases as shown below:

      Case 1: compare to the general waterproof walkie talkies.
      I cannot find a general waterproof walkie talkie has IPx8 waterproof rating which means submersible into water for over 30 mins. General waterproof walkie talkies always larger in size, not designed for sports. And cannot mount on the vest, helmet and paddles.

      Case 2: compare to the "BB Talkie".

      The users can only wear it with helmet or headband. Thus it is suitable for certain kind of usages only. The speaker and microphone and separated from the main body and connecting with cables.
      Compatibility: Does not compatible to other walkie talkies. The BB Talk can only communicate to BB Talk.

      Case 3: compare to the "Headzone Helmet Radio".
      It is a helmet integrated with radio. Thus users have to wear helmets. No other choices.

      Back to SeaTalkie:
      The price is the most affroadable one in the market.
      It is IPx8 waterproof, and strongly for high water impact.
      Tiny in size, with different accessories that can mount on chest, Vest, helmet and paddle. And it is good for kids and families too beacasue SeaTalkie is "one-body" design. You can just put it into pockets.
      SeaTalkie is compatible to other walkie talkies because it is standard UHF radio band using by traditional walkit alkiies.. It is important to setup a radio network to optimize the communication. That means you can communicate with your friends who are using different walkie talkies.

    21. soxcited
      on August 9, 2017

      Can you let us know the pros/cons compared to the other walkie-talkies in the market?

    22. JOHN MAK 2-time creator on July 27, 2017

      to Wallace Kwok:
      Welcome your question. Yes, SeaTalkie uses UHF band channels, Which is common to most walkie talkies such as Motorola walkie talkies. Just set them to the same channels, then they can communicate.

      You would download the android to try:…

      Do I answer your question? Feel free for any questions.

      John Mak

    23. Missing avatar

      Wallace Kwok
      on July 27, 2017

      Is it backward compatible with the old version?