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Slay epic beasts in a randomly generated world all while collecting loot, crafting gear, and harvesting resources for survival.
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Beta is almost here!

Posted by Sean Young (Creator)

I'll be sending out the Beta .ZIP file to everyone who pledged $25 and up at 5pm Eastern time. 

I hope you all catch me tons of bugs and post all of your ideas and opinions on both the facebook page and on the sub reddit !

Multiplayer is working and I suggest the use of port forwarding or hamachi, similar to how minecraft and terraria do it. 

PC is working for sure, but Mac and Linux haven't seen much testing since I don't have proper devices to test on just yet. I'll still include those platforms' builds today and be ready to fix any errors you may find. Thanks for being so patient with me and giving me all of this support, it means a lot!

Oh and here's a sneak peak at the final boss I've been working on. Unfortunately he won't make it into this build but he will kill you all one day I'm sure :D

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    1. Sean Young 5-time creator on

      I suggest using hamachi. You and your friends download it and someone hosts a server. That is how my buddies and I played. But yeah you can just give them your ip if you do port forwarding but I am unfamiliar with that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Ling on

      Hey just a quick question, how do I make a server or do I just give my friends my ip?

    3. Richard Osborne on

      Good luck with the Beta! Haha that image looks so good man. I am sure this game will be lots of fun! Your hard work is appreciated :)

    4. Sean Young 5-time creator on

      @Jacob I'll probably put up an Early Access in February to catch any missed bugs, then launch the final game soon after.
      @Griffin Thanks and the dragon is just a small part of the ending, don't worry you will be surprised :)

    5. Griffin Patterson on

      The final boss looks good. Please tell me that it's not a standard dragon and he has a bit of a plot twist? I would hate to see it be that simple and unimaginative.

    6. Jacob Begley on

      An idea when the steam version gets released?

    7. Missing avatar

      david copithorne on

      from start to finish the game looks amazing in terms of photos

    8. Stevepunk on

      Alpha was fun. Beta should be... Better? :P