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The second printing of Dungeon Degenerates - Hand of Doom. The Dark Fantasy, Weirdo Art, RPG in a box board game from GOBLINKO
The second printing of Dungeon Degenerates - Hand of Doom. The Dark Fantasy, Weirdo Art, RPG in a box board game from GOBLINKO
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International backers: who is your favorite Kickstarter fulfillment company?

Posted by Katie Aaberg (Collaborator)

Hello international backers! 

The games are still in Germany, but are about to leave for America any day now. We are still expecting about three months total transit time to come home, get labeled and go back to Europe. 

In the meantime, we need to figure out who is going to handle our international Kickstarter fulfillment. So, please weigh in: who is your favorite EU-based international Kickstarter fulfillment company? I'm interested in hearing about your positive experiences as a backer and/or as a Kickstarter creator. 

Thank you!

xo Katie 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      As has already been said: happyshops (i never had problems with packaging) or philibert (really the best!!). Spiralgalaxy was also great, but the damocles-sword brexit still hangs in the air ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Parkes on

      As a UK backer I am now very concerned about additional fees I might incur due to Brexit. If there's any way this can be factored into arrangements to minimise cost to me it would be much appreciated. I think the best I can hope for is 20% VAT plus a handling fee, which stands to be quite a hefty fee for me hive how much stuff I've ordered.

    3. Jorge Barreiros on

      happyshops or philibert

    4. JiveP

      Philibert by far the best. Spiral galaxy is also good (ummmm maybe Brexit will interfere here). Not Happy Shops please, they work fast but have the worst packaging. Most of what I received from them is damaged (thin cardboard outer boxes not suited for international transport, almost no padding materials etc, they even send small boxed games in envelopes). Prefer late arrival in good condition over fast and damaged.

    5. drone9 on

      I second Philibert or Happyshops.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Manno on

      Still in Germany?!??! :((((( so sad. A free gift would be apreciated when we receive the game, no? :(

    7. Herbert Salades

      Philibert in France!!! please no fedex

    8. Uffe Vind

      Must be Happyshop in Germany or Philibert in France. Maybe even the company in Poland that Stonemeier uses!

      Not GamesQuest as they often use crappy package, taking a long time and bad tracking.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on

      Philibert in the EU. I have received a number of fulfillments via them and have been satisfied with their packaging and impressed by their service in one case where I had an issue with a miscast miniature.

    10. Ryan C

      No not Gamesquest. Spiral Galaxy in the UK or Philibert.

    11. Missing avatar

      Littlebrown on

      Hi Katie,

      The Philibert company is very good, I never had a problem with them as a backer.

      May the force be with Sean and your family !

    12. David Fernandez

      To add to my comment below beware of he uncertainty of Brexit in the UK end of March 2019, no international trade agreements have been agreed and that means international tarrifs / import charges haven't been agreed either. Best to pick a UK specific distributor for UK backers only and then a different distributor (say Happyshops) for the rest of the backers resident in the EU / Europe.

    13. David Fernandez

      Ok, I'm in Spain and for DD 2nd printing I would be careful due to Brexit which is due end of March 2019. With Brexit there is the possibility that if you choose a distribution company based in the UK such as GamesQuest or SecondChanceGames then people receiving the game in mainland Europe such as Spain, Germany and France may have import charges; don't get me wrong I've never had any problems (or import charges) before from GamesQuest / SecondChance Games. I would chose HappyShops for Germany, Spain, France, Italy etc and GamesQuest or SecondChanceGames for UK / Northen Ireland only.

    14. Missing avatar


      I went through my shipping notices and many came from UK based companies. Since this will be sadly no longer be an option soon, i vote for happyshops. I never had problems with them and the packaging was always superb.

      Best to Sean.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ewan Lomax on

      Games quest have been terrible for me in the past. Lies, broken promises and late deliveries (black orchestra and a dice hospital group pledge). Spiral galaxy are great, never had problems.

    16. Missing avatar


      Gamesquest and Spiral Galaxy are both good, I've had loads of shipments from Gamesquest and all have arrived in perfect condition. Lateness is never a problem for me but proper packing and a decent price certainly is.

    17. Þráinn Gunnlaugur Þorsteinsson on

      Philibert has been the best in my opinion, they have great delivery and good packaging to protect the games.

      I see a lot of recommendation for Gamesquest, they were okay a few years ago but absolutely horrible over the past year. I've waited for multiple KS projects where Gamesquest really screwed things up with delay and more. Just as Grimlord Games (creators of KS project Village Attacks) for recent feedback on them. Also smaller companies got burned really bad by them (for reference check in with Loyalist Games, creators of Pepper and Carrot Board Game on KS).

    18. Red XIII

      Happyshops are reliable and never failed to deliever. But I guess they are not cheap

    19. James Butler on

      I have had good experiences with both Philbert and Games Quest.

      So it is looking like May - earliest - for us now. So are you planning on merging the shipping of the core game with the Mean Streets expansion?

    20. eWave on

      GamesQuest was a disaster for pretty much all shippings Q4-2018/early 2019 for a lot of campaigns. Just reach out and ask Grimlord Games ("Village attacks") how much they got screwed; I'm sure Mike Brown will have a few choice words to describe how the situation unfolded.
      I second the other comments regarding Brexit and would advise against choosing any UK-based shipping company.
      My suggestion would be to go with Philibert (French company) if possible. They come highly recommended.

    21. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on

      GamesQuest have improved a lot recently. Parcels are very securely packed as well. Spiral Galaxy is another I have had no problems with.

    22. Hugo Oringe on

      Not gamesquest since they are UK based. We don’t know what’s going on with brexit so please chose someone outside of UK!

    23. Endevor on

      Happyshop is good but also more expansive.

    24. Metallaio on

      Since we are there, why not opening the pledge manager? So you get some money and get discount on add-ons

    25. Metallaio on

      gamerqust never failed wirh me in Italy

    26. Nathan Melton

      In Australia Aetherworks has been pretty good at getting all my kickstarters to me.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sergi Montaner on

      Too Many Bones Undertow used GamesQuest and it was fine.
      They are a little bit slow but, at this point, who cares.

    28. claumoe

      Spiral Galaxy and Happyshops come to my mind.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jean-Yves on

      Meeple logistics are the best, no Doubt! Excellent packaging and good speed.

      Game quest is very slow but packages are good.

      Happyshops are average, I had good packages but also very bad ones, And their communication is often in deutch instead of english which doesn’t help when you face any issue!

    30. Alexis Maes

      Meeple logistics did a pretty solid job, same for Happyshops Gamequest was a bit of a let down, because of a really slow pace but nothing that I'd ever call a problem.

      Eitherway, thanks for all of the effort that you are putting forward !

    31. Demiss

      Meeple logistics are the best! I've never seen packages so carefully wrapped, you can confirm your address before shipment (they did some huge ones like 7th continent).
      Please don't use GamesQuest, they are really not good and in UK (OK they are cheap but that's it...)

    32. Rogelio


    33. Adam Hart

      Happyshop for EU fulfilment and GamesQuest for UK fulfilment. Don’t forget that Brexit is really going to screw us UK backers up so this delay is really going to hurt.

    34. Dennis Werfl

      I think Ulisses Spiele did it for KDM no complaints there. Ludofact is another name that comes to mind. But honestly I would not have a preference their. Only one reminder... nothing UK based cause you know who knows what up with them in three months or so.

    35. sgbeal on

      PS: since when are we "international backers" instead of "foreign devils"? ;)

    36. Missing avatar

      Federico Vicente on

      Hi Katie! I don't know really, but I hope you find a reliable company... Thanks for the update and the hard work!

    37. sgbeal on

      i have never (with 70-odd projects) been disappointed by any particular fulfillment company. When i think of KS fulfillment, the name Happyshops always comes first to mind, possibly because of the memorable name.