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Kinetic Void is a Science Fiction Space Sandbox for PC and MAC, which focuses on procedural content, and detailed customization.
2,517 backers pledged $66,528 to help bring this project to life.

Still alive, and developing!

Posted by Sean Pollman (Creator)

We are doing great so far everyone and have managed to reach 10% of our goal! The team is hard at work on next Mondays update, some of things going in are Weapons Management window, where you can control the groupings of your ships load-out, the ability to issue and cancel fire orders to your weapon groups at selected locked targets, a couple new size 2 modes, and the beginning of our size 1 module selection and, due to popular request, Cockpit view! Matt is working on this right now in fact. Assuming its finished by Monday it will be in the update! There are also a handful of bugs we corrected and a few other things. The details will be in the patch notes.

We still need more backers! We have a strong and growing community but it needs to be larger, tell your friends, you gaming buddies, family, post on forums, email people, do whatever you can to bring Kinetic Void to more people!

We have talked about picking a day, and hosting a team live-stream while we work, and all would be invited to join and ask questions. What do you think about this? post in the comments if you are interested in this idea.

We have a few stretch goals planned, things I am sure you all will like, once we have reached 50% of our goal I will begin talking about them, until then though, keep up the good work and we will keep developing!


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    1. Avarchillion on

      a team live-stream event would be nice. just looking over your shoulders to see how the game progresses. :-)