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Building a high-performance, aggressive-maneuvering, visually-immersive, two-person submarine simulator that anyone can operate!

A New Kind of Fun

A fantasy centuries in the making - from Jules Vernes' 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel, we have longed to explore and travel the ocean with ease and comfort.  And now we can!

There are great video games out there -- first person games where you can control a character in numerous and varied fantastic worlds.  And there are great amusement park rides that will shock and stimulate you and make you giggle until you puke up that chocolate covered fried dough you didn't want to share with your sibling or significant other.  But how many amusement park rides put you in a fantasy world, entirely under your own control-motion and all!  Pretty much zero, right?  Until the SeaBird Simulator! 

Based upon AquaVenture WaterCrafts' extreme performance submarine, the SeaBird Sim will move like an amusement park ride -- upside down, on its side, steeply up, and steeply down -- like steering your own rollercoaster around the depths of the ocean!  Unlike an amusement park ride, the rider will be in control.  And unlike most amusement park rides, the SeaBird experience will happen in the context of a virtual world, in this case, beneath the projection of a visually stimulating underwater landscape.

SeaBird Simulator pitching 45 degrees up
SeaBird Simulator pitching 45 degrees up

The result is the ultimate virtual reality experience.  Call it virtual reality ++.  Your eyes will see what an actual SeaBird pilot sees; you'll hear what a SeaBird pilot hears; and because the sim actually moves, you'll feel what a SeaBird pilot feels.  Simulator technology has come a long way over the last few decades.  Commercial airline simulators are so realistic that when pilots learn to complete simulator training to learn a new airplane, their first flight is with paying passengers.  SeaBird Simulations plans to deliver that kind of realism to our submarine sim.

In some ways, simulators are superior to the real thing.  After all, the weather is always perfect, water visibility is just where we want it, the fish are never shy, and simulators let you experience things you could never do in the non-virtual world -- like the Hollywood Experience!

The Hollywood Experience vs. Complete Control

Some of you are going to want a nice, pleasant underwater experience, operating your sub without drama, in the serenity of the ocean's depths -- and going exactly where you want to go. For the more adventurous among you, consider the Hollywood Experience in which you'll be 'treated' to a 'dramatic' storyline where things don't quite go ... well, let's just say it might get scary.  You'll still get plenty of stick time to operate the sim under your own control, but expect to lose control before you're done.  Sign up for the Hollywood Experience if you like this sort of thing.

They're more scared of us....
They're more scared of us....

Reach Goals and the Future

The really cool thing about starting something new is that you can't entirely anticipate where it will take you!  But we have some ideas ;-)  If we are fortunate enough to be pursuing reach goals, there are a number of software packages we are considering developing.  We welcome feedback in the comments section on which of the following appeal to you most (or feel free to suggest an idea of your own):

  • Tour of the Titanic
  • Underwater Combat Mission
  • Monster Shark Attack
  • Sea Mammal Safari and Bonding Experience
  • High Speed Obstacle Course Race
  • Lost City of Atlantis Tour
  • Real and Imagined Creatures and Monsters of the Deep
  • A "Fantastic Voyage" -- Journey Inside the Human Body

We have some other cool ideas, too, but none of them can happen until we exceed our funding goal, so please contribute and help spread the word!  All contributed funds will go to the development of our simulator.

10 Really Awesome Things to do with the SeaBird Simulator

10) Provide a thrilling, educational, and motivational afternoon or day for your kid/grandkid/niece/nephew/or other cool kid and their classmates.

9) Conduct hydrodynamic research.

8) Provide a stimulating, educational, and motivational afternoon or day for a classroom or group of underprivileged or disadvantaged kids in Southern Florida (we've got a few groups we plan to donate time to, but we welcome additional benefactors and can match you with a school/group if you like).

7) Reward a person, group, or team for a job well done.

6) Advertise for your company or other cause in one of the coolest ways possible with our underwater billboard.

5) Champion interest in the ocean and its resources.

4) Share a totally exciting experience with your kid, parent, or significant other.

3) Work with our programmers to create an immersive visual depiction of the health (or lack thereof) of our reef structure and system.

2) Get real and creditable training in how to operate the actual SeaBird Submarine.

And the Number One Really Awesome Thing to do with the SeaBird Simulator:

1) Have a totally Awesome time!

Proof of concept in Mid breach
Proof of concept in Mid breach

You could travel to Miami, ride in a glass bottom boat, and experience nothing unique.  Or you could ride the SeaBird Simulator and live out a centuries-old fantasy!


The SeaBird simulator will be equipped with the following super-cool features:

  • We plan to offer customers the choice of looking at the surround screen or wearing Oculus Rift glasses.
  • Externally, the sim is being constructed to a 1:1 scale to closely resemble the actual SeaBird Submarine. The sim will encompass 6 hydroplanes - fins that move when the sim's joystick is moved.
  • Internally, the simulator will also be an accurate representation of the actual sub.
  • Video in the waiting area will display instructions for how to operate the sim, including very important information like how to get in and out and how the controls work.  There will also be entertaining underwater videos.
  • As an advanced ticket holder, you'll have the chance to schedule your sim well in advance so you can be sure it will be available when you are.  Please plan to arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled sim time to watch the instructional videos and prepare for your dive.
  • We have a number of other extras planned that we are very confident will impress and will present them once we can validate they meet our stringent standards.

The not so fine print:  Please note: awards are for rides in a SeaBird Simulator - not the sub itself.  And in all likelihood, awardees will have to travel to the Ft. Lauderdale area to redeem their award.

Here's an image of our actual single seat proof of concept sub:

The SeaBird Proof of Concept
The SeaBird Proof of Concept

Some Simulator Specifications and Other Details:

  • Seats                         2
  • Vertical travel           12 feet
  • Horizontal travel        4 feet
  • Pitch                        +/- 45 degrees
  • Roll                          360 degrees (unlimited)
  • Hydraulics               2000 psi
  • Electric                    240 Volt three phase
  • Projection via 3 state of the art ultra-high throw (.1 ratio) projectors
  • Both seats adjust vertically
  • Joysticks at both seats
  • Max weight 275 pounds rear seat; 250 pounds forward seat

Please note:  Anyone with back or neck problems, who is or may be pregnant, has problems with dizziness or motion sickness or anyone with other relevant medical conditions or anyone under 10 years old or under 44 inches, will still be able to ride, but they will have to ride in a mode that restricts the simulator's motion.

Ask us about any other details you like.  Just message us!


How do I schedule my ride?

Shortly after the successful funding of our campaign, award winners will receive coupon codes which will permit you to go online and schedule yourself for the date and time of your choosing. At that time, you'll also select Hollywood Profile or Complete Control. You'll be able to decide on use of the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles at the time of your simulator ride.

Will my ride ticket ever expire?

Obviously, we expect the SeaBird Sim to be a commercial success and we expect to see SeaBird Simulator operations appear in major cities throughout the country and perhaps internationally as well. In the best case scenario, we will arrange for Kickstarter contributors to take their ride at any existing site – but for now, please plan to have your ride in Florida. Unlike other awards that are 'consecrated' upon delivery, our awardees aren't 'consecrated' until they ride. We hope and expect to honor tickets beyond 5 years, if it really takes you that long to get down to Florida, but for 99.9 percent of us, that's sufficient time, and since no one knows what the future could hold, we're setting a 5 year expiration as the 5 year limit keeps uncertainty down to a reasonable level. Also, please keep in mind that our tickets are transferrable, so if you can't take your ride yourself, you're welcome to offer your ticket to someone else.

Will the SeaBird Simulator be used for anything other than recreational rides?

Yes!  AquaVenture WaterCrafts will use the sim to demonstrate SeaBird capabilities to potential buyers and will train new owners/operators in the sim.  Because the physics of the sim will accurately model SeaBird's real-world motion, there are even plans to use the sim to refine development so as to optimize performance.

Why don't you publish the address of your future site?

We expect to move into our retail location towards the end of March or April, which is too far in advance to secure a lease. We can tell you that our primary site criteria are somewhere between Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach, in an area with high foot traffic, and free or inexpensive parking. We will update as soon as the selection is made.

Why an 8 minute ride?

The SeaBird sim will be an intense experience!  If you think about the intense experiences of your life, time doesn't necessarily have a lot of meaning.  It speeds up; it slows down. For some, these 8 minutes will feel like an hour – but in a good way!  For others, it will feel closer to 8 seconds! 8 minutes is convenient because it gives us a minute to get you in and settled and a minute to get you out, for a total 10 minute block of time, which is simple and convenient to schedule, offers a truly exciting experience, and makes good economic sense so we can keep our prices down.

Simulator Motion

The following animation demonstrates the planned 4 degree of motion capability of the SeaBird Sim:

If you've read all the way down to here, you must be really interested!  So go ahead and purchase a ride for yourself and anyone else  who will enjoy it.  Then, please spread the word by sharing a link to our campaign with your friends and by posting it on social media.  Thanks for your interest!  We'll see you in the sim!!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

In the non-virtual world, our sister company, AquaVenture WaterCrafts, holds pending patents on advanced technology for the SeaBird sub, but in the virtual world, it's purely a matter of programming to make the sub perform exactly as we want. The SeaBird sub is part videogame/part amusement park ride, and technology in both of those areas is quite mature, so the risk of developmental delays, which can occur in any project, are minimal. We use a modular approach to programming, which limits the ability of potential bug and integration issues to slow us down substantially. System integration will be our largest challenge, but we have numerous expert advisors we can turn to, and we're also not beyond hiring consultants should our own efforts prove unsatisfactory. We allocated some extra time just in case things don't go exactly to plan, and we anticipate being able to deliver on time or early.

There is a minor area of uncertainty concerning screen displays. We will be projecting onto a curved screen in a tight space. Using advanced projectors, we will be blending images across multiple projectors, and these images must also be 'prewarped' so as to project properly. There are numerous commercial off-the-shelf software programs made to do this, so we don't think it will be problematic, but it's not out of the question that there could be display inaccuracies (improper display due to odd curvature or minor discontinuities between displays). Those who snorkel and/or SCUBA dive understand that visual inaccuracies when looking through glass underwater are typical, so we don't view such minor inaccuracies as being problematic as far as overall experience. As a contingency, we are having the visual system co-developed for the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses.

The Oculus Rift folks have told us that their glasses will display properly upside down, although we might have to attach an extra strap so they stay in place throughout all the simulator's motion. You should be aware that some people are prone to motion sickness while wearing the Oculus glasses. Of course, we expect to have a fully functional display system and plan to offer everyone their choice between the virtual reality glasses or the immersion screen..


  • If we don't meet our funding goal, no contributor is charged any money, and the company is not obligated to produce the simulator. Financially, it's as if the campaign never happened.

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  • Absolutely not! We will be scheduling all rides in 10 minute or greater blocks. You will have the opportunity to schedule your ride on line or call to schedule. We will be asking people to show up 15 minutes prior to watch a short video and to sign the waiver form from our insurance company. People who arrive late may have to wait until the next scheduled block time.

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    Voyeur delight - just like to watch? Get a video download of the SeaBird Simulation staff and families in their first dives. Watch our eyes bug out at all the sites and see us jump when the sharks rush at us. Plus your name on our website wall of appreciation.

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    Cheap Seat Early Bird -- An 8 minute thrill-ride in the rear seat of the SeaBird Simulator. You'll take the controls of the sim for approximately 4 minutes, transiting our underwater universe like Goose from Top Gun (except Goose never got his hands on the controls - and you will!). Go upside down and all around! Or 'fly' straight and level and just look at the fish and all the cool scenery. A really great deal, we plan to price this ride at $20.

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    Back Seat Special -- an intense 8 minutes in the rear seat of the SeaBird Simulator. You'll take the controls of the sim for approximately 4 minutes, transiting our underwater universe. Go upside down and all around! Or 'fly' straight and level and just look at the fish and all the cool scenery. Okay, it's the same exact ride as the early bird, but you'll enjoy it more because you're paying more--it's a psychology thing, and around here, we're honest to a fault. Still a great deal though at 25% less than the eventual $20 retail price (yes, those people will enjoy themselves even more).

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    1 backer Limited (99 left of 100)

    Early Bird Front Seat -- An 8 minute thrill-ride in the front seat of the SeaBird Simulator. You'll take the controls of the sim for approximately 4 minutes, transiting our underwater universe like a seaborne Jedi Pilot. Go upside down and all over the place, if you're into that sort of thing. Or just look at the fish and all the cool scenery. A really great deal, we plan to price this ride at $25. If you like, take home a dvd of your ride for just an additional $5 and save another $5!

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    1 backer Limited (1499 left of 1500)

    Front Seat Special -- an intense 8 minutes in the front seat of the SeaBird Simulator. You'll take the controls of the sim for approximately 4 minutes, transiting our underwater universe. Go upside down and all around! Or 'fly' straight and level and just look at the fish and all the cool scenery. Yes, this award is also the same exact ride as the front seat early bird, and the same explanation applies about enjoying it even more. And it's also a great deal at 20% less than the eventual $25 retail price (yes, those people will enjoy themselves even more). You may also take home a dvd of your ride for an additional $5 and save even more!

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    8 backers Limited (492 left of 500)

    Stick hog special - Don't like other kids playing with your toys? We understand. Select the seat of your choice, and take all the stick time in your 8 minute ride. Maintain control and never let it go! (at a 25% savings!) You know you're gonna want the dvd of you, so bring an extra $5, and you too will get the Kickstarter DVD special.

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    Holiday Gift Pack/Grandparents special -- Two front seat rides and two back seat rides which can be given to up to four people and can be scheduled four different times. Four times the love! The free DVD offer does not come with this award, but they will be available for $5 each.

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    Family Pak - The family that will dive a submarine together...well, let's just say your OUR kind of family! You get 30 minutes in the simulator to split up among your family (or just keep it all to yourself!) as you like. Sounds like a cool gift to us! Add $15 for the DVD so you can embarrass your kids when their friends are visiting.

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  • Pledge $180 or more
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    3 backers Limited (197 left of 200)

    Tour the universe! Our gamers are going to a lot of trouble to put together this underwater universe, and some of you will want to explore the place fully. Spend an hour in the sim doing (almost) anything you want! (Retail price $210)

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    Classroom fantasy field trip! Exclusive use of the SeaBird simulator for a four hour block of time. That's enough time to put 50 kids and/or teachers through our standard scenario. Imagine your kid or grandkids' appreciation! And while the tykes are waiting their turn, they'll be able to watch underwater videos, and if you like, we can set up a one hour lecture from one of our staff on simulator or underwater technology. Can you think of a better way to inspire kids to consider STEM? If you prefer, make it an office party - adults have to have fun too, right? (Retail $750) Running dvd that you can copy is yours as our gift (additional $50 value!).

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    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    Hero for a day! (Retail value $1500!). A full 8 hours exclusive use of the simulator for kids, adults, circus clowns - whoever you want because you'll be the hero! We will include a 1 hour presentation, and you will receive running dvd coverage of the entire day from inside the sim for free!($80 value)

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    Founding Diver - You receive the entire 'Hero for a day!' package PLUS we will place an image of your likeness or most any other image of your choosing to post on our underwater billboard inside our virtual underwater world, there for everyone to see for the life of the simulator! (please contact us in advance for approval of the image) PLUS an invitation for you and a guest to our exclusive launch party! PLUS your name engraved on a plaque on the sim (just in case your friends didn't see your face underwater).

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    Trailblazer - Be on the very first SeaBird Simulator commercial dive at our launch party! The media has loved our sub and they will love our sim. We're so confident in their interest, we'll refund your money if you don't appear on television. Plus you'll be one of two customers who get to ride the Simulator FIRST! And you'll have an invitation for you and up to 3 guests to the launch party to watch your dive. And you'll get your name on the sim's Founders' plaque. And we'll give you your own plaque to commemorate the moment. Only 2 of these, so don't let this slip by. First to sign up gets their choice of seat!

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