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Update #51

Kinetic Void Update D9 (Live on 2/10/2014)


Many of the subsystems and module stats have been tweaked. Make sure to double check your ship designs for viable builds. 


  • New Microwarp Effect. 
  • Trade Goods to inventory/trade system. Currently available is only Materials and Water. New sector nebule effects 
  • Ability to access Inventory levels while in Sector (galaxy) mode Tooltips during Sector (galaxy) mode for icons on the screen + drone management window. A check for power requirements for ships when launching from Shipyard has been implemented. WARNING! This only applies to player ships being launched from the shipyard. If you build a massive ship that does not meet the power requirements the AI can still use said ship. So if you want the game to have a balance to it make sure all ships meet the power requirements. 
  • A check for Kinetic Field Generator is a requirement to launch ships from shipyard. 
  • The map now renders lines that represent Star System links. In the future, these will be the jump gate routes used to navigate between star systems. 
  •  Added a “You Are Here” marker (node) to the map above the Sector the player is currently in.


  • Inventory/Store in the Shipyard is accessible in Creative Mode. 
  • Drones now return to the rally point after exceeding their Comm Range. 
  • Drones rally point has be moved to outside the hangar bay that they launch from. 
  • The scaling curves for subsystems have undergone a major change. Values in general will not get so ludicrously high, and larger ships will now be inherently slower than smaller ones, instead of vice versa. 
  • Adjusted many subsystem attributes to bring inline with new scaling curves. 
  • Reduced weapon damages to reflect new Module and Subsystem attribute calculations. may still be too high. 
  • Shields are no longer lowered upon toggling the Newtonian flight mode. 
  • When resetting a ship subsystems will now be dumped into station inventory instead of being destroyed. 
  • Decreased KFG Strength. 
  • Changed all forward thrust values to coincide with the changes to scaling. 
  • Increased durability ratings for all subsystems. 
  • Increased the size of planets by a factor of 5 
  • Updated the all stock ships to fit inline with the changes to stats and intended combat capability. 


  • Fixed issue with shield hit effect not fading properly. 
  • Fixed the Galaxy Map Button to actually open the Galaxy Map. 
  • Fixed a serious save system bug: If the player made a new galaxy, and then exited without launching a ship, the sector would fail to load when they did try launch later on. 
  • Fixed a bug where users where unable to launch drones. 
  • Fixed a bug where mining drones lasers would not disappear. 
  • Fixed the pink skybox issue when environmental detail was under Very High. 
  • Fixed a problem with calculating extremely high damage values. 
  • Fixed a crash bug when creating new sectors with 10 factions and 10 systems. 
  • Fixed an inventory reference bug when in Shipyard in creative mode. 
  • A performance issue related to colliders on turrets has been resolved. This should increase performance when shields are down (as that’s the only time individual hull colliders are active).
  • A long standing memory leak in Shipyard and Sector has been resolved. 
  • Fixed issue with camera rendering distance and planets. 
  • Turret traverse speeds are based on the size of the turret, these values were all reversed so large turrets were much faster than small turrets. This has been resolved. 

Update #50

Patch Notes D8 Kinetic Void Updates

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Valued backers:

We have a new update today available for everyone, with lots of changes and additions, check it out!


  • Skybox generation is now active, this system still needs tweaking.
  • Environmental Detail in graphical options changes the Skybox LOD (requires game restart).
  • LOD system for asteroids
  • Mining Drones
  • Added keybind GUI for the Drone Management Window in the options menu.
  • Added keyboard button bindings for camera rotation under Controls>Flight. By default, these are unbound.


Drone AI improvements:

  • Drones will now actively try to avoid running into ships. They will not always succeed. Take caution when launching and recovering drones. Drones will now aim much more effectively. They should now be quite useful in combat.
  • Mining Drones automatically dock once inventory is full.
  • Mining Drones will only be able to mine asteroids, not able to attack other ships.
  • Attack Drones will only be able to attack other ships and not mine asteroids.
  • Improved lighting in sector space.
  • Drone ejection from ship has been reduced in speed.
  • The Warp To functionality in Sector now takes the bounding box of the destination object into consideration. This means that if an object is extremely large, like a space station, the size of the space station will add to the buffer that Warp uses, so the player won’t exit warp colliding with the station. Improved visual effect for kinetic weapons
  • All projectiles have doubled velocity  
  • Damage values of all weapons have been tweaked.  
  • Armor plate durability has been tweaked.  
  • Resistances are now active, percentage based with diminishing returns.  
  • Kinetic weapons are still the only weapon type in game for now.  
  • Kinetic Field Generator strength have been tweaked.  
  • Larger tier weapons now have increased firing range.  

Galaxy Generation changes  

  • Your current galaxies are not compatible and should be deleted.  
  • Previously, Each sector represented an entire solar system. This has been changed so that each sector is a part of a solar system that will contain areas of interest. Generation is capped to 50 solar systems, but each solar system will have multiple sectors, so the maximum allowed number of sectors is about the same as before. This change should allow us to make each sector more dense with content.  
  • The Galaxy map has been completely revamped. WASD or dragging with left click will pan the map. Scroll wheel will zoom and holding right click will rotate. Right click on a star system to a list of its sectors. Click on one of the sectors in the list to warp there. Note that the game is paused while the map is open. This is only a first pass and the map will change greatly over the next few patches.  
  • Star system names are randomly chosen from a txt file in the Streaming Assets folder. All engines now have new trail effects for all sizes.  


  • Fixed a bug that caused collision damage to pass through shields.  
  • Fixed a bug with turret aiming that caused turrets to not fire when calculated lead point was too far from the target. Beware, AI should be far more deadly.

Update #49

Patch 0.06 Live on Steam


Hello everyone!  Just letting you all know that we just pushed out our latest update (are doing a few minor cleanups but the initial patch is initiated).

Patch Notes 0.06 - November 25, 2013


  • Warp To and Align To functionality in Sector. Radar contact icons can now be right clicked to access a new icon menu. From this menu, players can align their ship to a target or warp to it within a set range (current options are 50km, 100km and 250km 500km, in the future, these may be determined by command subsystems you have equipped). While the ship is aligning itself, use of the keyboard ship controls can cancel out of the auto-pilot. The warp can be canceled as before. We hope this new feature will help with navigating to stations and mission waypoints. If you open the Right Click Menu and want it to close again, right click anywhere off the target.  
  • Sound options are now active in the options menu.  

Changed (Increased):  

  • MWD speed.  
  • Recharge time of the MWD system.
  • Thrust values of all subsystems (1.5x)  
  • Roll Values of all engine subsystems
  • Amount of durability provided by all armor plates increased significantly (2x)
  • Range of all Radar Subsystems
  • Size of Size 1 weapons Increased by 100%
  • Size of Size 2 weapons Increased by 50%  

Changed (General):  

  • The starter gear now has two identical engines, instead of two at random.
  • Greatly reduced intensity of the dirt camera filter - feel free to enable it.  
  • All new asteroid models and textures.  
  • Transaction amounts in the store are now color coded: red indicates the player is paying a net amount, and green indicated a net gain.
  • Updated Moon textures Fixed Planets “wiggling” when the camera moves. Issue with blurry skybox
  • A bug that allowed the player to repeatedly get the starter gear.
  • Some scale inconsistencies for displayed speeds and ranges.
  • An issue where roll values were not scaling with the size of the subsystem.  
  • Fixed a bug with subsystem prices in the store.

Update #48

Kinetic Void Patch Notes 0.05

Newest patch is here everyone!  


  • Can now access the Options Menu when in game.  
  • KV and Studio logos to splash screen.  
  • Logic for when ships collide with planets.  
  • Health Bars and Throttle Slider to UI.  
  • Steamworks support for MacOSX and Linux.  
  • Support for handling subscribing/unsubscribing workshop files in the Steam Overlay while in the Shipyard.  


  • Issues with loading of some workshop content.  
  • Updating existing workshop files.  
  • Asteroid belt variation around planets to spread out more.  
  • Minor corrupted assets in main menu.  
  • While in Shipyard, weapons should now properly highlight on mouse-over as other parts do.  

Persistent ship and station inventory first pass implementation notes:  

  • When new galaxies are created, there is an option for Creative Mode.  
  • When in Creative Mode, the game behaves as it did before this patch; any station has all parts and subsystems and they have no cost.  
  • When not in creative mode, stations have a limited selection and the player must purchase ship parts and subsystems. The player starts with enough parts to build a simple ship and some credits. 
  • Ships now have an inventory using their available cargo space. 
  • Each station has a storage space that the player can store parts and subsystems in persistently.  
  • The first time shipyard screen is now associated with a randomly chosen station in-game. The player will be near this station instead of in a random spot when entering Sector for the first time.  
  • All players should make new galaxy saves.

Update #47

Update for Kinetic Void


Hello everyone!  Just letting you know that development is continuing for Kinetic Void, and we are now on the Steam Workshop (share your ships!)  This update was pushed out on October 25, 2013.  My plan is to update all major patches (solid #'s 0.04, 0.05 etc.) at least, and will post Hot Fixes as possible.


Steam Workshop support is now live, all ships can be shared with the community from inside the shipyard. 

* Linux and Mac Workshop support are not in yet, we are working on this for the next patch  

* Fixed a bug which allowed a galaxy with more factions than sectors to be created.  

* Fixed a bug preventing the player from docking with a station.  

* Fixed a UI bug in shipyard where tooltips would not display information correctly. Updated various UI icons and layouts.  

* Fixed issue with recalculating center of mass of ship while in the ShipYard.  

* Removed redundant screenshot capture command from ShipYard. (use F12 / Steam Overlay Screen capture, uploading images as public will add them to the community hub for all to see.)  

* Ships now follow an entirely new save structure, this makes old ship designs incompatible from this build onward.  

* Reduced performance impact when NPC ships enter the area near the player. Removed old ships from base game.  

* Created several new stock ships  

* Created several Color Profile Made several sweeping changes to stats on Modules and Subsystems, this will change the way ships are assembled, many systems and restrictions are still not implemented.  

*You can access a guide explaining how the Workshop support for KV works by following this link to our guides section.  

* All previously made ships are incompatible from now on, all ships will need to be recreated, we are sorry for this inconvenience, from now on all ships will automatically be updated when changes are made to the systems, this should hopefully not happen again.

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