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A fantasy RPG written by Sean K Reynolds, focused on easy gameplay, martial/caster balance, and rewarding social interaction.
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Art Morphing, More Playtesting

Posted by Sean K Reynolds (Creator)

The website lets you take one piece of art and re-render it in the style of a different piece of art. It takes a while for their servers to process it, but the results are pretty crazy. For example, here's the Five Moons cover art drawn using schizophrenic artist Louis Wain's cat painting as a model...

This doesn't really have anything to do with the game, I just thought it was really cool. I did some other ones that I'll post later.

So, playtesting.

Many people have told me that they wished I opened up the game to more people for playtesting. And I'd like to do that, just so we get more playtesting feedback.

However, the people who backed at levels that got them playtester access paid for that access, and I don't want them to feel slighted if I open it up to more people. So, to make it fair, I'd like suggestions about what other special rewards I can offer the playtest-level backers to make up for not having exclusive access to the playtest materials. Whether that's interviews, or more people get to name cronks/spells/stunts in the game, exclusive variant covers, whatever, fire some ideas at me so I have a big pool to choose from, and I'll make offers to those backers. And once we're square about that, I'll open up the playtest materials for everyone.

Please reply as a comment to this post with your suggestions. And if you're one of the playtest backers, I definitely want to hear from you about this.



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    1. Cgeist7 on

      I'm for more open play testing. More testing leads to a better game for all.

    2. Russell Hoyle

      Well, I for one am happy to open up play testing to all!