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Asheville FM is ready to take the next step in being a model for locally-focused Internet radio with worldly appeal. Let's go!

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Asheville Free Media Is Ready to Take the Next Steps...

in becoming a model for community-based Internet radio that focuses locally but has worldly appeal.  We want to program even more high-quality, curated music shows, more simulcasts, more local and hyperlocal news, and in general better serve both our local and world-wide audiences.  And to do all of this, we really need your help.

Serving Our Community and Enhancing Our Capabilities

Asheville FM, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded a little over two years ago by a dedicated group of volunteers, with equipment donated by Tufts University and private donors.  Funded completely by underwriting, fundraising efforts, and volunteer contributions, we are now seeking to upgrade our existing studio and remote broadcast equipment, and generate funds to pay for an engineering consultant and associated expenses of applying for a low-power FM (LPFM) license in 2012.  And, we would also love to be in a situation where paying our fees to the royalty organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and SoundExchange) doesn't completely wipe out the checking account.

Unique Content Curated By An All Volunteer Staff

Many of our shows such as "The AFM News Hour", free-form music show "Tenor to Tabla", poetry/spoken word show "Word Play", and formless/new classical show "Melody in Mayhem" have no parallels on local commercial radio nor NPR-affiliates here in Western North Carolina. All of our shows are curated by people who care about the content. 

Check out the current schedule here 
Listen to the live stream here
(please note that at certain hours the currently streaming show might be an encore presentation)

Super Simulcasts

Over the past two years Asheville FM has simulcast many great shows and events held at Harvest Records, The Grey Eagle, The Orange Peel, Lexington Avenue Brewery, and Bobo Gallery.  Here are just some of the shows we made available to our listeners:

  • Group Doueh
  • Ahleuchatistas
  • Swans
  • Fleshtones
  • The Cheeksters
  • Screaming Females
  • TEDx Asheville
  • Open Letter Jazz Series
  • Budos Band
  • Ivan & Alyosha
  • Slice of Life Comedy Open Mic

Ahead of the Curve, Yet Needing to Catch Up

Our existing equipment has enabled us to create great content and stream it live on the Internet for over two years.  But several pieces of gear are at or beyond their life expectancy and will be literally beyond repair if they fail.  And things like broadcast-quality mixing boards, turntables, pro CD players, and studio mics aren't cheap.

As an Internet broadcaster, in some respects Asheville FM reaches the world better than we do our own back yard. An LPFM signal would help us fix that.  Internet radio IS the future of local radio and we are actually ahead of the game by a few years.  This is why we wish to be a model for how community-based Internet broadcasters can serve their communities.

Please remember that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal.  If we don't reach our goal of $12,000 in 60 days, Asheville Free Media will receive nothing and your pledge won't be processed.  But we are part of a strong community in Western North Carolina and have listeners and supporters across the globe.  Plus, remember your pledge is tax-deductible.  We'll make it, thanks to you!


  • There is so much we can do and every penny is appreciated! Here are just a few things:

    1. We are planning to move to a bigger and better space, and there are always costs associated with moving, building out, and setting up the studios.

    2. We would like to purchase three or four digital recorders for field recording, and also have a second setup for simulcasting so we could broadcast two shows happening on the same night, at the same time.

    3. We know that there will be costs associated with gaining an LPFM license that we have not foreseen. For example, the best location for a transmitter and antenna, as determined by an engineering study, may be one that requires additional uplink equipment or higher rental fees for tower space.

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    A shout out on the Asheville Free Media website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. We have lots of friends. They'll see and know you did something good! (plus all pledges are tax-deductible)

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    An Asheville Free Media bumper sticker. Even when not stuck on a bumper it makes a big statement i.e. you support community radio!

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    An Asheville FM pint glass. Fill it up and enjoy both your favorite beverage and favorite program on Asheville Free Media.

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    A mix tape (more than likely a CD unless you really really want a cassette) crafted by your favorite Asheville Free Media DJ plus your choice of pint glass or bumper sticker!

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    Your playlist of favorite tunes, played on a special Kickstarter supporter show. Plus, you will get one of our Asheville FM T-shirts. Send us your good musical taste and we'll deliver the fashion sense.

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    Naming rights for one year for a beloved and/or important item in Asheville Free Media studios. You will swell with pride knowing a mixing board, turntable, CD player, microphone, mini fridge, tangle of electrical cables etc. is labeled with and referred to by your name. We'll send you a picture as proof! Plus, whatever else you'd like from the $1 to $100 reward levels.

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