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A fantasy RPG written by Sean K Reynolds, focused on easy gameplay, martial/caster balance, and rewarding social interaction.
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Incremental Playtest Rollout

Posted by Sean K Reynolds (Creator)

Hello, backers!

I'm going to convert the early finished playtest chapters into PDFs and start rolling them out to the playtesters. I still need to finish up the Equipment chapter and Magic Items chapter, but you've waited long enough and I want to get more eyes on the materials that are ready for playtesting. Other than a brief outing on the evening of the 4th, this is a writing/working weekend for me to get a lot done on those last two chapters.

I'll be rolling out the completed documents over the next week, probably starting with the Classes document (which includes all five classes) and Spells document (which'll be a lot of stuff to read) this weekend. They won't be pretty in terms of layout—probably no art, and no actual layout, because I want them in your hands instead of waiting even longer. The final book will be pretty, the playtest documents will be functional.

FYI, current rough word counts for the playtest documents:

Classes 5,200

Skills 3,300

Feats 3,000

Spells 15,000

Stunts 2,700

Weapons 2,000

Combat Basics 4,500

Advanced Combat 7,500

Monsters 6,700

Glossary 2,000

If you backed at a level that gets you playtest materials*, please make sure your email address with Kickstarter is accurate so the notifications for the playtest document downloads actually reach you. And add to your spam filter's "allowed" section so the notification email doesn't get marked as spam.

Thanks for your patience.


* That's the Ultimate PDF, Playtester, Ultimate Print, Ultimate Super Backer, Inner Circle, or Group Portrait backer level.

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    1. Sean K Reynolds 2-time creator on

      Phew, that took longer than I thought. But the introduction, Classes, feats, cronks, spells, stunts, weapons, combat basics, advanced combat, glossary, and sample monsters materials are all pasted together into one document. Final word count: about 57,000.
      For the record, 57,000 words in a Paizo book (when spaced out with a normal amount of art) is over 70 pages. No wonder I'm tired.
      I'm going to roll this out tomorrow after one last check, and then post a new update once the download links should be in the hands of playtest backers. Then I bring the hammer down on the armor, equipment, and magic item chapters so I can add them to the playtest document.
      Thanks so much for your patience.

    2. Sean K Reynolds 2-time creator on

      I'll post an update when the files have been sent out.

    3. William Buxton on

      Has any of them been sent out yet? Just trying to make sure nothing wrong with my E-mail. If it has, anyone gotten their playtest stuff yet?

    4. Brian L. Bird on

      i am wishing the same

    5. Cyrad on

      Awesome. I'm quite envious of the playtester backers.