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An in-character Pathfinder RPG sourcebook by Sean K Reynolds with 29 hexes/spells/rituals based on witchcraft and folk magic!
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Campaign Complete at 225% Funding--Thank You!

Posted by Sean K Reynolds (Creator)
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Short version: Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. You are awesome.

What's Next?

I'm off to Gen Con tomorrow. If you're at Gen Con and see me, please introduce yourself (my schedule is at the bottom of this update).

Next week my agenda is to finish writing the additional 16 pages of spells and get them to the editors, then write the 16 page mythic/Cypher/stat block appendix.

The plan is to get the rest of the pages edited and over to layout by mid-September, and the book should be through layout by the mid-October. Then the files go to the printer in Utah, and they should be printed and ready to ship to you by December.

Once the PDFs are ready (October), I'll be sending them out to all backers at the Ghostly Apprentice level or higher (in other words, if you backed at the print level, you get the PDF in October like everyone else, you don't have to wait until December just because part of your reward won't be ready until December).

Jason Wiebe is finishing up the sculpt for the mini, and Queen Penguin Productions will have the finished casts done by the end of September (ahead of schedule!).

If you're a Notable Witch backer, I'll be contacting you in the next couple of weeks to get information about how you want yourself or your character listed in the book. If you're a magic portrait backer, I'll also be contacting you in this time period about a reference photo or description of you or your character. If you're a retailer, I'll be contacting you in this time period about your retailer rewards.


Thanks again!


P.S. My Gen Con schedule, designed so you can save it to your smartphone:

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