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Kinetic Void is a Science Fiction Space Sandbox for PC and MAC, which focuses on procedural content, and detailed customization.
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Content DLC vs Expansion

Posted by Sean Pollman (Creator)

With last nights update there have been some questions about the difference between the non DLC free content that people can expect post release, and our first major expansion. 

DLC typically refers to small chunks of game content that runs between $0.99 and $10 which include things like cosmetic enhancements, weapons, map packs, and minor missions. This kind of content is small and easy to produce, but still has a cost associated with it. 

This kind of content we will be releasing for free, in our content patches. Things our community can expect are: ship modules, sub-systems, missions, weapons, and sectors. As we work on the game we will include these new items, free of charge as we finish them. 

Expansions are a throwback to 10+ years ago (there have been some since then, but not nearly as common), before there was DLC. It consists of major changes and additions to games that were packaged up and purchased for around $20 - $30, these were usually game changers and added several hours of gameplay. 
Some of my favorite expansions of all time were: Morrowind Tribunal, Warcraft III Frozen Throne, and Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

Our first expansion will be in development for almost a year after our release, it will include entirely new systems and support multiplayer. The content and features for this are set set yet so our community will have the opportunity to directly impact this new content. we will be building our multiplayer on the UnityPark Suite backend, a networking framework which we already own a license for. If a backer was to pledge now at the $55 tier, they receive a copy of this expansion without extra charge, and all lower tier rewards as well. 

A note to the wonderful backers that have increased their pledge already, Ive noticed a few people going to the $50 tier, if it was your intention to increase to the expansion level, you will need to select the $55 pledge and $55 reward.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome, if you have any more suggestions on pledge rewards or game content, please let us know!


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    1. Sean Pollman Creator on

      @Noe its undetermined at this time, it will come down to how much content is in the expansion etc.

    2. Noe Ridgway on

      Question: How much will this expansion cost if we purchase it when it releases? I want it, but if it'll be cheaper to wait, then I will have to.

    3. Missing avatar

      Esteban on

      Nicely put, Lewis.

    4. Lewis on

      I think most devs/publishers are quite happy to blur the line between expansions and DLC, because it boosts sales. One might purchase DLC hoping that it adds substantial content only to find 1-2 hours of additional play. DLC tends to prey on content desperation, and has left too many bad tastes in my mouth. I'll happily pay for expansions, especially to a dev who acknowledges the clear distinction between the two.

    5. Atarun

      Sold. I upped from $10 to $55.
      That's how sick I am of overpriced DLCs ans how much I miss expansions (and putting my money where my mouth is ;).