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Smartphone-Oriented Social Attitude Degradation is becoming a pandemic of epic proportions!

bRudeNoMo® is a comedy short film, presented like a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about fictional smartphone application of the same name, that gives rude public cell phone users a reminder that they need to be more polite.

We all appreciate and depend on modern technology, but it is truly amazing at how it has begun to affect people's behavior. Kids constantly texting day and night; How much can you possibly have to say? Adults taking cell phone calls in public settings, talking loudly without regard to those around. And of course how many lives have been affected by someone texting or talking while behind the wheel of a car!

The Premise

Concerned citizen Bric S. Haus (Sean Michael Beyer) wants nothing more than to cure those afflicted with "Smartphone-Oriented Social Attitude Degradation" or "SoSad." He solicits the services of computer genius Dr. Felix Johnston (Zach Cumer, best known as the hilarious hyper martial arts kid in the movie Smokin' Aces) who has created the bRudeNoMo smartphone app that gives the SoSad victim a "zap" by whomever happens to have installed Dr. Johnston's app (a detailed synopsis is available via email upon request

With our over-the-top humorous approach (think an SNL Digital short meets Monty Python), we want to provide a fun and entertaining public service announcement, yet at the same time shed some light on the inconsiderate behavior, many of us are guilty of. Our goal is for this project to go viral and in doing so, hopefully help people realize that they don't have to be a slave to their technology and remember how nice actual face-to-face human interaction can be.

We could certainly approach this from a serious standpoint, as this is a serious subject. But it's a proven fact that humor can be far more effective at getting across a point, especially with the younger generation. No one likes to be preached or talked down to, but everyone enjoys a good laugh.

What were gonna do with the funds raised

We have budgeted $7,250 to make this happen. Production will be in the Los Angeles area, taking advantage of the wealth of local talent, in front of and behind the camera. A small portion of this will go to flying co-writer Adam Carbone from Rhode Island to LA to work on and appear in the project. Adam is a hard-working and aspiring filmmaker and might not have a chance for this kind of experience for quite some time. Gotta support the arts, right?

We plan to take advantage of the Screen Actors Guild New Media agreement, which allows us to use experienced professional actors, but at a very reasonable rate. And should this get the attention of say a cable network or the likes there of, with our SAG agreement we can easily upgrade to a TV contract, paying the actors more, but not affecting our budget. A win-win for all involved. We, including all of you contributors, get greater exposure, spreading our message to the masses!

If it happens that we don't meet our fund-raising goal, we can do a slimmed down version of this project (depending on how much is raised) OR the funds raised can be applied to one of many other projects the team members have going. Suffice to say, the money will not go to waste! AND we will let each and every contributor know what's going on each step of the way.

What's In It For You?

Besides our hearty thanks, we have a variety of fun perks for you generous contributors. At any level you get screen and IMDb credit. Producer / Director Sean Michael Beyer will be giving away autographed copies of his book "Hometown Police Blotter" a hilarious collection of real-life 911 calls brought to life with illustration ( Those of you VIP contributors get characters named after you or a friend and Executive Producers get a walk-on role here in the LA area, or a product or similar prominently featured in the project.

Help Spread The Word

Exposure is the key. Please tell your friends and whomever you think might think this project is pretty cool. You can share this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sending an email to friends and colleagues is a good thing too.

Let's make this happen, have a few laughs and maybe, just maybe get a few folks to put down their phones for a few minutes and enjoy the finer things in life! 

-Sean Michael Beyer and the bRudeNoMo Team


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