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The Pilgrim is a short film about an average drone who discovers that the world he lives in isn't what it seems.

On January 26, 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia unanimously upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that carbon dioxide is a threat to public health and the environment.

...human beings exhale carbon dioxide...

A few years after this ruling, it was determined by the top minds in the country's elite institutions that everyone should be required to wear a specialized breathing mask that would minimize the amount of "carbon" emitted by someone outside. Every building would be fitted with an air-filtration system that allow people to spend time indoors without being required to wear the mask.

While personally-owned vehicles were not banned outright, various "sin taxes" were placed not only on the sale of new vehicles, but also on the sale of gasoline. Trains are now the primary mode of transportation, despite being notoriously late and overcrowded.

John has made an odd discovery. The North Woods outside the city contain clean streams, waterfalls, and...a fence. A fence that is only about waist-high; clearly nothing to keep people out. In all his years, he never knew this place existed.

Things are made even stranger when John witnesses two official-looking gents approach the fence to confer with a man and a woman on the opposite side. While the officials on John's side wear the standard-issue breathing apparatus, their counterparts wear no such thing. In fact, judging from the argument that ensues, it could be the entire reason they're on the other side of the fence.

Upon returning home, to the city, John is forced to ponder a number of questions. Who were those people? How are they allowed to live without the mandated breathing apparatus? What is on that side of the fence?

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Please be advised that this campaign WILL NOT complete the budget requirements to begin shooting. This is to help in putting together a few basic materials (software, etc.) required to begin the process of piecing together the cast, crew, permits, etc.

I invite those of you who are not aware of my earlier work to check out THRENODY, my senior thesis film that has won multiple awards internationally in various film festivals. This film was shot on the Canon 7D, on a micro budget (<$5,000), and with very limited time. THE PILGRIM will be shot on the Red (Epic or One), and NO EXPENSE WILL BE SPARED. I also have a few well known celebs in mind to play a few of the roles...more on that later! The entire film will be shot in the greatest city in the universe, New York City, and yes, that includes the scenes in the woods!


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