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Kinetic Void is a Science Fiction Space Sandbox for PC and MAC, which focuses on procedural content, and detailed customization.
2,517 backers pledged $66,528 to help bring this project to life.

Day 1 Down!

Posted by Sean Pollman (Creator)

So, our first 24 hours are past and we are very happy with the results! As of this posting we are at 4.5% to our goal, we feel this is a great thing considering how unknown our game is at this point! We have already been in contact with a couple media outlets and hope to start seeing some news coverage in the coming days!

We are very thankful for the support we have received already from our backers! Keep it up, tell your friends, family, forum communities, blogs, Facebook, twitter, the sky is the limit, the more we can get out there the better we will do, and the better Kinetic Void will be!

We have corrected a couple small bugs and a patch is already out now, just run the updater, if you're on MAC, you will have to re-download the client, I'm sorry, we don't have an updater for MAC yet. 

A few people mentioned it would be nice to have a video tutorial about the Shipyard, you ask, I respond! Enjoy this video I did today explaining pretty much all facets of the current demo, as well as a few side tracks on future plans and game-play features!

We have also had a few questions on how we will be handling the money, and where it will be going. here is a more specific breakdown. 

$10k for software licensing, this covers things like Unity Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, and Substance Designer

3 salaries of $2500 (this is not the exact amount we will be paid, a little less to compensate for tax which leaves us each around $1850 per month) That leaves leaves us with a $5000 buffer for advertisement and other expenses that may arise.

I have taken taxes into account and met with a local CPA / Adviser firm. and they will be handling these issues for us. Taxes do not need to be paid on the entire amount from Kickstarter, rather only what is considered profit after all expenses, such as software, advertisement, and employee wage (I must pay 7.5% for Social Security on each of the employees salary) and then 30-35% of my own wage will need to be reserved for taxes as well. Because of the way taxes work, this first year will be pretty easy, next year we will need to do quarterly tax estimates.

We are doing our best to be as transparent as possible, please feel free to ask any questions, either here, in the comments, through private messages, or my email

Thanks again for all your support!


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    1. Jacob Craig on

      Just a quick suggestion. Could you hide the hard points when in colorization mode. I noticed that the red nodes were appearing when you were coloring the ship, miking it look different than the final flight ready version.